Isaac Green 4-30-18 short video… “We Love You President Trump” (which to many of us means, “We Love The Alliance (both Planetary and Galactic)”)

This short video from Isaac I found fun to watch. And I’m sure many understand that I know it is not just about Donald Trump.

  • It is about “The Alliance”, both Planetary and Galactic.
  • It’s about all of us who have been “holding the Light Space” for these remarkable transformations to occur.
  • It is also about being willing to Ascend Spiritually so that we can receive the Higher Cosmic Energies that are coming in right now.
  • It’s about all of those things.

Let us all continue to hold the Light for Ascension.

Thanks also to Isaac, who continues to perform a great service for us all, with these short videos. I’ve donated to him, and anyone who wishes to do so may do so via PayPal, Patreon, his merch site, or any of the other ways listed at the video page.

Isaac Green 4-27-18… “Peace In Korea” (short video)

Isaac put together an excellent short video with clips from various sources, primarily centered on what’s been happening in Korea. Listen to the number of people that are praising this development, and noteworthy to me was the CNN reporter, at the end, who expressed his amazement at how quickly this has happened. And yes, many expressed their praise for President Donald Trump.

Let us all continue to hold the Light for planetary developments and unifications like this. We all deserve it.

Thanks also to Isaac, who continues to perform a great service for us all, with these short videos. I’ve donated to him, and anyone who wishes to do so may do so via PayPal, Patreon, his merch site,or any of the other ways listed at the video page.

Two more #QAnon (#Q) – related 4-25-18 videos that make a couple points… and, “MOAB coming tomorrow?”

First video point… “Democrat” and “good for all people” are not equivalent. Another point… MSM media keeps giving false stories. Another point… “red pilling” is happening all over the place, even with Kanye West.

Second video point… MOAB (Mother Of All Bombs) appears to be the text messages released to Congress. Another point… the Toronto incident is being used as a “spin point” to imply that ALL who use Reddit and 4Chan and 8chan (you know, “Q people”) are “crazies”, etc., etc. Wonderful example of Deep State / MSM / NWO manipulations by “doing” events.

Use discernment on both. It’s also not about “D’s are bad, R’s are good” or “R’s are bad, D’s are good”. There are White Hats (Light Workers) in all arenas.

[Kp note: One note that CIR girl (Katie G) points out, in Q, + symbols represent: + = Soros, ++ = Rothschild, +++ = House of Saud.]

v e r y c o o l Kanye Tweet…

THIS video is explained in full in the Public Qanon Posts Trello Board:

A (short) 4-22-18 AntiSchool (Isaac Green) video, that illustrates, “It’s all falling apart” (for the old paradigms)

This was a nice surpirse, this short video, which encapsulates a few recent items that show that people are “waking up”, aka, being “apocalypsed”, even Kanye West.

Isaac also produced a “rant” video that may be helpful for some who are in the process of “waking up”.

Go to the links in the video description to support Isaac.

My (current) favorite #QAnon (#Q) YouTube channels…

These are channels that I personally watch, and from which I receive #QAnon (#Q) data reports. Since I’m not going to publish on Q every single day, and every single Q post, I thought I’d post these links for all to view and check on their own.

Here are two Q post collection sites which I’ve seen (usually I check the first):

  2. (from CIR site)

And here are the YouTube channels I am currently following (go to the page, then click “Videos” to see current uploads).

So feel free to pick your own and enjoy the show!!

Aloha, Kp

A Few (of the 5,253,679) Videos I’ve viewed re: #QAnon (#Q) Postings up thru #1234 (4-21-18)

Yes, that’s right. Sometimes that’s how many it feels like.

The videos I’ve posted, I’m not rating or anything like that. Each has their own types and presentations of “the Q data”. Naturally, Dr. Jerome Corsi is included (his are longer than the others; those are at the end). YouAreFreeTV girl explains more about the Allison Mack and other human trafficking related Q posts (one may like to keep the page open to compare notes from these videos.

Here is the latest Kp blog post about the recent Qs.


The Syria “Event” 4-14-18… 4 VIDEOS about “Why it Happened and What it Means (and so on and so on)”

Well, I listened to ALL of all four of these and they each have some information about the Syria thing, and display different views, in some cases.

  • The first one, from Isaac Green, has cautions about “freaking out” about this (recall this Kp blog post), and shows a couple media people “freaking out” (the Alex Jones part is hilarious, even if loaded with curse words).
  • The second one, is a David Seaman, a calm analysis, and supportive of the events happening right now.
  • The third, Jordan Sather’s, illustrates how it is helpful to “use the Inner Discernment” about these things that are happening.
  • The fourth is a longer Jerome Corsi, who seems to believe that Assad actually did the chemical weapons attack (I do NOT believe that), but that Trump’s military action was a helpful thing overall, as part of his taking down of the Deep State.



A Jordan-Isaac-Jordan #QAnon #ResignationsUptheWazoo Video Sandwich… 4-5-18

Well, these struck home, and brought out a few points I had not seen in the latest #Q postings. Isaac (#Antischool) Green also runs through the enormous amount of resignations (major ones) that have occurred during the past few months. BIG time, baby!

Thanks to these “newer on the scene” Truth Warriors for their “putting it out there”.

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Check out the resignations here. From Goldman Sachs to ESPN to the Vatican to the FBI. Don’t forget about 25k sealed indictments….… Zuckerberg to step down from Facebook…. McCain will not seek re-election….. 5:5 ominously mentioned by Q… HRC vid? Trump approval at 51% Trump signs EO sending National Guard to border….. Trump to withdraw from Iran Nuke Deal: reports….. Cops met with shooter before #YoutubeShooting… The Pentagon is close to awarding a $10 billion deal to Amazon despite Trump’s tweets attacking the company…. 1832 Rothschild loan to the Holy See… Vatican – Cabal connection Facebook Bans Image of Jesus for ‘Excessively Violent Content’….. The Analysis Corporation started by John Brennan in 1990 (Obama’s cia head) #QAnon What do they really do? Process our data.

You didn’t learn this in school.