Review of Plandemic 3: The Great Awakening


I must say, in a time where conspiracy theory documentaries are being churned out left and right and many of them have a difficult time capturing attention, whether the research isn’t well done and full of clickbait holes or the production is goofy and cheesy, this film had no problem. It captured my attention throughout the full 1 hour and 47 minute runtime – the production was very well done, the storyline flowed, the research was thorough, and the cinematography was appealing to the eye.

(Spoiler Alerts)
Production & Cinematography – B+
While this isn’t the most important category for a “conspiracy” film looking to get truth to the masses, an appealing aesthetic does help to maintain the attention of those who come to the film on the fence or disinterested. The color grade used on the interviews and b-roll footage was dark and bluish, conveying a serious tone, the lightning and cameras used were very cinematic, and transitioning from scene to scene felt smooth and not forced. The editing on the movie was very well done, with headlines and clips shown with minimal but effective special effects.

Storyline – A
The storyline may have been my favorite part of the time. Mikki introduced the content of the film with a brief 5 minute introduction into his own awakening experience setting the stage for the information to follow. It was not self-aggrandizing or over the top, but let us know who the filmmaker was, his backstory, and helped to bring us into the topics of socialism and communism with ease. It was also very relatable, as there are many Bernie Bros and others who have had their angst at the system funneled into dead ends, only to later wake up as to how they were used by pawns in class warfare.

After the introduction, an old lecture from Edward G. Griffin about communist infiltration was used as a backbone to carry the story through the rest of the film. This prophetic lecture of Griffin, presumably recording during the 1960s or 70s, helped move the viewer through the difference aspects of communist doctrine effectively, especially with the COVID narrative and woke agenda used as examples of the agenda in action. Top notch story flow.

There was one particular point about halfway through the film when China’s communism, their brainwashing centers, were being focused on. The tension was building with the story and the music, it was noticeable, and I thought to myself “is this dragging on? How are they going to break this?”. A few seconds later the tension broke with a shift in story, music, and scene. Nothing felt like it was dragging out too long, in fact, I wanted certain scenes to go longer. I would’ve been happy with an extra 15-30 minutes of movie to watch.

Research – A-
The research done for the film was incredibly thorough, with clips from events like the World Economic Forum and soundbites from clowns like Fauci new to me. The older video footage was impressive to see, from the regimes of Mao and Lenin, to the highlighting of the woke/communist agenda in actions here in America during the 1960s and 1970s. The compilation of news stories and soundbites from the COVID psychopaths during the last 3 years made me remembers how absolutely insane and tyrannical many of these government people were during the pandemic.

One thing I did find curious was a couple parts in the movie trying to make Putin look like a WEF stooge which photos of Putin shown while going through the WEF lackeys, when I’m not so sure Putin being a WEF stooge is case. Over the past couple of years with Putin’s military operation in Ukraine, the WEF has openly disassociated themselves from Russia and is siding with Ukraine. It’s one thing to speak at Davos, which almost all world leaders do, including Trump and Putin, it’s another thing to be in the club. I do think some of those who have spoken at Davos aren’t necessarily in the club.

Subject Content- B
Plandemic 3 did a safe and effective job of highlighting how COVID and woke agendas are being used as part of a communist/totalitarian take over of our world by a multi-national corporate/government Cabal. For a movie called “The Great Awakening” though, I felt like there could have been more subjects touched on, for there were many left out that are instrumental in the all-encompassing “Great Awakening’. I would have liked to see information about the fiat banking system, intelligence agency corruption, free-energy technology, Satanic influence of the elite, and more thrown in there. On one hand though, it would be difficult to fit that much into one documentary – and being that this documentary is titled “Plandemic”, some of those extraneous topics wouldn’t necessary be relevant to COVID. While this is undoubtedly personal bias, I would’ve liked a film titled “Great Awakening” to be more holistic in topics covered, something similar to the first Thrive film of 2011.

Of what was discussed, I was particularly happy to see the ESG, “environmental social governance”, topics brought to the lime light, for it’s a monster not too many people are aware of. These are governmental initiatives for govt. and corporate institutions to follow to be “equitable”, “inclusive” and “helping make the world a better place”. Think of ESG like a social credit score for businesses and institutions. A better ESG score for a business means big investments firms like BlackRock and Vanguard will be more likely to support them, along with Wall Street. Bad ESG scores = shunning from the financial titans. It’s economic extortion, basically, and the reason you see so many big companies jump on the woke climate change or LGBTQ bandwagons. Plandemic 3 helped tie that subject into the totalitarian New World Order agenda.

Interviews- A-
A mix of doctors, social media influencers, political personalities, and more gave this film a good variety of voices in their interviews. There were intellectuals dropping cold hard fact bombs and there were more animated personalities bringing emotion and spunk. My favorite part was about three quarters of the way through the film when they transitioned from the old footage of Edward G. Griffin to a current interview of him, and with him being is his 90s this may be one of the last films he appears in. It was a good way to finish out his legacy. Also featured in the film allowing us to honor his legacy was the late Dr. Vladimir Zelenko of hydroxychloroquine fame (alternative COVID treatment), he passed away a year ago in June 2022.

All in all, this is a film I would feel incredibly confident sharing with normies that you are trying to red pill. This is well researched, fact-checked, and hard to argue anything against – and at the same time it just looks good, so it would gather their attention as well. Looks like the establishment is already trying to “fact-check” Plandemic 3, as well. This one coming from “AFP”, an agency out of France that is partially state funded, as well as partnered with Facebook to help their fact-check services. Yahoo News promoted this AFP fact-check attempt, too. Mikki must be over target!

I would definitely bookmark this one, downloading offline might be a good idea too, and share it on your platforms to help it go viral. Let us all continue fighting in this information war – here’s to the Great Awakening!

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What is a Limited Hangout? How These Mainstream UFO Disclosures Fit The Definition Perfectly.


The recent UFO whistleblower David Grusch is going viral across the media landscape with claims that the U.S. government has secret programs reverse engineering craft of “non-human origin” that they have allegedly retrieved. He is not the first to make these claims, some of us have been talking about this possibility for years. One thing that is a first is how this whistleblower is apparently getting the red carpet treatment from the establishment about it. Not only that, but the Pentagon cleared his statements for publications two months ago. Something’s fishy here.

While he may be telling the truth from his perspective and honest with what he’s saying, that doesn’t exactly mean what he is saying is true. His claims so far are based largely on hearsay and rumor, his evidence is purely testimonial based on things he heard while working for the government. It’s very possible he was told disinformation that he thought was true, and now he’s claiming whistleblower status and relaying what he heard to the public. I have detailed the red flags surrounds this story in a previous Substack article, a dedicated video on Rumble, and talked about it at length in my livestream from last night.

Those familiar with my work know that I am a “believer” in UFOs – I think that it’s more than likely that:
> Extraterrestrial life exists in the cosmos (species with both good, bad, and neutral agendas), they have visited this planet before and are possibly monitoring it right now.
> The military industrial complex has developed working electro-gravitic craft (“UFOs”) in their black projects, and were able to do this decades ago.
> The Deep State has shrouded this issue in secrecy with complex disinformation campaigns for a long time.

With our new UFO “Whistleblower” on the scene, I think it is also more than likely that this is being used as a part of a mainstream UFO Disclosure psy-op by the Deep State, in fact I believe all the mainstream UFO “Disclosure” we’ve been seeing over the past 5.5 years, ever since the New York Times released their “Secret UFO Program” articles in December 2017, is a part of a psy-op campaign. It may have even extended earlier than that, with the likes of Hillary Clinton, Obama, and the mainstream media discussing UFOs and Disclosure as early as 2015/2016 during that particular presidential campaign.

Why would the Deep State run this sort of grand psy-op after all these years of secrecy? There’s a few possible objectives. Distraction is one that comes to many people’s minds, which could be one aspect. I think setting up a community a left-leaning, social justice warrior UFO activists to feed the normies into is another.

But what may be the most important goal of the Deep State in these UFO admissions is conducting what’s known as a Limited Hangout operation.

A good definition of a Limited Hangout is as follows:

According to Victor Marchetti, a former special assistant to the Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), a limited hangout is “spy jargon for a favorite and frequently used gimmick of the clandestine professionals. When their veil of secrecy is shredded and they can no longer rely on a phony cover story to misinform the public, they resort to admitting—sometimes even volunteering—some of the truth while still managing to withhold the key and damaging facts in the case. The public, however, is usually so intrigued by the new information that it never thinks to pursue the matter further.”

This definition was written by Victor Marchetti in the 1970s when he was looking into how the CIA was handling the JFK assassination investigations.

Now thinking of this definition in terms of the UFO Disclosure we’ve been seeing, it makes perfect sense.

Volunteer a small piece of the pie through the mainstream media, intelligence officials and managed “whistleblowers” with the goal of distracting people using small potatoes, meanwhile the more important and sensitive information is swept under the rug and further concealed.

In reading many articles from the mainstream media over the last few years on the UFO subject, the limited hangout is apparent to me. I’ve read numerous excerpts from the New York Times stating “these UFO’s we’re seeing are definitely NOT American made craft. They could be the Chinese, the Russians, or even aliens, but we definitely don’t have this technology!”. That sounds like something the intelligence community with this technology would say.

The goal of the limited hangout is to keep the more revealing, bombshell information secret. The Deep State here would be keeping secret the fact that they likely already have working UFOs, built them decades ago, and have been suppressing zero-point energy and exotic propulsion inventors for decades as well. It’s also likely they want to keep secret the true extent of their black projects and the ten/hundreds of billions of dollars that have gone into them. They’ll admit a couple programs that were worth $10 million, like the AATIP program, but won’t admit how much money and how far back they really go, and what they’ve actually been able to research and develop.

I foresee the narratives presented from our new UFO whistleblower on the scene, David Grusch, being used in a limited hangout fashion along these same lines, too. The government could say, “oh yeah, we’ve been trying to reverse engineer these things but we’ve had no luck! That’s why we’re admitting them to the public now, because we need help… and money. But we definitely haven’t been able to do anything with the technology!” (wink wink)

With the nature of how compartmentalized and classified these programs are, it wouldn’t seem all that complicated for them to admit bits and pieces, maybe one or two programs, and keep the rest secret. And when you have defense contractors involved, which are not subject to FOIA requests and have the ability to keep things more secret than the government can, it becomes a difficult task to find the full truth through all the weeds.

Another example of a limited hangout in action is the COVID virus emanating from the Wuhan laboratory. In early 2020, the establishment considered it a crazy conspiracy theory to suggest such a thing, and social media was censoring across a variety of Big Tech platforms discussing it (I had a few YouTube videos removed in February 2020 over talking about COVID being bioengineered). As time progressed through 2021 and 2022 and more information came out showing that it was undoubtedly the case, the government switched their stance from “crazy conspiracy theory” to “oh it probably leaked from the Wuhan lab, but it was an accident!”. Yeah, oookay.

Limited Hangouts are typically conducted when enough people are sniffing around and figuring out sensitive things about a topic that the intelligence community feels the need to conduct their limited hangout in hopes of placating the truth seekers with enough to get them to stop looking for more. That could very well be what’s going on with the UFO subject. The advent of social media being utilized by citizen reporters to share information over the last 8 years or so has put increasing stress on the Deep State’s ability to keep their shady dealings secret. Throughout the 2010s social media allowed a whole host of information (some true, some likely not) to circulate about UFOs and black projects, enough so that it appears the Deep State felt the need to conduct a form of a Limited Hangout about UFOs beginning in the late 2010s, namely 2017 with those New York Times articles.

We’re now seeing this Limited Hangout go into overdrive, and apparently many are falling for the “official story”, hook line and sinker. Very few are asking the tough questions about these mainstream media UFO reports, supposed whistleblowers, and government sources of information about it.

”We’re the government, and we’d like to disclosure our UFO programs to you” – makes total sense when you don’t think about it.

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Intel Official Turned UFO Whistleblower Claims the U.S. Possesses Craft of Non-Human Origin – Problems With The Story


Over the past 5 and a half years the subject of UFOs and UFO Disclosure has gone mainstream, beginning with the New York Times opening the can of worms with their “Secret UFO Program” stories in December 2017. Now it seems every week or two we get a new story that ripples across the legacy media – whether or not these stories are true is subject to debate. It seems that for such “journalistic” outlets they tend to drop the fact-checking ball when it comes to anything UFO/UAP related, and the same could be said for many individuals themselves. Two weeks ago we were dealing with a story from Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp alleged to be a “Black ‘half-football-field-sized’ triangular UFO seen hovering over California military base”, yet further inspection showed that these were mostly likely simple military flares from a Marine training exercise. That didn’t strop the mainstream media and a bunch of UFO buffs from running with the idea that these were aliens spacecraft. Gotta get them clicks!

This week we have another story breaking and currently being copy and pasted across the media landscape. It comes from a website called The Debrief with the headline, “Intelligence Officials Say U.S. Has Retrieved Craft of Non-Human Origin”, alleging that “a former intelligence official turned whistleblower has given Congress and the Intelligence Community Inspector General extensive classified information about deeply covert programs that he says possess retrieved intact and partially intact craft of non-human origin”.

I have some reservations about this one, and it seems other UFO enthusiasts across social media, the ones who seem to be more logically minded and healthily skeptical, do too.

My first reservation is the sources. The Debrief media start-up was founded in late 2020 by writers from VICE News and other mainstream media outlets, and the particular authors of our “UFO Whistleblower” article, Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal, are long-time New York Times writers. In fact, they were the ones who wrote those original “Secret UFO Program” articles for the New York Times that broke in December 2017. This does not mean the claims contained within The Debrief story are false, I am simply noting the messenger – could some sort of psy-op be at play, here?

The next issue I have with this story is that our intelligence officer turned UFO Whistleblower, David Charles Grusch, is mostly running on hearsay. The Debrief, News Nation, who was able to get Grusch for a sit-down interview, and even Grusch himself have not shown any photographic, video, or document evidence regarding the government’s alleged crash retrievals and program overseeing them. The excuse given by the reporters is that he cannot do so “because they are classified” and for “national security reasons”. Ah, the always useful national security excuse, and while that may be a legitimate excuse, that means we still don’t have verifiable proof to see for ourselves.

Listening to Grusch in his News Nation interview, he continuously talks about “officers who confided in him” about these UFO programs, saying he was not actually a part of the program or has seen any photos from it, he had only heard about these crash retrieval from his colleagues and was shown purported documents about it from them. So, Grusch could be telling the truth from his perspective, and wouldn’t technically be lying to Congress by telling them what he was told, but that doesn’t mean what Grusch thinks and believes is factual in nature. Grusch could have had disinformation given to him, without his knowledge, to be shared with the world as a part of the grander disinformation campaign. And there are many appeal to authority fallacies being presented with this story by the reporters. “We can trust him, he worked for the intel community”, “this official vouches for him, that official vouches for him”, “he’s honest and moral, what he’s saying must be true”. Most of what we have been given at this point is based on conjecture and he said/she said rumors.

It’s also notable that the Department of Defense cleared Grusch to share all of this with the world. As The Debrief noted, “in accordance with protocols, Grusch provided the Defense Office of Prepublication and Security Review at the Department of Defense with the information he intended to disclose to us. His on-the-record statements were all cleared for open publication on April 4 and 6, 2023″. One must ask, why would the D.O.D. be clearing this for the public? And why is the media jumping on board this whistleblower with such vigor? Usually whistleblowers who divulge truly sensitive info that the establishment doesn’t want out there get the Julian Assange treatment, silenced and suppressed. While Grusch may be honorable in his intent, I believe it’s possible he’s being used as a part of the grander UFO Disclosure psy-op by the Deep National Security State.

There’s more to this point. John Greenewald from The Black Vault contacted Susan Gough, a Pentagon spokesperson who makes public statements regarding UFO/UAP issues for the Department of Defense. In her statement she says, “To date, The All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (an office within the United States Office of the Secretary of Defense that investigates unidentified flying objects) has not discovered any verifiable information to substantiate claims that any programs regarding the possession or reverse-engineering of extraterrestrial materials have existed in the past or exist currently.” So while The Debrief tells us that the D.O.D. cleared Grusch’s statements for public release, Pentagon spokespersons are essentially denying his claims. I suppose it is possible the AARO has not come across the information or programs that Grusch is bringing forwards, although I’m not sure how plausible it would be that they wouldn’t know about said programs or alleged crash retrievals. The D.O.D. (supposedly) cleared his statements for public release two months ago, so how did AARO not come across this information by now? And I think my point still stands about the nature of the whistleblower – how is it that this gentlemen is bringing out such revelatory and sensitive information, yet instead of silencing him the establishment is platforming him?

Another red flag that jumps out to me is the legal counsel for UFO whistleblower Grusch, and that is Charles McCullough from the Rose Compass Rose Legal Group in Washington D.C. McCullough was an Obama appointee in 2011 as the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community, and he reported directly to James Clapper at the time. Rose Compass Legal Group appears to be a standard D.C. swamp nest, they represented the activist whistleblower Eric Ciamarella in 2019 when this supposed Ciamarella was making allegations that Trump was using the office of a presidency for personal gain in calls to Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky. This phony allegation was the basis for Trump’s impeachment proceedings that year, which Trump was later acquitted of by the Senate for. Compass Rose Legal Group represented Eric Ciamarella for that, particularly partner Mark Zaid. Zaid is an absolute D.C. swap rat. So the fact that Compass Rose is representing our UFO whistleblower makes me wonder.

One last red flag I’ll write about was noted by Steven Greenstreet, an investigative journalist for the New York Post. He came across the detail that David Grusch actually tried to come out with this story a year ago, and first approached Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp to do so. The interesting part is that he approached them… at a Star Trek convention. If I were an intelligence official looking to blow the whistle on one of the biggest stories of our time regarding government cover-ups, a Star Trek convention would be the first place I would think of to go to. This also begs the question, if Grusch got in contact with Corbell and Knapp a year ago, why did this story not come out sooner? Why didn’t they report on this? There may be legitimate answers for this, but these are questions that are begged here.

As with any UFO story, especially ones that come from the establishment media, more investigation is required to confirm or debunk before we blindly believe something just because a headline says so. I do believe that the CIA has very much been managing this mainstream “UFO Disclosure” over the last 5.5 years in a limited hangout fashion, with many useful idiots involved who believe they’re doing the right thing – time will tell whether that’s what we’re seeing here or not.

I do believe the military-industrial complex possesses black projects with electro-gravitic craft and likely reverse engineered technologies within them and this has been covered up for decades – but I am highly skeptical as to why the government/media/intelligence complex is deciding to bring all these UFO stories out now. Distraction? More cover-up? What’s the real agenda? As the definition of a “limited hangout” suggests, if they are volunteering these pieces of the information for the public, what are they trying to hide otherwise?

That’s what I want to know.

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The Cancel Culture Tides are Shifting


Memorial Day – a tradition in American culture where citizens honor fallen military serviceman and veterans who put their lives on the line to defend American freedoms. Barbecues, family gatherings, and camping excursions often take place during the extended, late May weekend. Beer flows freely… well, except Bud Light.

Nobody wants to buy it

Latest sales numbers indicate that Bud Light’s sales have dropped for the sixth straight week, down almost 30% since this time last year due to backlash over their partnership with Dylan Mulvaney, a cringey transgender social media influencer who celebrates “being a woman”, even though Dylan a biological man. Some reports even state that 24 packs of Bud Light are being sold for as cheap as $3.49 per pack.

Then we get to Target, which has lost $10 billion of market share value in 10 days since their Pride display controversy erupted, $1 billion lost per day. I guess hiring an openly Satanic clothes designer to create pride clothes for children wasn’t a good idea after all?

Target moves the pride displays in many of their stores

These aren’t the only companies feeling the backlash from jumping on the woke train – Adidas, Nike, Ford Motors, North Face, and many more companies are getting roasted on social media and have boycott campaigns directed at them over their woke pandering, social justice marketing.

The absolutely hilariously poetic part is that once these companies go woke, conservatives will initiative a boycott against them – then once their sales start to drop they try to backtrack on their wokeness, such as removing the Pride display in Target’s case or apologizing and creating advertisements to appease conservatives like in Bud Light’s case, then because of this backtracking the left-wing groups will initiative their own boycotts. So no matter what, going woke will inevitably piss off everyone. Take note, corporate America!

In reporting on these boycott campaigns, I’ve received various comments stating something to the effect of: “oh, so you’re pushing cancel culture now?”, and “if you don’t like who they partner with, don’t buy their stuff!” (isn’t that the point?)

It’s cool when they do it, it’s a problem when I do it

Is it hypocritical to push a form of cancel culture when left-wing radicals targeted people with cancel culture for years? No, here’s why:

The left-wing driven cancel culture from the late 2010s and early 2020s, peaking during the COVID years when they wanted to cancel people from planet Earth (almost literally) for not wearing masks and taking the vaccine, was not driven by logic, reason, or common sense, it was driven by purely emotional triggering. “OMG! You don’t believe what I believe? You must be silenced and I will smear your opinions as hate speech and misinformation to justify my communist censoring of you! I don’t have actual facts to back up my opinion, just feeeeeelinnnnggsss!”

I remember in 2019 I dared post a picture of myself online wearing a red Make American Great Again hat – because of this, I received calls from the organizers of a UFO conference I was slated to speak at later that year. They wanted to let me know that they received calls from people upset over a “hateful, racist speaker” slated to speak at their conference, and had to make sure I wasn’t anti-semitic or racist. All over a hat. That wasn’t racist at all. People wanted me cancelled purely because of a photo I posted online with a MAGA hat on. Incredible what will trigger people these days, and how they’ll go behind your back to destroy your social or financial life because of a disagreement.

Think differently about who to vote for, think differently about the war in Ukraine, think differently about how you want your kids raised or whether wearing a face diaper all day long is going to benefit you – CANCELLED!

This is Cancel Culture operating in a dark way.

Cancel Culture used for good is when people band together to rise up against actually harmful initiatives trying to be forced on society, against totalitarian agendas. These boycott campaigns against Bud Light and Target are great examples.

Bud Light partnered with a transgendered individual who is making a mockery of what it means to be a female. Target promote LGBTQ clothes to children made by an openly Satanic clothes designer. These are social engineering campaigns and should be cancelled, because let’s be honest, some things in society deserve to be cancelled.

If a product is legitimately harmful, if a marketing campaign is legitimately misleading, is a person is legitimately acting as a tyrant (*cough*JoeBiden*cough*), then yes, they should be cancelled.

Tolerance is overrated, and an argument could be made that the Powers that Be are forcing “tolerance” down our throats in order to get society to accept ways of being and thinking that are self-destructive, individually and collectively.

Cancel Culture needs to be objective, not subjective. Cancelling over feelings and emotions and being upset over disagreements and differing political opinions – not good. That if selfish, and tyrannical.

What we should be doing is cancelling tyranny.

And it’s beautiful to watch Cancel Culture strike back and cancel what should rightfully be cancelled in society. It’s not hypocritical at all to call for these boycott campaigns, what’s hypocritical is that the radical left is crying about it. If playing victim was a professional sport, they’d take home the championship.

The revolution will not be televised, but it will be broadcast on social media!

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On Earth's Magnetic Pole Shift & The Solar Micronova – A Great Video by Ben Davidson


I have been following Ben Davidson’s “Suspicious 0bservers” space weather YouTube channel for at least 7 years, and from his research I’ve learned more about astrophysics and space energy phenomenon than I ever did in my college physics courses.

I’ve also learned about important scientific topics that the establishment dares not teach in standard universities, like the true cause of changing climates, Earth’s magnetic poles shifting, and a recurring Solar event that happens in our solar system at a cyclic rate with major cycles peaking approximately every 12,000 years.

Lo and behold, here we are nearing that 12,000 year bench mark once again with many pieces of evidence throughout our planet and solar system showing us that changes are indeed underway – and, in my opinion, it’s absolutely criminal that our media, colleges, and scientific organizations are turning a blind eye to what’s going on, whether on purpose or out of sheer ignorance.

Last week, Davidson released a fantastic overview video detailing the main points surrounding this cyclic event, which include Earth’s magnetic poles moving away from their physical positions, the cyclic timing of these geomagnetic excursions, and how this pole shifting is related to other phenomena like galactic current sheets sweeping through our solar system and a possible Solar micronova event.

These are a lot of big sciencey words and nerdy concepts but they are quite fascinating, and very important to know as to gather what’s going on in our reality, present, past, and future.

I will say that Davidson can take a very serious tone, and some may view his reporting as “fear porn”, but is it? Is he over-exaggerating what is possibly coming with these events? Possibly. It’s also possible that he is not. As the old adage goes, “better safe than sorry”. And when you dig into the big picture of this story connecting all the little dots together, it does appear like there is at least something to his claims, something to at least make basic preparations for – food, water, emergency plans, a few tools, 2nd Amendment protections. If fecal matter really does hit the rotating oscillator, you’d be happy to have these things.

Plus, if all this stuff was so wacko, why did the CIA make the effort to classify research regarding Earth’s pole shifts and cyclic Solar events in the mid 1900’s? Another Suspicious 0bserver YouTube video digs into that question.

While what this all may lead to is still conjecture, what cannot be construed as conspiracy theory is the fact that our magnetic poles are indeed moving, and moving at an exponentially increasing rate. What used to be a few miles per year of drift in the early 1900s is now dozens of miles per year in the 2000s. You can see the North Magnetic Pole used to hang out over northern Canada, yet it is now accelerating over the physical North Pole on it’s way to Siberia, and the Southern Magnetic Pole is making it’s way off the Antarctic continent.

The travel of Earth’s North and South magnetic poles over the last 100 years

This wandering of the magnetic poles is becoming so noticeable the the World Magnetic Model, a geomagnetic positioning database used by governments and agencies can properly utilize sea and air navigation systems, had to be updated in 2020.

In conjunction with Magnetic Pole drift, we also have an acceleration of the weakening on Earth’s magnetic field. Earth’s magnetic field protects us from Solar and cosmic radiation, so the weakening of this field makes us more susceptible to influence from things like Solar flares and cosmic rays. Moderate M class solar flares used to bounce right off of Earth’s magnetic field, yet nowadays even these moderate flares and other energy the Sun spits our way in the form of coronal hole streams and plasma filaments are causing noticeable problems to our infrastructure like radio communication systems.

As mentioned earlier, it may be a good idea to have some preparedness plans and tools on hand just in case you need them. Learning to garden and live sustainably off the land will becoming an incredibly useful skill in the coming decades. Not just useful, but possibly necessary.

Earth’s magnetic field is weakening at an increasing rate

Our society is becoming ever more dependent on electrified systems that we base our infrastructure on, and all of these can be effected with radiation storms penetrating through our planet’s magnetic field. Radio communications, our electric grid, even our own consciousness and can be affected by solar energy sent our way. Something else affected is animal migratory pattens, as many animals use magnetic sensing to base their movement off of. This may be one explanation for beached sea creatures and bird die offs being seen around the globe.

Another topic that has a new light shed on it is climate change. Are humans the driving factor in Earth’s climate changing? No. The main driver is the Sun. And not only are changes occurring on our own planet but climate changes are happening on planets throughout the solar system. These ideas, of course, are not advantageous to the Powers that Be using man-made climate change as a fear-based mechanism to advance their control agendas.

Not only in terms of science, but I think many ancient texts were describing the effects of these cyclical Earth/Solar shifts in allegorical form. Reading about ancient floods, details written of solar-gods, and viewing symbolic inscriptions of indigenous cultures take on a whole new meaning when pondered with the knowledge of cyclical solar system events and an electrically driven universe. Mainstream science and mainstream religion are often at odds, but when you strip away the dogma and shallow thinking contained within them there is quite a lot that coincides.

In my opinion, the topic of Earth shifts and Solar event cycles is one of the most important of our time that many in society are painfully unaware of. On one hand it is quite complicated, as there are many different parts to this story that require connecting to asses an accurate picture (and establishment voices ridiculing the ideas as crazy conspiracy theory only make it all the more difficult). On the other hand, with the help of social media and alternative scientific minds putting the pieces together we can no longer use the excuse of being ignorant. The choice we have now is to either stick our heads in the sand or give these ideas some serious consideration.

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