My studio is producing an AI film, “Trannies Save the World”

Note: This article was written by my own pdrsonal AI. As you can see, it has knks kinks. Ordinarily, I’d roofpread this piece and make corrections. But I’m in meetings with Disney, the ZDept, of State, and ADL, and I just don’t have the time. Bear with me. Apologies.

The movie script is written by AIChat XCT-2-A. We’ve purchased the rights to a likeness of Michell Obama. In the film, she plays a guy who goes all tranny with a blonde wig, dresses, anmd signature pink hels. Her name is Velma Mc Fortituide.

She’s wrking a giog as airport secuty at LAX, and one ay she opens a suspicious suitcase coming down the ramp and finds a discarded baby inside. The baby is live.

Velma is an instant hero, and rides her fame into the Oval Office.

At her first secret CIA briefing, she leanrs that race of blonde blue eyed men from a heretofore undissovered planet in our solar system is invading Earth, to procreate with women and establish traditional families on Earth.

Which is a dire trhreat to our way of life.

Vlema leads a defense of earth, and wins…

WE ARE ALL TRANNIES becomes her meme, slogan, call to action.


President Joe Biden spoke with reporters in the Rose Garden Monday morning, Memorial Day, announcing his upcoming Executive Order banning all sports at every level in America.

“It’s inherently unfair,” he said. “We have many kids and adults who just can’t compete in sports. They’re an underserved community, and they aren’t being included in American life. So I’m going to reverse all that.”

“When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Here you have all these people who are discriminated against because they aren’t performing well in athletics. Millions of kids and adults. And we’re casting them aside, as if they don’t belong. This has to stop.”

“It’s like any other situation where we need to apply the rules of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Curb the prejudice. Make us equal.”

“Now, I understand that many black athletes are being amply rewarded in professional sports plantations by their slave owners. We can’t just cut these players off. So we’ll print money and pay them what they would be making if they were performing. They’ll get that money for free.”

“And we also have a number of wonderful transgender people who are competing against women in track, swimming, and cycling. We have to pay them, too. We can’t leave them out. They’re American heroes. They’re the best that America has to offer. They’ll get their money, too.”

“But we’re banning sports. All sports. Wherever they occur. It’s an ugly sight.”

As DHS Chief Alejandro Mayorkas allows The Flood at the Border…

I recall my first reaction when the Department of Homeland Security was invented.


That was the word that stuck in my craw.

Why not the Department of US Security? If they had to invent a new department in the first place.

Homeland struck me as a kind of tribal word. Or a word denoting Family. Which we are not. The United States has citizens. Homeland suggests “ancient roots.” The US is not a FAMILY of ancient peoples.

Then there is this. Another connotation. I associate Homeland with Nazis. Aryan roots.

Whichever way you take that word, it’s wrong.

It’s slanted. It doesn’t suggest Republic or Constitution.

(If we had a Department of the Constitution, it would rapidly wipe out a great deal of the federal government. Many powers would go back to the states, where they belong.)

Let’s see. If we put the two connotations of “Homeland” I’ve mentioned above together, we’d have Ancient Tribal Family ruled over by Nazis.

Can Trump Win The Presidency While He's In Prison?

He can run for office from prison. I believe that’s been established.

Can he win?

I wouldn’t bet on it. But that’s because I’ve seen enough evidence to say the 2020 election was rigged. So the Dems can rig it again.

But there’s another question. Would the Trump-voter TURNOUT on Election Day 2024 be bigger if he’s in prison?

I think so. Even MAGA people who are convinced the vote count is rigged would cast their ballots for their man anyway, BECAUSE he’s behind bars.

“Those bastards can’t get away with putting Trump in jail. I’m going to vote for him.”

It would be quite a circus. A NOTICEABLE upswing, a giant flood of people wearing MAGA hats going to the polls on Election Day.

Shouting LET’S GO BRANDON, FUCK CNN, FREE TRUMP, FREE TRUMP, FREE TRUMP. A combo of voting and protesting.

And the Dems would find a way to call it an insurrection.

“Trump white racist domestic terrorists, some of them armed, are intimidating Democratic voters, causing them to stay home, out of fear…”

The AI war is a war for the Soul

Yeah, well, I’ve been writing about this for 20 years.

And now when SERIOUS AI is inside the gates, people are starting to rouse from their slumber.

How do you think it got this far in the first place?

The so-called best minds turned themselves into computers. Data-absorbers and processors.

LOTS of people don’t and won’t understand that last paragraph, since they’ve already transformed themselves. They’re already INSIDE their data-gobbling processors, which they call their minds.

AI is the final step on that misbegotten journey.

Where do you think FIRE and THE WHEEL came from, back in the days of the cave people? It came from IMAGINATION, which infuses the soul. It didn’t come from “straight inference based on available data.”

But now, in this modern age, people see AI as a mirror of themselves. A better version. A faster version. A more comprehensive version. A less biased version.

Big Tech and its government partners are going to deploy AI (and already are) wherever they can, to operate the levers of civilization. Which, of course, includes wall to wall surveillance of every person in real time. And factory assembly lines. And medical diagnosis and treatment. And court trials. And prisons. And the daily work of bureaucrats. And policing. And teaching in schools. And the work of clerks in businesses. And Internet search functions. And regulation of vehicle traffic. And the vehicles themselves. And the surveillance and enforcement of diversity, equity, and inclusion. And the surveillance and enforcement of climate change regulations and imposed energy use quotas. And the manufacture of journalism. And news gathering. And the distribution of money. And short and long term planning for the construction, maintenance, and regulation of communities…

Because, why not? And many humans will accept these revolutionary changes, since these humans already see themselves as a kind of AI.

And the scientists? Don’t get me started. Most of those denizens believe, after 200 years of biology, that humans ARE machines, were NEVER anything BUT machines.

I hope all of the above suffices to explain the war we’re in. The big war. Which, if we lose, leads directly into the technocratic Brave New World of Huxley.

If you notice, Huxley didn’t bother to explain how the world took that drastic turn, ending up in a fake utopia.

We’re living through that turn right now.

White House: Biden-Immigration is an ECONOMIC POLICY; do they think we’re complete morons?

Yes, they do.

Breitbart reports:

A senior official in the White House says President Joe Biden’s immigration policy is intended to fill new jobs in government spending programs, high-tech firms, and a growing economy.

“We are creating new jobs this year as we’re breaking ground on key infrastructure projects under the President’s bipartisan infrastructure law, the CHIPS and Science Act, [and] new green jobs as we implement the Inflation Reduction Act,” said Katie Tobin, the senior director for transborder security on the National Security Council, adding:

“As our economy grows, we need workers that we just don’t have enough of. So it is in our interest to bring people in and to stay competitive globally.”

“In closing,” Tobin said on May 15, “the Biden-Harris administration appreciates both the moral responsibility and the strategic opportunity that migration presents — it’s at the heart of our domestic and our foreign policy agendas.”

Open borders is a Democrat vote getting scheme. That’s number one.

Even if all those jobs implied by the new Biden programs were necessary (they aren’t), there’s another solution: