Zach Bush MD 1-18-21 VIDEO… “The Innate Immune System Webinar Replay”

This is related to this prior post. I’ve listened to about 15 minutes of this, but I feel it is a very important (and possibly helpful to many) webinar.

Here are links to view/listen/download MP4 video (268 MB) and MP3 audio (55 MB), in case this gets “taken down”.

More of Dr. Bush’ videos are available on his YouTube page.

The Innate Immune System webinar and live Q&A with Dr. Zach Bush, Dr. Cindy Fallon, Dr. John Gildea, Dr. Lee Cowden and Dr. Peter Cummings. In this two hour session, we broke down the intricacies and beauty of how our innate immune system functions and flows, unearthed empowering facts on the latest scientific findings on the virome, historical framing of germ warfare and how it applies to today’s mindset toward the pandemic and so much more from top experts across various fields within the human health realm.

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Zach Bush MD 1-7-21 VIDEO… “Knowledge – Innate Immune System”

This is the kind of information that I feel can be very helpful to many (at least for those who are open-minded enough to see beyond the Pharma-complex and msm medical propaganda outlets). I enjoyed listening to his presentation.

Innately, I have always known that my own body system is a part of a much larger bio-system, and planetary system, of living organisms. In my view, it is more health-full to see oneself as part of that system. I have never tried to “fight” a virus, bacterium, or any animal or plant. But rather live in harmony with it.

The “vaccine” system is another attempt to “fight” bio-systems, rather than accept they are part of us (and “frustrating as h—” trying to explain to someone why not to automatically take a vaccine for anything).

Dr. Bush explains some of concept in this video. More videos, and an Immune System webinar, are available on his YouTube page.

There has never been a more important time to understand how your innate immune system functions. With a healthy immune system, we’re able to live in balance with the virome and array of flora that’s in every niche of our bodies. Join Zach Bush as he discusses The Innate Immune System.