It is “Cognitive Dissonance”

By Anna Von Reitz

Cognitive Dissonance occurs when new information doesn’t fit into our learned pattern of assumptions.  Such information tends to bounce out of our minds, like a pin ball hitting a bumper.  

The information I teach isn’t actually hard to understand. It’s not rocket science—- but it can feel that way because of Cognitive Dissonance and our built-in tendency to avoid, shut out, and if possible— ignore, whatever doesn’t fit neatly into our own conceptualization of the topic at hand.  

How difficult is it to understand that the Reconstruction that was supposed to happen after the Civil War didn’t happen? 

And an important part of our intended Federal Government has been missing ever since? 

So we need to.get.organized and do the job, right? 

What good does it do to drain the swamp, if you don’t also remove the dam that’s causing the problem in the first place?

We are missing the largest, most important, and only truly American portion of the Federal Government because the Reconstruction is still hanging. 

This circumstance is what is causing the breakdown of accountability and discipline — it’s the dam creating The Swamp. 

So let’s try to consciously move past the Cognitive Dissonance and into the clear light of new understanding. 


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