Kareem Abdul-Jabbar needs to educate himself about the COVID vaccines

In a recent substack post (which also references this post from October 2021), Kareem went after Brooklyn Nets star, Kyrie Irving, for refusing the COVID shot. He went after him hard, urging readers to contact Kyrie’s corporate sponsors and insist they cancel their $$ deals with him.

Kareem should peruse the federal database and see how many COVID vaccine injuries and deaths have been reported. He should understand the numbers actually represent vast underreporting.

Then he should read Alex Berenson and Steve Kirsch; he should go through their substack work on the vaccine. He should read Children’s Health Defense articles on the subject.

He could read this piece of mine, which revealed the Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca clinical trials were DESIGNED to prove nothing more than possible prevention against mild flu symptoms — there was no effort to prove the shots could prevent serious illness, hospitalization, or death.

Kareem must be blindly relying on the so-called experts. He’s taking their word the vaccines are safe, effective, and necessary. Apparently, he’s satisfied with that superficial level of understanding.

Or to put it bluntly — zero understanding.

Standing on that platform of nothing, he attacks Kyrie Irving with righteous anger.


Wise up, Kareem.

In case you hadn’t noticed, the sun is sinking on “the science is settled and we have to believe the experts and the government.” That’s the Age of the Doofus.

So is “the government can put us under extended house arrest by declaring a state of emergency.” “For our own good” is the theme of tyrants down through history. When it pops up, the people have a right to revisit what freedom means. And a duty. As a prelude to action. One action is saying no to the vaccine.

I also noticed your anger at Kyrie was built on him posting a video by Alex Jones. (I’ve written about Alex here.) Remember guilt by association? It’s the tactic of hacks. “Anybody who would associate himself with X must be attacked.” Another sign of Doofus-ism.

There’s a reverse twist to it: Anyone who dropped a thousand sky hooks through the hoop and came back with a vengeance against the Celtics in the playoffs (after a tongue-lashing from Pat Riley) must be right, no matter what he’s talking about.

That doesn’t play, either.

On the COVID vaccine issue, you’re wading into deep water you don’t understand.

You can remedy that, or you can keep parroting the official line.

Do your own research. It’ll pay dividends.

A player on the court who has blind spots has to fix them. If you had them, you turned on the lights and made the necessary repairs. But here, it’s all darkness for you.

If the truth matters to you, versus “what all credible scientists are saying” — which is called circular logic — get busy.

Otherwise, you’re on the bench for the duration.

Sitting there, you can yap about Kyrie misleading people, but it’s really you. You’re the mis-leader.

Ignorance is an excuse, but not for long.

Get busy. Get a clue. You have no idea how deep the vaccine deception goes. There are hundreds of independent researchers and investigators out here who’ve done the work. They’ve been around the block, over the years, as many times as you’ve been up and down the court. And they’re just as relentless as you are. They’re not doing disinformation. They’re not trying to profit from spreading lies or conspiracy theories. In their eyes, you taking swipes at vaccine critics makes you laughable. At best. You’re like a slow lumbering guy who played at a junior college for a year and is convinced he’s on track for MVP in the NBA.

Can’t score, can’t pass, can’t run, can’t rebound, can’t block out, can’t set a pick, has no handle, but he’s a star.

— Jon Rappoport

New Podcast: A Vision of Decentralization of Power, a Vision of Imagination

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In this podcast, I’m going to talk about a subject near and dear to my heart. Decentralization of power across the board—which for me took off in 1988, when I wrote AIDS INC., Scandal of the Century.

Ever since then, I’ve been on that track. One, it brings power back to the individual, where it belongs; and two, it’s how you deal with tyranny at the top.

I’ve written and spoken about those subjects recently; in the podcast I’m fleshing out a vision of what decentralization can look like in full bloom, and how it benefits you to find your own vision.

With that last piece, I realize I’m on thin ice, because most people see absolutely no reason to create a vision about anything. When you suggest it they shrug and walk away.

Why? Because they see no value in imagination.

One of the priceless qualities in this or any other universe—and people yawn.

One of my self-appointed jobs over the past 30 years is promoting and explaining and elevating the power of imagination.

Imagination underlies ALL efforts at decentralization.

Imagination provides the SOLUTION to passivity and fatigue and the endless search for adrenaline and inspiration.

So I’ll talk about imagination in the podcast. It’s probably my favorite subject.

If somebody said, “You have to speak about one thing for 20 hours straight,” I’d pick imagination. No contest.

I’ll do my level best to inspire, not bore you in this podcast.

Reality—the total sum of what we’re told exists—is actually one tiny corner of everything that could be. And what could be is what gives life its meaning.

You can take THAT to the bank. But I advise you to keep it at home.

And remember, if a person says he has no imagination, all he has to do is imagine he does.

Which makes imagination the most interesting thing in the world.

Join me in this podcast. Take a new ride.

— Jon Rappoport

I'm your next President in 2024. My father was in business with a Nazi

It makes a nice juxtaposition.

Let’s go to the scorecard.

ONE: “Otto von Bolschwing — An Eichmann Associate Who Became a CIA Source: …Otto von Bolschwing worked with Adolf Eichmann and helped devise programs to persecute and terrorize Germany’s Jewish population. As the chief SS intelligence officer, first in Romania and then in Greece, he [Bolschwing] was the highest ranking German prosecuted by OSI [Office of Special Investigations (United States Department of Justice)].”

Source: US Department of Justice, The Office of Special Investigations: “Striving for Accountability in the Aftermath of the Holocaust,” December 2008, p.259.

TWO: William Alfred Newsom III, GAVIN NEWSOM’S father, a judge and administrator of the Getty Family Trust, was attorney for a company called TCI [Trans-International Computer Investment Corporation]. It eventually crashed and burned in a stock scandal.

Source: “William Newsom — wikipedia”

THREE: A 1969 TCI memo indicates that ex-Nazi Otto von Bolschwing was brought into the company. In fact, he was made president of the company in 1970.

Judge Newsom and von Bolschwing traveled together in Europe in 1969 and 1970, on business.

“He [von Bolschwing] was suave and plausible,” Judge Newsom said. “He seemed to have all the credentials…He looked kind of world weary. He had the long cigarette holder, his hair was slicked back.”

Source: San Jose Mercury News, Nov. 20, 1981, by Pete Carey; “Ex-Nazi’s brilliant US career strangled in a web of lies.”

Carey’s article also indicates von Bolschwing’s appointment as president of TCI was a Getty move. A junior Getty. Of course, son Gavin’s business career, many years later, would feature Getty investment money. So there’s another thread, a $$ thread which might prove interesting to pursue.

Fun facts.

Now that I think of it, and I think of it because the Newsom family and Getty family figures are close, what would it be like to have a surrogate Getty sitting in the Oval Office?

Or running for the Presidency with Getty money behind him?

We know that Gavin is a graduate of the Young Global Leaders program at the maniacal globalist World Economic Forum. Here’s one more fun fact, from the Ariadne Getty Foundation (1/31/2020):

GLAAD [Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation] was on-the-ground in Davos, Switzerland last week with the Ariadne Getty Foundation to raise awareness for LGBTQ people and issues during the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting.”

“The Annual Meeting welcomes the foremost political, business and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas. The mission of the World Economic Forum is simple: ‘improve the state of the world.’”

Lots of dots here. How many connections?

Oh, I almost forgot. “Newly released documents have revealed that oil billionaire and museum founder J. Paul Getty was a friend and admirer of Adolf Hitler and even lent his support to Nazi Germany in the early days of World War II.”

Source: Oil Baron Getty Revealed as Hitler Fan | DW[dot]com | 02.09.2003

“Getty, who was 79 when he died in London in 1976, greatly admired Adolf Hitler, according to one of the books, ‘The Great Getty’… by Boston Globe reporter Robert Lenzner, who quotes extensively from Getty’s diaries and FBI documents.”

Source: Oil Man Getty Was No Mr. Nice Guy, Books Say: Billionaire Called an Admirer of Hitler, Womanizer in Separate Biographies — Los Angeles Times (latimes[dot]com)

But I’ll swear on a stack of bibles there is absolutely nothing to see here; move along. Gavin is just a guy with too much hair gel.

— Jon Rappoport

Real Prez: “I shut down those sons of bitches at the CDC”

Quadruple header. Four articles today.

ARTICLE ONE: Since I’m now the President of the US…

Yesterday, on my first day in office, as you know, I shut down those sons of bitches at the CDC. That agency is closed.

They’ve committed too many crimes. There’s no fixing it.

Of course, the outrage in the news and in Washington is huge. Good.

Some of those typical Washington types have already filed a suit to stop me. I’ll fight it. Meanwhile, unless people want to mess with a unit of Special Forces deployed around the CDC headquarters in Atlanta, the place will stay closed. By the way, all the boys in that unit are unvaccinated, so they’re on my side.

Next up, my Attorney General has filed criminal charges against a host of executives at Pfizer, including the CEO, for fraud, depraved indifference, and a host of other felonies. Their COVID vaccine should have been destroyed and sent off into outer space before it was ever submitted for approval.

We’re talking about 1.3 million injuries, and many deaths. The judge in the case has already granted permission for the trial to be broadcast live, in full.

If found guilty, the defendants are looking at 50 years in prison. There will be no guilty pleas and there will be no deals.

My friends, if you want to avoid falling for this kind of vaccine con again, you’d better put your asses in chairs and watch this trial. It’s going to curl your innards.

We’ve got other cases ready to go. For example, the editors of a prominent medical journal that published two fraudulent scummy pieces of puff praising the Pfizer shot are coming under the gun.

Again, this will be a felony trial. Essentially, the journal traded glowing reviews of the vaccine for very expensive ads. The health of the public? They never thought about that or gave a shit.

They’re going to give a shit now.

One editor has already confessed to turning a blind eye to Pfizer data that proved the vaccine would never be effective. Are you listening? Would. Never. Be. Effective.

Tony Fauci is fired from his government job. He’s toast. Even though he’s retiring, we’re firing him. We’re building a massive criminal case against him. He’ll claim I have no right to fire him. I’ll prove his crimes made it necessary to fire him. There is nothing in government regulations that protects a civil service employee who is a serial felon. When we put HIS ass in a chair in a courtroom, you’re going to watch something that looks very much like a war crimes trial.

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Biden's 'Energy Substitution' Approach Earns Widespread Praise

I rarely make public apologies. But this time I have to.

I was wrong, and I’m sorry.

Now I understand. Now I get it.

AQP Wire: “Mr. Biden is earning widespread praise for his revolutionary approach to the new economy. It’s called ‘energy substitution,’ and at least one governor, Gavin Newsom, is already on board.”

“Newsom told reporters gathered at the French Laundry restaurant, ‘There is a powerful Egyptian prayer to the sun…’”

“Mr. Biden put it this way. ‘You take something you have and you get rid of it. Then you take what you don’t have and make it work.”

Why didn’t I see this?

It must have been my anger.

Maybe I need to pull back. Maybe it’s time to rethink everything.

You take oil and natural gas and coal and get rid of them. Then you bring in solar and Dutch windmills instead. Out with the dirty, in with the clean.

Of course, the solar and the Dutch make up only 2% of what you just got rid of.

It looks like you’re crashing the economy.

And that’s where I stopped in my previous analysis. But now I realize there’s an X factor. I don’t know what it is yet, but I can feel it. It’s there.

You DO it before you KNOW it.

We can’t know how we’ll make up the missing 98% of our energy until we throw it all away and bring in the solar/Dutch. THEN it’ll all come clear.

You drive a car toward the edge of a cliff. You might think you know what’ll happen when you go out into space, but you don’t. You have to DO it. Then when you’re actually in space, you’ll find out. And then you can solve the problem.

That might be a bad example, but you get what I mean.

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

The statement makes no literal sense, but it DOES make sense to you once you’re on the moon and you’re saying it. First you WENT THERE, and then you knew.

That might be a bad example, too.

I’m working with this. Wrestling. I know it’s there.

Because nobody would be stupid enough to throw away what we have to have, and replace it with what we don’t have.

That’s my bottom line.

That’s why I’m dedicating myself to victory in 2022 and 2024, for the Democrats and the RINOs.

If I have to, I’ll walk naked in the rain, in the snow, I’ll swim across rivers, I’ll crawl through mud, I’ll stuff ballot boxes, I’ll do whatever it takes to keep these mystics in power.

Be with me on this journey. Now, more than ever, I need you.

Thank you.

— Jon Rappoport

(Episode 25 of Rappoport Podcasts — “Ebola Blood; Hot Zone Jungle Viruses Reincarnated; Fauci’s Role: Human sacrifice is a morbid thread that runs through history. This is a story of SCIENTIFIC human sacrifice.” — is now posted. It’s a blockbuster. To listen, click here. To learn more about This Episode of Rappoport Podcasts, click here.)