Let’s get some discussion going on this, instead of bashing Anna Von Reitz

 If you come to this blog just to bash Anna, when in fact others are analyzing many of the same problems and calling for solutions, how about commenting on this video. And how about YOU come up with solutions that make more sense than Anna does. In other words put your brain to work in a positive manner instead of a negative one for a change.

Because the dynamics this guy is explaining are Right Here Right Now!

Let’s cut to the chase here. We are headed for a Major War on American soil if we don’t solve the problems outlined in this video. I won’t call it a Civil war, because no war is civil.

What are Your Solutions. If you don’t like Anna’s solutions Give us your Peaceful solutions!

If you can’t come up with better solutions that are peaceful, then you better get some guns because you are going to need them!

Paul Stramer