The Day of Judgment is Near

By Klos’thiel En Ra El,

Dearest Brothers & Sisters of Light,

We now are living in the End Times, the Time of Tribulations that precedes the Day of Judgment, as predicted in the Christian Bible, and in the sacred writings of Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Taoism, the traditions of the Indigenous peoples and many other religions and creeds.

As Lightworkers, Bearers of Light, we have a particularly important task to perform not only to radiate our Light to humanity, but also to serve as wayshowers for those who do not understand this and seek guidance amidst the turbulence that is now going on. This Time of Tribulations has been described by Jesus in several messages through Bertha Dudde in the time period 1937-1965. I will include four of them below.

In reading these messages please keep in mind that it has been given in a time in which humanity’s evolution was still on a lower timeline. On that timeline humanity was heading for a devastating catastrophe caused by built-up forces within the Earth and forces from nature, similar to what happened in the days of Noah. However, due to the Harmonic Convergence, organized by Jose Arguelles in August 1987, that reset of civilization was bypassed, and instead an upward shift took place to a higher timeline in which humanity and Mother Earth are ascending to the fifth dimension.

In this ascension process, the light quotient in humanity has constantly increased and has even reached the stage in which it will soon reach critical mass within the mass consciousness. But nevertheless, it remains imperative that humankind must undergo great trials, for most of humankind has increasingly anchored deeper into matter, in earthly, mundane life, and turned more and more away from God. By undergoing the trials, they are given the opportunity to find their way back to God and submit to God’s Will and God’s Laws, for the ascension process is heading towards the fifth dimension, in which the Kingdom of God on Earth is established.

‘The path through Satan’s world’

Jesus through Bertha Dudde / No. 8869 / October 17, 1964

The world is Satan’s domain and yet you have to pass through it because all of you are more or less still attached to the lord of this world, since you have not yet completed the last work of spiritualising yourselves in this world …. you are still imperfect and therefore not entirely free from his control …. However, you are all aware of My will which only ever asks you to selflessly love your neighbour. Hence you know what will bring you closer to perfection and therefore you shall only ever endeavour to release yourselves from selfish love and turn it into love for your neighbour. Then you will detach yourselves more and more from his world, you will pass through this world and it will no longer hold on to you, but has to release you if you want to carry out this will of Mine. Then your earthly life will only be a short stage on the path to your eternal home, you will remove your fetters with My help, for then you have surrendered to Me, and wherever your goal is, there is also your heart …. Your longing applies to Me and this world has nothing else to offer you, it can no longer stop you on your path of ascent …. However, if you don’t carry out this change from selfish love into unselfish neighbourly love you will take your last short path across the earth in vain …. then you will remain attached to the one who wants to pull you into the abyss again.

Yet I cannot force your will, you have to strive for this change entirely of your own accord so that you will be able to gain immeasurable happiness. For this reason you cannot be given absolute proof of what will await you in eternal life if you strive towards Me, or what will happen to you if you deliver yourselves to My adversary …. or you would be compelled to believe which, however, cannot be valued as ‘faith’. Even so, My Word explains everything to you and besides, you have within yourselves the still small voice of conscience which warns and admonishes you …. You, however, drown out this voice in you with the world and ignore it, but there is not a single human being whose attention is not somehow drawn to the consequences of his way of life …. And therefore no-one can evade the hour of responsibility when he stands at the gate to eternity …. I approach people time and again trying to inform them of My will, which requires nothing other than shaping themselves into love, and by means of strokes of fate try to bring Myself to their attention so that they will call upon Me in their distress, when I shall truly be willing to help; yet I cannot reveal Myself more distinctly than through My direct speech from above so as not to compel anyone’s will.

But you lack faith and don’t value My Word from above as a truly significant blessing which is to help you in your lack of resolve …. If only you would get used to the idea that My Word might be true so that you could arrange your life accordingly, then much would be gained already, for I look at the slightest will concerning Me and will help you find Me completely …. so that you no longer attach too much importance to the world, that you detach yourselves from it and thus also from its master. Just your will to free yourselves from his bondage is seen by Me as your first step of return to Me, and I will bless all further effort and give you the strength to accomplish what will lead to your release from him. Nevertheless, you must take the path through the world, for it is the last opportunity to liberate yourselves from the one who is lord of this world, and you must pass this last test of will if you want to enter the kingdom of beatitude ….


 ‘Calm before the storm … Visible appearance of the Lord’

Jesus through Bertha Dudde / No. 4126 / September 16, 1947

A time of anxious misery and suffering lies before you and you can regard the time prior to this, the time in which you presently live, as the calm before the storm, during which you can still live your life within the scope of tradition, during which you can still speak of a certain extent of prosperity compared to the poverty and the deprivation which await you afterwards. And yet it will be a time of grace, a time when I will be clearly recognisable, when life will only be bearable if you deeply unite yourselves with Me in your thoughts, since then you will never be alone but will always be able to have Me as your protection. And I will also manifestly reveal Myself to you, I will approach individual people in the shape of the One Who harboured Me in all fullness within Himself. And I will be recognised wherever people’s love for Me is strong, even if I dwell as a human being amongst people, for My eyes will tell them who I AM, and their hearts will come aglow with such burning love for Me as they would never be able to offer to a fellow human being. I will come to meet them with ardent love, I will illuminate them where they lack knowledge and comfort them in hours of distress and they will be able to overcome the most difficult situations and not despair, for they will sense My help, and wherever I visibly approach them they will be full of strength and profound faith. And once this fills a human heart no oppressive adversity will be able to exist anymore, for then they will only utterly rely on Me and I will truly not disappoint their faith. Yet anyone who lives without Me will hardly be able to endure this time. I cannot leave him in his spiritual adversity and will therefore have to sorely strike him with earthly adversity until his opposition against Me slackens, until he starts to believe and expects help from Me …..

Thus all of you will be subjected to anxious distress and suffering through which I want to win you over completely. Nevertheless, you also have abundant strength and grace at your disposal which will help you to gain Me. I only want your love and once I own it I will come to meet you …. in the last days even visibly in order to strengthen your and other people’s faith, because you are in need of extraordinary strengthening and consolation. Consequently, you won’t need to fear the difficult time ahead of you either, for you will survive it with My help. Nevertheless, it will remain a time of grace, and the yoke I impose upon you will be an easy one if only you make correct use of the gift of grace. To be allowed to behold Me with your physical eyes is truly worth the cross you will have to bear until the end. Yet I will also offer Myself as a bearer of the cross to those who take refuge in Me and appeal to Me for My help …. And for their sake I will shorten the days until the end. I know every individual person’s problems, and those who are faithful to Me are My true children who will really not call upon Me in vain for help. Therefore don’t let My announcement frighten you, approach the coming events determinedly and calmly, detach yourselves from the world and wait for Me …. And I will come …. at first appearing to individual people, in order to then fetch My Own into My kingdom …. in order to lead them away from the place of perdition into to the kingdom of peace, where their life will be as blissful as in paradise ….

‘Battle of faith – Antichrist’

Jesus through Bertha Dudde / No. 6758 / Februari 8, 1957

The closer the end, the fiercer will the battle between light and darkness rage ….. However, you will not experience the full horror of the battle until it turns against My followers, when it is planned to banish the faith in Me in Jesus Christ, when the act of Salvation will become My adversary’s target ….. when people will be demanded to openly confess their faith and brutally forced to renounce it. Only then will the hardship and adversity start, the time I have promised My Own I will shorten …. And then My adversary’s fury will become obvious, for people will lose their inhibitions, nothing will hold them back because they will be incited by Satan and shall completely submit to his will. Let it be said that there is not much time until this battle of faith, but that it will be preceded by an immense crisis on earth which, however, will come from a different source …. It is My will that it shall fall upon people so that they can already prove or even strengthen their faith. Precisely this crisis, which will be inflicted on humanity through a natural disaster of huge proportions, will be used by many people as a reason to already take action against the faith, because now more than ever they will doubt a God and Creator Who Himself destroys what He has created. However, anyone who knows the truth will also have a correct explanation for everything, and then he can inform his fellow human beings of this truth too. Then the ensuing battle of faith can even result in a strong faith in them, which subsequently will withstand all the threats the believers will be exposed to.

However, the fact that most people will no longer have a living faith is My adversary’s doing, who therefore will not cease to work against Me and the truth, and he will be far more successful with people than the representatives of the pure truth, the true representatives of Christ’s teaching …. For they rarely will be believed, but My adversary can offer people what he wants …. it will be accepted. And that is why it will already have to be clarified in advance, everyone will have to openly and freely declare whether they are for or against Me …. Everyone will have to make this decision within himself during the coming time of need which comes upon earth due to My will, for when I speak through the forces of nature everyone will have to choose: to call upon Me for help or to entirely isolate himself from Me …. which is the same as turning to My adversary …. Following this, however, the decision has to be taken again publicly: when it will be demanded of you humans in the last battle of faith on this earth to testify of Me in Jesus Christ or to deny Me …..

But then you, who were instructed in the truth by Me Myself, will know that the end has come …. Then you will know that I will shorten the days for the sake of My Own, that I will come Myself to help them and release them from their suffering …. that I will gather them from this earth and take them to a place of peace, before I carry out the work of destruction, which will mean the end of all created beings on this earth ….

If only you would believe what I have announced to you time and again …. the conditions on earth should prove My adversary’s rage to you already, because he knows that he is running out of time. And the fact that he is raging and the earth is populated by his own kind can be recognised by all of you and should make you think. Every day is still a blessing for people, for even the most depraved person still has the opportunity to change and gain faith in Me before the end …. because I will try everything to still snatch souls from My adversary before the end. And anyone with faith in Me will be blessed, but the unbelievers will have to share the fate of him whom they followed voluntarily ….. And you will not go short, even if everything you need to live will be taken away from you …. As soon as you believe that I Myself will take care of you, who are persecuted for My name’s sake, My adversary’s measures need not frighten you …. For what they take away from you, you will receive from Me again, although in a different form, but you will not need to starve for I Myself will satisfy your hunger …. For ‘behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your Heavenly Father feedeth them ….’

Remember these Words, remember that He Who created everything will truly also be able to maintain what He has created …. and that He will surely do so when His Own suffer adversity. But the time will come when people will try to force you with most brutal measures to forsake your faith …. and anyone of weak faith will not be able to endure these measures …. Severe tests of faith will be imposed on you, but I want to prepare you precisely for this time, then you will be able to be a shining example to your fellow human beings, you will be able to demonstrate to them what a firm faith can accomplish: that you live despite the fact that everything you need to live will have been taken away from you …..

Seek always only the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and everything else will be added to you. And this promise will then be visibly fulfilled on My Own, on those who stand up for Me and My name before the world, who do not fear the earthly power because they feel safe under My protection. And only then will it become evident who has a living faith, and there will only be few. Then the structures which were built on sand …. which were not built on the rock of faith on which I built My church, will collapse too …. It will be a difficult time which no-one would be able to survive had I not conveyed the truth to earth in advance, which is an explanation of everything and which alone can result in a strong faith …. But error will not give anyone the strength to persevere, and only where there is love, can strength of faith also be found.

An extraordinary person will offer himself as a visible cover to My adversary, and this person will then instigate the last conflict on earth. Pay attention to this and you will know that the hour of the end is very near …. But also pay attention to My messengers from above who will appear at the same time in order to guide you with their light, which you should follow …. Pay attention to all of those who spiritedly announce My Word and join them, so that the small flock will stay together, so that they can constantly get light and their faith can steadily grow stronger …. But to all these I promise My protection, My Fatherly care and My blessing ….

They need not fear to fall prey to this brutal power, for I Myself will come to get them as soon as My adversary goes too far, as soon as even My Own are threatened by grave danger …. For this reason I will shorten the days, so that My Own will be able to endure and not weaken in view of the measures of persecution. But since I can still see a possibility to save individual souls I will also hold My hands protectively over those who represent Me before the world, so that the former can gain strength from them, so that a Power will be recognised which is stronger than earthly power …. And therefore I will also take extraordinary care of My Own, and despite adverse measures they will survive physically and spiritually …. And all this will happen soon …. What you cannot suspect today will happen then, but that is why already I draw your attention to it, and you, who are taught by Me, also know why it will happen …..

The spiritual hardship on earth is evident to you as well, and by the signs of the time you will be able to identify the time on the world’s clock …. But once this battle of faith flares up you need only expect a very short time, because everything will take place especially fast …. For the man chosen by My adversary as cover will not have a long life-span, and his regime on earth will not last long. He will be recognisable by his supernatural abilities, for he will be exceptionally endowed by My adversary, and that is why he will work for him and his plans. And even if the whole world pays homage to him, you will recognise and see through him.

But then you will have to be very careful and should not deliberately endanger yourselves due to excessive zeal …. Then you will have to be as cunning as serpents and as gentle as doves …. But when the decision is demanded of you, then you must stand your ground and firmly trust in Me and My help …. for no matter how powerful people are, they cannot match My might and a wisp of breath from Me would suffice to destroy them …. And thus I will also call a stop to it when the hour has come. I will bring those to Me who are in utmost earthly distress but place the oppressors themselves into chains, for the time will be up, a period of redemption will come to an end and a new era will start so that the deliverance of all spirits can continue ….


‘Signs of the last days … Battle of faith … Chaos’

Jesus through Bertha Dudde / No. 3209 / August 1, 1944

(…) The Last Judgment is preceded by the last days, which last just a few months and are characterized by an exceptionally rigorous battle of faith. As soon as this battle of faith is carried out quite openly, as soon as all secrecy is ignored and all spiritual aspirations are bluntly and recklessly attacked, as soon as laws and decrees are endorsed which prohibit people’s spiritual pursuits, as soon as all divine commandments are no longer observed, as soon as all believers are persecuted and have no more rights, the last days have entered into their final phase and the Last Judgment can be expected daily and hourly …. However, before this battle of faith flares up, humanity will find itself in a spiritual and worldly chaos; there will be noticeable regression in every respect. And this regression will be initiated by people who are dominated by Satan. He will show himself in earthly devastation and destruction, in heartless laws, in a God-opposing way of life, in civil disobedience and rebellion against the governing powers and in brutal oppression by the latter, in restriction of freedom and in evasion of law and justice.

These conditions will ensue after a huge earthly tremor, which takes place in accordance with God’s will in order to terminate a conflict between nations that human will fails to end. For the people who are affected by this earthly tremor it will denote a change of their accustomed way of life, it will be a time of greatest deprivation and most difficult living conditions, and although this time will be favourable for the spreading of the divine Word it will not signify a revival of a worldly-clerical power. People will indeed eagerly strive to improve their earthly living conditions but these efforts will not be compatible with spiritual aspirations, with the belief in an Authority Which holds them to account and with the divine commandments that require love. And that is why everything that interferes with the return to the former good living standard comes under attack. Thus the battle of faith will start soon after the divine intervention which turns global affairs into a different direction. The events will follow each other quickly as they are hastened by people’s low spirit, and this spiritual low shows itself in people’s heartless actions, in their thinking, which shows extreme depravity and which prepares deeds that can only be called satanic. And thereby you can identify the moment in time when God’s intervention can be anticipated. The global affairs themselves shall be a timetable to you, by the actions people are capable of doing you can see that they have totally distanced themselves from God and this clearly contradicts the opinion that this human race can still expect a spiritual renaissance.

The people who faithfully remain with God will indeed intensify their intimate relationship with Him, they will be in truth His Church which will stand firm amid misery and affliction, but it is just a small group. The world, however, denies God, it is hostile towards all who support God, and this spiritual need signifies that the end is near …. Therefore pay attention to the signs of the time, pay attention to humanity’s conduct, to their desertion of God and their preference of the world, when people are evidently influenced by Satan, when they are enslaved by him and do everything to disobey the divine commandments, when nothing is sacred to them any longer, neither the life of their fellow human beings nor their possessions; when lies triumph and the truth is treated with hostility you know that the end is not far. Then you can watch the events unfold as they are revealed to you, because it will all take place during the lifetime of a man who, in a manner of speaking, hastens the disintegration, who pays homage to the destructive principle, who is not constructively but destructively active. And this man’s end is also the end of the world, i.e. the end of the world in its present form and the end of those people who presently inhabit the earth, which are separate from those who belong to God. And now you know that there is not much time, that you are not given a long period of time and that the end is upon you shortly. And for this reason you have to prepare yourselves, you have to live as if every day is your last because you don’t know when you will be called back and whether you will live to see the end of the earth. If, however, you are needed as defenders of God during the time of battle before the end, God will also guide your thoughts correctly and you will know when the time has come …. the time of the divine intervention by means of unleashing the forces of nature, the time of the battle of faith and the time of the Last Judgment …. It is God’s will that you make people aware, thus He will also enlighten your spirit and guide your thoughts in a manner that you understand correctly and only voice and reveal to your fellow human beings what you have understood properly ….


Closing Remarks

#  Sananda will start his Mission of Love very soon. Behold August 8th, the opening of the Lion’s Gate.

#  The following events will happen very soon:

–    The light quotient within the mass consciousness will reach ‘critical mass’. Then the Light will prevail on Earth.

–    The third and fourth dimensional mass consciousness grid will merge into the fifth dimensional Crystalline Consciousness Grid around the Earth. Then the fifth dimensional energies of Compassion, Harmony, Unity, Brotherhood and Sisterhood and Peace will steadily penetrate all areas of humanity on Earth.

–    The lightworkers will be connected to the fifth dimensional Crystalline Consciousness Grid around the Earth. Then we too will be charged with the fifth dimensional energies, which will result in the manifestation of Christ Consciousness within us, and we will do God’s Work on Earth as Christ.

#  The ‘Battle of Faith’ comes in different forms. And, as Jesus said, it manifests itself in its core as living in accordance with the ‘Two Commandments’.

#  Ashtar said in Tuella’s book ‘Ashtar, A Tribute’ the following:

“A great degenerate race abides within your planet; an astral race, which is not so much scientifically degenerate, but in every moral sense, as you know it. They are capable of spaceflights within the astral regions around the Earth, but they are Earth-bound. They are the powers of Eranus, which you call Satan. They emerge at the South Pole. They have relatives on your surface that are without morals or mercy. I give you this information so that you are aware of their existence.

“The Four Crown Princes of Hell”:

“Lucifer and Luciferians, Masters of Deception”:

So, the dark forces on Earth, the Cabal, are led by Satan. We will assist Sananda in taking the power of the Cabal away, and we will be witnesses in the chaining of Satan.

#  Within the Thousand Years of Peace, following the chaining of Satan, we will transform and transmute our physical body in a crystalline lightbody and we will ascend with Gay-Ah’-mah, Mother Earth, to the fifth dimension. The lightbody is immortal.

Dearest Brothers & Sisters of Light,

We are members of the Collective Messiah, the 144,000 (and more) Ascended Masters who accompany the Christ or appointed Messiah, Sananda in his current incarnation, on a Mission of Love. As volunteers we have been contracted for this job before incarnating on Earth for the first time. We have been prepared for this, life after life since the Fall of Atlantis. We are Warriors of Light in God’s Army, the Army of Angels, with Sananda as the Commander and Mother God as the Commander-in-Chief. This the Seventh Battle of Armageddon.. According to Kuthumi we have already won. So, strategically we know that we are victorious, but the battle has to be won on the battlefield.

Let us not bother ourselves with what is currently happening on Earth. Let us present ourselves for duty to Lord Sananda, in his current incarnation, when the day and the hour has come.


Embracing you all with my love,

Klos’thiel En Ra El

“We in the Heavens, we in your hearts and we in your minds ask you to bring to your thought processes the energy of freedom, liberation and power to the planet Earth now!” … “Look, we say, look at your creation and hold it as your masterpiece. Allow it to have your stamp and your seal. Do not leave this incarnation wondering what you did not accomplish. Never look back with regret or remorse over how you allowed another to control your creation. You are powerful, you are sovereign and you are immense in your stature.”

(Archangel Michael through ‘Ashid’ / March 3, 2001)


Source: Sananda Eagles.

11 simple practices to supercharge the power & effectiveness of your prayers

By Guest Writer Craig Donaldson,

Prayer is one of the most common and effective forms of spiritual practice on the planet, and there are 11 simple practices you can follow to help increase the power and effectiveness of your prayers, writes Craig Donaldson

Gandhi once said, “Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul.”

Prayer is one of the oldest forms of devotion on the planet. It is a source of joy, comfort and spiritual upliftment for millions of people the world over and still remains one of the most effective means of connecting with God (or whatever you choose to call the Creator). It can be as simple as a “thank you” to the universe, or deep and holy prayer uttered from the heart. Here are some simple practices you can use to increase the power of your own prayer:

1. Set aside a special time and place for prayer. 

You can pray more effectively if you have a special time and place for doing so. The early morning or just before going to bed are good times to pray. It doesn’t have to long – five minutes is a great start.

It also helps if you have a routine place to pray in. It need not be a whole room – a private corner in a bedroom or study will do. Find a clean place that is well lit and aired. You can set up a small altar with some candles, flowers and crystals, and favourite pictures of saints or angels, pictures of loved ones or friends in need of healing. This is your private space for going within so make sure you feel comfortable with it.

2. Ask God to help you in your prayer. 

God is not only able to answer your prayer, but he is also able to make your prayer to him stronger. You can also ask the angels or your Higher Self to help you pray. You have a special contact with God through your Higher Self, or your Christ Self. Your Christ Self is truly your best friend, inner teacher and voice of conscience. When you pray, it is your Christ Self who goes before God to intercede for you.

There are some mantras you can use to help God and your Christ Self to help you. Jesus once appeared to the fourteenth-century saint Catherine of Sienna as she was praying and said to her:

Do you know, daughter, who you are and who I am? If you know these two things, you would be blessed. You are that which is not; I am he who is. If you have this knowledge in your soul, the enemy can never deceive you; you will escape all his snares; you will never consent to anything contrary to my commandments; and without difficulty you will acquire every grace, every truth, every light.

Thus Catherine gleaned a profound insight: “God all, I nothing”, and the mantra “Thou the all; I the nothing” was inspired upon her. Every time she recited it, she was emptying herself for the divine to enter. You can also use this mantra before praying to draw closer to your Christ Self.

3. God is the doer. 

The power of your prayers will increase dramatically when you realise that God is the doer. Jesus affirmed this when he said: “I of mine own self can do nothing. It is the Father in me which doeth the work.” In prayer, it is the divine within you appealing to the divine above.

The divine within you is a part of God that he has placed within you as his child. It is a spiritual flame that burns within your heart, and can increase in size by the power of fervent prayer. This flame is the kingdom of Heaven within that Jesus spoke about.

An eleventh-century saint called Symeon the New Theologian spoke of this flame in the heart: “What words can describe this! . . . I see a light which the world does not possess. Sitting in the cell I see within me the Creator of the world.” The Chandogya Upanishad, a sacred Hindu text, tells us that “The light that shines beyond all things on earth, beyond us all, . . . this is the light that shines in our hearts.”

One Buddhist text says of this flame: “The road of Buddhahood is open to all. At all times have all living beings the Germ of Buddhahood in them.” When you really allow the divine within you to reach out for help to God above, the results can be spectacular.

4. Center in your heart. 

We all use our outer consciousness in daily activities. When we’re at work, watching TV or playing sport, most often our attention is focused outside of us. But in prayer, we need to turn our consciousness inward. By doing this you are “going into the closet to pray”. You are shutting your consciousness to the outside world to go within and spend time with God. You can do this through a simple exercise.

First, concentrate on your heart and imagine you are breathing through your heart. Then visualize a brilliant sun of light above you. It is so bright it is almost blinding. Then see this sun gently descending into your heart. See yourself entering this brilliant sphere of light, where you find your own special prayer place. You may see your heart flame, Christ Self, Ascended Masters or angels. Ascended Masters are spiritual beings who once walked the earth like you and me. They faced the same challenges of day-to-day life, making peace with others, passing their tests and eventually fulfilling their reason for being, and then reuniting with or ascending back to God.

Talk to them about what is on your heart. Don’t be bashful – they dearly want to be your closest friends, and will listen to you with unconditional love.

5. Adjust your prayer according to the will of God.

 There may be many things we desire – good health, more money, a better job, a new car. We all need money and other possessions to live in a material world, and God is more than happy to supply us with these things if it will bring us closer to him.

But God knows what is the best possible gift for us at any moment. There are many more things that he can and will give us-gifts of the Spirit like compassion, wisdom and healing that will make us a lot happier in ourselves, and more at peace with others.

So instead of asking that our prayer be answered as we want, you can ask that your prayer “be adjusted according to the will of God” to receive the answer that is best for you and for the souls whom you are praying for.

6. Use the name of God. 

Some people can get great results in prayer just by speaking to God without using his name. But when you use the name of God, I AM THAT I AM, you increase the power of your prayer greatly.

When God spoke to Moses out of the burning bush, he told him to tell the children of Israel that his name is I AM THAT I AM and that “this is my name forever, and this is my memorial unto all generations.” The Jerusalem bible translates this as “This is my name for all time; by this name I shall be invoked for all generations to come.” When God revealed his name to Moses, he was giving us the authority to invoke him through his name. To use this in prayer, simply pray, “God, in your name I AM THAT I AM, please . . .”

Always pray out loud if possible. There is power in your voice. God used this power when he said: “Let there be light.” By using your gift of speech, you can also increase your prayer’s effectiveness.

7. Visualize what you want to happen. 

What you think about when you pray can greatly affect the quality of your prayer. You can increase the power of your prayer by mentally seeing the answers to your prayers. Always picture something better than you are experiencing now, and see the answers to your prayers come to life, just like a movie. You can also visualize brilliant light surrounding the situation or problem. If you are working with a particular Master or angel, see them interceding on your behalf.

For example, if you are having difficulty forgiving someone, concentrate on feelings of peace, understanding and forgiveness. See the two of you hugging, making up and being friends. See that newfound friendship getting stronger with understanding and acceptance. Even if you don’t mean it to start off with and have to grit your teeth to do it, you will find that it works and, over time, will be able to love that person.

8. Let go. 

You can increase your prayer’s power by letting go and turning over to God whatever you are praying about. When you do this, your prayer soars heavenward, allowing God and his angels to work on answering it without hindrance.

When you don’t let go, your energies can interfere with the prayer being answered as swiftly and as powerfully as possible. Don’t be attached to the outcome of your prayers and try not to anticipate how your desires will be fulfilled. For many, waiting for the answers to their prayers is their greatest test. They often become discouraged and give up just as God is about to answer their prayers.

If you have any doubts about God’s ability to answer your prayers, turn them over to him and ask him for the faith to believe in him.

9. Be grateful. 

By cultivating gratitude, you open yourself to receiving more of God’s gifts. Gratitude is the law of increase. If you thank God not only for the answers you do receive, but for those you don’t, or unexpected answers, you open yourself up to receiving more from him. You can express this at the end of your prayer, for example, as you adjust your prayer according to God’s will you can say: “I thank you God and accept it done now with full power according to your will. Amen.”

You can also express your gratitude to God throughout the day and send him thanks for the answers to your prayers. Don’t be disappointed if your prayers aren’t answered immediately. God may be trying to lead you in another direction that will be more beneficial to you.

Prayer is two-way, so don’t forget to listen to God throughout the day for his replies. Be prepared for results, even if they aren’t the ones you are expecting. Many people have had their prayers answered even years later when they forgot all about them.

10. Be specific. 

The more specific you are in your prayers, the better God is able to answer you. As long as you are living your life in harmony and devoting your energy to helping others, God will help you with the smallest details of your life.

For example, if you need a new car, include all the details – cost, make, model, year, registration, colour, condition and mileage. If you need a spiritual gift, such as compassion, explain the nature of the problem, such as judgment or criticism, when and where it appears, with whom and how. Ask God to help you overcome it, and be willing to follow his guidance from your heart.

It can help to make a list of all the things you need help with to be more specific. Ask yourself what you want out of your prayers. You can recite the list each day in prayer, ticking things off as they are answered, and adding new things as they arise.

11. Accept God’s gifts. 

God wants to give us a lot – often all that we want and more. When we can surrender our desires to God and allow him to give us what he wants, we open ourselves up to an infinite source of abundance.

There may be times when you feel unworthy of God’s love and gifts. If you don’t feel worthy to accept God’s gifts, it helps to “act as if”. Act as if you are worthy, and a sense of worthiness will follow. You can also use affirmations to increase your sense of worthiness, for example, “I AM worthy to be loved because I AM a child of God.” Visualize yourself radiating love and light as God’s child while you repeat this affirmation.

You are a loving and precious child of God and deserve all that he has to offer.

For more information please email the author.


Christmas Mind Control Matrix Unravels! Can You Handle These Truths? Jesus Exposes Santa Claus!!

Christmas Mind Control Matrix Unravels! Can You Handle These Truths? Jesus Exposes Santa Claus!!

“Santa Claus represents in his image figure, gluttony and his perceived “jolliness” and “benevolence” is really the ANTI-GOD laughing AT YOU because you parents play his game of seducing your own children into MATERIALISM and away from true SPIRITUALITY.” -Sananda

Dear awakening world,

The whole santa thing is really about satan.  Can you handle the truth?  Do you just brush off things like satan like it’s ‘ho hum’ not a big deal, meanwhile can you not see the confusion of everybody all around you… especially true during holidays like Christmas… HOW CAN SO MANY PEOPLE CELEBRATE SOMETHING AND LET KNOW SO LITTLE ABOUT IT?

The mind control around Christmas is extremely thick.

Read what the Supreme Commander Sananda, has to say about Santa…. (for those unaware, Sananda is one of the three souls of the incarnation known as “Jesus”).  His real birthday was August 8 B.C.


APRIL 16, 1991


I AM Sananda. I come in service to Our Holy Father of Light, God/Aton and The Creation. Greetings, precious chela, Druthea. Let us begin.

Many of you may wonder what Santa Claus has to do with the Anti-Christ. Everything! The Adversary to God in its wish to place bondage and limitation upon God’s Human Creatures upon this plane knows that to garner the greatest degree of deception it must begin with the human in its childhood state.

You see, the adversary, in order to maintain deceptive “control” over you ones, must support its “illusion” of attachment to “physical” matter. The being that so-called Christians have called Santa Claus represents the “god” (of the adversary) to your little children. For example: According to the “myth” (defined as, “An imaginary or fictitious person, thing, event or story) Santa Claus can BE everywhere around this planet within a short 8-hour-or-so period. He will bring “gifts” to all the “good” children around the planet. These “gifts” are physical toys and objects of desire of the young and “good” child. If the child is really “good”, he/she receives many gifts of which he/she has asked for. This begins the human’s attachment to having “things” of material plane versus desiring the “spiritual” gifts of Our Creator, God/Aton.

Now the parents, of course, support this Santa Claus “image”, only it is not necessarily based upon the “goodness” of the child, but more directly based upon the pocket-book abilities of the parent. Since there is NO such being called Santa Claus as described in the “myth”, it is THE PARENTS who perpetuate the lie of the adversary, by themselves continuously allowing, encouraging and fulfilling the “I want…” list of their children. Essentially, regardless of the “good” intentions of the parents, they themselves are planting the seed of, encouraging and sustaining “materialism” within their child. Those children whose parents cannot “afford” many gifts for their children most often feel “guilty”. The child senses this and unless the parent explains HONESTLY where the gifts come from, so that the child understands that it is not based upon his “goodness” or “badness” but that any “gifts” given are based upon the LOVE sharing of his parents (or whoever gives), he will begin “comparing” himself by that which he has not received, against what his “perceived” more abundant friends and peers receive. The child will most often begin to harbor feelings of unworthiness and eventually he may become quite ANGRY with his parents for allowing and supporting a LIE.

Am I saying it is “wrong” to give gifts of material matter? Not at all. Parents, you must FIRST simply nurture and encourage the spiritual “gifts” of Our Creator, God/Aton; especially the spiritual creative potential within, personal responsibility, integrity of spirit within, Love and Joy of life and ONENESS with all. If Christmas represents a “time” when family and friends can be close in communion and sharing of LOVE, and a “time” of thankful appreciation for the gifts of LIFE of God and a “time” of remembering and giving back dignity to those who are less fortunate in physical manifestation, then God blesses you. Only, God, Our Father, and We of the HIS HOSTS OF LIGHT would encourage you to not save this “time” of sharing for ONLY societal designated “times” such as Christmas. EVERY DAY IS HOLY AND BLESSED OF GOD! MAKE EVERY MOMENT A DIVINE, HOLY CHRISTED CELEBRATION WITHIN!

I AM suggesting, though, that the “image” of “roly poly”, Santa Claus who is “everywhere” (“like” God) is really the ANTI-GOD’s attempt at a very POOR copy of GOD. Santa Claus represents in his image figure, gluttony and his perceived “jolliness” and “benevolence” is really the ANTI-GOD laughing AT YOU because you parents play his game of seducing your own children into MATERIALISM and away from true SPIRITUALITY. The “myth” says, “Santa Claus” goes “everywhere” where the “good” children are. Do you think perhaps those starving ones, such as in Ethiopia and HERE within your own United States, are loved LESS by God/Aton? Well, Satan Claus only gives “gifts” to children who are “good” according to material desire AND ABILITY OF PARENTS TO PAY! Ponder this carefully.

Parents, many of you have given “EVERYTHING” you could of material “desires” to your children, and when they are grown and still depend upon you in their adult years and then even resent you, you are baffled. Don’t you see? When you give your child TRUTH and LOVE and GUIDANCE of SPIRITUAL INTEGRITY and ONENESS, THEY WILL HAVE GAINED ACCESS TO THE TOOLS WITHIN THEM TO BE RESPONSIBLE CREATIVE HUMANS OF THIS PLANE. YOU MUST GIVE THEM TRUE “GIFTS” OF SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE AND POWER WITHIN THEM that they may move forward IN JOY AND INNER PEACE and FEAR NOT the challenges put before them, but instead WELCOME THEM as OPPORTUNITIES TO GAIN KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING OF TRUTH OF THEIR HOLY, DIVINE SPIRITUAL HERITAGE WITHIN!

So what am I suggesting? Very plainly, that the “myth” of Santa Claus be presented HONESTLY to your children from the beginning. You need not continue to FEED THE LIE OF ANTI-GOD and thus, cripple your children by feeding them limitation and bondage to “material” objects. They must learn and KNOW that THEY create ALL within this experience, including any perceived “lack”. You must teach your children RESPONSIBILITY for their thoughts, words and actions and DISCIPLINE of their “minds” by ALWAYS monitoring their own thoughts. For those of you parents who have already taught your children the “myth” of “Santa Claus”, NOW is the time to “pop” the phony, gluttonous belly of Santa Claus to release the “hot air” existing within this deceptive “satanic myth”. You see, “Satan” Claus is NOT an image of TRUE Christians. TRUE Christians are those who understand and adhere to CHRIST consciousness teachings of THE LAWS OF GOD AND THE CREATION, NOT so-called ones who label themselves “Christian” based on their “belief” in what they are told are the “teachings” of Christ as presented erroneously within your various Bibles.

SEE Santa Claus for that which this image truly represents: a ridiculous, gluttonous image to perpetuate COMMERCIALISM of’ material “goods” and “services”. Face it, precious ones, MANY businesses DEPEND upon your CHRISTMAS season for a major portion of their business. Just as the ANTI-GOD DEPENDS upon your IGNORANCE of Truth to perpetuate its EVIL FOLLY upon you. YOU feed the BEAST by your choice to remain spiritually ignorant.

Many of you now may be concerned about YOUR BUSINESS, especially if yours is one which rides the MASS consciousness tide of Christmas giving. IF that be your FIRST concern and NOT about the integrity and necessity of YOUR product, then YOU need to PONDER YOUR priorities of concern more carefully. If your business is truly one which serves your human brethren by truly SERVING GOD, then you need not concern over its success…GOD’S WILL WILL BE DONE! But if your business rides upon MEDIA molded and created desires, addictions and “social” traditions…it may be time to carefully consider YOUR PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY to GOD, SELF and YOUR BRETHREN, and therefore, CHANGE your business! IMPOSSIBLE, YOU SAY?! NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WHEN YOU MAKE YOUR FIRM COMMITMENT TO SERVE IN BALANCE WHICH IS OF GOD/ATON AND THE CREATION. “Will it be easy to change”, you ask? THAT depends upon YOU! Meaning it depends upon the degree of resistance and dependence upon the “material” plane offered and accepted by your “altered” ego which, of course, is fed by the Anti-God which YOU have allowed within YOUR TEMPLE OF GOD. Whether it is easy or not does NOT matter. WHEN your commitment to GOD IS MADE AT SOUL LEVEL, YOUR SOUL WITHIN WILL BRING THE LESSONS TO STRENGTHEN YOUR SPIRITUAL CONNECTION AND COMMITMENT TO GOD. IT WILL BE ENTIRELY UP TO THE SELF-DEVELOPED INTEGRITY WITHIN as to whether or not YOU are successful in YOUR TESTING to allow YOU entrance within GOD’S HOLY KINGDOM OF LIGHT. So Be it.

I AM Sananda, ONE with GOD, in Service to God/Aton and The Creation. Thank you precious chelas for this communion. May you receive the clarity and understanding OF GOD, given herein. Bless you little sister, Druthea, for your service. Peace be with you. Salu.

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Christmas: A Cruel, Unjust Cult That We Should End Once & For All?

By Alexander Light,

It was a tough decision for me to write this article because I can already feel all of the negative backlash it’s going to receive, and it will give my friends and potentially now some of my readers another reason to say, “Alanna Ruins Everything.” But, it has to be said.

by Alanna

Upon stumbling across an article posted on the Guardian called “This Christmas It’s Time We Put An End To The Cult Of Christmas Once And For All,” I realized I needed to offer my own take on this holiday season. So please, bear with me — it’s not all bad.

We all recognize the material, unhealthy, or just plain silly aspects of Christmas. Insane amounts of money spent on gifts, endless indulgence in unhealthy foods, Santa Claus — while you may argue it’s just once a year, it’s fun for the kids, and it’s great to spend time with family — all valid points of view — not one of these things has anything to do with what Christmas is actually supposed to be about.

The real meaning of Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus, but even that is a bit irrelevant, as Jesus was believed to be born sometime around *****. So what is Christmas really all about? Despite what Hallmark would like you to believe, all Christmas really is, is a cruel, elitist institution that needs to end. Here’s why.

The reality of the celebration of Christmas is that it is reserved for the most privileged in our society, yet we don’t often acknowledge this.

We are collectively blind to the fact that the vast majority of humans on the planet are unable to celebrate Christmas in the way the media tells us we should. This creates feelings of failure, inadequacy, and a sense of loss.

Americans will spend around 465 BILLION dollars this year on gifts and all of the things that go along with Christmas. Let me give you a little bit of perspective here: the U.N. estimates that for just 30 billion dollars per year, we could end world hunger.

If Americans alone were to donate their money instead of splurging on gifts for their (often already spoiled) kids for one year, world hunger would cease to be an issue for 15 years. Now, let that sink in. We have the means to fix the problems in our world, but unfortunately, our capitalistic society does not favour these means.

Another problem within American and European countries is that much of the money being spent is not available in the first place. Because of the media, families feel tremendous pressure to create the perfect Christmas for their families. There is never more pressure to spend than at Christmas.

Gifts, decorations, food, events, travel — none of these are considered luxuries during Christmas, it’s just assumed they’ll be present. Hundreds of thousands of people fall into debt during this time of the year because society has cleverly and deliberately indoctrinated us into believing that we need to fit this version of Christmas.

I remember my mother struggling every year at Christmastime and even reaching out to a charity so that we could have more gifts like all of our friends.

I also remember going to school and hearing about all of the much more expensive presents my friends had gotten and wondering if I had been bad, and that’s why Santa wasn’t able to give me what I wanted. Now just think of the millions of children in Africa, Asia, and South America who likely wonder why Santa doesn’t come to them at all?

But, It’s a Time to Get Together With Family

Okay, but why the pressure? Almost parallel with the rampant consumerism is the forced narrative that you need to spend time with your family. This puts tremendous pressure on people who don’t have much family, are unable to visit the family they do have, or simply do not have a relationship with their family.

Many don’t have the financial means to travel to visit family. Is there a depiction of Christmas out there that doesn’t involve a happy nuclear family sitting around a dinner table? Think about every single Christmas movie you have ever seen, just for a second.

Many people are estranged from their family, or have suffered trauma at the hands of family members. Just imagine what the pressure to “be with family” at Christmas does to their mental health.

What about people who are homeless or are far from home? People face tremendous guilt and pressure to be social this time of year, whether that’s something they want or not. In this sense it’s very fake. Shouldn’t we be with our family when it aligns and feels right and authentic? Why do we need a holiday to tell us when to do something we already desire?

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Unfortunately this cruel paradigm that our society has created only benefits the wealthiest people and puts even more pressure on conformity. We have evolved and advanced in many ways, but capitalistic Christmas is still thriving. Isn’t it time we gave up the charade?

What if we took even a portion of what we spend on Christmas annually and donated it to a legitimate charity? What if we spent time with our family members when we felt truly inspired and excited to see them? The idea that Christmas is about kindness is also fraudulent because, again, it only serves to beat down the less advantaged and cater to the wealthy.

If we really want to embody the “spirit of Christmas,” we should begin by treating December 25th like any other day. A day where those who have family to spend it with can do so, and no one is forced to do anything, like buying gifts, just because it is expected and encouraged.

It’s time to take a look at our actions and be inclusive and honest about the very real injustices and wealth gap in our society. It’s time to BE THE CHANGE, even if that means saying “Bah Humbug.”



The Truth About The Birth Of Immanuel (“Jesus”, Jmmanuel, Emmanuel, Sanada, Esu)

1/9/94 #1   HATONN



I realize that you latched on to the information given yesterday [pgs. 55-57] about your origins like a Sparrow on a June Bug but we are not ready to write that whole story either.  I wanted to lay the foundation for you to begin to think most deeply about HOW THINGS ARE CHANGED IN ALMOST EVERY INSTANCE TO NOT QUITE EVER BE TRUTH.  The biggest problems will, of necessity, be the changes to your Biblical facts vs. presentations.

The information researched up through the ages are some excellent resources as to your own ancestry, even my ancestry and how things REALLY came into being.  I can’t even begin to name the sources but one excellent book is by L.A. Waddell and is a reference book in itself regarding the Aryans-Sumarians, C. Leonard Woolley on the Sumarians and, I am told, any and all of the Zecharia Sitchin writings but I have no particular reference as to which deals with what subject.  I can promise you, however, that they WILL deal with the origins, cosmic connections and the Sumarian TEXTS.  This won’t be the history of all Earth humans but it will certainly clarify a lot of misperceptions and begin to sort the Christed beings from the Adversarial (to God) beings.  In every race, creed and civilization–THERE WILL BE BOTH!  You have to have both in the human early dimensional expressions so that CHOICES have meaning.


Since this has already been offered but denied by MOST, “I” shall present these writings and my scribe will have far less pain and misery from the “bashers”.

My FIRST suggestion, however, is that you get a copy of AND THEY CALLED HIS NAME IMMANUEL (JMMANUEL), I AM SANANDA, A Phoenix Journal, now going into its fourth printing.  [Editor’s note: You can get it through PHOENIX SOURCE DISTRIBUTORS, Inc., P.O. Box 27353, Las Vegas, Nevada 89126. For information, see Back Page of CONTACT or call 1-800-800-5565.]  So, why do I bother to make Dharma rewrite bits and pieces?  Because “I” wish to comment along the way and SHE needs the instructions as well since she has been accused of being insane, a plagiarist, an idiot, a heretic, liar, cheat and any other good insult you can conjure.

To give you enough background, fairly new to new readers, “Sananda” is simply an early Egyptian term for “One WITH God”.

“Immanuel” is simply the NAME given to that one, at birth, that you called Christed and now is referred to erroneously, but identifiably, as “Jesus”.  The actual spelling will often be Emmanuel but is correctly spelled as Jmmanuel.  The pronunciation is a soft Spanish (as in Juan) sound of a “silent” “J” or “Humnnnn” as Hummannuel or Yammanuel.

I have to give you this background because, as you move into the Christmas celebrations, the mind turns OFF and the confusion turns ON.  Jmmanuel is simply HIS name from his ORIGINAL HOME PRIOR TO EARTH PRESENTATION.  HIS name was never “Jesus” although if the INTENT is the Godly intent, it makes no matter.  If being used as a salvation EXCUSE for lack of responsibility or misinformation–it means a GREAT DEAL–to your ultimate destination.

It was KNOWN by ones who decided to call Jmmanuel by the label “Jesus” that when Jmmanuel would return he would have moved beyond the “Christed” state of perfection and WITHIN the “God” head wherein his Earth reference would be SANANDA.  It simply helps to have an idea of WHOM you await.

You SHOULD know by now, if you are a Christian who pays attention to HOW the Bible was assembled, that it was some 300 YEARS AFTER the passage of Jmmanuel (Jesus) that ANY NEW TESTAMENT was assembled.  GERMAN scholars selected Gospels from the some 22 gospels known and available–of the Christ.  The four selected were the most alike but bore the most errors in presentation.  There was a most important reason for this reworking and rewriting of HISTORY.  There HAD to be evidence which could be changed to fit the needs of the day in point in the writing of the Bibles.  In the instance of the OLD TESTAMENT, this gave ample opportunity to retranslate, adjust and thus and so.  Then, as King James had it REDONE to suit his own needs, it got even more corrupted and distorted–through intentional changes AND by simple error.

What IS IMPORTANT is that there WERE and ARE errors as relate to the Master Teacher who was also called “Esu”, pronounced greatly like “Jesus” (Isus), (Ysus), etc.

More important than anything else in point is the absolute and intentional misinformation presented by the Pharisees of the day as the “things” were taking place in Jerusalem.

The FIRST THING YOU MUST GET STRAIGHT is that you are talking about people HERE that in the Bible are misidentified.  JUDAS Iscarioth IS NOT WHO BETRAYED ESU JMMANUEL (Jesus, if you prefer, by any name).  TO MEET THE NEED OF THIS DAY THIS ENTITY CALLS HIMSELF ESU JMMANUEL “JESUS” SANANDA.  This BEING gave the word unto this scribe in August, 1989.  It had, however, already been given in part to ones in Switzerland from ancient scrolls recovered from a tomb.  I personally have no need nor intent to be more specific as you can obtain the earlier works.

The actual betrayal of the one you call Jesus was perpetrated by a male from the house of IHARIOTH whose given name was JUDA.

The name of the Gospel writer in point IS JUDAS ISCARIOTH.

Can you remember the names of every politician who got elected yesterday?  How about proper spelling–especially IF someone wishes to deceive you?  Ah, and after some millennia pass–is it unlikely that perhaps a bit of an error could possibly be made in spelling or identification?  Judas Iscarioth was the closest and most beloved friend of the Teacher, Jesus, Emmanuel, (Esu Jmmanuel).  Is this REALLY so unacceptable?  How many times has YOUR name been misspelled or you misidentified?  How about by the Associated Press?

OK, now, we are going to set records to STRAIGHT and it is not going to sit well with you who will not have open minds enough to see and hear.  However, is your life and destiny not important enough to get a bit of insight as to possibilities?  I am not here to “sell” you anything, “force” anything, or nag, pick or push and shove.  My task is to simply offer TRUTH and you do with it that which you will.  It will, however, behoove you to consider and research these offerings ALONG WITH THE OTHER HISTORICAL DOCUMENTATION BEING OFFERED–FOR YOU ARE A LONG, LONG WAY, AT PRESENT, FROM TRUTH AND PASSAGE.  If you call peas “beans” long enough and often enough–you will never recognize “peas” if you see them.

I am not going through all the Begats and Begots.  You have so misplaced the true participants that it will mean nothing in the first place and you can get that from the original writings in the above-named journal.

How is it that “I” or my compatriots have information enough to offer this?  Because WE HAVE THE SCROLLS!  The originals reside in Pleiades where they were taken for safe storage.  Men were killed and much pain brought to ones who brought forth the scrolls and tried to share.  Just as with the Dead Sea Scrolls which, by the way, are NOT worthy of much–already having been tampered and “adjusted” to meet the needs of the Zionists of today.  The true history will bring down the imposters so truth is kept hidden from you–in every instance possible.

The next question becomes the safety of my secretary!  Well, she has already gone through the gauntlet, the gunshots, the microdot pulses and the microchip swords.  The information is already OUT THERE if you but get it and now at least two other PUBLISHERS and writers have brought forth the SAME GOSPEL from the original scrolls–without ANY connection whatsoever among the writers.  One such volume is called THE TALMUD OF JMMANUEL.  (Talmud means ‘Holy Book’) This is an Aramaic-to-German translation edition, by Isa Rashid and encoded by Eduard A. Meier.  English translators are J. HY. Ziegler and B. L. Greene.  Their edition was put to press in 1992 FROM DIFFERENT RESOURCES (this is important).  The volume can be obtained from Wild Flower Press.  Inquiries should be directed to Wild Flower Press, P.O. Box 230893, Tigard, Oregon, U.S.A. 97224.  Our volume is NOT copyrighted so you may utilize it in any way you wish.  It was published in the autumn of 1989.


Since I plan to dispense with the Begets and Begots, I want to move right on to the point of Mary’s pregnancy.  I want to do this so that you have better information before the celebration of Christmas.  I do not wish to spoil in any way the SACRED (Holy) celebration–for you MUST, even if it be an erroneous “date”, offer memorial to special events that they may live.  I just think it important to stop the foolish and “incredible” stories which make the event appear stupid and, at the least, foolish.

I will simply quote from “The Pregnancy of Mary”, page 13 of the 3rd printing of AND THEY CALLED HIS NAME IMMANUEL.



Joseph became the spouse of Mary, the mother of Jmmanuel, who became pregnant by one who was a distant descendant of the Son of Heaven, Rasial, who was the guardian angel of the secret.  [H: Please realize this is being dictated from the scrolls so if language seems archaic and lacking in good grammar, realize these texts were from Aramaic script and translation is as good as can be scribed two millennia after the fact.]

When Joseph was in betrothal to Mary to be publicly married, he was informed of the secret insemination of Mary through a descendant of the Sons of Heaven, from the lineage of Rasiel, and he was filled with wrath.  He denied her and yet, having been close unto her, and most respectful of her purity from matings, was given to confusion and bewilderment.  He made arrangements to take leave of her and denounced any responsibility unto her and, further, refused to marry her in public before the peoples of the community–which was the way marriage was ordained and sanctioned in those days.  [H: Now, readers, I would say that would be pretty typical of human nature today as well as 2000 years ago–much less prior to a “sex revolution”.]

While Joseph was thus thinking in this manner, behold, a guardian angel of the Sons of Heaven, GABRIEL, who had brought the seed unto Mary, appeared before him and said, “Joseph, Mary is betrothed to you and you are her spouse, do not leave of her, for the fruit of her womb is chosen for a great and wondrous PURPOSE.  Marry her before the people, so that you may be man and wife before the people.  If ye choose to renounce her and deny thy responsibility, thy name shall be stricken from the Book of Life and you shall be as never having been.”

The impregnation of Mary occurred some eleven thousand Earth years after the creation of Adam through the Son of Heaven, Semjasa, to fulfill the word of God, the ruler of those who traveled from afar, had said through the prophet Jesaja who spoke as follows:

“Behold, an innocent child will be impregnated by a Son of Heaven before she is married to a man before the people.”


“They shall name the fruit of her womb, Jmmanuel (Jmmanuel / Immanuel / Emmanuel), which interpreted means: “THE GOD WITH US” as a symbol and to give honor unto God through whose strength and providential care the Earth was made to bear intelligent human life, through the women of the Earth pairing with the Sons of Heaven, those who traveled from afar and bearing great wisdom and perfection from the universe.  [H: No, the “pairing” is NOT the same as human intercourse.  Neither is it as the depiction of the Science Fiction UFO abductions indicate!]

“Behold, God and His followers from afar came from the depth of the universe saving themselves from a strong bondage, creating a new race and home with the early women of this Earth for they were in form much like the beauteous creation of Earth and transported great truth and knowledge bonded with unsurpassed wisdom.  However, upon birthing into the density of the Earth plane, the shroud of forgetfulness would be destined to fall upon the human form.”


“Honor, by the man of Earth, is due unto God, for behold, He is the true originator of the lighted generations of people on Earth and to Him honor should be given.  [H: In the original translations there is used the descriptive word “white” instead of “light”.  This is an unfortunate error for GOD RECOGNIZED NOT “COLOR”–HOWEVER, THERE IS NO OTHER “DESCRIPTION” FOR “LIGHT” THAN “WHITE” MEANING WITHOUT COLOR.  This error tends to be a primary factor in turning people OFF for it would, by using the term “white”, indicate a color preference.  It is a fact that these particular persons in focus happened to be without “color” as racially described.  It is wrong in that it tends to lump the Aryan people (white by lack of color) into a category which was NOT ever intended in the first cause.  There are many facts which need be defined and described as to “races” but this first misinterpretation is the worst for causing trouble and bigotry.]

“There is nothing in equal form besides Him, for this human race created by Him, therefore, man shall have no other Gods besides HIM who created other human races in other parts of Earth.

“Besides God, there is nothing in equal form worthy of adoration  [H: Note the absence of the word WORSHIP.]  Only the omnipotence of Creation reigns over Him and His celestial sons” The Creation itself which is to be adored.

“Behold thus:  God reigns over the Earth, the Lord of the Celestial Sons and men of this LIGHTED race.  This particular grouping would be pale of countenance, bearing the predominant characteristics of the universal beings who came unto these particular peoples.  [H: The people of some places in the Pleiades, for instance, are very, very pale of complexion.  For better example of flexibility, the NATIVE PEOPLE you call erroneously “Indians”, for instance, ALSO CAME FROM PLEIADES.  It is simply that if you consider differences between possible races, say, of Venus and Mars–they would probably vary greatly from you of Earth in skin tone, features, etc.  Don’t go making a big deal of it.  The HUMAN form is pretty much the same everywhere you find typical HU-Man beings  (HIGHER UNIVERSAL MAN).]

“God is the giver of the law of this human race and, therefore, His wishes shall be obeyed by all men and women.  God the Lord is generous in His love, but also, terrible in His anger when His laws are disobeyed.  [H: Note that this is similar in the lessons given by others.  God is unconditional and universal LOVE but He metes out discipline and yes, indeed, He DOES occasionally become quite irritated with deliberate violation of KNOWN laws in action.]

“Thus, Mary’s pregnancy is the law of God, so you, Joseph, are to be her spouse in matrimony for it is so ordained.”  And thus did the Angel Gabriel speak unto Joseph.  [H: You have to REMEMBER, the text and the laws had not been changed and Joseph KNEW exactly what was being said to him and by whom!]


Joseph was very God-fearing (respecting), so that when he heard this presented to him from the “brilliance” of the angel Gabriel, he remembered the laws of God.  He brought Mary unto him and married her before the people in the acceptable manner of marriage.

It came to be at that time, Emperor Augustus decreed that a census should be taken of all the world.  This was the first census of this kind and occurred at the time that Cyrineus was Governor of Syria.  It was decreed that each and everyone would go to his particular town in order to be counted.

Joseph was of Galilee of the city of Nazareth, therefore, he went together with his wife, Mary, into the “Jewish”  [H: This is a “translation” into a recognized term–“Jew” and “Jewish” were not used nor created until your approximate 18th century A.D.  We will, however, utilize the term “Jew” because of the translation already done.]  land, to the city of David, which is called Bethlehem, because he was of the house and lineage of David, in order to be counted with his wife Mary, who was pregnant and very near her time of delivery.  [H: He was, after birth, also considered to be, for identification, of the “house of Joseph”.  This will not be hard to recognize in identification any more than considering how the oriental people identify by name.  Remember, please, that we must write for all of you, not just the individuals who pretend to ey more special than another.]  The journey was most difficult, for Mary was in her late days of pregnancy and the riding on the beast of burden was most painful and tiring.  Therefore, most of the journey was afoot on the dusty, footworn pathway.  Mary had begun her birthing contractions by the time they reached the village.

There was little time to seek shelter and efforts at finding quarters were fruitless.  They were finally granted permission to rest in a stable where the silage and straw was stored and the animals tended, for Mary could go no farther.  Therefore, Mary bore her first wondrous babe on a mat of straw, wrapped him in a receiving cloth she had brought forth before their return journey, and put him into the cradle of a manger near the cattle, that he could be warmed by their bodies while she could rest and recover strength.  For she was most weary and the babe would need be suckled and nurtured with no place for preparation nor cleansing.  Joseph continued to seek housing within the places of travelers but all the inns were filled.

Ones of the mothers of the village brought care and nourishment unto the new mother and showed her how to tend the infant for Mary was young and had no knowledge.  The kind people brought what they could for comfort unto the parents and child and took them into their hearts and gave what they had of meager rations in sharing unto the gentle family.

[H:  I should insert here that you have to understand that the writer of this Gospel, lscarioth, is TELLING THE STORY he was told of these events as they were retold, as you would hear any story AFTER the fact.  So, readers, don’t go crazy in contradiction–this was what he was told of the events and it is relatively accurate–at least enough as to be worthy of the telling.]


[It was told] that as Jmmanuel was born in the stable at Bethlehem, in the land of the Jews, at the time of Herodes Antipas Tetrarch of Galilee and Perca, and while Mary lay in recovery from the birthing in the days that followed, behold, there came wise men from the Orient to Jerusalem and spoke:

“Where is the newborn king of wisdom, of the Jews?  We have seen in the heavens a strong light, and from the light there was a voice which called unto us–each in our separate place, saying:

“Follow the trail of the light, for the king of wisdom, of the Jews is born and will bring great wisdom unto you.’

[H:  Do you see how difficult it is to be ACCURATE?  THE TERM “JEW” IS SO INACCURATE AS TO MAKE THE ENTIRE SCENARIO INCORRECT.  AT BEST THE TERM SHOULD BE “JUDEAN” INDICATING “PEOPLE OF THAT AREA”–NOT “JEW”.  Oh well, this is how it gets started and becomes so twisted that there is no way to sort it–especially after 2000 years!; one misspoken word or mis-interpretation (mistranslation) changes EVERYTHING.  The “JEWS” simply “were not” at that time.  Jews became recognized when the KHAZARIANS (who were in no wise Judeans) took the title when they took the RELIGION of TALMUDIC origin which was written by MEN called the Elders of Zion, later calling themselves Jews.  Authors, in making distinction, will refer usually to these people as “so-called” and / or “self-styled” “Jews”.  I don’t have anything in YOUR languages to make such distinction as that which represented the truth of it HAS BEEN REMOVED FROM YOUR BOOKS, MOST ESPECIALLY YOUR HOLY (WHICH ARE NOT) BIBLES.  Your worse plight as “followers” is that the authorities of the churches (religions) FORBID you to KNOW anything about the truth of it.  You are told to believe upon every word AS WRITTEN.  How can you even begin to do THAT?  THERE ARE SO MANY VERSIONS OF YOUR ACCEPTED BIBLICAL CONTENT AS TO UTTERLY PREVENT SUCH TRUTH. YOU ARE DELIBERATELY KEPT IN IGNORANCE AND FORBIDDEN TO READ THAT WHICH IS “DIFFERENT” FROM THE ORTHODOX GUIDELINES.  PONDER IT, PLEASE.

“Therefore, we have come a great distance, traveling day and night, that we might adore this new child of wisdom which comes as a promise of hope unto us.  For we have come as we were instructed from the Heavens and God provided us with a great orb of light with a great tail of light that came upon the Earth in front of our path that we could find our way.  Therefore, we know this is the child who has been promised unto us for the Celestial Sons of Heaven have told us thus.  This is surely a Son of the Celestial Sons of God for none other could it be.

“He shall have the wisdom of God and shall be a Son of the Celestial Son, Gabriel.  His wisdom shall be boundless and his power will rule the SPIRIT of men so that they may learn AND serve THE CREATION.”

When Herod Antipas heard this, he was frightened, and with him all of Jerusalem, for they were afraid the newborn child might hold and then exercise cruel power.  Therefore, Herod Antipas called together all the high priests and scribes among the people and demanded to know of them where this Jmmanuel was to be born.

They responded to him, saying: “In Bethlehem, in the Jewish land; for thus it is written by the prophet Micah, ‘And you in the Jewish land, Bethlehem, are by no means the least amongst the towns in Judea, for out of you shall come the King of Wisdom who shall bring great knowledge to the people of Israel, so that they may learn about and serve The Creation.”

Thereupon, Herod Antipas called the wise men secretly, and diligently inquired of them, when the strong light with the long tail had appeared in the sky.  Then he sent them out to Bethlehem saying, “Go and search diligently for the young child, and when you find him, let me be informed that I can come and also revere him.”

When they had heard Herod Antipas, they set out.  And behold, the light with the tail of light, which they had also seen in the Orient, went ahead of them, and there was singing until the light came and stood directly above the stable in which the young child was birthed in Bethlehem.  And when they saw this they were extremely filled with joy.

They went into the stable and found the child with his mother, Mary, and Joseph the father.  They fell down and worshipped him and also delivered treasures which they had brought with them, of incense, myrrh, and gold.

At this time there again sounded the voice from the light above saying that they should not return to Herod Antipas because he planned evil for the child.  So they returned to their country by another route.


When the wise men had departed, behold the Celestial Son, Gabriel, appeared to Joseph, saying: “Rise and take the young child and his mother, Mary, with you and flee to Egypt, and stay there until I shall tell you, for Herod Antipas is planning to seek out the young child to kill him.  He fears that the young child might wield terrible power and sorcery.  While you are in Egypt, I will send my messenger to Herod Antipas to inform him of the truth.”

Joseph rose and took the young child and his mother, at night, and they escaped under the guidance of the Celestial Son, Gabriel, towards the descending light which fled along with them into Egypt.

They found safety and shelter and remained there until Herod Antipas had been given information which changed his heart and his fear was abated.  As it came to pass Herod Antipas saw that he had nothing to fear from the young boy, and that he was only “said” to be endowed with great wisdom and knowledge.  He ceased to feel threatened in his realm, and he said to the messenger of the Celestial Son, Gabriel, that Mary, Joseph and Jmmanuel would no longer be pursued nor would they be in further danger.

At this change of events, Gabriel came again to Joseph, saying, “Arise and take the young child and his mother, Mary, and move to the land of Israel; all those who wanted to harm the child will now leave the babe unharmed.”

Joseph rose and took the child and his wife, Mary, and returned to the light that had again appeared and which then led them into Israel.  [H: This, again, is a mistranslation but will have to stand for now so that YOU know the general AREA under discussion.  If you obtain and read the journals as presented, all of this will be fully explained as refers to Khazarians, territories, Jews, Goyim (Gentiles), etc.]  The Celestial Son, Gabriel, brought them back into Galilee, where they lived in the city named Nazareth, so that what had been said by the prophet would be fulfilled, “THE NAZARENE SHALL BE CALLED JMMANUEL (EMMANUEL)”.


It is imperative to know what these writings are which were given as DICTATION to this scribe.  It is difficult to match directly the translations of other transcribers or translators for they were working from “copy” of which Dharma had none from which to draw research, study or input.  The “authors” were the energies themselves who were directly involved.  I do not intend to further define the meanings of my words for you need to have the documents in point to understand fully.

I want to put some quarrels to peace, however, as ones will come forth and say, “His birthday could not be thus and so!”  Ones will say he was born in mid-winter as celebrated; others will say it “had to be in the Spring”.  No, it was in the time you now refer to as August (late Summer) between the planting and the harvest.  This was to make the census feasible, for the people predominately were farmers, herders and orchard growers.  Two THOUSAND years is a long time to recall EXACTLY the tales (myths) so remember, readers, THE DETAILS ARE NOT WHAT ARE IMPORTANT–IT IS THE CONCEPT AND THE TRUTH AND, UNTIL YOU CAN KNOW THE DIFFERENCE, YOU SHALL BE DESTINED TO REMAIN PEOPLE OF THE LIE.

We shall work our way through this ongoing story, please, so that we can later take the details and better understand the REASONABLE FACTS.

Thank you, I bid you good evening.

Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, November 15, 1994, Volume 7, Number 3, Pages 58-60.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.


The Lionsgate Portal Is Here To Drown Away All The Toxic Negativity

By Daisy Magnum,

It’s a phenomenon that many of us are unfamiliar with, however, it can have a deep and profound impact on our lives. On August 8th the Lionsgate Portal located between the Sun and the Sirius star opened, bringing a powerful and life-changing energy upon us.

The light and energy that emanates from the Lionsgate Portal are that of positivity, growth, and self-realization. It will open our eyes to the lives that we are currently living while simultaneously helping us to see that there is a better life available to us if only we are willing to grow, change and evolve into a better version of ourselves.

While this may sound incredibly simple, it’s far more complex than many realize. This isn’t just calling on you to readjust your day to day activities or reconsider the way that you tipped your waitress after dinner last night. The kind of growth and reflection that the portal will call for is deep and profound. This shift in energy will focus primarily on your spiritual self and the way that drives your daily routine. Your efforts will focus on spiritual fulfillment and enlightenment, bringing you to the next level of consciousness.

This is the shift that we will all feel during this time. Suddenly our priorities will shift, leading us to alter the way that we view the world around us. As the energy from the Lionsgate Portal showers down upon us, we will feel it on a number of levels including changes to our conscious and unconscious thinking, and even down to the very makeup of our DNA. This is a sensation that we will resonate from deep within us, changing every aspect of who we are from the ground up.

The energy from the Lionsgate Portal will open our eyes, our minds and our hearts to the struggle of those around us, especially those who need our care and attention the most. It encourages empathy, a trait that is often overlooked and undervalued in today’s money driven, materialistic society. We have sacrificed care, kindness, and compassion in our search for fame and fortune, a shift that has an incredibly negative impact on our world as a whole. This highly spiritual energy will help us to step back, refocus and return to the basic. We will once again find ourselves drawn to focusing on our families, friends, and the impact that we are leaving on the world around us.

The most important thing that you can do is to enter into this time with an open mind. The energy of the Lionsgate Portal will bring great change, but it is all focused on bettering our world. Are you part of the change and movement forward, or are you going to be left behind?




Whatever Happened to the Twelve Apostles?

1. Matthew. Suffered martyrdom in Ethiopia, Killed by a sword wound.

2. Mark. Died in Alexandria, Egypt , after being dragged by Horses through the streets until he was dead.

3. Luke. Was hanged in Greece as a result of his tremendous Preaching to the lost.

4. John. Faced martyrdom when he was boiled in huge Basin of boiling oil during a wave of persecution In Rome. However, he was miraculously delivered From death.
John was then sentenced to the mines on the prison Island of Patmos. He wrote his prophetic Book of Revelation on Patmos . The apostle John was later freed and returned to serve As Bishop of Edessa in modern Turkey . He died as an old man, the only apostle to die peacefully

5. Peter. He was crucified upside down on an x shaped cross. According to church tradition it was because he told his tormentors that he felt unworthy to die In the same way that Jesus Christ had died.

6. James. The leader of the church in Jerusalem , was thrown over a hundred feet down from the southeast pinnacle of the Temple when he refused to deny his faith in Christ. When they discovered that he survived the fall, his enemies beat James to death with a fuller’s club.

This was the same pinnacle where Satan had taken Jesus during the Temptation.

7. James the Son of Zebedee was a fisherman by trade when Jesus Called him to a lifetime of ministry.

As a strong leader of the church, James was beheaded at Jerusalem. The Roman officer who guarded James watched amazed as James defended his faith at his trial.

Later, the officer Walked beside James to the place of execution. Overcome by conviction, he declared his new faith to the judge and Knelt beside James to accept beheading as a Christian.

8. Bartholomew. Also known as Nathaniel. He Was a missionary to Asia. He witnessed for our Lord in present day Turkey. Bartholomew was martyred for his preaching in Armenia where he was flayed to death by a whip.

9. Andrew. He Was crucified on an x-shaped cross in Patras, Greece. After being whipped severely by seven soldiers they tied his body to the cross with cords to prolong his agony.

His followers reported that, when he was led toward the cross, Andrew saluted it in these words, “I have long desired and expected this happy hour. The cross has been consecrated by the body of Christ hanging on it”. He continued to preach to his tormentors For two days until he expired.

10. Thomas. He Was stabbed with a spear in India during one of his missionary trips to establish the church in the Subcontinent.

11. Jude. He Was killed with arrows when he refused to deny his faith in Christ.

12. Matthias. The apostle chosen to replace the traitor Judas Iscariot. He was stoned and then beheaded.

13. Paul. He Was tortured and then beheaded by the evil Emperor Nero at Rome in A.D. 67. Paul endured a lengthy imprisonment, which allowed him to write his many epistles to the churches he had formed throughout the Roman Empire. These letters, which taught many of the foundational Doctrines of Christianity, form a large portion of the New Testament.

Perhaps this is a reminder to us that our sufferings here are indeed minor to compare to the intense persecution and cold cruelty faced by Christ, the apostles and disciples during their times For the sake of the Faith. Just because of their active pursue of the “Christ” consciousness.

“And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: But he that endureth to the end shall be saved.”

As man comes again into the understanding of God and Creation he will automatically begin to turn again into Truth and Love; He will do this by recognizing the errors and lies thrust upon him so that he can understand that portion of his actions and beliefs that have led him astray in the first place.

Pass on to encourage others. Why Do we feel sleepy in Prayer, but stay awake through a 3 hour movie?

Why are we so bored when we look at the HOLY BOOKS. But find it easy to read other books?

Why is it so easy to ignore a massage about God, Yet we forward the nasty ones?

Why are Prayers getting smaller, but bars and clubs are expanding.

Why is it so easy to worship a celebrity, but very difficult to engage with God? A God that lives within you!

The kingdom of God is Within You, Find It!


Jesus Did It, Buddha Did It, Muhammad Did It – The Healing Tradition of Fasting

By ,

What do Jesus, Muhammad, and the Buddha all have in common? They each turned to a particular ancient wellness practice during the most transformative and trying periods of their lives.

If you were raised Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Rastafarian, or Mormon, you’re probably familiar with the concept of fasting. But is it just a coincidence that Jesus, Muhammad, and the Buddha, who lived thousands of miles (and hundreds of years) from each other, all turned to this specific protocol in their hour of need?

Today’s piece was a real treat because of the universality of this ancient technique. I love when a healing practice has concrete value from both a medical perspective and a spiritual one.

Let’s start with the sacred and then move onto the science.

When Mahatma Gandhi was asked why he fasted, he said he had been inspired by memorable quotations of noteworthy human beings who had fasted before him.

Here are a few of those:

  • A passage from Exodus regarding Moses states, “He was there with the LORD forty days and forty nights; he did neither eat bread, nor drink water. And he wrote upon the tables the words of the covenant, the ten commandments.”
  • One of Muhammad’s disciples, Abu Umamah, came to him for guidance exclaiming, “Order me to do a deed that will allow me to enter Paradise.”, and Muhammad answered, “Stick to fasting, as there is no equivalent to it.”
  • Perhaps one of the most notable fasters, Jesus Christ, who beat the devil in the desert while on a 40 day fast, advised “When you fast, do not put on a sad face as the hypocrites do. They neglect their appearance so that everyone will see that they are fasting. I assure you, they have already been paid in full. When you go without food, wash your face and comb your hair, so that others cannot know that you are fasting – only your Father, who is unseen, will know. And your Father, who sees what you do in private, will reward you.”

When pondering the above spiritual leaders, a few commonalities jump out at me immediately. Heart, Creativity, Endurance, and Direction.

As one of my mentors tells me, model success. And I believe fasting is a part of that.

Fasting: “the physician within.”

Aside from its positive psychological and spiritual effects, fasting has been endorsed by just about every medicine tradition (including modern medicine) for the health benefits it provides.

Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine, believed fasting enabled the body to heal itself stating, “Everyone has a doctor in him; we just have to help him in his work. The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well. … To eat when you are sick, is to feed your sickness.”

Paracelsus, another founder of modern medicine, wrote 500 years ago that “fasting is the greatest remedy, the physician within.”

According to Benjamin Franklin, “The best of all medicines is resting and fasting.”

Real Health Benefits

Fasting reduces the amount of input your digestive system has to break down and reassemble. The stomach, pancreas, gall bladder, liver, and intestines get to rest — a Sabbath for your insides. And rest is restorative.

Here are some handy guides to the different types of fasts, what happens to your body when you fast, and what health benefits you may experience.

Every tradition interprets the term “fasting” to mean different things. The biblical fasts that Jesus and Moses performed were extreme, “water only” fasts while a more moderate Chinese interpretation of fasting means “eating a vegetarian diet”.

Like many of my nutrition savvy friends, Chinese medicine sees cleansing the body of toxins as a function of vegetable consumption. The classics say, “Grains are for energy, meats for strength, and vegetables for keeping the body clean.”

If you would like to try a fast for more than 24-48 hours, I would personally recommend starting with a fast like the one below.

Here’s a very common week-long fast in Buddhist practice:

For 7 Days, eat the bulk of your protein (whether vegetable based or other) in the morning and afternoon. For dinner, prepare a plant based meal using greens like kale, dandelion, spinach, collard greens; some cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage; and a starchy veggie like acorn squash or sweet potato.

Fun fact: Buddhists have been known to fast on water only for up to 72 days!

When I was a youngster, my father gave me a nugget of wisdom that has always stuck with me – “In many realms of life, less is more.”

Until next time,

Nick Polizzi



The Top Secret Plans to Build The Third Temple In Jerusalem And The Coming Of The Anti-Christ

We are certainly living in strange times, there is no doubt about that.  A forthcoming transition, the time of truth has arrived upon the Earth!

For thousands of years, even before religions were first created, prophets and seers predicted the end of days at “The End of The Cycle”.  Aside from a religious point of view the evolution of the human consciousness is basically the realization of the eternal dance between Dark & Light which will inevitably lead to the final battle between good & evil!  Such a battle can only be won by the choosing truth – and to return balance to all unbalanced circumstances.

The fulfilling of the ancient prophecies are all but to the final chapter, and this is what we are presenting here.  We only hope to help by pointing out the truth and then it is solely up to you to choose that which you will.  No one is going to come and snatch us into utopia- at one point we are going to meet our God face to face and do a little judging of our actions.  Let that sink in for a bit so that we may choose wisely!

According to many ancient Hebrew scrolls and biblical scriptures, in order for the spirit of the Anti-Christ to come down to earth in human form the Third Temple of Jerusalem must first be built.  Whether an individual understands prophecies or not, nothing will compare to this one particular prophecy—the building of the Third Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

The Third Temple According to Bible Scriptures:

Many of the events prophesied to occur in the end time will be recognizable.  These will include (1) the catastrophic Sixth Trumpet War, (2) a peace agreement in the Middle East, (3) the establishment of a world government and one-world religioun system, (4) the implementation of the global-numbering system commonly referred to as the Mark of the Beast and last (5) the building of the third temple on the holy grounds of the temple Mount in Jerusalem.

All of which we are now seeing literally coming to pass before our very own eyes! Except for number (5)

Let’s dive a little deeper to understand what is happening right now around the globe…

1)  The catastrophic Sixth Trumpet War: (Happened on 11/22/16 (for those numerology adepts) which marked the turning point of the Middle East war, involving Syria and the Islamic State/ISIL/DAESH.

Video of Heavenly Cloud Halo and Shofar Sounds Over Jerusalem Goes Viral [WATCH]

2) A peace agreement in the Middle East:

3)  The establishment of a world government and one-world religioun system:

4) The implementation of the global-numbering system commonly referred to as the Mark of the Beast:

Yes, Jared Kushner,  proud son-in law of President Donald Trump, married to Ivanka Trump, is at this very moment not only setting up the place for the Anti-Christ in Jerusalem at the Temple Mount through the “Middle East ‘Deal of The Century’ Peace plan,” but he is also actively involved in the 666 RFiD Chip- mark of the Beast.  (The name “Jared” means “Descending, coming down, Fallen”).

Fallen Angels who descended to Earth:

The “Deal of The Century” Peace agreement soon to be revealed by Jared Kushner but disguised as a Palestinian peace achievement, will be nothing but a total Zionist victory.  This is because Jared Kushner will include, as a compromise of the Palestinians, the road map for establishing the building of  “The Third Temple” on the Temple Mount.  The signing of such an agreement will effectively trigger the construction of the Third Temple which fulfills the last requirement for the coming of the Hebrew Messiah known by Christians as the Abomination of Desolation or better known as “The Anti-Christ”.

The Bible, which some refer to as the greatest history book ever written, records the building and destruction of both the First and Second Temples.  Historical accounts of the Babylonian invasion of Judea and the First Jewish Revolt against the Romans, provide even further proof of those two structures.

The accuracy of the Bible, both historically and prophetically, can be amazing.  Just as proof of the first two temples having existed can be made, similar certainty can be applied to the building of the prophesied Third Temple.

The Bible prophecies in many places, state that a Third Temple will be built in the future.  In Matthew 24:1-2, Jesus first tells His disciples that the Second Temple would be utterly destroyed.

From Matthew 24:3 and throughout the rest of the chapter, Jesus sat on the Mount of Olives overlooking the Second Temple, while He prophesied of events that would occur near the time of His Second Coming.

In Matthew 24:15, Jesus described an event known as the Abomination of Desolation.  The Abomination of Desolation is when the Antichrist stands in the temple claiming to be God.  Jesus told His disciples that the Abomination of Desolation would transpire in the “holy place”.

Matthew 24:15, “When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand)…”

The disciples knew Jesus was talking about an event that would take place in a future temple because (1) He had just told them that the current temple was going to be destroyed and (2) His prophecy of the Abomination of Desolation was foretold to occur at the end of the age, not during their era.

In II Thessalonians 2, Paul describes the Abomination of Desolation, but states that the Antichrist will actually sit in the “Temple of God”.

II Thessalonians 2:3-4, “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.”

Both Jesus and the Apostle Paul prophesied that the Abomination of Desolation would occur in a future Jewish Temple near the time of Jesus’ Second Coming.

In Revelation 11:1-2, John was given a snapshot of the status of the Temple Mount during the final three and one half years immediately preceding the Second Coming of Jesus and the Battle of Armageddon.

Revelation 11:1-2, “And there was given me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel stood, saying, Rise, and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein.  But the court which is without the temple leave out, and measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles (non-Jews): and the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months.”

John was told to measure the Jewish Temple, but not to measure the outer court of the temple because it would be under Gentile control.  This shows us the Temple Mount will be under an internationally supervised sharing arrangement during the final forty-two months immediately preceding the Second Coming.  This sharing arrangement will allow the Zionists to build their Third Temple without having to tear down the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aksa Mosque.

Artwork by Sunny Chandra

This information is more relevant than ever especially now that most people realize that The Zionist- Apartheid State of Israel is the NWO (New World Order), also known as “The Deep State” in America.  Because it is no longer a secret, due to the abundant evidence of this global zionist radical Jewish group being involved in one way or another in over 90% of all the ongoing global wars and conflicts, this group is now pretty much despised by most countries populations.  Independent Journalist Benjamin Fulford beautifully explains it in one of his “Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis” reports via a “Special letter to the editor from member of founding family of Federal Reserve Board.”


Here is the excerpt from Benjamin Fulford’s report:

“Little do most people know that Israel IS THE CENTRAL GLOBAL HEADQUARTERS OF THE NWO.  This is why our very own corrupt U.S. senators and members of Congress bow instantly to the commands of the Elders of Zion. This is also why all the Zionist puppet-country leaders around the globe bow to the state of Israel, because Israel is the puppet master and everyone must always sing by its dark tune.  What Washington and the Pentagon must realize is that the Zionist global cartel headquartered in Israel IS The New World Order Movement.  Until the U.S. military realizes that as an undeniable fact and makes it a priority to defeat and forcibly remove all the Zionist leaders, presidents, and prime ministers scattered around the globe who were strategically put into key positions of power in key countries, and put new untainted country patriots in their place, we are just endlessly going around wasting time and doing nothing in a vicious cycle which resembles something like trying to pet and contain in a door-less cage a violent and rabid beast that in reality needs to be put down.”

For extra-additional information on this important topic listen to the Steve Quayle & Tom Horn video below, it is worth every minute of it: The Top Secret Plans to Build The Third Temple.