Challenging Times Will Make You Stronger – Don't Shy Away From Them


Smooth seas never made a skilled sailor, as they say.

Meaning, any journey we face will come with it’s ups and downs. There will be obstacles on our path. The only way to grow stronger is to face these challenges head on and overcome them – avoiding what is difficult is the coward’s way out, the choice made by those who do not want to build the character traits associated with strength, resilience, and self-mastery. These people want the easy life, the comfort zone – but the problem with the comfort zone is that nothing worthwhile grows there.

Our society is plagued with difficulties, for the corrupt elite on this Earth have not made our world into one that truly benefits the people on it. Our elections are rigged, our food is poison, our media is fake, our schools are nothing more than indoctrination institutions that cost an arm and a leg, maybe both legs. Once we acquire our fancy degrees we work wage-slave jobs 40 hours a week for 40 years in hopes of acquiring just enough money to not be a burden on our children and afford a decent retirement home with Bingo nights on Thursdays.

Why did we incarnate onto this prison planet? What’s the point? Is there any hope for our future?

Of course there is.

Rather than crying like a little wuss who wants their binky, keep pushing ahead everyday, one small step at a time. If one harbors the mindset of failure, thinking that nothing is going to change and we’re all screwed – well, that’s exactly what they’re going to get. They are creating their own reality of misery. Why bother with a mindset like that? They’re just setting themselves up to lose.

Back in the day I played soccer in college, and one practice we were put to a heavy physical test with hours of wind sprints, push ups, sit ups, and 100 yard bear crawls. After we finished the workout, our strength coach lectured us about overcoming challenges and uttered a phrase I remember to this day, “Embrace the suck”.

A phrase that perfectly encapsulates the idea of going stronger through strife. Embrace the suck. Because only by doing those 100 yard bear crawls were we able to strengthen our bodies. Only by embracing the challenges we are working through as a society do we strengthen our mental and spiritual fortitudes to overcome any obstacles thrown our way.

Let us not run from the difficulties of this Great Awakening, but instead attack them head on with courage and determination. You do not want to be the one telling your children’s children that you stayed silent and gave up during the most important fight of our lives.

Whatever you do, do not quit, and keep fighting!

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10 Tips For Better Discernment With Current Events And Conspiracy Theories


Discernment is defined as the ability to judge well – and now, more than ever, we desperately need to hone our judgement skills in order to combat the incredible amount of fake news coming from the mainstream media/science/religious establishment and from the clickbait disinfo disseminated through conspiracy theory culture.

If only we were taught proper critical thinking skills during our time in grade school… though it’s quite foolish for us to expect our government to arm our minds with the tools necessary to keep ourselves sovereign and free. It’s in their best interest not to! They like to teach us what to think, not how to think – otherwise known as brainwashing.

So we must take it upon ourselves to strengthen our discernment. It’s often said or thought that discernment is something given to us by an outside force, “pray for discernment” – and to this I disagree, we must be active in the practice. It’s not given, it’s built, honed, forged. Through research, experience, and practical knowledge does our discernment get better, and we can choose to strengthen all of these qualities.

We must take responsibility for ourselves and our own mental acuity, to break free from the mental shackles that dark forces upon this planet are trying to keep us in. By getting ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually stronger do we have a fighting chance against these principalities and can defeat the disinformation and manipulation plaguing our world.

Don’t forget – the stronger your body is, the stronger your mind can become. Eat well, sleep enough, exercise properly, limit the bad shit. Don’t underestimate your physical health and it’s impact on your mental state.

You’re not just making yourself into a strong, badass, free thinking human for yourself, but humanity depends on you. Where we go one, we go all.

Here are the ten tips of honing Discernment when it comes to verifying mainstream media reports and claims given in the Truth/Disclosure/Patriot movement:

1) Be Mindful Of Your Emotions

Emotions can be one of the biggest barriers to proper critical thinking. When we are engaged in emotional reaction rather than calm, collective reasoning, we can get easily caught up by weak logic and false claims. The primal, fight-or-flight centers of our sub-conscious mind are activated rather than the centers responsible for self-awareness and higher learning. When evaluating something that’s getting you heated, do your best to control your emotions with techniques that work for you, whether that be breathing exercises to stimulate the parasympathetic side of your nervous system (the relaxing aspect of it), a quick meditation, going for a walk, talking through the situation with an unbiased friends, or whatever suits you best.

It also goes to note that social media influencers will use emotionally driven content to suck followers into their grift. I was talking to woman in my Telegram chat the other day who got sucked into this totally fraudulent influencer only because they talked about saving children, and because of that one topic this follower then believed everything else they were claiming and thought they were honest. Have to be careful of that sort of virtue signaling.

2) Identify Sources And Their Legitimacy

Identifying the source, their possible bias, and their credibility is more important than ever. Is the information you’re reading coming from a mainstream source? Where are they on the left/right/independent spectrum? Do they have a vested interest in skewing the narrative of the story? Are they identifying the source for the claims within the article or video, or keeping them anonymous? Are you hearing this claims on social media? Is the social media influencer reliable or not? It’s crucial to reserve judgement about the reliability of an influencer until they prove to you that they can be trusted and don’t have an underlying motivation of money or fame. As described in #1, the virtue signaling can be employed by internet personalities to rope in a following and more of these supposed “honest” and “truth-based patriot” personalities might value money and fame than you think. Same goes for mainstream media outlets, too, in their valuing of money and clicks. The love of money is the root of evil!

3) Question Basic Assumptions

Our society is built with illusion upon illusion, so must set our egos aside and question even our own basic assumptions about what we think we know. Consistently plays Devil Advocate with yourself, “what if I’m wrong about this or that?”. Don’t be emotionally tied to your own belief systems, and be a detached observers of your own thoughts and beliefs. Unfortunately this is very difficult for some people, as their whole sense of self is tied deeply into their belief structures and if they dare question these beliefs, then their self security is shattered. Don’t be this person, you will be just fine questioning your long standing ideas about reality.

4) Search For Other Opinions

One person will never have the absolute truth or be an expert about everything, so searching out aficionados and adding their perspectives to the picture you are creating about a situation can be very helpful. Use caution about the so-called “experts” shoved into your face by establishment media and science though, for these are often experts in nothing but propaganda. The beauty about social media is that it can connect you to individuals and their ideas that we never would have gotten otherwise. Search through comment sections, find alternative blogs, check YouTube videos and social media posts, you could find a plethora of information and opinions in these areas that can be very helpful in analyzing a situation.

5) Remember That You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

The “Knowns” are either the things we are aware of and understand, or things we are aware of but don’t understand. The “Unknowns” are the things we understand but are not aware of, or the things we are neither aware of nor understand. Wrap your head around that one. So when analyzing a situation, typically we are trying to better understand the things are aware of, or become aware of the things we already understand. That last category, “things we are neither aware of nor understand”, or the things we don’t know that we don’t know, is the difficult one, and what we should remember when going through that deduction process. What am I not even aware of in this situation? Admitting that there could be something out there not even on your radar, can help that detail surface in your consciousness leading to a more full understanding.

6) Even Experts Can Be Misled

On one hand it might be good to seek out the opinion of experts in the field as described in point #4 above, but it should be noted that just because someone is identified as an “expert”, a “doctor”, has a “PhD” next to their name, has a fancy diploma or license, etc., does not make them an all knowing authority on a subject. In fact, that may just mean they have been incredibly brainwashed by the establishment with a particular narrative that is totally ass-backwards. Think of it: when you have an “authority” person paying $100,000+ for their degree and spending 8 years of their life at this expensive university, they have a vested interest in defending the information they were told, no matter how wrong it might be, and their ego will fight to it’s death to avoid being proven wrong. Our “higher learning” system is not designed to build critical thinkers as much as people who are good at memorization and can regurgitate what they’re told. Crucial to remember.

7) Know Your Logical Fallacies

Find a list of logical fallacies and memorize it. Knowing how to identify these fallacies in one’s argument can go a long way is spotting when their argument is failing, and knowledge of them can also help you strengthen your own arguments. While names vary, commonly known and used logical fallacies include the Strawman Fallacy, the Appeal to Authority, the Burden of Proof Fallacy, Ad Hominem Arguments, Circular Arguments, the Bandwagon Fallacy, and others.

8) Demand Details

Too many times a social media post will be made with a grand claim, and loads of people will automatically accept it without any call for proof or evidence that this claim is legitimate. Someone who is being honest with their reporting should be offering necessary and relevant details in their original post, and if they don’t they should be more than willing to offer them when inquired after the fact. This same goes for mainstream media reporting. Who, what, where, when, why, and how? One of the question I ask myself most when seeing internet claims, especially on social media, is “how would they know this?”. An often needed question with how many influencers claims or insinuate that they have some sort of “inside source” giving them information. “Sauce it or toss it” is one of my favorite adages for a lack of evidence to prove the claims people make.

9) The 24 Hour Rule

In this word of clickbait culture, too many mainstream, alternative, and independent journalists value being first over waiting to get their facts straight about a story because they prioritize getting the shares and likes on their posts rather than having content with substance. This has led many information consumers to adopt a wise approach they call a 24 or 48 Hour Rule, meaning one should wait a day or two for more facts to arise about a situation before making any sort of conclusion about it. Having patience and the ability not to let emotions make one jump to any rash judgements can go a long way in making one a successful critical thinker.


Use Different Search Tools

By search tools, I mean more than just search engines like Google or DuckDuckGo, but using a variety of tools like reverse image searching, web archive, and search functions on social media platforms. Reverse image searching on websites like Tineye can go a long way in verifying is photographs are real, where they come from, and whether or not they have been posted on the internet before. The search functions on social media platforms like Twitter or Telegram are highly underrated, and can be used to find quite a bit of information that may not be present on blogs, websites, or in a Google search.

Having patience and persistence is all you really need to create yourself a fine tuned bullshit detector. Be careful with your emotions, be mindful of your beliefs, and be active in sourcing and fact checking the claims you see on the internet. We must build ourselves into the free, critically thinking persons that we are destined to be, no authority, institution, or other individual will do that for us. Our apathy and intellectual laziness is what got us into this mess of a society, and to that let’s say: No More!

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Economy On The Brink: Will This Be The Excuse To Push Digital Dollars?


(Nothing in this article should be construed as financial advice. I am simply an idiot with a keyboard giving you my thoughts and speculations of what’s happening and what may come.)

Joe Biden’s economy is crashing as hard as his bicycle.

As of this writing our economy is on the brink of recession, if not at recession levels already. In terms of traditional markets the S&P 500 index is down 24% since it’s highs 6 months ago, the NASDAQ is down almost 33%, the Dow Jones nearly 20. Over 3 trillion dollars have been wiped out from American’s retirement accounts this year alone. It’s been 40 years since inflation has seen it’s current levels, and this is causing Central Banks around the world to raise their interest rates to levels they haven’t done in 30 years. Well, maybe if they didn’t print ungodly amounts of fiat dollars over the last 3 years (over $6.5 trillion in “stimulus” for 2020 alone!), then maybe inflation wouldn’t be this bad?! Be nice if they thought of that sooner. Or maybe they did, and that was the plan.

Then we have gas prices, which have been making new highs every week for months. Areas on the West Coast are already seeing 6 and 7 dollars per gallon. Some gas stations in Washington State have reprogrammed their pumps in anticipation of $10 per gallon later this year. Our genius president is cancelling oil drilling leases in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico and deciding to tap into our nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserves to the tune of 1 million barrels a day for the next 6 months to “address global supply disruptions and volatile energy costs”. These Strategic Reserves are for, you know, when we’re dealing with something like a giant world war or a mega earthquake that cripples our country – not when the nincompoop in the White House and his handlers find it fun to destroy our economy. (Let’s not act like this is an accident)

Not just gas, but prices of other commodities are through the roof right now. Lumber, food, clothing, rent – prices of it all are getting higher than Hunter Biden and it’s stressing the pocketbooks of working class Americans more than ever. Data shows that the average household is paying an extra $400 per month because of the price inflation.

Let’s be honest: we wouldn’t have these issues if these Cabal clowns didn’t cause them in the first place. Good ol’ Hegelian Dialectic in action.

We’re in a category 5 economic hurricane, and estimates from some analysts say that the eye of this storm isn’t even here yet.

Let’s all say it in unison, friends – Let’s Go Brandon!!For reparations, I demand one dollar for every vote that was faked for Biden in my bank account. Just go ahead plug a Dominion machine in it, we’ll watch that number rise at 3 a.m.

In terms of cryptocurrency, those markets are getting absolutely REKT. Bitcoin is down 40% in the last week alone and down 75% from all time highs last November. Alternative crypto coins (“Shitcoins”, as they’re often called in the industry, because they’re essentially money grabs by code developers), are down over 90% from their all time highs late last year. In typical bear market cycles Bitcoin has 80% draw downs, which we’re already at, but the crypto market has yet to experience a global recessions the likes of what we’re seeing right now. As the time of this writing Bitcoin is sitting in the mid-18,000s. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a $11,000 Bitcoin over the summer, nor would I be shocked if it drops under the $10,000 mark. Full reset in action.

The bad news is that some of these shitcoins and some crypto exchanges may not survive this catastrophic bear market. The good news is that there are so many scam coins in the market and they deserve to go under. Thinning the heard will make crypto healthier in the long run.

The realistic news is that the Central Banks might be involved with purposefully manipulating the markets, traditional and crypto, in order to justify massive amounts of over-regulation and then, more importantly, push their Central Bank Digital Currency, or “CBDCs”.

Bitcoin is something the Central Banks don’t like because it’s decentralized and has no central governing authority. They can’t control it. What the Deep State Cabal wants is everyone using a Central Bank Digital Currency because that way they can track everyone’s expenditures on a controlled database. In addition, they would have the ability to restrict bank accounts.

Imagine the government being able to shut off your ability to buy things because you made a social media post that they thought was “disinformation” or “hate speech”?That’s a wet dream for these psychopaths, and guess what – it’s already happening in communist China right now.

A protest planned by hundreds of bank depositors in central China seeking access to their frozen funds has been thwarted because the authorities have turned their health code apps red, several depositors told Reuters.

The depositors were planning to travel to the central province of Henan this week from across China to protest against an almost two-month block on accessing at least $178 million of deposits, which has left companies unable to pay workers and individuals unable to access savings.

We know they’re trying to fast track America into the same communist style control that the likes of China is employing, and the problem (for us, not them) is that the majority of the American public is blind to it. They don’t realize the incremental steps that have been laid in the U.S.A. over decades to leave our social engineers with full spectrum dominance. We are boiling frogs.

And they’re using a variety of reasons in an effort to get society onto a trackable, controlled database, whether it’s coronavirus health passes, climate change carbon trackers, or programs for “social equality”. Here’s a thought: what if a massive economic crash is used as an excuse to get society onto a Central Bank Digital Currency. I can already imagine them gaslighting to make us think it’s good and necessary, “It’s a natural state of technological evolution. It was bound to happen. Let’s embrace it in the name of scientific advancement!”. You can see one of the excuses that Jerome Powell used in the video above, “We need to keep the U.S. Dollar globally competitive, a digital dollar will help us do that!”. Problem, reaction, solution. They create the problem, get a reaction from the public, and they have the pre-planned solution ready to go.

So folks, buckle up and hunker down. Be careful with your investments, prices might look juicy but this isn’t your average dip, sometimes it’s just best to wait. Stock up on necessary goods to have on hand for your family, preparing is never a bad idea. Learn to garden, know how to homestead. Be independent and self-sufficient. Focus on what’s important in your life, your family, your community, and yourself. Reject all the control schemes that our global elites will try to roll out, we will fight against them and prevent their maniacal agendas. Keep fighting, have faith and no fear because at the end of the day, we will win.

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The Mysterious Food Processing Plant Fires & Livestock Deaths Conspiracy


What did you say? The Deep State is intentionally destroying food processing facilities around the country to engineer a food shortage? Get your head out of the conspiracy theory hole, you crazy person. They wouldn’t dare create supply chain disruptions in order to destroy small farms so China, Bill Gates, and BlackRock can come in, buy them all, and centralize power and control…

W… w… would they?

You bet your ass they would, Normie John! I mean, if this cult Cabal would engineer world wars, planet wide scamdemics, economic disasters and whatever the heck else their psychopathic brains find fun – why wouldn’t they burn down a few food plants?!

That may very well be what they’re doing. The New World Order’s goal is for full spectrum dominance of society, after all. Let’s get our tin foil hats on and take a look:

Lots of Plants Up In Flames

This list below has been going viral over the last few days. Some internet sleuth took the time (gotta love those anons) to put together a list of all the mysterious events having to do with food plants and livestock since the beginning of Joe Brandon’s treason-filled Administration in January 2021. 97 different examples of fires, chickens and turkeys getting destroyed, more fires, and more livestock being destroyed.

What’s going on here?

Don’t worry, friends, “” is here to save the day! This “fact” checking organization, and many others such as Reuters, Associated Press, Politifact and the best of all, SNOPES, released articles within the last two months to make damn sure you do not believe for one second that the frequency and causes of food plant fires are unnatural. These are UnFoUnDeD rUmOrS and are not anything out of the ordinary!

You have to love how when the legacy, mass-mind-controlling media needs to get a narrative out there, they’ll activate all of their media organizations to run the same version of a headline on the same day. These fact check articles all appeared the week of April 26th to May 4th. Echo chamber effect in action.

One quick question, can anyone remember another year where we had a major food processing plant fire nearly every single week over the span of a year and a half? I’m genuinely curious if anyone can answer this with a yes and some evidence to back that yes up.

At least we have some honest media outlets, alternative and independent of course, willing to write articles about this issue despite the chance of being labeled “crazy conspiracy theorist domestic terrorist extremists”. The Gateway Pundit is one example.

Heck, even packaging industry websites are questioning why there’s such an uptick of fires at processing plants. They don’t want to dip their toes too far into the conspiracy pool so they’re blaming the reason on “safety protocols”, but the uptick definitely seems to be out of the ordinary and is making even Normie America wonder what’s up.

Livestock Troubles, Too

Another issue we’re dealing with is the loss of livestock.

The above list details many instances over the past year and a half where large losses of chicken, turkey, and other farm animals occurred. There may be legitimate explanations for some of these cases, but is there one for every case? If we have even just a couple instances of mass livestock loss done to a farmer by outside forces, that adds a layer to the conspiracy web that deserves questioning and investigation.

Another social media post going viral this week involves a video of thousands of cows dead in Kansas. “Official sources” state that these cows died due to a heat wave. Now I’m no farming expert, but it was in the mid 90’s yesterday in Kansas (about 35°C for my non-’Murican friends). Is that warm enough to kill cattle and make them all keel over like this? Did we have this happen anywhere else in that state or in the country? It’s pretty hot in a lot of places right now, but is it that hot? Did this happen any other year when it was these temps? I’ve got a lot of questions.

Are these livestock losses due to some reasonable explanation like dehydration, or has there been some meddling by sinister forces with not only food processing plants, but livestock herds around the country?

Y Tho?

The main question here, are our psychopathic elites trying to exacerbate food shortages by setting fires to food plants and annihilating livestock?

If so, what would be the reason? (Keywords: “If so”, we must always be mindful of keeping separate educated speculation vs. raw facts)

So, if so, the overarching reason the New World Order clowns do anything is to centralize power and control, and when they execute their plans they usually have a few different agendas that they knock out at once. How does that phrase go, kill two birds with one stone? Or two chickens with one processing plant fire?

What agendas may [They] have for undermining food plants and livestock farms?

If small farms lost their livestock then couldn’t pay their bills and had to sell their farms, who may come in and buy it up for cheap? Could it be people like Bill Gates, who we know is trying to acquire farmland around the U.S. to do who-knows-what with?

We’ve already got enough genetically engineered trash in our food. We don’t need this little pedo-nerd messing with our biosphere anymore than he already has.

It may not just be Billy Gates looked to acquire land dirt cheap, but BlackRock Investment company as well. Funny how almost the same day those fact checkers were trying to debunk the food processing plant fires being a conspiracy (May 4th), they also ran fact checks about Bill Gates “not being the biggest farm land owner” and BlackRock “not owning the most houses in America”. Yet, the mainstream media admitted that Bill Gates is the biggest private owner of U.S. farmland? Why is the mainstream media contradicting themselves so obviously here? And why do they feel the need to include BlackRock in this same article, too? It’s no secret BlackRock has been trying to buy houses and land.

And speaking of BlackRock, they’ve recently expanded their investments in real estate companies that specialize in acquiring farmland. Not only BlackRock, but also Vanguard. Two of the largest investment holding companies in the country, and these seem like fairly significant investment expansions. Suspect timing with these moves.

Along with land acquisition, if these food plants fires and livestock losses really do have something deeper connected to them, I could see it also being done just to increase the overall pressure on the American people and cause more chaos. We’re already dealing with gas prices higher than ever, supply chain issues of varying industries, economic destruction – why not add a few food problems into the mix? Drive the price of food higher, Americans can afford less and less with the price of everything going up, the Illuminati loves to make our lives hell! The mind of the psychopath. Familiarize yourself with it. They love seeing themselves succeed while others suffer.

Get Prepared, Keep FightingAll in all my friends, whether there’s actually some Deep State skullduggery going on with these food plant fires or not, this next year or two is going to be a doozy. Be careful with any investments you have, stock up on essential goods, keep your loved ones safe and close, get active in your communities and keep doing your best to awaken every single person you meet. And if you own a food plant or are a farmer, might not be a bad idea to invest in a few security cameras around your property.

The elites of our world are cornered animals, and cornered animals lash out when they feel threatened. That’s exactly what I think is happening right now. Things may LOOK scary in our society, it may SEEM like humanity has lost and the Elites are in full control, but I think this is the appearance they are letting on through their controlled mainstream and alternative media sources because they don’t want you to believe that THEY are the ones on the ropes. The bad guys know they are losing so they are doing their best to lower your morale so you give up and don’t finish the fight.

No, we will keep applying the pressure and we will finish this fight.

Humanity will win, it’s written in the stars.


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Invention Secrecy: On Suppressed and Censored “Free Energy” Technologies


It’s a 21st century mystery.

We sit here in the middle of 2022, constantly told about the “Miracles of Modern Science”, constantly fed the idea that humanity is more advanced now than it has ever been, yet we’re still using controlled explosions to meet our electricity and propulsion needs the same way we’ve been doing for over a century. Our cars might have computer chips and cup holders these days, but the combustion engine is the same. Our airplanes are glorified bullets – aerodynamic projectiles hurled through the air by burning a combustible behind them. As for “alternative” energy, solar cells don’t exactly work at night time or on heavily cloudy days, and the ugly, giant fans scattered across the countryside only produce electricity if it’s windy.

It may appear that we are so advanced, but have we really progressed that far? Or are we the hamster running his wheel in circles, thinking we’re moving because we’re putting in work, when really we are going nowhere fast?

How far along could we technologically, scientifically, and most importantly spiritually if our societal growth had not been hindered and manipulated by a certain group of secret society elites over the last century?

Where are these technologies, what sciences are they based on, and why are they so vehemently suppressed?

Scarcity-Based Centralization

Don’t get me wrong, humanity’s capacity to extract oil and natural gas from the Earth, synthesize it, and use these resources to power industry and transportation has revolutionized society, and we owe many of our comforts of modern living to this ingenuity. I like being able to drive to the store, fly across the country, and flip on the lights in the middle of the night. We have it easy compared to our great great-grandfathers, let alone our ancient ancestors. The problem is that all of our energy needs are owned and controlled by a centralized group with a never-ending thirst for power. In a previous Substack article, I wrote about the nature of centralization, how these New World Order folk maintain their control with this method, and how we can and must to take our power back through the decentralization of energy, media, education, and the other pivotal areas of society.

Specifically when it comes to energy and propulsion, the “Oil Baron Families”, Big Oil if you will, have exerted their control over the industry for a century+. These are your Rockefellers, Carnegies, and many of the families instrumental in creating the Federal Reserve, as well. Imagine if we were able to figure out a way to produce electricity that does not require being hooked up on a grid, and was incredibly cheap, if not free? You could imagine that some of these globalist powers would be very upset with that. They do not want humanity living in a state of abundance with technologies like zero-point energy that could provide cheap limitless electricity – to maintain their control, they must keep us on a system of scarcity. “Gas supplies are dwindling!”, they tell us as they jack up the prices to $8 per gallon. Granted, I do believe there is far more gas and oil in and on planet Earth than we’re led to believe, but the simple fact that a small group control the infrastructure, and the fact that we need to hook ourselves up to a centralized grid and pay money for electricity, is stifling our progression as a civilization. By design.

The Green Energy Bamboozle

Ah, yes. “Green” Energy is the future!.. so we’re told. We must invest trillions of dollars into solar power and wind farms to save the Earth and reduce climate change! Don’t forget to pay your carbon taxes. The climate is changing, yes, but humans are not the cause of it. The main cause if that giant ball of plasma that rises and sets in our skies everyday, but that’s a debate for another time.

Based upon this propagandized disinfo-science, our governments are frantically working to push these “alternative energy” technologies upon us. The problem is that these technologies are incredibly expensive, ironically still destroy the environment with how much mining needs to be done to make them (plus disposal), and are very much still centralized. This means that whether it’s fossil fuel or wind turbines, you still need to hook up to the grid, get metered, and pay the big corporations dollars for the watts. What if there were inventions and technologies based on more realistic scientific models that would give us the ability to generate clean, limitless energy? And we didn’t need to be hooked up to a centralized grid to benefit from them? What if these technologies would be cheap to develop? What if they have already been developed? It may sound like a grand conspiracy, but that’s because by the literal definition of that word, it is.

Censored Scientists, Tesla & Others

Nikola Tesla. This famous inventor is very well known in the mainstream world for his contribution to the field of electrical engineering. He is also well known in the conspiracy subculture, with many believing that some of his inventions involved wireless energy transmission and “free energy” electricity creation. It is also no secret that the oil baron-banking families like the Morgans and Rockefellers did not like the idea of his free energy based inventions and worked to undermine Tesla’s ability to bring these to the world. Unbeknownst to many, though, is that Tesla was not the first to work on “free energy” or “zero-point energy” inventions, nor was he the last.

There have been a variety of inventors from all around the world who stepped outside the bounds of the Standard Model of Physics and made an effort to bring disruptive technologies to market.

– In the late 1800’s, John Keely made an effort to tap the “luminiferous aether” with his handmade magnetic devices in order to produce clean, cheap electricity. Same story with him as with Tesla, the oil baron families move in to take a controlling interest.

– In the 1940’s, Thomas Townsend Brown figured out that high voltage, electrostatic charge pumped into metallic discs would make them levitate. This came to be known as the “Biefield-Brown Effect”. It is up for debate whether he was threatened, paid-off, or allowed the U.S. Navy to classify his research.

– Stanley Meyer invented a car that ran on water in the 1980’s. It’s rumored that government officials poisoned him before the could get his invention to market.

Those are a few examples among dozens and dozens more that I could offer of suppressed researchers who attempted to build some incredible stuff. Unfortunately, they did now know the powers and principalities they were up against.

Invention Secrecy Act and Tech Suppression

On February 1, 1952, a body of federal law was passed by the U.S. Congress called the Invention Secrecy Act that stated certain branches of government, like the Navy, National Security Agency, Department of State, even NASA or the DOJ, could prevent the disclosure of new inventions or technologies if the opinion of said branch was that these technologies could “present a possible threat to National Security”. Hm, where have we heard that excuse before? The issue, of course, is that such a vague excuse can and is easily taken advantage of to arbitrarily strike information secret. According to the Federation of American Scientists, “as of 2010 there were 5,135 inventions that were under secrecy orders”. That number typically ranges between 5,000 and 6,000, with come patents becoming unclassified and new ones getting classified any given year. A 1971 FOIA request into this issue of invention secrecy found that “energy conversion systems were likewise subject to review and possible restriction if they offered conversion efficiencies “in excess of 70-80%.”. Keep in mind, these details are just what’s admitted publicly. Another thing to keep in mind are all the inventions that get censored and suppressed before they’re able to make it to the patenting stage. That 5-6,000 number could be a drop in the bucket.

What’s curious about the timeframe that the Invention Secrecy Act was created, the early 1950’s, is that this coincides with when many of the alternative tech inventors were gaining prominence and popularity. This is just a few year after Tesla died, and the 1950’s was when T. Townsend Brown was developing his electro-gravitic understandings. Not to mention this was when a score of Nazi scientists were brought into the U.S. under Operation Paperclip. The CIA, NASA, and the National Science Foundation was created just a few years prior to the Invention Secrecy Act. Also not to mention the rumors of recovered extraterrestrial saucers of Roswell (1947) and the “Battle of L.A.” incident (1943). This seemed to be a very volatile time in the discovery and acquisition of sciences and technologies that the Powers That Be wanted to keep under wraps. These events together may explain the timing and nature of our Invention Secrecy Act.

The “Disclosure” Conundrum

Some within the “truth movement” are desperate for “Disclosure” from our government and authoritative institutions, calling for the Disclosure of UFO secrets, hidden technologies, and other information pertaining to these subjects. But I wonder, why would we expect the people who have been lying to us all these years, to all of a sudden come clean? Makes sense. A deeper layer to this issue involves the levels of secrecy and ways in which classifications are kept. Due to the compartmentalization, most people within our government, intelligence agencies, and elsewhere legitimately don’t know what is going on with these subjects. They haven’t been read-in on the deepest levels of need-to-know intelligence, even if they think they have. Due to this fractured nature of secrecy and compartmented info, it’s foolish to expect our government to admit what they’ve hidden from us, let alone even know all of what they’ve hidden.

A much better way to think of “Disclosure” is with another D word, Discovery. We should not be sitting on our asses waiting for the government to admit what it won’t and can’t, but we should be actively hunting for new, deeper understandings on our own. We should be actively pursuing new sciences while breaking down the false, antiquated beliefs of the past. Imagine the potential for humanity if thousands and million of young children making their way into grade school weren’t brainwashed with fake science, but had their minds open to new ways of learning and understanding. Any of these children, your child, could be the next Tesla, the next Keely, the next Brown. How much has our civilization been held back because those with the talent and potential, were never able to find their true power because of their limited belief systems?

The worldwide revolution our civilization wants and desperately needs starts in the mind. The process of awakening our consciousness and ridding ourselves of the false-base beliefs will lead us into this Age of Discovery.

Another Day, Another False Flag Shooting (Uvalde, TX)


It’s almost like this Substack account is turning into a False Flag exposing page. I’ll be writing about different topics soon, but we’ve had multiple mass shootings in the last week, each getting national news and each suspicious as heck.

Last week it was Buffalo New York, you can read the Substack article I did on that event here. Now we have a shooting in Uvalde Texas, where the “official story” says an 18 year old killed upwards of 19 children at an elementary school with a pistol and rifle. As with the Buffalo event (and other mass shooting over the years, from Parkland to Las Vegas to Pulse and before), this one has many mysteries to it.

The sooner we get rid of this NWO Illuminati Cult, the sooner the mass shootings will stop. Guns aren’t the problem, our social engineering elitists are.

And of course all these shootings happen when bombshells are starting to drop in Durham’s investigation and election fraud raids are starting in AZ, right? Right?

Time to Expose.

Helluva Timing

What a coincidence, former President Donald Trump and Texas Senator Ted Cruz are scheduled to speak at an NRA convention in Houston, Texas in less than 72 hours after the elementary school shooting in Uvalde. This event will now put pressure on them, and this event. Curious timing.

Quick Calls for Gun Control

And it only took an hour or two for the Swamp rats to being calling for gun control after the Texas shooting happened (as expected). Heck, they were probably drafting their responses the day before the shooting.

Dem Senator Chuck Schumer wasted no time in rearranging the Senate’s schedule to squeeze in and “force” a gun control vote. Happens every time. These guys need a new game plan.

Conflicting Reports

When I first heard about the Texas shooting, I was reading news reports that said the shooter had been detained and brought to a local detention center. I was quick enough to screenshot the report claiming this. Quickly, the narrative changed and news reports said the shooter had been killed.

Of course with stressful, fast moving events, it’s understandable that details can get misreported. The problem is how many times after these false flags that this happens. Almost like sometimes these shootings are planned, and it’s tough for them to manage the proper narratives??

Fact Checkers Activate!

Thankfully we have such authorities to tell us what to think. It would be a pain in the ass to have to develop our own independent thought.

Politi-fact, helping us get things right, since…. never! They were quickly tasked with fact-checking the idea of this shooting being a false flag. According to them, it wasn’t. That’s it everybody! Time to pack up and go home, nothing to see here.

Freemasons On The SceneWell isn’t this interesting! In a news report on the event, we seem to have a freemason symbol spotted on a car in the background. Could it just be happenstance that a passerby has a Freemason sticker on their car? Sure.

…but… the fact that this symbol seems to show up at many mass shooting events is was makes it notable.

Below is a screenshot from the Santa Fe Texas shooting of 2018 (likely a false flag done to wipe 8chan off the internet and destabilize the anon/Q movement) where you can see a man interviewed who had a Freemason necklace on, and another screenshot from the San Bernardino shooting of 2015 where a man being interviewed had a G hat on.

We shall bring out trust Q operation drops into play here. Days after the Santa Fe shooting, Q made reference to the Freemason symbolism coincidentally showing up around so many of these false flag shootings.

”Why are FREEMASONs on the scene of most shooting locations?

Openly giving interviews or in background shots?”

Good questions, indeed.

It goes to note here, that there are many Freemasons around the country/world that are good people. Not everybody a part of Freemasonry or donning their symbolism are evil.

We can thank our New World Order Cabal for infiltrating every powerful organization they can get their swampy hands on and forcing them to bend to their will. Logic would have it that they’ve done this to Freemasonry as well. This issue was addressed by Q in their 2018 drops, too.

Bad apples shouldn’t spoil the bunch.

Super Suspicious CBS Guy + More 14’sCBS news rushed their propaganda onto the airwaves after the Texas shooting occurred yesterday, as to be expected.

As Red Pill Pharmacist noted on Telegram, the guest who gave CBS an interview, who they claimed was a father of a child in the Parkland shooting (true or not?), had some very interesting choices of words when he gave his interview. Listen below. Was this a message to the white hats to cease and desist? Cease and desist exposing election fraud, the Spygate ring, and other Cabal activities?

I looked at the background of this gentleman and saw a couple interesting things. Not only did he have a bunch of cringey “Just F**king Vote” liberal propaganda to his right, but on his left he has a jersey with that curious number that tends to often show up with these shootings: 14.

Could this number have just been in the background by coincidence? Sure.


Just last week I was making a mention in my Buffalo shooting exposés about how this number, 14, showed up on both the rifle of the Buffalo shooter and the Christchurch New Zealand shooter. The same number 14 that was painted on John Podesta’s hand in a creepy symbolic photo, the same Podesta who happened to be in Christchurch just days before that shooting!

Seems pretty odd for this 14 to show up in a CBS report of our recent Texas shooting.

And speaking of CBS – I also found this notable. CBS apparently has a show called “FBI” on their network, and CBS decided to cancel the season finale of this series yesterday because of… check this… the season finale featured a school shooting.

Maybe CBS stands for the “CIA’s Broadcasting Stations”. Granted, we could call many mainstream outlets that name.

Same Agenda, Different False Flag

Funny how gun-related homicides have actually increased with dementia man Biden has been in office.

We’re going to hear calls for prayers in the coming days (which is good), along with calls for gun control (not so good).

But the way I see it, the quickest way to end these mass shootings is to go after the real reason they happen, expose the Deep State. Cut the head off the Hydra by combatting their disinformation, propagandists agendas with TRUTH. Shining light on darkness is the only way we can get rid of it.

Keep shining the light, friends.


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