I Was Just Asked….

By Anna Von Reitz

Why would President Trump on one hand jump on the band wagon with Fauci and Gates, who are both criminals, and order an absurd amount of vaccine?
And with the other hand, establish an Executive Order guaranteeing the right of individuals to refuse vaccination?


The Corporatists are ordering their own employees and dependents to take the vaccine so that they can charge us Big Bucks for the vaccine.
Simple enough. Doesn’t matter if they use all that vaccine. They can dump it like used motor oil and charge us for it anyway.
At the same time, they have to leave a way out for themselves and their own families, so that’s what the other Executive Orders and protections are about.
If I were working for the “Federal” Government at this point, I’d chuck it.
It’s only a job and a nasty job at that.
Better to have your health and your life than a job that uses you as a guinea pig without respect for your individual life and well-being.
Better to quit and forego the pension than die as a result of this garbage being used as a means to get into our pockets.
And if you are in the military, bring forward the fact that you were not even honestly told who or what you’d be working for when you signed up. You were deliberately given the impression that you would be working for the American States and People —- not some foreign subcontractors acting “in our names”.
That is grounds to sever any contract.
Use it.

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