Judge Not, Indeed

By Anna Von Reitz

I was sound asleep when heard my Lord say, “Arise, and go answer them.”
So here I am.

To those who have complained that I am “playing God” and that I am usurping the position of Him who comes to judge the quick and the dead because I have in fact pronounced a judgment in these recent days:

The judgment I have spoken was spoken long, long ago. You all have cause to know it.
There is a group of men (and women, if the shoe fits) who are pre-judged and who have been condemned since ancient times. They have been judged by Our Father who knows both the beginning and the end.

Who are these people who have been condemned from afar, even from thousands of years in the past?
The ones who meet in secret. The ones who defile the temple. The ones who look to the East for their deliverance. The ones who worship underground. The ones who worship in buildings without windows. The ones who wait for The Father of All Lies. The ones who think that their deeds are secret and unknown. The ones who hide in darkness. The ones who are misled in all their thinking. The ones who shall inherit the consequences of their reckoning.

I have repeated His Judgment upon them so that the minor felons who waver on the brink of the Abyss might yet repent. I have repeated it so that all you people who hear this may not be taken unaware or frightened or mistake His Judgment for anything but what it is.

Strangely, though His Judgment has been set before you in the scripture for thousands of years, yet you do not recognize it and do not expect it.

I am here to tell you — expect it. Soon.

I have repeated His words and the words of the Prophets against those who delay the salvation of the poor.

In frustration I cry out to Our Father in Heaven against the Evil which destroys the beauty and meaning of Life. Do you not all see that “Evil” is the opposite of “Live”? Can this be so hard to recognize?

The stench of sin and corruption envelopes the Earth worse than any smog.

The Judgment of the Cedars and the Sycamores also stands against these perpetrators, who raise up their pride and do not repent. They think as they thought in days of old, that they will build towers to Heaven, yet not respect the Earth beneath their feet.

In 9,000 years these sons of Cain have learned nothing.

The Hypocrites, the Annunaki who taught Mankind idolatry and the use of money, who introduced the lures of prostitution and drugs— have returned. True to form, they have condemned all but 144,000 for succumbing to the evils that they themselves taught and provided. They think its a big joke.

So I pulled back the curtain of the stars and showed them the vastness of the Heavenly Host arrayed against them and suggested that they move on.

Those who wait for Satan shall wait in vain, and those who put their faith in Lucifer will wither, but the Lord of Lords endures forever.

New Guardians have been appointed and the Thousand Years of Peace declared, not from a position of weakness or mere hope, but from a position of overwhelming strength and truth. The Victory of the Lamb is secure.

Turn back and turn away from those who believe in secrets, for there are no secrets. Our Father’s Judgment stands against them. Jeremiah said it. John said it. And I have said it.
This is the third and final time.

Let those with ears both hear and listen. I have indeed pronounced a judgment, because the time for it has come, even though the judgment itself is not my own.

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