Constitutional Sheriff Mack Won Landmark Case in Supreme Court, Suggests Local Public Officials Are Where It’s At

From Stillness in the Storm
Published on January 28, 2021

(Chandra Loveguard) Did you know? Sheriffs are the Chief Law Enforcement Officers of their counties and have ultimate jurisdiction as elected officials who took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. Could these elected officials hold a key to restoring our liberty and sanctity across the nation?

Sheriffs, when elected by county residents, take an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. This includes protecting your inalienable rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Could the work of constitutionally aligned Sheriffs across the nation combined with knowledgeable action by the people lead us out of the sticky wicket we’re awakening to find ourselves in?

We spoke with Sheriff Mack, and he told us in this exclusive interview that he believes this to be the case. Mack is best known for being the first Sheriff in US history to take a case of infringed liberties for a win all the way to the Supreme Court. Mack was elected as Graham County, Arizona Sheriff in 1988.

Here is a description of what happened next:

During his tenure, federal officers informed the sheriffs of the state that they would be required to enforce the so-called “Brady Bill” and run background checks at their expense under the law. In 1994, Mack and six other sheriffs from across the country, challenged the constitutionality of the Brady Bill and ultimately, fought it all the way to the United States Supreme Court, where they won a monumental decision for freedom. Three years later, in a landmark 5-4 split decision based on the Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, Mack won his case.(

Mack says there are 3100 Sheriffs across the country. He says that your Sheriff “can’t very well work for you if you don’t know what he’s doing.” He encourages people to get to know your Sheriff directly, to discover their philosophy and their alignment. “You must know your sheriff and you must have a relationship with your Sheriff. He or she works for you and he must answer to you.”

In light of current circumstances, there is a reason why Mack is stepping up to train Americans and our Sheriffs, DA’s, Judges and other public officials: “It really looks like local officials, especially your Sheriffs are the only peaceful and effective solutions we have left,” he says.

Mack is offering a 6-week course to train Americans who are ready to comprehend pathways for reclaiming liberty against unwanted mask and vaccine mandates; how to hold politicians accountable to upholding the constitution; how to comprehend the true power of the Constitution and protect your second amendment rights; and more.

With Joe Biden being inaugurated as President of the United States, it’s time We The People stand up. We’ve already seen the tyranny that has been happening with government orders since the whole COVID-19 thing started. With Joe Biden as President, it won’t get better unless We The People do something about it. It’s time for all Patriots to become educated on the Constitution and their rights and begin standing up and taking action, now more than ever before.
~ Sheriff Mack

While Mack can’t guarantee results city by city, he will be sharing invaluable information and knowledge for “those ready to empower themselves with the weapons of knowledge and truth to help restore Liberty.” He suggests we vet our Sheriffs and public officials, and arm ourselves with education. Each of us has the opportunity to dig in and do our part, though we might not know what we can do that would be effective and constitutionally correct.

See Also: Robert David Steele also recently interviewed Sheriff Mack. Watch the video below for more details about the CPSOA and how Sheriffs can play a key role in restoring sanctity and sanity.

Robert David Steel Interview

– Chandra Loveguard

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Some well needed January Satire

Join Awaken with JP and his delightful Satirical rants as he tries to wake up the world with humor, intellect and a lot of heart. This month he provides “Real News” commentaries on the Capitol Riots and our new President Joe Biden.



And some weird predictive programming from our favorite animated disclosure outlet – The Simpsons. From Daily News Youtube.


What if… this reality has expired?


Like many of you I was very disappointed by seeing a known traitor, in the employ of China, appear to have an inauguration as the President of the United States.  Especially when there are 500,000 Chinese PLA troops on the Canadian and Mexican borders.  Keep in mind the mental place I was in yesterday when you read a conversation below.  Perhaps many of you were in a similar set of emotions? Then to top it all off, Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes post a video on Bitchute. Charlie makes the statement (but no proof of date and time stamp) that he was sent the inauguration video at 7:00 AM Spanish time.  Which is 2 AM DC time a good 10 hours before the purported DC “LIVE” inauguration broadcast on the major networks.  I did see someone on news talk about meeting the “poet laureate” but he couldn’t talk about it because of an embargo.  Generally, in my experience,  reporter embargoes are based on date and time. Which I thought was odd at the time… who would embargo a poet and why?    It appears that we may be witnessing the first CGI presidency ever.   And its not even a good CGI.

Please don’t tell me to have “FAITH”.  I spent the formative years of my youth in an apocalyptic Christian sect, and “FAITH” is always used as poor proxy for knowing.  When I was a kid I was told Jesus would come in 1975.  He didn’t.  Do you know what the preacher said that made that prediction when caught at the end of his prediction?  He blamed the church members for not having enough “FAITH” and being “morally impure” (as in the Bride of Christ was not ready) or borderline traitors for questioning him, rather than admit he was a false prophet. 

Do I trust in God/Source/THE ALL? Absolutely.  Do I trust myself, most of the time… but sometimes I surprise myself  in what I can do and also how utterly fallible I am as a human being in this illusion. In God we trust, all others pay cash… lol… “FAITH”? I don’t have much use for it.  For example I know Heather and I trust her.  I don’t have FAITH in her, I don’t need to.  Knowing is better that “FAITH”. Honestly so is not knowing. “FAITH” is the hypodermic needle of “HOPIUM”.    It keeps you hung on someone else’s agenda. I am quite comfortable admitting what I don’t know.  Which is why I have not predicted much over the last 4 weeks based on various pundits.   

I have been following the pundits and got caught up in the outcomes of those predictions.  Mind you I put no stock in anyone who talks about a Quantum Financial System and GESARA and cavorts with Chinese Dragons while we have Chinese PLA on our borders.  The Chinese Elders control the CCP. You can’t sit on that fence and have any honest credibility.  The QFS is a Chinese Elder wet dream.  It doesn’t exist in any worldwide configuration.  

Will there be prosperity?  Yes definitely.  Will it be RV/GCR?  No.  Will it be GESARA/NESARA… hard to really say as nobody has every produced the documents for that have they?  Perhaps GESARA/NESARA is just a [place holder] in people’s minds for global flow of humanities value?    Heather did tell me the purported GESARA was the original NESARA, but it was gutted for the United States under the Clinton Administration and the original renamed GESARA.  Neither were implemented.

People have been forwarding me images of a statement from “Judge” (self declared) Anna von Reitz/inger.  Saying she never supported Heather because she was a Bar Attorney and she knew they’d throw her into jail.   Well Heather resigned her Bar license in 2011 long before she published her PARADIGM REPORT. Anna doesn’t seem to know that easily verified fact. Heather also reconciled (closed) the One People’s Public Trust in the spring of 2013 after a discussion with Caleb in which they both felt it had served its purpose. The assets of the United States are preserved in the CVAC.  Yet Judge Anna hasn’t read enough of Heather’s work to know that.  Kim Goguen and Judge Anna seem to detest each other.  But at least Judge Anna thinks Heather shouldn’t be in jail.  Kim thinks Heather is a sorcerer, which is exactly what the Chinese think.  She’s not, but the other possibility is not one the Chinese want to think about. Ego can always be counted on.

Many things were predicted that would stop the inauguration but that didn’t happen.  For reasons that are not yet clear.  I am not saying they won’t occur, I don’t know. I am comfortable saying I don’t know.  What will you create today?  I have seen far to many humans sell out their fellow man for a mortgage or a retirement pension so I wouldn’t bet my life savings (not that I have any) on anything that was predicted happening. But hey surprise this momentary cynic.    

Which leads me to this conversation with Thor yesterday… which I post here

Terran: Thor who does “Judge” Anna front?


Terran: A lot of Americans were expecting military action today which did not happen. 


Terran: Will it happen?


Terran: Yes and no. Where are we in all this?


Terran: Do the ones celebrating their “victory” tonight know that?


Terran: Can you say how many landings so far?


Terran: Eggs?


Terran: Are these momentary landings?


Terran: Sure


Terran: I’m not getting it. Lots of images but not what I usually get from you. Artist depictions.

Terran note: I was not in a good frequency during this conversation was experiencing disappointment at the non-event and lack of a pardon for Heather. I was getting images much like one would get from Google of artist depictions of ET landings, which lacked the HD immersive imagery I usually get from Thor. 


(He’s being polite)

Terran: Can you explain the expiration date comment?


Terran: You’re asking me? I live in this mess. Nothing will get created with everyone as depressed as they are on all sides. 


Terran: Are you witnessing that there?


Terran: Then help us prime the pump


Terran: How does one invite a landing?


Terran: Do the landings just portend a meeting only?


Terran: Can I visit the Horizon?



Terran: My frequency is not very high right now. Feel more like crying. H in prison. All these idiots maligning her. And I don’t have anything encouraging to tell anyone!


Terran note: Ever have someone tell you the blunt truth when what you wanted was encouragement or a hug? Well that’s where I was in this moment and I almost said “F… OFF” but I like Thor and I knew he was right but didn’t know what to say so I ended the conversation…

Terran: Thank you Thor. Terran end.

Terran: Denice could you ask Raeno if he could send some frequencies for my digestion?


Terran note: I decide I need a change of location and cars are my favorite meditation spot.  It gets me out of the “monkey mind” as the analytical part of me drives and the intuitive side is free to bring out what it needs to bring out…  so I drove to H-E-B grocery for cat food.

Terran to Denice: Something really strange happened. I was going down that road that is next to (redacted) Mexican food near the pre-school and a big white owl flew into my right car fender.  I may have killed it!   What do you suppose that symbolizes?

Terran note: There was no dead owl by the side of the road so it appears to have survived the collision. 

I asked GW Hardin, the only “Shaman/Medicine Man” that I know… about the Owl Totem.. plus he’s also a scientist and mathematician…

GW Hardin: A white owl is usually a symbol of Wisdom. If it’s coming at you then it implies a great revelation is coming to you.

GW Hardin: Which could be Heather.

Terran: I like that interpretation

Terran: It made a smack sound when it hit my car 


GW Hardin: If it had made a vocal sound that would imply a health challenge is coming your way. 


Terran: Just a thud 


Terran: Owls are smart! was the strangest thing.. 


GW Hardin: They get blinded easily by bright light 


Terran: It came from a side angle, my lights were not on it. 


GW Hardin: Curious.

From a Skype room of mine: 

Martha: It must be very frustrating for the guys to see that we just don’t “get it” when they’re telling us stuff. I have that too. There’s a lot in this conversation he’s trying to say, but I’ll admit that while I can feel more is there, I don’t get it. I’ll reread.

Martha: And I must say, I watched that Simon [Parkes] interview, laying in bed and ready to turn out the light. I decided that, even tho I was very tired, to watch it through. It was after midnight when I finally turned off the light. But I slept like a baby. What those guys said told me that yesterday’s performance was a sham and we need not concern ourselves with video of the guy signing things that are destructive of what we’ve achieved. All is well.
Martha: So now, I’d like to request a landing. And either he [Jai] stays or I get to go fly a bit. It’s a simple request.
Martha: “FREQUENCIES INBOUND SUPPORT CREATION” might mean we all need to get creative and actually create the beginning. In-vision it. Maybe have our own little parties.

Martha: I was just wishing I was closer and could visit. Create that big swirl of laughter and joy like in 2016. 

[Martha’s Friend known known further as F]:Thanks for sharing the message and your feelings, Terran & Martha. I’m pretty much in the same place. I’m not as optimistic about the Parkes/Ward video. I don’t think it’s going to work for me anymore to hear statements without proof. If [Charlie] Ward got a live stream at 7am his time, then show it. They said Biden had a bible with the cross upside down. Quickly found pics that showed that was wrong. Said flag wasn’t flying over WH but no evidence to support. I couldn’t find a single photo from yesterday to support the flag deal. Videos did show troops with their back to the motorcade. That’s something. 

F: I’m not saying they are planned op. I’m saying I just don’t know. I’ve listened to the Parkes/Ward show twice and I’m not picking up positive vibes. It’s weird to me to hear thm make a statement and then the other 2 guests just immediately agreed or took it as fact. Also, Parks repeatedly saying, “the black lady swore Harris in” really resonated as racist. I cringed every time I heard it. Chief Justice Robert’s and “the black lady”.

F: T, I’m so sorry about H! I feel for you. I feel for her. I wish I could give you both a hug.

F: I am hoping that Ward/Parkes are spinning stuff to keep everyone in the dark.

Terran: Did you mean “I am hoping that Ward/Parkes are NOT spinning…”? [I was thinking it was an omission of text, something I do sometimes]

F: I was trying to say that for me quite a bit of what Ward/Parkes are saying isn’t backed up, doesn’t come to fruition, or is false. My hope is that they are doing this because they know everything is watched. So, none of us get insight into what is going on, including those working against them. At the same time, it does provide a platform to boost morale of supporters. For me, though, I have always been a person that relies on logic/coherence and intuition. It’s just not working for me anymore with these 2 to just keep taking what they say at face value. For me, something feels off. I could be way off in my opinion, but right now, this is where I am.

F: I’m feeling pretty jumbled right now so my ideas may not be that clear. Ask about anything! ??

F: Want to share some thoughts about Thor’s message next. ??

Martha:Ward shared the video with his team when he got it. If it’s the same broadcast as the networks carried, it wouldn’t make sense to have it on his site after the “live” aired.

Martha: I saw these posted this morning with the comment that there cannot be cars parked outside the Oval Office like the photos show. And apparently it looks like Trump walks by outside in a video of this.

Martha shared these photos: 

F: The photos do look like different locations. Hope it’s proof that something is up.

F:I’m with you both. I say we all focus on the inside job of connecting with our galactic family and friends. I think Thor is saying that the timeline for clearing out these folks thru arrest is on loop with nothing more coming.

F: We are multi dimensional beings with the ability to visit many realities. This darn inauguration deal has set us all back a bit, but we will get our mojo back. We all have already moved mountains in this insanity and we will continue to do that! What I picked up from Thor pretty loudly and clearly is that they are doing all they can, but it’s in our hands.

F: I want to state like you both have that I too want to meet up with L[arada – a feline lyran] and Thor. In the past few months I have felt very much closer to Thor. I have no reason why but it is the case. I am ready for a F[ace] to F[ace]. My take on it it is that I have work to do to make that happen.

F: One note: Last night for the very first time I went outside without my camera and looked up. 3 times I saw blue energies. One time the blue energy was moving/swooping. I hope this is the beginning of more.

F: In any event, I’m glad that all of you in this room are part of my reality. That is wonderful! ??

F: Ward shared the video with his team when he got it. If it’s the same broadcast as the networks carried, it wouldn’t make sense to have it on his site after the “live” aired.

F:Maybe I’m missing something, but for me it would make perfect sense to share it because it should be possible to share via time stamps or something that they all were watching the same video at an earlier time. It very well could be that Ward is 100% spot on. But for me, I’m getting no strong hit. In contrast when I get meaningful info from Jai or Thor or Larada, the feeling of strong resonance is always there. Until I can get my intuition vibes stronger, I think I’m going to need more than a statement.

F: The photos you are finding do give pause, Martha. The 2 spaces don’t look the same to me either.

Hunter Biden’s Guilty Laptop

I read the files on Hunter Biden’s laptop. They paint a sleazy picture of multi-million dollar wire transfers, potential money laundering, and possible tax evasion. They raise serious questions about the judgment and propriety of Jim Biden, the president-elect’s brother, and Joe himself. Call it smoke not fire, but smoke that should not be ignored. The files were supplied to TAC by a known source previously established to have access.

Joe Biden is lucky a coordinated media effort kept Hunter out of the campaign. The FBI has had the laptop since 2019, when they subpoenaed the files in connection with a money laundering investigation. Federal investigators also served a round of subpoenas on December 8, a month after the election, including one for Hunter Biden himself. While the legal thrust of the investigation by the federal prosecutor in Delaware is taxes, the real focus seems to be on Hunter’s Chinese connections. This all comes after the FBI has had over a year to examine some of the same files TAC looked at.

In the final weeks before the election, Hunter’s laptop fell into Republican hands. The story went public in the New York Post, revealing that Hunter Biden introduced his father, then vice president, to a top executive at Ukrainian energy firm Burisma less than a year before the elder Biden pressured government officials in Ukraine into firing a prosecutor who was investigating the company. The meeting is mentioned in a message of appreciation that Vadym Pozharskyi, an adviser to the board of Burisma, sent Hunter Biden about a year after Hunter himself joined the Burisma board at a salary of $83,000 a month with no obvious work duties past making such introductions.

Nice work if you can get it, and to get it your dad better be vice president. If all that alone does not meet the test of impropriety, we need a new test. Hunter Biden’s value to clients was his perceived access to the White House. His father Joe was at least a passive participant in the scheme, maybe more than that.

The problem was many Americans never heard this story. Twitter led a social media charge to not allow the information online. After years of salivating over every bit of Trump family gossip, the mainstream media claimed the Biden story did not matter, or was Russian disinfo. Surveys suggest the information could have swung the election if voters had known about it. One survey showed that enough people in battleground states would have changed their votes to give Trump 311 electoral votes and reelection.

No mind, really. As soon as it became clear Joe Biden was going to win, the media on all sides lost interest in the laptop. The story became about the story. It devolved into think pieces about the Orwellian role of social media and some online giggling about the sex tapes on the laptop. But our short attention spans have consequences. The laptop still has a lot to tell us.

Hunter’s laptop was chock-a-block with video that appears to show Hunter smoking crack while engaged in a sex act with a woman, as well as numerous other sexually explicit images. There’s evidence there that Hunter spent money on escorts, some $21,000 on cam sites, big plays on all sorts of depravities. There is also Joe’s car insurance information, Hunter’s SSN, pages of call logs, and lots of email addresses, bank account numbers, and personal information of prominent people. None of the material is encrypted, just dumped on a standard MacBook Pro using the password “Hunter02.” The machine was regularly connected to the internet and might as well have had an electronic sign on it saying “My dad is important, here’s what you’ll need to blackmail me and others to get to him.”

But there is more. The laptop shows Hunter, through a number of front companies, accepted money from Chinese and Ukrainian entities and moved that money to the U.S. where it was parceled out to other entities, including Joe Biden’s brother. Some of it then went back to Chinese hands. There is no way a simple read-through can tell if the money was legal consulting fees or illegal money laundering and tax fraud. But it all smells bad: multi-million dollar transfers to LLCs without employees, residences used as multiple business addresses, legal tricks from Cyprus and the British Virgin Islands, and even a minor CIA connection.

Ask yourself if this demands more investigation. Ask yourself if voters might not have benefited from knowing more about Joe Biden’s side of all this.

The majority of the contents of the laptop are a jumbled record of Hunter’s international business ventures and financial records. Outstanding in the haystack are a large number of wire transfers. Those with traceable addresses appear to be mostly anonymous shell companies run out of lawyers’ offices, with no employees and fuzzy public paper trails. One off the top involved $259,845 traveling on April 2, 2018, from the Hudson West III in New York to a numbered account held by Cathay Bank. Hudson West was created by Hunter Biden’s own law firm, Owasco, with several Chinese nationals, including a Ye Jianming associate, Gong Wendong. Ye Jianming is chairman of CEFC China Energy, who reportedly had close ties to both the Chinese government and the People’s Liberation Army. He’s been arrested in China on corruption charges and has conveniently disappeared.

Biden in August 2018 also returned $100,000 back to CEFC in China via its own New York subsidiary LLC, Hudson West V, whose listed address is 12 Foxwood Road, Great Neck, NY 11024. That address is not a business office but instead a single family home worth over $6 million. Phone records suggest two people live there, including Gong Wendong. Money appears to move from physical China to virtual Hunter back to virtual China in the U.S., starting and ending in accounts tied to Gong Wendong after touching base with Hunter, a potential indicator of laundering. Chinese money in China changed into Chinese money in America. Caution is needed; while what looks like money laundering at first glance may indeed be so, it may be designed to hide the cash from the Chinese government while staying inside American law, a quasi-legal service Hunter possibly supplied.

That 12 Foxwood address shows up again on Biden’s laptop as the mailing address for another Gong Wendong venture, ColdHarbour Capital, which sent and received money to Biden. It is also listed as the residence of Shan Gao, who appears to control accounts in Beijing tied to Hudson, CEFC, and 12 Foxwood.

The most significant appearance of 12 Foxwood was as the mailing address for a secured VISA card in the name of Biden’s company, Hudson West III. The card is funded by someone unnamed through Cathay Bank for $99,000 and guaranteed by someone’s checking account held by Cathay worth $450,000. Shared users of the card are Hunter and Gong Wendong. The card was opened as CEFC secured a stake in a Russian state-owned energy company. Biden and others subsequently used the credit card to purchase $101,291.46 worth of extravagant items, including airline tickets and multiple items at Apple stores, pharmacies, hotels, and restaurants. A Senate report characterized these transactions as “potential financial criminal activity.” Putting money on a secured VISA card in lieu of a direct wire transfer to Biden may be seen by some as an attempt to hide the source of the money and thus allow Biden not to claim it as income.

James Biden and Sara Biden were also authorized users of the credit card, though their business connection to Hunter and Gong Wendong is unclear. Jim is Joe’s brother, Sara his wife. Jim over the years has been a nightclub owner, insurance broker, political consultant, and investor. When he ran into financial trouble having triple mortgaged his home, he was bailed out via loans from Joe and Hunter and by a series of Joe’s donors. Jim also received a loan of $500,000 from John Hynansky, a Ukrainian-American businessman and longtime donor to Joe Biden’s campaigns. This all was in 2015, at the same time the then-vice president oversaw U.S. policy toward the country. As a senator, Joe Biden made use of a private jet owned by Hynansky’s son.

The 12 Foxwood address also appears on millions of dollars worth of bank transfers among Cathay Bank, CEFC, and multiple semi-anonymous LLCs and hedge funds. One single transfer to Hudson West III on August 8, 2017, represented the movement of $5 million from Northern Capital International, which appears to be a Chinese government-owned import-export front company.

Switch over to the CDB Bank folder and you see a wire transfer from Burisma for 36,000 euros, run through a bank in Cyprus, to Biden’s own account on that island. Burisma is the one company from the laptop that made the news. Hunter’s role, what he actually did besides introduce his father to other people, is still unclear.

Burisma must be an interesting place. Hunter’s laptop partially exposes a complex web of sub-companies in Cyprus and the British Virgin Islands such that figuring out who owns who is near impossible. Hunter, speaking to his business partner, speculates about buying a Lithuanian bank to receive the Ukrainian money, and he also notes that Joseph Cofer Black, former director of the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center, sits on Burisma’s board. Black previously served as vice chairman at mercenary provider Blackwater Worldwide (now Academi).

All just business, right? Not everyone saw it that way. An email from Wells Fargo’s corporate compliance team (Wells Fargo handled many of the international wire transfers) asks on September 20, 2018, what the actual business of Hudson West is, who its owners are, and where it is located. Also asked is what the purpose of all the incoming wires is. It notes some business accounts appear to be for personal expenses. It also questions numerous outgoing wires to the Lion Hall Group (for example, on September 28, 2018, Hunter ordered $95,000 transferred without explanation), a “business” run by Jim Biden out of a residential address. Jim regularly invoiced Hunter for office expenses and employee costs, as well as a monthly retainer cost of some $68,000, plus other fees in the tens of thousands of dollars.

There is no record of these questions being answered. It is possible to see the disbursal of funds via credit card to Jim Biden as a way to diffuse the amounts away from Hunter, and via Jim’s invoices, a way to convert income from China into deductible business expenses for Hunter in America, reducing his tax burden. The involvement of Lion Hall and Jim Biden also spreads the money around, lowering its profile. If the invoices were shown to be fraudulent (i.e., Jim did not actually consult for Hunter), the potential for tax fraud exists.

Besides Wells Fargo, others also had questions. Hunter’s own CPA, preparing to file 2018 federal taxes, wrote to Hunter asking, “As far as Owasco [Hunter’s law firm] is concerned there were some receipts we classified as loans. Owasco received approximately $550,000 from Burisma and paid about one half this amount to, I believe, someone named ‘Devon.’ I am not sure of the payee… The one half payment to ‘Devon’ was not recorded as income.”

Devon is likely Devon Archer, co-founder and managing partner of Rosemont Capital alongside Hunter. Who else was part of Rosemont? Christopher Heinz, John Kerry’s son. And, small world, Devon Archer sat on the board of Burisma alongside Hunter Biden. The CPA’s concern is that the IRS is sensitive to the fact that some try to conceal income as loans to be written off as expenses later, especially if the amounts are large. This can trigger an audit. If the loans are “forgiven,” then they are income. If not declared, that is potential fraud.

The same note from the CPA indicates Hunter owes $600,000 in personal taxes and another $204,000 for Owasco and urges him to file a return even if he is not going to pay the taxes. Besides taxes, things did not always go well for Hunter. On March 6, 2019, he sent an email to a friend saying, “Buddy do you have a cash app to send me $100 until wire goes. I have no money for gas and I’m literally stuck at a rest stop on 95.” He earlier had sought a $35,000 advance from his regular “draw” out of Owasco. And keep an eye on Hunter’s health—he pays close to $9,000 a quarter for life insurance.

Joe Biden is one lucky S.O.B. When the powers that be decided Barack Obama needed someone a little more, you know, establishment, as his VP to calm voters, there was Joe, as white-bread as the state he represented, vaulted into the White House that had otherwise eluded him. His only controversial points came from having supported the status quo for so many years that it had changed underneath him. Are we tough on crime, or do Black Lives Matter? Didn’t matter to Joe, just point him in the right direction so he knows what to agree with. And so in 2020, when the Democrats realized exactly what kind of man they needed to wipe away the sins of two dishonest and chaotic primaries, well, there was Joe again.

Joe was fortunate that the mainstream media memory-holed Hunter’s story and conservative media lost focus looking for a tweetable smoking gun when the truth was a bit too complicated to parse out in a sentence or two. But there is still a story here.

The short version is there’s a lot to suggest money laundering and tax fraud on Hunter’s part. The purpose of the money in and out was always unclear, with invoices for vague expenses and lots and lots of “consulting.” One could invent a legal explanation for everything. One could imagine many illegal explanations. There is no way anyone could know the difference without seeing Hunter’s taxes, asking him questions, and doing some serious forensic accounting. It is unlikely any of that will happen now that the election is over. Even to Guiliani et al., it really doesn’t matter any more. They took one shot, missed, and walked away.

That will leave undigested the bigger tale of president-elect Biden, who ran in part on an anti-corruption platform following the Trump family escapades. While Joe Biden no doubt regrets what appears to have been a one-off meeting with the Burisma official, he did indeed take the meeting as VP. It’s always easier to apologize when caught than seek permission in advance in Joe’s world.

A 2017 email chain involving Hunter brokering an ultimately failed deal for a new venture with old friend CEFC, the Chinese energy company, described a 10 percent set-aside for the “big guy,” whom former Hunter Biden partner Tony Bobulinski publicly identified as Joe Biden. Joe also took Hunter to China with him on Air Force Two and met with Chinese leaders while Hunter tried to make deals on his own. Joe also had Hunter and partner Devon Archer to the White House only two days before they joined Burisma. It was Joe’s donors and pals who bailed out brother Jim over the years with sweetheart loans.

A lot of appearance of improprietous malarkey from a senior statesman who knows better. In places like China and the Ukraine, where corruption is endemic, it is assumed the sons of rich and powerful men have access to their father and that access is for sale. Hunter Biden traded on those assumptions for millions of dollars, and Joe stood by understanding what was happening. Every father wants to help his son, and Hunter, one can imagine, went to his dad time after time pleading for just one more little favor to get him clear of his sordid past. Joe, a decent man at heart, likely nodded. So a meeting. A handshake. An office visit, a posed photo, whatever would help but was still plausibly deniable. Until the next time. Just one more, Dad. Please?

Joe’s larger role in all things Hunter needs to be questioned. Joe, as well as the Obama State Department, knew about Hunter’s antics. Joe pretended Hunter’s financial windfalls had nothing to do with their relationship and were simply a constant series of coincidental lucky breaks for a ne’er-do-well son who happened to fail upward while his dad was VP. Joe says he and his son never talked about business. Maybe Joe assumed Hunter’s Porsche was just a lucky find (his car payments are on the laptop).

While, of course, Hunter is an adult with his own mind, his father was one of the most powerful men in the world and yet apparently did nothing to stop what was going on among Hunter, his brother Jim, the Chinese, the Ukrainians, and himself—at minimum, the gross appearance of impropriety over a period of years. Biden’s defense has always been sweeping: “My son did nothing wrong.” That alone raises questions of judgment on the part of Joe Biden. Not least because in a few weeks he becomes president of the United States. And if the president does it, it’s not illegal, right?

Peter Van Burenis the author of We Meant Well: How I Helped Lose the Battle for the Hearts and Minds of the Iraqi People,Hooper’s War: A Novel of WWII Japan, and Ghosts of Tom Joad: A Story of the 99 Percent.

SGTReport 10-14-20 VIDEO… “Seal Team 6: Betrayal, Treason & Murder”

[Repost due to posting with incorrect link.]

This fairly short SGTReport video I found to be a good summary of the information now coming out about the Seal Team 6 episode and the Biden’s and Obama’s, et al., role in it. And it goes along with the earlier Next News Network (N3) video (related Kp blog post)which kind of “broke open” the story.

Gary of N3 also posted a follow up video, where apparently he was able to convey this information to Donald Trump, Jr.

Published on October 14, 2020
Full interview: Benghazi Bombshell

Joe Biden is having the worst week of the worst month of his nearly 50 year political career. And the very serious, criminal issues involving Joe and his son Hunter are just the tip of the iceberg.

Excellent recap:

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Glenn Beck, BlazeTV 2-6-20… “Ukraine: The Final Piece” (aka, “The msm reporting on Ukraine is pure ‘Bullcrap’”!)

I’ve been informed that this is an excellent informative video. I’m listening to it right now. Ukraine appears to be a key in exposing and unraveling the web of the deep state.

Back in 2014-2015, when Asst. Sec’y of State Victoria Nuland exclaimed, “Yat’s is the guy” and “F— the EU” (Kp blog post; collection of related Kp blog posts), I knew there was much going on behind the “Nice Obama administration” scenes that was very dark, and focused on regime change on other countries.

There are four “Glenn Beck Ukraine Specials“. Click that link to view them.

“The media and the Left drove the narrative from the start on the July 25 phone call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky. They wanted us to see only one thing. It’s time to look at more.

“Glenn Beck connects the dots between the phone call that led to the impeachment of President Trump and why an investigation into Hunter Biden is so important… This is about a violation of constitutional power by Barack Obama that will horrify even his most ardent supporters.

“Glenn pulls back the curtain on the theft of billions in international funds to Ukraine by following the clues in the phone call. Those clues could lead to mountains of corruption, and Hunter Biden might be the lynchpin to uncovering the entire thing.”


The media and the Left drove the narrative from the start on the July 25 phone call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky. They wanted us to see only one thing. It’s time to look at more. Glenn Beck connects the dots between the phone call that led to the impeachment of President Trump and why an investigation into Hunter Biden is so important. Ultimately, this was never about Trump. It wasn’t even about the Bidens. This is about a violation of constitutional power by Barack Obama that will horrify even his most ardent supporters. Glenn pulls back the curtain on the theft of billions in international funds to Ukraine by following the clues in the phone call. Those clues could lead to mountains of corruption, and Hunter Biden might be the lynchpin to uncovering the entire thing.

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