Possible (probable?) Military operations currently being carried out (pt 2 of 2)… James Munder VIDEO 4-2-20… “Q Intel Underground Network Operations Civ/Mil/Int Tunnel Networks”

[Kp (oops) update: I inadvertently posted the incorrect video link. Now corrected. (it’s https://youtu.be/l5cUsNTr4Yw)]

This goes along with the last post, and although I have no idea who James Munder might be, the video illustrates many items I’ve viewed before about the VAST network of underground tunnels and bases that exist, and which are (very likely) being cleared out right now.

This video links to a Jonathon Seagull video which goes into some other aspects about what might be going on.

[Kp note: the “probable” is via my “sense” of things.]


Ctedit: Jonathan Seagull

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