Some VIDEOs of Interest that I have viewed recently (as of 9-1-21)…

These were three I viewed today (8-31-21). The Tarot by Janine was fascinating (if you enjoy “God” and/or “rods”), but the Joseph P. Anthony (and Twin Soul girls) video looks into the energies of September and October, which will likely be of interest to many. They cover upcoming situations in both the USA and particularly, in Australia.

And then there’s a Project Veritas exposure video that I found fascinating.

MAJOR CHANGES AHEAD !! Sept & October 2021! Joseph P Anthony joins Soul twins Carly & Julia


Tarot by Janine… does a reading looking into the situation with the DS shadow players and the technology they are using against each other and the people all over the world! What are the Rods of God? Which side is in control of such tech? What does it spell out for the human race?


Joseph P Anthony VIDEO 4-13-20… “Insiders finally come forth about the New Currency! Sedona Psychics Speak & Deep Disclosure”

I’ve heard about a few of these people before, and, thanks to Beverly, I learned about this video. They share some information about the new financial system coming in, and what “The Galactics” have communicated with them. Enjoyed listening to this discussion.

HUGE NEWS!! PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO!!! Several members working with the White Hats to create a new financial system are finally able to reveal details of what this new currency looks like. I have known this folks for several years now and they are the real deal. We have had in-depth conversations about their connections and who the major players are behind the scenes.

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