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Feb 1 • 23M

Common ideas and phrases said by pseudo-spiritualists that are too superficial to be taken seriously

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Discussion of the viral news from the last week. No fake news, biases, or agendas but Facts and Truth.

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Eggs Causing Blood Clots? – Exercise On Examining How Clickbait Spreads and Medical Studies Are Warped


Internet clickbait spreads faster than COVID variants.

We’re going to do a thought/research exercise here that will show a few things:
1) How clickbait blogs misrepresent stories for sensational headlines
2) How mainstream media tabloid articles fuel the clickbait fire
3) How scientists can easily warp studies to get specific results, mistakenly or not

Let us begin:

1) Clickbait blogs misrepresenting stories for sensational headlines

This article from a website called Newspunch was released yesterday and quickly went viral. The headline states Scientists Warn Eggs Are Causing Thousands of People to ‘Suddenly’ Form Blood Clots”. They’re jumping on the viral nature of both blood clot stories and egg stories in the mainstream media knowing this will cause readers to jump at this headline. They even used the word “Suddenly” to jump on the “Died Suddenly” keyword craze, even though the source study made no mention of the sort, which we will dive deeper into below.

News Dunce

This story went so viral so fast that even Joe Rogan caught wind and posted this onto his Instagram timeline.

Definitely trolling, Joe. Not even black belt level though, you just didn’t read the article.

A little bit of background on “Newspunch”, this website used to be called YourNewsWire. YourNewsWire operated from 2014 until the end of 2020. YourNewsWire would post the fakest article, claiming such things like George Soros getting arrested, or claiming any-random-celebrity “Says Hollywood Elites Use Babies Blood to Get High”, typical disinformation flooded into the internet sphere to garner page views with.

Not News. Fake. Completely Filtered.

While writing for YourNewsWire, the owner of the site went by the pseudonym “Baxter Dmitry”.

Sometime in 2020, the owner of YourNewsWire folded that website and migrated his work over to Newspunch. He cleaned up his act just a little bit, not running pure disinformation anymore, yet Newspunch still gravely sensationalizes stories and, in my opinion, is most definitely considered clickbait.

Once he started writing under Newspunch, Baxter Dmitry changed his pen name to Sean Adl-Tabatabai.

2) How mainstream media tabloid articles fuel the clickbait fire

Digging deeper into the Newspunch piece on eggs and blood clots, they didn’t come up with the story themselves. They sourced this story from

Express is a UK based mainstream media tabloid blog, essentially falling under the internet clickbait umbrella too. The Express article gives us more clues as to where this original study purporting “eggs to cause blood clots” came from.

Looks like the study originally came from the Cleveland Clinic. Unfortunately, as per usual, these tabloids/clickbait blogs rarely link the original source material for their claims and headlines.

So that takes us to the internet search engines to find this study. A simple search with keywords “eggs blood clot study” finds us the Cleveland Clinic piece.

3) How scientists can easily warp studies

Come to find out, this study is actually from 2017, well before COVID in 2020 and well before the egg-mania we’re seeing here in 2023.

This study also focuses on Choline and it’s effects on blood coagulation, not eggs. Now, egg yolks are high in dietary Choline, but for argument’s sake it’s an important distinction to make between Choline and Eggs, and for the sake of the study they used supplemental Choline, not dietary Choline. Big difference between supplements and nutrients found in the nature, as we will further discuss.

Also, there are some glaring issues with this study that we will analyze below.

I am no expert on medical studies, but I know a little something about supplementation (unlike most doctors), and there a few issues to note with this 2017 study”:

1) They recruited “healthy” vegans and omnivores for their study groups. What metrics were used to ascertain them as “healthy”? This could be fairly arbitrary.

2) Before comparing the study groups at a “baseline evaluation”, the groups were given 81mg of aspirin for 1 month. How could this aspirin have effected the vegan and omnivore control groups?

3) The biggest issue, the issue that may undermine the whole narrative that it’s Choline causing the blood clot issues, is that the scientists gave their subjects Choline Bitartrate for this study. Choline Bitartrate is made by bonding choline bonded to tartaric acid.

Tartaric acid is a long used and studied compound that causes blood coagulation, or clotting. See the simple Google search I screenshotted below.

So it appears that it wasn’t the Choline causing the blood clotting seen by the scientists, but the bonded tartaric acid that was more likely the culprit. I think if they had used a different variation of supplemental Choline, or had studies dietary choline isn’t of using a supplement, results may have been drastically different.

It’s too bad that medical doctors are taught so little about nutrition and supplementation in their schooling, otherwise we could avoid possible mistakes and misrepresentations like this.

And that brings us to our last problem with these studies, as is a problem with most medical studies, the funding.

4) Financial connections to the NIH, Proctor and Gamble, Pfizer, and conflicts of interest

At the end of the study lists a “Disclosures” section, where the funding source of the study and financial connections of the scientists are documented.

As you can see, this whole study was funded by grants from the NIH.

The doctors themselves on the study list their financial connections to Big Pharma heavyweights Procter and Gamble and Pfizer.

And the disclosures state that these doctors may receive royalty payments for inventions of discoveries made through the Cleveland Clinic’s HeartLab.

Could there have been a vested interest in forming this study in a way to appease their benefactors? We don’t know and can’t say, but with the way mainstream “modern” medicine works these days, it’s not a ridiculous question to ponder.


What we’re dealing with in our “eggs causing blood clots” story is:
– Clickbait blog runs headline sourcing from mainstream tabloid website
– Mainstream tabloid website sources headline from 6 year old study
– 6 year old study may have been warped due to nature of supplements used
– Financial interests of study may have played a part

I hope this thought and research exercise helped show how clickbait spreads on the internet, how blogs and tabloids looking for page views misrepresent stories, and how medical research can often time misrepresent itself as well, let alone be possibly warped due to special interest.

Another day, another story to debunk. It’s good that people are waking up to the mainstream media’s trash, but the next stage after that is waking up to how much trash is on the internet in general, especially the trash targeting the “truther” community. It is important and necessary to examine, and I be here continuing to do it, no matter how much hate and cognitive dissonance is directed at me for doing so.

Facts matter!

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Musings on Clickbait “Truther” Networks


There have always been infiltrators within patriot and truth seeking movements, why would there not be? Truth seeking movements, whether they’re about UFOs, 9/11, satanic cults, medical freedom, or any other topics the Deep State want to keep quiet would be target #1 for the Deep State to infiltrate in order to stifle their growth and marginalize these groups away from the mainstream consciousness. We know the FBI and CIA have had numerous psychological operations spanning back decades doing exactly that, COINTELPRO and PATCON being public ones. Logic would have it that there are more infiltration programs we don’t know about, even up to this current day. Especially in the current day.

My experience within the UFO circuit between 2017 and 2020 taught me a lot about how infiltrators and grifters in general operate. I learned how influencers are groomed and planted within movements to spread 90% truth with a carefully crafted 10% disinformation to lead people off the important trails. I saw how grifting schemes are operated by these influencers, and I saw how character assassination attempts are lobbied in order to discredit honest truth seekers. I also became privy to the narcissistic, cult-like speaking and virtue signaling that personalities will do to rope in audiences and build their following. These experiences within UFOlogy helped to hone my vigilance and allowed me to clearly see when influencers were working to take advantage of the Q movement, to which I became known to some as the “shill hunter” within it. The good ol’ Twitter days of 2018 and 2019 when random anonymous accounts were building up to spread their disinfo to Q world, but they were easily spotted by internet truth sleuths. Times are different now, though.

The internet has changed the game with how these influence operations are conducted. Gone are the days of having to groom personalities to appear at in person events and manage relationships face to face – now it’s as easy as creating some sock puppet accounts and flooding them to videos to pump their views or spam clickbait in comment sections to inflate the disinfo narratives. Don’t get me wrong, the clown personalities who show their faces and (supposed) names still exist, but they can comfortably sit behind a camera in their spare bedroom while railing off their latest bullshit “intel”, all while those sock puppet accounts post their garbage all around the web to rope in potential viewers into their audience. These internet based psy-ops are advanced, deep, and cunning.

In mid to late 2020, a few months after the scamdemic began, I noticed a shift in the way the patriot, in particular the Q movement, was forming. I presume that the Deep State took advantage of the scattering of the movement, when many prominent voices were censored off of Big Tech in late 2020, to insert their controlled opposition networks into it. They knew we were going to land on alternative apps like Rumble and Telegram, so they were probably waiting there with their disinfo nodes ready to go.

Now I don’t know who in these networks is an actual controlled opposition shill, that’s difficult to prove and even more difficult to get these influencers to admit to, but at the very least when they continuously promote wrong information and clickbait rhetoric you can place them in the useful idiot category. Although when they constantly promote disinformation, even after getting called out on it and proven wrong, yet still going to town with their same false narratives… then the controlled op red flags start going up.

I think it was June or July 2020 when I first stumbled across “Dr.” Charles Ward. He barely had a few thousand subscribers and maybe had a few hundred views on his videos, even though he claims to have had millions of viewers back then. I saw him doing interviews with Simon Parkes, Charlie Freak, and Robert David Steele on YouTube. They were all promoting JFK Jr. being alive, a fantasy “NESARA Law” being real, and other batshit claims. Santa Surfing was also doing interviews with that bunch, promoting NESARA heavily. That’s when this network, or “Team” as I call it, first appeared on my radar.

Moving into 2021, a few new names appeared in this network. We had Michael Jaco, Scott McKay, Juan O’ Savin, Jason Q, Nicholas Veniamin, and Gene Decode being appearing heavily with this bunch. Jaco, McKay, and Decode were each pumping the same rhetoric, heavy on the JFK Jr. claims, each pushing NESARA as being real, coming soon and magically ridding us of all of our debt. Charles Ward began dabbling in content about the flat Earth psy-op. I remember the first red flag I noticed with Michael Jaco, he claimed he had “sources” (unnamed, of course), telling him that “Trump signed the Insurrection Act!” shortly before Biden’s Inauguration. Ah, and who could forget Simon Parkes claiming he had a phone call with Q and Charles Ward claiming Biden’s inauguration was fake because he supposedly watched it 12 hours before it happened. All of this happened in only January! You could write novels on all the fake nonsense this “Team” has pumped out. I’m trying to keep this article short.

And you gotta love how these Brits like Charles Ward and Simon Parkes are somehow getting inside intel from American military operations. #1: wouldn’t happen. #2: operators don’t divulge. Logical thinking.

Throughout 2021 the rhetoric kept coming and it was easier to see. I caught a few of these personalities, Ward and Jaco in particular, lifting their “intel” off of fake news blogs like RealRawNews and Conservative Beaver. They would promote claims like Hillary Clinton was tried at GITMO or Klaus Schwab was arrested in their videos as “intel” that they had “heard”, not naming any specifics (big surprise), although if you checked those fake news blogs you could undoubtedly find an article with the exact headline in days prior.

The NESARA fakery kept coming, and somehow a “Quantum Financial System” was morphed in with it. Continuous claims of “it’ll be here this weekend!”, or “next week!”, or “the new financial system is about to get turned on!” have come endlessly from Charles Ward, Simon Parkes, and this crowd over the last few years. Not many people know how internet bloggers were scamming their audiences with NESARA tales all the way back in the 1990s, mind blowing to see clowns still promoting this stuff today. It’s the grift that keeps on giving, I suppose.

It’s not just NESARA, but so many other baseless claims permeate through this network. Underground tunnels and DUMBs (deep underground military bases) getting cleaned out is a big one that they often pump, with zero solid evidence of course. Another one is how Biden or Hillary or Obama is being played by an actor or clone, and pick-your-Deep-Stater is already arrested and being tried in GITMO by a military tribunal. Talk to “MedBeds” being rolled out by the military is another big one. JFK Jr. talk used to be, but not so much anymore. And they use feel good talk of “it’s a spiritual war” and “we’re all in this together” and “keep it up patriots” to pull on heart strings and rope in the vulnerable who can’t see past their virtue signaling.

It’s interesting how one particular narratives will make it’s way through the network, with a few dozen of these connected influencers promoting the exact same lines in their shows and channels. Echo chamber tactics. There are many more names that have come and gone from this “Team” than I have listed here, I’m simply touching on some of the more famous faces.

Into 2022, a few more names were promoted by this network, useful to their agendas I presume. Jason Shurka was paraded around the Team as he was launching his paid video streaming service. He soon came out with his own insider, “Ray”, from a supposed “The Light System” group that was combatting the Deep State around the world. “TLS” apparently chose Shurka to be their messenger to the world about these super secret operations. Ooookay. Another one was Derek Johnson, cowboy country singer turned internet streamer who apparently knows all the military laws like the back of his hand and has proof that Biden’s an actor clone and every single thing we’re seeing on the news is scripted by the white hats. Tarot by Janine is a popular one amongst this crowd, promoted in interviews by Michael Jaco and Scott McKay, apparently knowing everything that’s going on in the world based upon her tarot card pulls. I’ll never forget when Janine and Jaco claimed General Flynn was a Deep Stater because of a tarot card she pulled. Sounds legit. Benjamin Fulford got involved with this bunch, too, which is funny because he’s been spouting his nonsense “intel” that he gets from unnamed sources online for over a decade. I remember reading his stuff back in 2012. And let’s not forget our newest clown in the circus, SGAnon (real name Stephen Harvey). You guessed it, SGAnon promotes all the same nonsense that the likes of Ward, Jaco, and the rest of of the “Team” do – the Earth is flat, NESARA is real, tribunals are happening, RealRawNews is legit, and all that good (bad) stuff.

It goes to note that many of these personalities ride the coattails of Q’s popularity in order to rope in their followers, too. We were told that “not all anons are authentic”, weren’t we? Infiltration over invasion, and all assets deployed? Too bad some Q followers out there didn’t take these warnings from Q to heart.

I view these networks as basically the mainstream media of the alternative media. They use the exact same tactics, from their echo chamber promotion of claims, to using unnamed anonymous sources, to spouting unverified nonsense with zero evidence, to acting as self-proclaimed experts. Then you have loads of channels and accounts all over Telegram, YouTube, Rumble, and other social media platforms promoting their content. Who knows who runs those. It appears to me like there is some serious, professional infrastructure working to platform and promote these influencers and their narratives. Anyone’s guess as to who’s really behind all this.

Also, the hate and vitriol received when anyone dares question these individuals and this network is highly notable. As for myself, I receive and incredible amount of backlash whenever I dare question Charles Ward, or Simon Parkes, or SGAnon, or Derek Johnson, or really any of them. Granted, I do believe a few of these commenters are honest people who are new to this Great Awakening and are genuinely duped, but I would also venture to guess that some of the backlash I receive is at the hands of paid clickfarm shills working to silence any dissent against these influence operations. “You’re just jealous, Jordan!”, “You’re mad because you don’t get real intel!”, “Quit acting like a know it all!”, “You don’t know if what they’re saying isn’t true, prove it!”, “Quit being negative!”, “Just leave them alone!”, “Same team!”. If I had a nickel for every time I got a cult-like comment from a butthurt, cognitive dissonance suffering individual upset that I questioned their false idols, I might be as rich as some of these clickbaiters. I mean, isn’t is a wonder how Jaco was able to move himself to a waterfront condo in Florida, Scott McKay could afford a massive tour bus with a custom Harley, and Tarot by Janine is looking at vacation property in British Columbia?

The “same team!” line is the one that grinds my gears the most. Our “Team” shouldn’t be some ideological group, our team should be the TRUTH, whatever it may be – even if that truth goes against our ego identity. If some so-called patriot is being a prick, grifter, or lying to their audience, there should be no problem in calling them out, even if they’re “on the same team”. I mean, that’s not someone I would want on my team anyway, would you?

One of the worst things in my mind is that these clickbait narratives that irresponsible and/or deceptive “truthers” and “patriot” push is that it’s weaponized by the mainstream media against the whole movement. How many articles has the mainstream media printed using flat Earth, NESARA, JFK Jr., or tribunal nonsense to bash Q and “conspiracy theories” in general? It’s the poison the well tactics. This is another reason why I think there might be something deeper behind the set up of this “Team” and the infiltration of these narratives into this movement, makes for perfect cannon fodder to marginalize it with.

The truth movement is the wild west right now, with very little self-policing. That’s how many of these influencers have been able to spread their nonsense unabated and unchallenged. There are many vulnerable people who are scared, looking for hope in the midst of their fear about the world. That’s one reason so many have latched onto the hopium (false hopes) from this network. We must be vigilant, and we must use discernment and critical thinking. Keep your mind open, but not so open that your brains fall out.

If you would like to keep up with the latest clickbait floating around the truth/Q movement subscribe to my Clickbait Exposé accounts on Telegram and Truth Social, and you can find me doing a “Clickbait of the Week” show on my Rumble account a couple times per month where I dive into the latest narratives being promoted. All I do is show them in their own words, simple as that. When you listen to these clickbaiters closely, they reveal themselves. All you have to do is shine the light on them.

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Staying Motivated During the Great Awakening


Jan 18 • 24M

Discussion on keeping hopes alive during these turbulent times

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Discussion of the viral news from the last week. No fake news, biases, or agendas but Facts and Truth.

As The WEF Meetings Begin, Mainstream Media Organizations Run Q&A's with Klaus Schwab For PR Cover


The World Economic Forum’s yearly meeting begins next week. I can’t wait to watch the globalist goons fly into Davos, Switzerland on their gas-guzzling private jets to lecture us about muh climate change. Over 1,000 private jets made the trip into Davos for the 2022 event, and as this year’s WEF meeting will be the biggest yet, so you can expect that number to only increase.

Nothing to see here – just 2,500 delegates, 5,000 armed security and more than 2,000 individual private flights flying into a Swiss ski resort (credit: Qtime on Telegram)

There are reports that Swiss police and military personnel are already setting up roadblocks in Davos and scanning fingerprints of people on the street. That shows the elitist’s plans right there, to get the citizens of countries on any grid imaginable so they can be tracked, monitored, and controlled.

Given that every marginally awake human and their mothers are seeing the World Economic Forum as a purely Deep State organization of power hungry elitists, the WEFers are running public relations campaigns all across their complicit mainstream media lapdog organizations to combat people waking up the truth about them.

Have to love this one from the New York Times, not even trying to hide that a “New World Order” is their agenda.

Fun Fact: who was the only president over the last 30 years to not publicly call for a New World Order in a public speech? Hint: 🍊👨‍🦳.

No wonder [They] hate him so much.

When Trump spoke at the World Economic Forum pre-scamdemic, he basically called out all of their agendas to their faces. The reaction from the WEF was hilarious. Panic.

Someone sent me this below article on Instagram yesterday, and I was incredibly disappointed to see the Wall Street Journal cave to WEF founder Klaus Schwab by running this Q&A public relations piece for him. Sometimes the Wall Street Journal’s journalism isn’t too bad, not like the clowns at CNN, NBC, the New York Times, or the Washington Post – yet seeing this article made me slide them closer into that category of propaganda shit rags. It was recently reported that left-wing billionaire Michael Bloomberg is looking at purchasing the company that owns the Wall Street Journal, so maybe they are practicing the crap journalism they would inevitably have to do if Bloomberg does buy them.

Mr. Eat Ze Bugs doing all he can to improve his street cred

Then in researching for this article, I came across ANOTHER World Economic Forum Q&A with a typically not-too-bad mainstream media platform, this time the Washington Examiner. They interviewed WEF executive Paul Smyke for this piece. The Examiner is classified as a conservative news outlet, but you know, these days “Republican” and “Democrat” mean nothing, it’s a Uniparty. Two wings of the same drone.

Maybe it’s the conservative demographic who usually questions establishment propaganda more than the left that the WEF is trying to convince and brainwash, because they know they have the minds of the left-wingers already in the bag – hence doing Q&A’s with the WSJ and Examiner instead of CNN and NBC.

“Davos explains itself” – Because the WEF would be oh-so-honest with us about their true intentions. Right? … Right?

Unfortunately the WSJ demands that you purchase a membership from their website to read what Klaus Schwab wants to spew to the world, but we can look at the Washington Examiner’s free piece to see the PR narratives that the WEF is trying to bring to the public.

I invite you to read the whole Examiner interview to get the full context of what Paul Smyke was trying to sell and the nature of the softball questions that were lobbed at him, but I’ll take out a couple excerpts here to discuss. Here’s the first about their supposed “willingness for dialogue”:

Ah, yes, “we invite anyone who is committed to having the types of difficult conversations that it’s going to take, having a willingness to be open to a different point of view” he says – I guess that’s why the WEF has so many pro-censorship individuals at their event! They recently launched a Coalition for Digital Safety that has the likes of Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and many other platforms involved that have censored and suppressed too many voices online to count. Sure sounds like a willingness to have different points of view!

The WEF also recently released this article on their website, entitled “The world’s biggest problem solvers need to craft better narratives”. This article argues that to fight “sophisticated and dangerous misinformation campaigns”, world leaders need to craft better stories to essentially brainwash their subjugates with.

Here’s another about how they’re definitely not elitist at all, and about what they really (supposedly) do at Davos:

The fact that it’s all these world leaders who walk in lockstep with their agendas is exactly why people view the WEF as an agenda driven elitist organization. Sounds like he “understands” that though.

And don’t worry, because 70% of the event is livestreamed, that means there are no backdoor, shady deals going on!

Fun fact: I was told by somebody who had actually been to a WEF event in Davos that this is exactly what goes on. Let me tell you that story.

Last year in 2022, one of the events I attended, this one in Phoenix Arizona, had a slew of speakers there who were influential and/or experts in their field, particularly about election integrity and Globalist infiltration. It was a private event and I was not there to speak, but to observe and report along with a couple hundred of other guests.

After the event concluded and I was on my way home in the airpot, I happen to see one of the speakers waiting in the terminal and struck up a conversation with him. He was a brilliant man and fairly wealthy from some inventions of his. He worked in an uber liberal field, so he mostly kept his conservative leaning beliefs to himself. I was able to get him to open up, and he discussed with me about what Davos is really like, for he attended one their of meetings a few years ago.

He shared with me that there’s essentially two events in one at these WEF gatherings. There is the public one with the world leaders rubbing shoulders, shaking hands and giving their speeches. I assume this is the “70% livestreaming” version of it that Smyke was describing. This gentleman then told me about another, the behind the scenes event, whereby the WEF assigns an “assistant” to each attendee, and the attendee proceeds to tell the WEF assistant (handler, if you will) who all he would like to meet in Davos. The assistant then sets up these brief meetings, and at these meetings are where the real deals and discussions are made. This, I presume, is the real intention of these Davos meeting, to get these globalists together to make these backdoor business/political deals, whatever their agenda may be. (We can safely assume what that agenda is…)

I’m sure next week’s WEF event will be a gold mine of superficial, “we need to do this to save the world!” globalist double speak. Feel good narratives to sell to the public, but for those with eyes to see and activated brain cells, they’ll know what’s really going on. There will be talk of climate change, fighting “misinformation”, food security, the alleged necessity of digital currencies, and every other agenda that is a Cabal member’s wet dream on the docket to sell to the public.

The good news is that even the normiest of normies out there is waking up to these world leader agendas and starting to sniff them out. These virtue signaling elitists can hide in the shadows no longer, and they’re so arrogant that they don’t even operates in the shadows, they tell us their plans in plain sight. All we need to do is open our eyes.

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The Next Stage of Biden's Gun Grab: New ATF Rules Target Stabilizing Braces


This is bad news for America’s gun owners, and even for those who don’t own guns.

Yesterday the ATF announced the intent to release their “final ruling” on firearms with attached stabilizing braces, likely to be published this Monday, January 16th.

“Boost gun safety” these bureaucrats claims….

A little background on what a “stabilizing brace” is and how this will affect gun owners – to be considered a technical rifle in United States, a firearm must have a 16 inch barrel, a stock, and be fired from the shoulder. If a rifle has less than a 16 inch barrel, it’s considered a “Short Barreled Rifle”, or SBR, and subject to greater scrutiny by the ATF.

And finally, there is another class of firearms called “Pistol Caliber Carbines” (PCC) that don’t need stocks to function, they are essentially rifle-looking firearms but are mechanically pistols, and can be fired like a pistol using pistol caliber rounds like 9mm. What one can do is add a stabilizing brace to these pistols to allow them to be fired from the shoulder for more accuracy, creating what looks and acts like a rifle but technically isn’t, and it goes to note these PCCs don’t have the firepower that rifles do because they’re chambered for smaller handgun rounds. PCCs are firearms that are great for home defense and fun at the range because they use cheaper, more available ammunition than standard rifles and SBRs.

Originally, stabilizing braces were designed for people who were handicapped to allow them to be more accurate shooters.

The media, in their never ending barrage of fear porn and lies, are claiming that “Such weapons are considered particularly deadly as they offer the power of a traditional rifle, but are much easier to conceal.” (Quote taken from Reuters article above). This is verifiably not true, as a shorter barreled carbine chambered in 9mm will not have the ballistic power as a longer barreled rifle chambered in 5.56 or 7.62, typical rifle rounds, since the pistol caliber rounds travel at about half the speed.

Everyone wants this guy as their grandpa.

Now, what this 300 page bloviated ATF “ruling” (I hesitate to call it a law) does do is that it increases the rules and regulations for PCCs with braces, essentially classifying them as SBRs. People will have to face increased background checks, taxes, and edicts to purchase and transfer braced PCCs.

This ATF ruling tentatively takes effect 120 days from publishing, and anybody who has a braced pistol who does not register them and pay increased taxes will be considered a felon overnight, facing a potential 10 years in prison and $10,000 in fines per possessed firearm. This could instantly affect hundreds of thousands, if not millions of law-abiding citizens across the country.

Ipso facto: because you have an extra piece of plastic on the end of your boom stick, you now have to jump through hoops to keep it, and if you don’t the gumberment now sees you as a felon.

And not just that, but this “law” could be used by the government to extend their warrantless surveillance apparatus.

In an exclusive published by the Epoch Times yesterday, they detail how “dozens of ATF agents requested the monitoring of law-abiding people through the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS)”.

Could this pistol brace ruling be an effort to also get more people into this background check system, allowing the Fedbois greater warrantless surveillance and scrutiny of the American people? Obvious answer is…

Let’s remember: The ATF does not have the legal authority to pass a law, and what they’re trying to do here is force a regulation as a law without Judicial or Executive Branch involvement.

This ATF ruling is yet another in a long line of legislation that the Democrat party is working to force through that completely subverts the Second Amendment and rips the ability of self-defense against criminals and tyranny from law abiding citizens.

One recent push by Democrat states like Oregon and Washington involve banning “high-capacity magazines”. Translation, normal capacity magazines. The typical rifle magazine is 30 rounds. These states are working to make it illegal to sell magazines over TEN rounds. Only low IQ individuals think 30 round magazines are high-capacity.

Notice how the places with the worst violent crimes are large, Democrat run cities with incredibly strict gun laws.

Vote Blue to get screwed

This author can confirm, as last year I was living in Democrat-kontrolled Washington State where crime was getting significantly worse (as were the gun laws). I then moved to neighboring Idaho, a much more conservative state with some of the most free gun laws in the nation – the crime is much lower and the feeling of safety is much higher. One of the main reasons I moved is because my car got broken into, things were being stolen in front of my house, and here I was living in one of the “safer” areas of Western Washington. It’s sad how the beautiful West Coast is being destroying by “democracy promoting” Democrats.

The good news is that a slew of lawsuits are challenging these overreaching firearms laws around the country, and some constitutional sheriffs in these blue states have openly said that they will not be enforcing the ridiculous state laws in their respective counties.

You can bet that lawsuits are already being penned and drafted to combat the ATFs stabilizing brace rulings. This issue may very well make it’s way up to the Supreme Court, and if it does let’s hope they do the right thing for the American right of defending ourselves against tyrannical power overtaking the nation.

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