A Few Good Men? I’ll Take One

A state Governor.

Who, come hell or high water, against all odds, no matter how much red tape is wrapped around his neck, gets one law signed, sealed, and delivered.

That state law makes it entirely legal for any person to practice, without license of any kind, any kind of healing, for any disease or condition…

Given that the treatment is not more toxic than the standard medical treatment for the condition…

And given that the healer and the healee, both adults, sign a contract between themselves (and no other entity) swearing that the outcome of the treatment will not provoke a lawsuit or any other legal action…

And will not involve the government in any way.

The two consenting adults are entirely responsible for the treatment.

“Magic water” for cancer, doing somersaults to heal a heart condition, chocolate for arthritis, eating roasted Mongolian turnips for Alzheimer’s…

It’s all good.

NONE of it is the government’s business.

That’s the law.

Get it passed in one state, and that state becomes an example for all the other states.

First of all, thousands of healers and healees are going to move to the state with the new law—sparking an upward economic revolution of enormous proportions.

Not a bad thing. Not a bad thing at all.

Second, the law allows adults TO BE RESPONSIBLE for their own health—no matter what the government or the medical cartel thinks.

Third, contracts between consenting adults replace state-granted licenses. This puts power where it belongs.

Fourth, actual workable modes of healing get a chance to emerge into the sunlight and operate.

Fifth, the enforced monopoly on healing is broken.

Doctors are put in their place. They’re just one type of purported healer. Among thousands.

And there you have it.

A revolution for the ages.

Decentralization of power.

A squashing of all the little meddlers minding everybody else’s business.

A stark reminder that FREEDOM isn’t just another word.

The straitjacket that modern corporate/ government medicine has imposed on the people comes off and is burned to ashes.

Full-blown revolution in Ireland? Overthrow of government?

Or just a few days of protest over an Algerian immigrant stabbing Irish children outside a school?

Things could explode in massive fury, because the government is trying to push through a new Hate Speech law.

It contains the usual garble about incitement to violence, hatred directed toward special groups; the new wrinkle makes it a crime to even POSSESS such hate material.

If my experience as a kid with Irish kids is still relevant, half of Ireland could wind up in jail if this law passes. Those kids were masters of the insult. They practiced and cultivated it. For them, it was an art form.

If the law passes, I think the government is going to have to outlaw booze. Which is often the initiator of “hate speech.”

I assume the Irish government itself would be one of the special groups—hate speech directed at it would qualify as a crime. If so, you may as well not refer to Ireland as a nation anymore.

If that Irish lad George Carlin were still alive, I think he would have much to say about this new law.

“But they take it too far, they take themselves too seriously, they exaggerate. They want me to call that thing in the street a ‘person-hole cover;’ I think that’s taking it a little bit too far. What would you call a lady’s man, a ‘person’s person’? That would make a ‘He-man an ‘It-person.’ Little kids would be afraid of ‘the boogieperson’. They’d look up in the sky and see ‘the person in the moon’. Guys would say, ‘Come back here and fight like a person,’ And we’d all sing ‘For it’s a jolly good person’.”

“Government wants to tell you things you can’t say because they’re against the law, or you can’t say this because it’s against a regulation, or here’s something you can’t say because it’s a…secret; ‘You can’t tell him that because he’s not cleared to know that.’ Government wants to control information and control language because that’s the way you control thought, and basically that’s the game they’re in.”

I met Carlin during the intermission of one of his shows in San Diego. It was near the end of his career and his life. He was disappointed in the bland reaction of the audience that night. I think he might have started to realize that too many of his people were blasted out on meds and other drugs, and were generally opting for passivity as a lifestyle.

I hope that isn’t true of the people of Ireland right now.

Imagine a nuclear missile the size of one atom

Among the devastating problems nuclear missiles impose—namely, their destructive effects—people don’t consider ERRORS.

Errors in design, or construction, or navigational control. People assume their assembly is correct, and they’ll reach specific designated targets.

One reason for this confidence? They’re big. Therefore, technicians can work with them, get inside them, examine them easily, direct their course properly. Locate problems that might exist.

But suppose a missile were the size of one atom?

What then?

What would happen to the confidence factor?

“You mean you’re going to design, assemble, and potentially launch a missile with all that power, and it’s only the size a single atom? Whoa. Wait.”

How do you get inside a missile that tiny? How do you inspect it, to find out whether it’s put together properly? How do you tinker with all its components in the first place, to make sure it’s built exactly according to specs?

Well, the smallest nanoparticle is the same size as a single atom.

And guess what? The RNA COVID vaccines ARE nanoparticles.

Each particle is not the size of a bread crumb or a piece of dust under the couch or a pinhead.

No. A nanoparticle is much, much, much, much smaller.

This is where dreaded common sense enters the scene.

We’re supposed to believe that vaccine manufacturers, who specialize in lying about every aspect of their products day and night, are going to tell us the truth about the design, assembly, and manufacture of billions and billions of RNA nanoparticles they’re shooting into the arms of every human on the planet they can entice.

I keep writing about this subject, because I’m launching my own missiles. At people’s minds.

As I’ve said before, the genetic instructions embedded inside each nanoparticle have to be spatially placed in just the right location. Otherwise, the effects on the human body are…unknown.

Actually, the long-range genetic effects of the injections are already unknown, but misplacement of the genetic information could make things worse. Much worse.

Each vaccine nanoparticle IS a potential missile. Delivered to the body.

Understand this.

Fentanyl: Chemical Warfare on a Scale No One Wants to Admit

Readers everywhere, spread the information far and wide.

In this article, I’m taking a few simple facts, doing basic arithmetic, and coming up with the threat level posed by fentanyl, the lethal drug moving across America and the world.

When I say threat level, I mean death.

Here we go.

Fentanyl is an incredibly lethal drug.

Two milligrams is a deadly dose.

Now follow the math—

Insightcrime.org, November 21, 2023: “Fentanyl seizures along the US-Mexico border have hit record highs, suggesting that, despite a supposed ban on production of the deadly synthetic opioid in parts of Mexico, a multitude of criminal groups are keeping production apace.”

“United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents seized 12,119 kilograms (26,718 pounds) of illicit fentanyl along the country’s southwest border with Mexico in the 2023 fiscal year, which runs from October to September. This marked a nearly 90% increase from the 6,397 kilograms (14,104 pounds) officials seized in the previous fiscal year.”

Let’s call the 2023 seizure an even 12,000 kilograms.

Remember, this is only the seizure total for one year.

12,000 kilograms equal 12 billion milligrams. (There are a million milligrams in a kilogram.)

With a lethal dose of fentanyl pegged at 2 milligrams, we’re talking about enough fentanyl to kill 6 BILLION people.

Again, that’s only fentanyl seized along the southern border during one year.

And of course, no one knows how much fentanyl has slipped into the US through the border and has never been found.

The standard law-enforcement assessment is: “If this is how much we seized, we can assume a lot more got through unnoticed.”

6 billion deaths.


Would you call that a problem?

An emergency?

A reason for the federal government to stand up and start shouting and actually DO something?

Do you think this rates some serious attention? AS IN: SHUTTING DOWN THE BORDER WITH 50,000 TROOPS?

Or would you say, “Look, I realize this is a tough situation, but the HUMANITARIAN flow of immigrants into the United States MUST remain our highest priority”?

That happens to be the irreversible priority of this federal administration.

You can rank that priority anywhere on a scale from ignorant to psychotic to genocidal. It IS genocidal.

Pick your worst killer in modern times. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, whoever. Suppose, instead of reports about Mexican cartels bringing in the fentanyl, you were told:

“[WORST KILLER BY NAME] has sent enough poison into America to kill at least 6 billion people.”

Maybe then you would react. Maybe the US government would react—with a brief statement that leads nowhere.

Here we are. The Pentagon, which should be defending the country against fentanyl at the border, is instead busy reorganizing the military with diversity as the leading mandate.


—If you added the amount of fentanyl seized at the US southern border in 2022, the previous year, you’d easily have enough to kill every person in the world.

So…what “threat level” would you assign to “the problem?”

I could take off and offer various reasons why, at the highest and lowest levels of power, no one is talking about the scope of fentanyl chemical warfare or taking decisive action. But I’m not going to do that.

Why bother?

You see how stark and devastating the warfare is.


— Jon Rappoport

Amazon scores big win broadcasting NFL Black Friday football; they captured Christmas shoppers

“Will Santa come down the chimney again this year, Mommy?”

“No dear, all that stuff is done. It’s old. Santa is now on the other end of our Amazon account.”

—This piece is based on, and takes off from, Mike Gunzelman’s excellent article over at Outkick.

For the first time in history, the NFL scheduled a game on Black Friday this year.

Dolphins-Jets. Jets lost, of course. Badly.

Amazon stepped in and paid the NFL $100 million just to broadcast this one game this one time.

Exclusive rights.

Meaning: Fans watching the game were Amazon Prime members.

Meaning: Those millions of fans stayed home on Black Friday. They didn’t go Christmas shopping at stores with crazed people.

But wait. They still did that shopping. By ordering crap through Amazon. During the game.

Not only that, but Amazon had their previous online shopping profiles. So Amazon ran in-game commercials customized to those profiles.

Some guy in Cincinnati bought shoes three times on Amazon? He saw shoe ads during Back Friday football.

Some woman in Louisville bought a massage chair on Amazon? She saw ads for automatic foot wigglers.

That kind of thing.

Santa’s got no sleigh. He’s got warehouses.

As I always do, I look to future possibilities.

A President holds a press conference and announces:

“I’ve just signed a deal with Amazon. The nonsense I feed you reporters? That’s all surface stuff. But now, I’ll be bringing Prime members behind closed doors to watch what really goes on.”

“The meetings, the arguments, the drug-fueled temper tantrums, the bribes, payoffs, deals with lobbyists for major polluters, the framing of bullshit issues designed to attract voters, the faces of people you’ve never seen before who really run my administration. You can’t get this stuff anywhere else. No other news outlet will have it. This is just for Prime members.”

There is still a huge lack of basic understanding about the RNA COVID vaccines

Nanoparticle: “ultrafine [sub-microscopic] unit with dimensions measured in nanometres (nm; 1 nm = 10 [to the minus 9] metre).”

In ADDITION to everything I’ve written about the horrendous RNA COVID shots, here are factors very few people are discussing.

First, remember we are dealing with VERY, VERY tiny particles (nanoparticles). The vaccines ARE these nanoparticles.

The particles present unique problems, which open the door to all sorts of errors.

Researchers in the lab create very small quantities of these particles. When you scale up to manufacturing tremendous quantities of the particles to make up the vials of vaccine, quality control is an awesome challenge.

All sorts of things can go wrong. The number of nanoparticles in each dose can vary. The physical placement (location) of each element in each particle can change. Meaning the structure changes. Meaning the human effects change.

These are not small issues. They’re gigantic.

I see no a way to guarantee quality control in manufacturing. It appears these companies make their case on the results of human clinical vaccine trials—which, as we know, were fraught with errors, lies, and basic deceptions.

Picture billions and billions of these tiny, tiny particles “coming off an assembly line”—and you have to find a way to make sure the number of these particles is uniform from vaccine-dose to dose. Then, even worse, you have to make sure the spatial placement of each element in each particle is correct and is the same, for all the particles.

If you can’t do these things, you automatically risk disastrous health effects in people who receive the vaccine.

—And THEN you just rely on the manufacturer, who blithely says, “Safe and effective.”

We aren’t even approaching the eternal problem of contamination, in the manufacturing process. Not just one kind of contamination. Multiple types: any foreign substance that finds its way to the coating of the nanoparticles, or to the vials, or to the liquid in the vials. Across a range of billions of doses of vaccine.

What I’m bringing up in this article isn’t esoteric. Every vaccine manufacturer is acutely aware of these problems. These just don’t talk about them. And neither does the press.