I Will Make This Very Clear

By Anna Von Reitz

When men and women sign up to serve in the United States Military, they adopt— knowingly or unknowingly— British Territorial United States Citizenship, one of the two citizenships created under the Constitutions, and they give up (hopefully temporarily) their status as American State Nationals or American State Citizens for the duration of their Tour of Duty. 

It used to be that when a Tour of Duty ended and they received their Honorable Discharge, our service members were “assumed” to return to their normal civilian birthright political status as American State Nationals.

Somewhere between 1945 and 1950, all that changed, and unless one specifically gives Notice, the discharged service members have been “presumed” to remain in Federal Territorial or Municipal status— that is, they never returned home.  They remain classified as British Territorial United States Citizens.

Most former service personnel want to return home to the States after they are released from duty and would be very upset to know that so far as the Federal Government is concerned, they have stayed in Federal Custody–purportedly of their own volition. 

This has made them subject to Federal Taxation and subjected them to the foreign law of the British Territorial Government and the Municipal United States Government and deprived them of the freedom and exemptions they are owed.

Now we are hearing all about Phil Hudok and the Big Arbitration Award, and many people are being seduced by the lure of easy money and fast results without being told the downside to all this. 

So, here’s the upside — you get paid off, sometimes large amounts, of fiat script, and you get to hop around on one leg and crow for a while afterward.

And here’s the downside — you admit by doing this that you are a British Territorial United States Citizen, not an American State National.  You admit that you voluntarily stand under the King’s Law as a Pauper of the Commonwealth, owed “relief”— as in “welfare relief”.  You lose your Natural and Unalienable Rights, and your Constitutional guarantees, you can never actually own land in the States, and you offer yourself as chattel backing the King’s debts. 

If you then decide to come forward later and claim that you are in fact an American State National and are owed your Natural and Unalienable Rights, and your land and your constitutional guarantees, you will be told– “I’m sorry, we have a valid record here, signed in your own hand, claiming a share in this Arbitration Award as a British Territorial United States Citizen.”


I suppose it depends on your mindset and what your needs are. 

If you really are a Pauper and desperate enough to sell yourself –including your soul– to get some increasingly worthless military script as your “share” in the National Trust owed to the States and People of this country, and you are fooled by all the rhetoric that Phil and Company are blatting, then this might be just your ticket. 

Who am I to stand in your way, if you want to “voluntarily” sell your birthright for a bowl of porridge? 

Just leaves more for me and mine to claim as the actual, factual Landlords and heirs of the States and of The United States of America.

Your choice.  But at least now, thanks to me, you know what you are giving up when you take the British sop.

The men promoting this are not trustworthy nor truly knowledgeable in my opinion, and appear to be willfully deluding themselves about the meaning and the effect of what they are doing. 

I do not believe in Free Lunches, and I do not subject myself to the Pope nor to the Queen of the Commonwealth for any amount of debt-money. 

As for me and my household, we’ll stand on our flat little feet and hold the Queen and the Pope accountable for honoring their Good Faith Service owed to American State Nationals. We will demand that our Natural and Unalienable Rights be respected.  We will claim our land freeholds and patents, all the way back to The Unanimous Declaration of Independence.


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