It Is Simple, Mr. Trump

By Anna Von Reitz

Return our National Credit to us, which is your National Debt. 

That will cancel that portion of the Debt, set you free of it, and let us all get on with our lives. 

Because we never received the equitable payment we were owed it became a debt for the US and a credit for the actual States and People. 

Via discredited unconscionable contracts and false claims the United States has contrived to deny the American States and People the credit and other assets we are owed. 

The United States, Inc. and the United States of America, Inc, have both lied through their teeth to prevent us from accessing and claiming what we are simply owed as the actual landlords of this country. 

The fraud and the deceits are discovered.  There is no way for Washington or London or Rome to hide it anymore. 

So move our National Credit off the books of the DOD and give it back to The United States of America— the unincorporated version, because We and our States are Parties to the Constitution and we earned it all. 

Tell the Queen and Pope Francis that we are back home, alive and well, and not pleased by this ongoing stalemate and avoidance of the facts. 

We are also displeased by the scandalous abuse of our banking system, most especially the abuse documented at HSBC by John Cruz and the abuse of Attorney Escrow Accounts and especially the abuse of our identities and personal data by these banks to create phony debt, phony tax claims, and to launder money. 

These abuses must stop and these banks and securities corporations must be brought to bay, even if it means a military take-over and nationalization of the banks and securities industries under the auspices of our lawful restored American Government. 

Please note that our States are competent to enforce the Constitutions and to act independently in trade or commerce with or without appointing new Federal-level States of States. 

That is, the absence of Federal entities exercising delegated powers in no way hinders the delegators of those powers from exercising those same powers in our own behalf. 

It’s time we all had a frank and honest conversation about these issues.  May we suggest that Lancaster County in Pennsylvania is neutral ground, centrally located, and lovely this time of year? 


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