25 Signs You Have a Wounded Inner Child

(Aletheia Luna) Every child deserves the fundamental right to feel safe, secure and protected. But not every child does. Growing up, it is the emotional and biological responsibility of our parents and family members to create a safe environment for us. But not all parents accept that responsibility, are aware of that responsibility, or have the capacity to fulfill that responsibility.

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Deal With Your Own S*** – Then Serve Others

(Hilde LarsenWe tend to be eager to help others help themselves. It is easy to see fault in others, to want to jump to their rescue. We can feel we know better, and all we want is the best for them. We are doing it out of kindness, of course, and we might very well know better, intellectually. We might even be able to guide them towards exactly what they express that they are looking for – but is it any of our business, really?
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