Summary of a few recent (possibly very significant) posts by (re): Green Party Candidate Jill Stein, Dr. Michael Salla, James Gilliland,

Wow, these stood out to me from my recent readings. In particular, the Jill Stein / Green Party lawsuit was not something I would ever hear about, but could be very helpful in exposing the computer source code problems with “whatever company they are” (Dom In Onion?) (although actually from Jill’s Tweets, the company is ES&S).

The others are self-explanatory. The questions by James Gilliland are currently being asked by more and more people, I’m sure (I’ve already asked and answered all of them to my own satisfaction).

Attention Trump Campaign: Green Party Candidate Jill Stein Won Groundbreaking Case in October — Gives Campaign Right to Examine Voting Machine Source Code (Gateway Pundit, 11-27-20)

“On October 30, 2020 2016 Green Party Candidate Jill Stein FINALLY won her groundbreaking case that gave her campaign the right to examine voting machine source code in Wisconsin.

“It took Jill Stein four years to win this court case. After witnessing the historic level of fraud in this year’s election it makes us all question the numbers in past elections.

“In 2016 Libertarian voters kept Donald Trump from adding New Hampshire, Minnesota and Maine to his electoral haul. Were those actual Libertarian votes in 2016 or were they switched from Trump to Gary Johnson to prevent him from winning those states?”

Trump Fires Kissinger: Prison Planet has change in Management (Dr. Michael Salla, 11-29-20)

“On November 25, President Donald Trump sacked 11 members of the influential Defense Policy Board. One was Dr. Henry Kissinger who has a long history of advising U.S. Presidents on national security issues. Less known is his involvement in the MJ-12 Group set up to manage the UFO issue in the 1950s, and his subsequent historic role as a liaison between global leaders with extraterrestrial entities. This exopolitics podcast analyses Kissinger’s sacking and its implications for the US, and the rest of the planet.”

General Flynn Pardoned – Warrior Joins Patriots in Coming Revolution (Dr. Michael Salla, 11-30-20)

“On November 25, President Donald Trump issued a full pardon to Lt Gen Michael Flynn that frees him from a politically driven criminal prosecution. The restoration of his security clearances, which had been withdrawn back in Feb 2017 at the start of the prosecution, will allow him to resume working with the Trump administration. Flynn’s knowledge acquired during his tenure as Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency will be instrumental in major disclosure initiatives and the revolution that lies ahead.” [link to podcast]

Several Questions to Answer (James Gilliland)

“Why did the outbreak in China end without a vaccine and why is no one talking about it?

“Why does the recommended mask box say will not protect from Cov-19 and why are they saying masks will NOT protect you from smoke when a virus is 1000 times smaller?

“Why is the spike going up and the deaths going down could it be the massive testing with fraudulent test kits and why did some governors of democratic states force infected people into rest homes and hospice care facilities?

“Last question is who stands to make billions with mandatory or forced vaccinations, do they believe in eugenics, population control, what is in the vaccinations and why have so many died or had adverse effects to the vaccinations?”