Michael Jaco VIDEO 11-28-20… “Psychic collaboration with JC Kay as we discuss Deep State takedown and 5D consciousness”

This video struck me, as I “happened upon it” today, particularly around 45 minutes or so, where she describes her “touching in to” her intuitive state, and how it is not a “brain thing” or something you can “step by step” people into doing, necessarily. What she (and Michael) describe is basically what I’ve been doing regarding missions, where to go, what to do, etc.

They also describe their experiences with working with the Secret Space Program(s) in their “dream time”. I believe that many of us are doing these things, or similar, in our dream realms.

Another key point JC brings out is how attaching a “date this will happen” to things often can block it from happening.


Published 11-28-20
The amazing JC Kay from Australia. Secret Space Program and Project Looking Glass.


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