An Online Interactive Event 11/7-8/20… “Awakening Lemuria” (via Joan Ocean of Big Island)

Some may have interest in this. Joan Ocean sent an email to me regarding this event, and I felt instantly drawn to it, so I registered. I paid $9.99 (the website says it goes up to $25 on 10-30 (yesterday), but I still only paid $9.99).

There’s quite a large group of speakers, including Joan Ocean, Jean-Luc Bozzoli, and Magenta Pixie (and many I have not heard of (I think)). It is hosted by Ariya Lorenz.

I place just a bit of information below, and link to the website. Note: click the Save Your Place blue button to register, which is about halfway down the page.

CAVEAT: with Joan and Jean-Luc participating, some might actually sense they are “getting wet” swimming with the dolphins and cetaceans.


Awakening Lemuria

Come together in unity to experience mystical activations and create new divine connections
Online Interactive Event on Nov 7th & 8th, 2020, 10AM – 10PM PST

Within our ancient past of Lemuria, we lived in total conscious connection to the Divine.

The illusion of separation was entirely absent, and this sense of unity is returning, where we will all love and support each other as One.

Activate your ancient roots as a Lemurian Emissary of Light and co-create heaven on earth
We open our arms for you to join us in the embrace of the Lemurian Heritage, where we will collectively reignite the divine light within and create the long-awaited Golden Age.