Netherlands: 3rd Day of Anti-Lockdown Protests

Anti-lockdown riots have broken out for the third consecutive night in the Netherlands, with fires lit, police vehicles burned, and windows smashed… Hours after Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte condemned two days of anti-lockdown riots as “criminal violence” and vowed to keep a controversial curfew in place, disgruntled citizens took to the streets again for […]

The Deep State’s Coup to Ensure Nothing Changes

“You have such a fervent, passionate, evangelical faith in this country…why in the name of God don’t you have any faith in the system of government you’re so hell-bent to protect? You want to defend the United States of America, then defend it with the tools it supplies you with — its Constitution. You ask […]

Analysis: More Than HALF of Joe Biden’s Twitter Followers Are FAKE, Created in January, and Have Zero – or Close to Zero – Followers

by Alicia Powe Big Tech and Team Biden are working feverishly to manipulate the public into believing the newly sworn in dictator is actually adored by millions. Twitter appears to be creating fake accounts to follow Biden and give his ostensibly dismal popularity a boost, in yet another pitiful attempt to convince the world that […]

Telugu, India: 3 Vaccination Deaths In 4 Days

A series of deaths in frontline workers’ communities who took vaccinations has been raising tensions in the Telugu states. Within four days, Telangana and Andhra together registered four deaths which now turned into main concern in the medical communities in the states. While a 42-year-old health worker in Nirmal who took the shot died within […]

Why is Bill Gates Buying Up Farmland Across America?

by Lance D Johnson The fourth richest person in the world and the top financier of the World Health Organization, Bill Gates, has silently become the biggest farmland owner in the United States. The man himself is the farthest thing from a farmer, however. He couldn’t even lift a bale of hay, let alone grip […]

Steve Hilton Report: Dr. Anthony Fauci Is Directly Responsible with Funding the Gain-of-Function Studies that Resulted in Coronavirus Pandemic

by Jim Hoft FOX News host Steve Hilton opened his Sunday night show with startling development on the origins of the coronavirus. Hilton discussed the Gain-of-Function research that helps define the fundamental nature of human-pathogen interactions. One of the greatest laboratories researching Gain-of-Function science was the Wuhan Institute of Virology in Wuhan, China. Gain-of-Function research […]