“HO – LEE CRAP!!” Just saw this video, which syncs with the last post (Many work ‘in the shadows, in the silence’)

As the moments today unfolded, Guidance moved me here and there, and finally back to the house, where I strongly “got” to rest in the horizontal position. Well, one of the Telegram channels I follow is called JFKJrIsQ (@HSRetoucherQ) (and thanks to Santa Surfing, I believe). All of a sudden, as I’m ready to get up, I ran across this video, that was on that channel.

I was quite blown away with joy, and got the “sense” that this is what is going to be unveiled (shortly?) to the entire planet. For now, I felt this had to be some type of “Synchronous Guidance”, since the last post on the blog was titled, “Many work ‘in the shadows, in the silence’”.

Whoa!! I was quite amazed at the connections that were made from this Trump rally in Biloxi, Mississippi (video). And the thrill I felt within is something I’ve not felt before regarding “famous people coming back”.

Anyway, check it out for yourself! If this is what is in store for the planet, we’re in store for a treat! (and check out these Q “movie” posts)


(Note: there is a “Part 2” linked below the video, but it apparently was taken down.