Review: 2045 Global Projects At War – Tectonic Processes of Global Transformation

Daniel Estulin cemented his position in my own view as one of the top twelve non-fiction authors in the geo-cultural-economic-political arena with his book TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE – Social Engineering the Masses, my rave review is at the link. I found this book so impressive I included it among my top 25 cosmic mind-altering books in …

Review (Publisher): Open Secrets – The Explosive Memoirs of an Indian Intelligence Officer by Maloy Krishna Dhar

5 Stars – Heartfelt Plea for Reform The #1 Indian bestseller now available to Kindle readers worldwideWhen it was published in paperback in India in 2005, Open Secrets became an instant sensation. It became the #1 Non-Fiction bestseller, a position it held for many months and generated a firestorm of controversy. There were court cases, …

Review (Guest): Open Secrets – The Explosive Memoirs of an Indian Intelligence Officer by Maloy Krishna Dhar

5 Stars – An Unnoticed Dying Declaration “I am not a Satan turned saint. It is not that I woke up one night and felt the bite of conscience. I have tried to explain that I have been a victim to two quarrelling squirrels inside me. The bread earner mostly defeated the dream merchant. I …

Review: Surprise, Ill, Vanish – The Secret History of CIA Paramilitary Armies, Operators, and Assassins

3 Star Not Worth Reading In the past I might have given this book 4 stars despite its flaws, but my standards have  gone up (I demand holistic analytics and true cost economics now for 5 stars) and the author makes too many mistakes in areas where I have superior knowledge. Also new is the …

Review: The Music of Time by Preston B. Nichols with Peter Moon

7 Stars — Cosmic Mind-Altering Book I’ve gone through seven stages in my intellectual development: Truth assumed to be Default Lies known to be Default Consciousness is a Force for Good Everything is Energy in Some Form Stellar Civilizations Abound Frequencies Manage and Manifest Energy Time & Space Travel Achieved by Mind Control Along the …

Review: Gravitobiology – A New Biophysics by Thomas Bearden

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6 Stars — Balances All Lies by Existing Authorities – We Have a Need to Know!

I am not a scientist, I cannot comprehend mathematics, and I found much of this book too escoteric for a word by word reading.

Having said that, I am persuaded that the author,  a retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel and PhD with long experience in technical intelligence focused on the Soviet target, is sharing core knowledge on the intersection between biology and electromagnetics that we have a need to know.

QUOTE (1): Gravitobiology is the application of a unified field theory conception of electromagnetics (EM) and gravitation (G) to the total energetics exchanges (1) between a living organism and its external environment (interexchanges) and (2) inside the living organism and between, within, and among its parts and its whole (intra-exchanges).

Several things about this book impress me:

01 If Einstein was right and everything is energy, this this author is illuminating absolutely critical concerns with respect to how electromagnetic pollution translates into biological hazard.

02 His approach to energy, the vacuum, quantum everything, the soul, and the future of humanity is for me gripping.

03 He appears to document — certainly to my satisfaction if I were a program manage thinking about where to put the next billion — that the Soviets (today the Russians) are far ahead of us in this area, with the NOTEWORTHY observation that the Russians have DEFENSIVE capabilities that can defeat biological warfare as well as electromagnetic warfare attacks with there mature displine of “energetics.”

All of this is relevant to the fake pandemic (Bill Gates’ coronavirus perhaps unleashed by the Zionists and the Germans and the French) and to the growing public realization that 5G and satellite microwaves produce radiation sickness and are both genocidal and econcidal.

I have the impression that the US has slmilar capabilities in its inventory but I am concerned that they are controlled by the Deep State (through the military-industrial complex) and are not responsive to a Presidential chain of command.

I own two of his other books that I will review over time: Excalibur Briefing Explaining Paranormal Phenomena: The interaction of mind and matter; and OBLIVION: America at the Brink.

On a positive note, completely apart from the fake pandemic (which could turn into a real pandemic if we allow the Zionists and the Germans and the French to spread actual malignant biological warfare samples), I have a sense that many forms of positive energy are convergent, and a generally optimistic view of our future.

Review: The Trigger – The Lie That Changed the World – Who Really Did It and Why

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5 Stars – Three Books in One — 9/11 Disclosure; Zionist Threat in Detail; and Role of Satanic Pedophilia as a Control Element

I cannot do this book justice in the way of a summary review as I did his most recent other book but as someone who has also published on 9/11 and taken a strong interest in the Zionist threat to the USA specifically and the world generally, I can certainly recommend this book most strongly after having gone through every page but not read every word.

At one level this is the most detailed book I have found that covers not just 9/11, but a variety of false flag operations and false narratives including the Oklahoma bombing and Waco. The criminality by the FBI and the Department of Justice that is detailed in this book could be used to bring indictments against a hundred or more serving or retired officers.

At a second level this is the most detailed book OTHER THAN the books by Kevin MacDonald, of how the Zionist threat to humanity actually grew and became the blob that ate the world.

At a third level this book does a good job but not as detailed a job on how the Zionists and the Deep State of which they are a part use pedophilia and blackmail as well as Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) inclusive of  torture (to get adrenochrome into the child’s blood before drinking it), blood drinking, and fetus and organ feasting.

The book is, if anything, too long at 897 pages, and its index is not as complete as it should be.  The author also missed most of the authoritative commentators on  9/11 that I included in my own volume, but in his favor, he has vastly more detail than our summary book for President Donald Trump, and a great deal of detail that I myself was NOT familiar with.

David Icke may be the single greatest truth-teller on the planet.  Certainly he is the most prolific, and I urge readers to visit my links below, in my 40-page summary review of his last book at 741 pages, I finish by linking to all of his books and videos.  If the Zionists are Goliath, this is one David that can take them down and should not be underestimated.

My regard for his mind and his patriotic commitment to the truth at any cost is deep and permanent.

See Especially:

Memoranda for the President on 9/11: Time for the Truth — False Flag Deep State Truth! UPDATE 17: Israel Did It

Review: Everything You Need to Know But Have Never Been Told by David Icke

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Review: Licensed to Lie – Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice by Sidney Powell (Trump Revolution Book 41) with Mike Flynn As Current Victim of Unethical Prosecutors

Robert Steele @Amazon: Summary Review with Links Everything You Need to Know But Have Never Been Told by David Icke (Trump Revolution Book 41)

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This is a summary review of a 741 page book that is so very important, so comprehensive, that I feel compelled to go far past my normal 4-6 page review and offer the enlightened and skeptical readers a 40 page summary with quotes and links.

My INTENT is to inspire purchase of the book even if only to browse multiple chapters. David Icke has produced a master work. The index alone is an education. I am the author of this review and have previously published it free online at, my personal blog. I have given myself permission to republish this as a Kindle for the convenience of those who love Kindle.

There are three kinds of holistic thinking: secular, ecological, and cosmic. With the exception of David Icke I know of no one, anywhere, who actually thinks holistically at all three levels (I fall short at the cosmic level).

While this book is a monster to read at 741 pages, it is most ably put together with eighteen chapters that I will summarize individually, each chapter liberally illustrated with graphics from his epic personal appearances that are now intellectual and spiritual “rock star” events. If the Pope worshiping Satan on Easter Sunday is the pinnacle of evil, then David Icke saying “We are One – BE the God Particle” is the cosmic “absolute good” and alternative to the evil represented by the Zionists, the Vatican, and the varied secret societies who thrive on chaos, on war, on human suffering and human trafficking, on fear & hate energy.

I think so very much of this man and his mind that I am adding to the end of this review links for each of his prior books and major DVDs. This one book is a capstone work and the one book to read if you read only one, but a case could be made for working one’s way through the entire collection, notably The Perception Deception, Children of the Matrix, and Truth Vibrations. At the end of this review I also list three books in addition to this one that “blew my mind open,” and multiple books on the nemesis, information pathologies.

Please do not make the mistake of treating this long summary as a substitute for reading the book. I write summary reviews for myself, as memory aids, and in this instance decided to write a summary review ten times longer than usual precisely because there is ten times more useful information in this book than in any conventional book. This book is a life-changing transformative capstone work.

I usually over my Kindles at 99 cents (of which our non-profit receives 35 cents) but because I devoted two weeks of my life to first reading the book and then creating the summary that was revised many times, I have decided to charge $2.99, the minimum allowed for a 70% donation to the non-profit. As with other Kindles in the Trump Revolution Series, this contribution is intended to AWAKEN all who wish toward the SECOND AMERICAN REVOLUTION.

In August will be giving a plenary speech at the Dimensions of Disclosure event in Ventura California, the title of my speech is “What Would a Full Disclosure Government Look Like?” In October I am delivering a speech for a very forward-thinking group intimately familiar with US Government secret programs, with the title of “Full Disclosure: What Has Breen Hidden, What Can We Know, Why Does It Matter?

This book by David Icke is one of perhaps five books that have blown my mind in the aftermath of being a spy for the CIA and a military intelligence officer and senior civilian responsible for creating the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity. It is easily the most detailed and comprehensive. If you want to buy one book that has everything being hidden from you, but Icke’s book. My summary review is a a bridge to that much larger and greater work.

Review: To Catch a Spy – The Art of Counterintelligence

James M. Olson

5 Star Indictment of US Counterintelligence

Despite this book being a decade late (the author left CIA in 1998) and somewhat lacking in deep specifics, I have to give it five stars because my own personal experience suggests that the author’s gracious indictment of US counterintelligence is so desperately needed that it would be a crime to diminish this book. It’s central message is sound: counterintelligence is vital and the USA stinks at counterintelligence.

Personal Experience: As a CIA clandestine case officer, with five times the regional average in both agent recruitments and foreign intelligence reports production, I now realize that my extraordinary production was directly related to my not being trained properly, nor held accountable for, absolute security. I now realize that every agent I managed, every developmental I courted, was “blown” to local liason and the Cuban intelligence service.  This is a deeply humbling retrospective insight.  Most CIA case officers work under official cover and live “impunity” as well as “immunity,” not “cover” and certainly not cover backed up by 3-5 hour Surveillance Detection Routes (SDR). I would make SDR like the Marine Corps’ version of Land Navigation. Pass the final exercise or don’t pass at all….and then I would have CI teams training on our own people all over the world, holding Stations accountable for proper SDR.

Personal Experience: As the HQS desk officer responsible for counterintelligence against a denied area target, I failed every Chief of Station worldwide on their failure to perform. This delighted Bill Casey for a moment and ended my career, compounding my earlier refusal to take a job on Covert Action Staff (CAS) when Ted Price was Chief of Career Management Staff (CMS). Counterintelligence is simply not taken seriously by the CIA or anyone else including the FBI.

Personal Experience: The National Security Agency (NSA) does not provide direct Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) support to either FBI counterintelligence within the USA or to the clandestine service overseas (and I would add, to military counterintelligence).  NSA is a travesty. They are focused on budget building, mass surveillance, and blackmailing Members of Congress.  They are not focused on catching traitors including dual US-Israeli citizens that place Israel First, always, nor are they focused on stopping commercial espionage by the Chinese or others. We simply do not protect our government and commercial secrets at the same time that we have far too many bad secrets.

While the book has flaws — it is not in any way a tome on cyber-vulnerabilities such as I and three others warned against in 1994, it does make the point that we are cyber-stupid, not comprehensive, and oblivious to financial and other forms of strain. The author is quite clear: our security investigations stink, our polygraphs are not sufficient, workplace observation and warning does not happen, and we are missing — these are MY numbers: 500 traitors within the US Government and 5,000 traitors across the totality of the US economy and society. The FBI — this is my opinion — is a monstrous joke — a theatrical agency not the least bit capable of nailing more than a tiny fraction of traitors.

This is an important book that merits being read word for word. The author built this book around his earlier Ten Commandments of Counterintelligence that I will list here:

1. Be Offensive
2. Honor Your Professionals
3. Own  the Street
4. Know Your History
5. Do Not Ignore Analysts
6. Do Not Be Parochial
7. Train Your People
8. Do Not Be Shoved Aside
9. Do Not Stay Too Long
10. Never Give Up

There are flaws in this book — it glosses over the totality of Zionist and United Kingdom spying on the USA including the bribery and blackmailing of most Members of Congress, and there is no deep discussion here of commercial espionage or the degree to which France and Germany among others, are at least as intrusive against the USA as are the author’s top threats, China, Russia, and Cuba.

I totally concur with his view that the Cubans are the best in the world and if John Sears is still alive, hope I can have this conversation with him one day. Two of my classmates were nailed in Cuba by 20 agents all of whom passed the polygraph such that the Cubans could set up cameras covering every operational act (this became a public television spectacle later), and I realize now in retrospect that the Cubans “owned” the street and successfully blew every agent my largest station handled (where I was responsible for one third of a ten case officer station’s recruitments), while also deviously sucking us into all manner of entrapments via local liaison to probe our state of the art across breaking & entry to documentation and disguise and so on.

There are two complements to this book — while the author provides a listing of other counterintelligence books at the end, I think he misses the point. To achieve a VISCERAL understanding of why being “black” when meeting an agent matters, there  is no substitute for these three books by an officer who was a generation behind me:

Review: Red Sparrow (Espionage Fiction)

Review: Palace of Treason (Espionage Fiction)

Review: The Kremlin’s Candidate (Espionage Fiction)

The best other counterintelligence books in terms of scope, the first cited by the author, are these:

Review: Traitors Among Us–Inside the Spy Catcher’s World

Review: Merchants of Treason–America’s Secrets for Sale

The author, intent on being gracious, fails to frame the challenge properly. I will be more direct. There are over 500 traitors within the US Government, and over 5,000 traitors across the US economy and society, that are living large and free because the USA is simply not serious about counterintelligence.

I will end with three books reviews on the present state of the craft of intelligence, and a final link to 300 reviews related to intelligence. The bottom line: every Director of Central or National Intelligence since CIA’s inception been a virtual traitor: not serious at all about providing intelligence (decision-support) with integrity to ALL US leaders — the crap we have now at $100 billion a year produces “at best” 4% of what t he President needs and nothing for everyone else.

Robert Steele: Intelligence at a Cross Roads: To Be Or Not To Be… Review of Principled Spying by David Omand and Mark Phythian

Review: Facts and Fears – Hard Truths from a Life in Intelligence by James Clapper

Robert Steele: The Assault on Intelligence: American National Security in an Age of Lies – Book Review

Worth a Look: Book Reviews on Intelligence (Most)

If I have learned one thing in my 30 years of being marginalized by CIA for championing Open Source Inteligence (OSINT), it is this: apart from the sensibility of not sending a spy where a schoolboy can go — you MUST access all open sources in all languages and mediums — if you do not get counterintelligence right, everything else you do is a fucking joke not worth the time or the money. And that is where we are today. Kudos to the author, however much he might have pulled his punches: this book matters.