The Gesara Club (Charlie Ward) VIDEO 11-15-20… “BOOM! Jo Hull Discovers Nesara Gesara Might Have Been Activated!” (and the EO “Establishing the President’s Advisory 1776 Commission”)

I woke up to this showing up, somehow, and when I viewed it, my sense was that of a Brilliant Light coming in. I believe this could be very much “right on”, regarding what is going on now.

Validation (for myself, at least)… my mocha today had an “N” in the foam!.

This is also available on Charlie’s Bitchute channel.

His new YouTube page is called “The Gesara Club“.
(Bitchute video link)

LINK TO THE EO discussed here.

Video notes:
45 days from Nov 3rd the DNI will start a process of investigation into the foreign interference
Which is 18th December

Within 45 days report will be delivered to the president

If foreign interference is found 30 days from that date
A framework will be set in place to execute the provisions laid out in the executive order

Seize all assets of those involved in the conspiracy cover up actions of foreign interference
Block any financial holdings and transactions loans American trade and currency

Sanctions for all entitles involved in the interference including exports to the US
Along with travel bans

The Secretary of Treasury can then execute EO 13964 re sanctions

This will cover social media msm foreign governments and all individuals

Taking us to 3rd March 2021

Basically anyone who has participated at any level will cease to be able to operate in any financial way and will not be able to receive any financial assistance from any donors or they will be an accessory also.