Yellowstone Super Volcano, Vatican Sex Scandals, MK Ultra Youtube Kids Channels, Spirit Science Teal Swan Rape Scandal on Real Speaks Current Events Show July 13 2017 Part 1

Is Yellowstone going to blow? Facebook seems to think its ok to yell “lava” in a crowded theatre, but everything else gets censored as fake news. Also, have you seen what Youtube is letting your kids watch? Some of the new uncensored channels are showing the most grotesque MK Ultra pedophile primers around. Speaking of which, a major pedophile ring 90,000 large has just been busted in Germany while the Vatican police just walked in on a drug en-flamed gay sex orgy of priests. Its what’s been happening in the news this week. Then we end part of one of this two part weekly show with an update on the New Age community as the co-founder of spirit science is outed on rape charges and guru-ess Teal Swan get wrapped up in the scandal and blames the victim.   However, there is hope as we give a quick review and sneak peak at a powerful testimony of Steven Bancarz who was the other founder or New Age blog Spirit Science that managed to get out of the deception before it was too late.

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What They’re NOT Telling You About The Vatican Sex Raids

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