Idiots Abound — Basic Facts About Citizenship

By Anna Von Reitz

There are many different kinds of governments and many different kinds of citizenship as a result.
The word “citizenship” always indicates that you have an obligation to serve a government instead of having the government serve you, so start right there.
Do you even want to be a “citizen” and accept a duty to serve a government?
And if so, what kind of government do you choose to serve?
I am suggesting that you renounce a foreign citizenship binding you to serve an incorporated entity, so that you can live as free men and women again, and, if you so choose, can take up state/State Citizenship as an American.
There are actually some idiots out there clinging to their “citizenship” owed to “the” United States, Inc., a bankrupt, foreign commercial corporation, and ranting and raving and accusing me of somehow doing something wrong by telling those of you who can do so, to exit from this merely “presumed” citizenship obligation.
You have to exit that presumed “duty” in order to accept your actual duty as American state republic citizens or American State Citizens—- which is needed for the sake of this country and which is also a much better deal for you.
You can’t operate the unincorporated American Government you are owed and operate the incorporated Federal Government at the same time.
Uh, duh…..
Imagine a fence. On one side is the unincorporated American Government you are heir to, your freedoms, and all the treaties and guarantees —including Constitutional guarantees.
On the other side of the fence is de facto enslavement, “citizenship” and service and duty to incorporated foreign entities which are commercial corporations in the business of providing governmental services.
I am suggesting that you leave this second kind of foreign “US citizenship” and the Vermin are coming unglued and out of the woodwork.
The so-called Nesara News Network is exposed as nothing but another co-opted Federal psy-op run by puppets and fools.
There is nothing obligating you to serve foreign incorporated entities as “citizens”, unless of course you are directly employed by them. Most of us aren’t Federal Civilian Employees or in the active duty US military, so we have no such obligations and are free to assume our natural status as either American Nationals or American State Citizens/state republic citizens.
You can be a “citizen” of the American state republics or a “Citizen” of the American States. You can act as one of “progeny” of the “People” who set up the Constitutions and who can enforce the Constitutions, or, you can stay where you are, as a “presumed” citizen of “the” United State, Inc., and/or “the” USA, Inc., and have no rights, no guarantees, and no standing as an American at all.
Your choice.
I am the one who told you all about the existence of “the” United States, Inc.
I am also the one who told you all about the existence of “The United States of American, Inc.”
These are both incorporated “ringers” infringing on the Good Names of “The United States” —- an unincorporated union of soil jurisdiction state republics, and “The United States of America” — an unincorporated union of land jurisdiction States, both of which are part of our American Government.
Notice that all the organizations that actually represent the People are unincorporated.
Notice that all the organizations that involve the Federal Persons are incorporated.
They have claimed that you are acting — voluntarily, no less, for free — as a Federal Person, a corporate franchise, and that you are accepting all the thankless duties of being a “United States Citizen” or “Citizens of the United States” or US CITIZEN.
This obligates you to their commercial corporation. This allows them to seize upon your assets as assets “donated” to their commercial corporation. This allows them to abuse you and deny you any rights, even Civil Rights, or Human Rights. This sets them free to ignore your Natural and Unalienable Rights and also, allows them to ignore your Constitutional Guarantees.
So I have alerted you to this circumstance, and suggested that those of you who aren’t on the Federal Payroll and who are not obligated to act as “citizens” of these incorporated entities, should expatriate from any presumed obligation to act as “US Citizens” of any kind.
I have also pointed out that you can’t operate as “US Citizens” belonging to these incorporated organizations and also take part in your own American Government.
Again, the Vermin are swarming out of the woodwork, trying to confuse the issues and even trying to accuse me of misleading you and operating as some kind of agent for “the” United States, Inc. and all sorts of nonsense.
They have even suggested that you might lose “something” material and important if you follow my advice and exit from this phony, foreign, incorporated form of “US citizenship”.
The only kind of citizenship worth having — and which you are naturally heir to — is citizenship in the state republics (soil jurisdiction) and in the State Governments (land jurisdiction). None of the state republics and none of the actual State Governments are incorporated.
The union of the unincorporated state republics doing business as The United States since July 4, 1776 is unincorporated.This is the only version of “United States” that Americans owe a natural allegiance to.
The union of the unincorporated States doing business as The United States of America since September 9, 1776 is also
unincorporated. This is the only version of “United States of America” that Americans owe natural allegiance to.
All of the organizations that I belong to and that I advocate for are unincorporated and always have been.
I claim no “citizenship” related to “the” United States, Inc., and don’t recommend it as anything beneficial. Never have.
Yet I have fools and government agents out there, and the idiots running supposedly “alternative” news sites, trying to lie about me and about what I am telling you in the face of 1500 published articles that say the same thing as I have just reiterated above.
Years ago, I stopped watching mainstream news. I turned the knob and left it off. Obviously, it is also time to stop watching “Nesara News”.
Anyone who tells you lies about me, about citizenship, about these various unincorporated and incorporated entities all calling themselves “United States” or “United States of America” — needs to be marked as a fool or a traitor or both.
There is a very fine YouTube presentation from 1998, in which Richard McDonald, one of the Grand Old Men of the Patriot Movement explains “state citizenship” from the standpoint of the Federal Corporations back then. Bear in mind that he is explaining the same basic circumstance as I am—just explaining it from the Federal side of The Fence. A few details have changed since Richard gave this presentation, but the information remains overall accurate:
Spend the two hours and listen carefully and you will hear the same story I am telling you from someone else who, like me, has no reason to lie or to mislead you.


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