UFO Expert Says NASA Apollo 10 Photo Shows Alien ‘Dark Knight’ Satellite

(Inigo Monzon) A self-proclaimed UFO expert claims that one of the photos from the Apollo 10 mission includes an image of an alien “Dark Knight” satellite. The expert considers the photo a solid evidence regarding the presence of extraterrestrial beings hovering near Earth.

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Possible Russian Alien Discovery as Mystery Satellite Circles ISS

(Brett Tingley) The International Space Station (ISS) is a constant source of conspiracy theories and UFO conjectures. NASA operates a live feed of cameras aboard the ISS, and it seems like a new video appears on YouTube every week purporting to show proof UFOs or a NASA coverup. While most of these turn out to be baseless conjectures or doctored footage, the ISS seems to be the source of some recent somewhat verifiable strangeness. NASA recently detected unknown microbial colonies growing on the walls of the ISS. While some level of biological contamination should be expected on the inside where astronauts’ disgusting human bodies float around stinkin’ up the joint, finding possible life on the outside of the space station is much more unexpected – yet that’s exactly what Russia’s state space agency, Roscosmos, is reporting.
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