David Wilcock on Fade to Black Radio, 8-16-17… MP3s (and Two Special Snips regarding Trump and the Alliance)

There were two snippets of audio that struck me from this F2B radio show (related Kp blog post), and I place them below.

The first has to do with intel David has received from several insiders about Trump. The second has to do with the larger picture regarding Trump and what is going on around him and his people (and this aligns almost exactly with what I have been “getting” about him and his crew, from the beginning).

I also took the show and removed all the music and commercials, and place the full audio and 4 MP3 parts (30 min., 14 MB each), which are set up for playing on smart phone (or computer).

Snippet 1 (DW insiders intel) (Download)

Snippet 2 (a bit of the larger picture regarding Trump) (Download)

Complete show audio (minus music and ads)

Download complete show (minus music and ads)
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

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