Important development VIDEOs 7-7-21… “Il Presidento Is Suing Facebook, YouTube, Twitter And Their CEOs” (& a “Tarot by Janine” look at this)

This is certainly a “big” event, I feel, and these are the only two videos I’ll be posting on this. The Il Donaldo one is my favorite! Tarot by Janine throws a lot more light on this in her video.


“…she does a reading looking into Trump and Big Tech! Both make moves, what will we see? Who will prevail? Also looking into why certain people are so against Trump! Plus looking into the the situation with the Haitian President! What really happened there?”

This may be my new Favorite YouTube channel… (with, perhaps, my new favorite governor)

Here’s a couple of example videos, with my new favorite governor, Ron DeSantis (whose female counterpart is Kristi Noem of South Dakota)…

Here is the YT channel:

Here is the Telegram channel:

I have been laughing a LOT at these videos!!