Jetson White 5-24-22 VIDEOs… “4/11 Military Takeover Series”, Parts 1, 2, and 3 (strongly recommended)

I watched Part 1 of this and was “blown away”. The data and connection points Jetson makes with that data I found extremely amazing. I’ve also watched part 2, and am partway through Part 3. I’m posting these because of the strong impact I felt from viewing them.

I feel this is a very important (educational and awareness inducing) series. I suggest releasing any attempts to “intellectually analyze” and let what resonates, resonate. He also points to several series he has posted on his YouTube page. Enjoy the show(s).

Jetson White’s Rumble page
Jetson White’s YouTube page

Note: to move forward and backward on computer, use the arrow keys. On iPhone or pad, click the full screen icon and use the clockwise and counterclockwise arrows.

This series presents evidence that the U.S. government was taken over from belligerent occupiers by our Military on 4/11/2022 according to the procedures in the DoD Law of War document. Our Military will remain in control to ensure the stability of our nation until elected citizen control can be safely restored.

USMC-CryptoRedNeck 3-1-22 VIDEO… “Nino’s Corner… Juan O Savin, Russia, Cold War 2.0 (2-28-22)”

This one I started to view on YouTube but then it was taken down (usually Nino does that), but then this person put it on his Bitchute channel. I felt the message from JoS was clear, that we are heading toward a climax of events that will lead to a Great (positive) change for this planet.

[From USMC-CryptoRedNeck (note: he is a disabled vet)] If you can spare a buck or two to support my channel you can donate here: Any amount would be greatly appreciated.

David Nino Rodriguez 2-23-22 VIDEO… “Juan O Savin – State Of Affairs – Q&A”

Found this to be a very informative (and eBULLient) conversation among Juan, David, and his viewers, who posted Qs for Juan to “A” (Answer). If you’re looking for a non-emotional communication from Juan, this will not be for you.

And one part I very much aligned with is where JoS points out that it is very important to look to Source (Higher Inner Guidance) for directions… NOT to “gurus”.

I’m posting the Bitchute video, but also link to the YouTube video.

Also find at

‘Juan O Savin SITREP’ VIDEO 2-11-22… “Juan O Savin w/ David Nino Rodriguez A+B > The Genie Is Completely Out Of The Bottle” (Strongly recommended)

This is an excellent video which is based on the original video posted by David Nino. The great thing about this ‘Juan O Savin SITREP‘ person is that they’ve added graphics and videos and documents to highlight the interview. I liked seeing that.

Outstanding production and information, in my view. And it gives a very visible idea about what humanity and the Alliance are up against. Strongly recommended (caveat: some of the videos may be energetically “challenging”).

The author’s notes and references are below the “Read more”.

Note: the video does not have an embed option, however, I found this link where the video may be accessed directly. Otherwise go to the Rumble page that contains the video.–feb-11-2022-juan-o-savin-w-david-nino-rodriguez-a-b-the-genie-is-completel.html

* Two Part Update A + B +++ Bonus Content *

– 204+ U.S. Representatives Sign A Letter To The American People Acknowledging Vote Integrity Investigations And Indicate They’ll Move Toward Decertification
– The Canadians Have Set The Tone For Standing Up > The U.S. Will Follow On Vote Fraud
– Unwinding Fraudulent Laws From Illegitimate Representatives Would Need To Begin Sooner Rather Than Later
– The ‘Club’ Understands They’re Running Out Of Ways To Stop The People From Rising Up
– America & Canada Already Stood Up And Showed Up In Two Frigid Winters > Nothing Can Stop What Will Come This Warm Spring ?
– The Globalists Know They Must Stir Up A Nuclear Crisis To Attempt To Wrestle The Nuclear Command Away From Trump > The People & The Patriot Military Won’t Fall For It
– This Is A Battle For The World > But, They Have Roused A Giant Tiger They Can’t Put Back In The Box

Wendy Rogers on Telegram – 204 U.S. Representatives Sign A Letter To The American People

Georgia Guidestones

World Economic Forum – Great Reset

Border Agents Capture Demon Possessed Female Human Trafficker

VIDEOs of Interest… (as of 2-6-22)… (includes Juan O Savin, Tarot by Janine, Santa Surfing, Phil G)

These videos hit some marks recently. Feel free to follow Higher Inner Discernment.

…Tarot by Janine… does a reading updating the situation with the freedom movement in Canada! People everywhere are being inspired! Love vs. the fear machine! Like Australia! How does it look for these peaceful freedom movements? Also looking at the US and the movements there!

JUAN O SAVIN with Take FiVe SITREP FEB 3 2022

Juan comes in at 17:00 with a new guest spot on

Phil G… The Clock – February 5th, 2022

Phil talks about the Q Clock, and eludes to how it may affect our current events.

Santa Surfing (very much enjoyed this)

Nicholas Veniamin 1-26-22 VIDEO… “Juan O’Savin Discusses Law Of War Manual 11.3…”

JoS goes into some of the details around the “Law of War manual 11.3 and how it is being carried through. Very much enjoyed this one. [Kp note: the video screen I am seeing says “Video restricted”, but just click one of the links below it to view the video.]

Spaceshot76 1-17-22 VIDEO… “Juan O Savin – 11.3 First Marker”

This was pointed out to me earlier, and I listened and felt it presented helpful explanation of what the “one year from 1-20-21” marker really means. As I understand it, on 1-20-22, the US military has legal basis to “step up operations”. In several other recent posts, a “speeding up” of disclosures is likely to come. We’ll see where this goes.

Juan comes in at 34 minutes.

VIDEOs of Interest… (as of 1-8-22)… (includes Juan O Savin with Nino, Dr. Zelenko with x22, Roundtable w/ Jaco, Nino, Scott McKay (Cirsten W passing over)

These three were quite impactful. The first was a thorough explanation by 107 about the situation we are in. The second was an excellent history of how this whole CV scenario was planned and laid out. The third, the roundtable, includes the news about Cirsten W, who was “passed away” in a hospital in California.

The only note I will add is that I always follow Higher Inner Discernment about anything or anyone.

Juan O Savin with David Nino Rodriguez

Dr. Zelenko – [DS]/Big Pharma Hid The Cures From We The People,Choice Has Been Made, Collapse
Patriot Streetfighter Roundtable with Scott McKay, Mike Jaco, and Nino Rodriguez [1-6-22]

Dec 1 2021 – Juan O Savin w/ James Grundvig – The Holiday Season Is Where We Start Changing Gears

I’m just posting the link here, but I found this one helpful because he includes all of the show notes, which I’ve put below the link.

Thanks to another KP who sent this…

– The Spike Protein Carbon Nano ‘Razors’ Are Very Sinister
– Those Who’ve Taken The Shot Become Factories For Spike Proteins And Shedding
– We Do Have Various Ways To Address This, But Are Constrained By The Politics Of The Moment
– The Fraud Is Unraveling
– COVID Vaccine Development Was In Play Years Before Trump Took Office
– Trump Forced Them To Rollout Ahead Of Schedule To Derail Their Plans

– People Are Starting To Realize They’ve Been Mislead
– We Still Have Events Ahead That Will Snap Everyone Out Of Their Mass MKULTRA Programming
– China Is Run By The Globalists
– Soros Was Run By The Globalists
– Epstein Island Was Run By The Globalists
– We’re At War On A Global Level With People Behind The Scenes
– If We Don’t Stop Them Now, Their Technology Will Be Too Powerful For Us To Overcome
– The Last Safety We Have In Place To Protect Us Is Our Nuclear & Beyond Tech That Trump Secured
– When Harris Briefly Became President While Biden Was Out, It Triggered A Military Investigation Into Her Qualifications > She Doesn’t Qualify, Which Will Come Back Into Play Later
– If Nancy Can’t Close GITMO, Then [They] Don’t Have The Power Of Commander In Chief
– Why Does Nancy Want To Shut Down U.S. Space Force?
– Space Force Includes Digital Space > That Is The Technical High Ground
– Digital Attacks Are Also Weapons Of Mass Destruction
– Space Force Can See Any Digital Or Communications Collusion At A Global Level
– This Allowed Trump To Gain The High Ground In The War
– Space Force Was The Last Branch To Present Their Investigation Data On March 11th > The Vote Decision For Commander In Chief Was Unanimous
– Get Out For The Holidays, Be With Others, Enjoy The Company, Have Needed Discussions > More And More People Are Becoming Aware Of What’s At Stake
– The Holiday Season Is Where We Start Changing Gears