Whiplash347 (on Telegram) 12-25-21… “A few posts with promise for the (near?) future”

I’ve been “attracted” to Whiplash347 (on Telegram) for quite some weeks now… Something deeply resonates, for myself. According to this recent Restored Republic post:

“Julian Assange has been in the Federal Witness Protection Program and he is going home. He is Trump’s Cousin, Whiplash347.”

So, perhaps that’s why I’m attracted to those posts. In any event, I love these ideas!

Anyway, here’s a few that “lit up” for me this morning.

Remember i said Airlines will be going? We are going to Supersonic Electric Jets. Autonomous Cars, Flying Cars etc. Think Tesla. Nothing is going to be the same people. Remember i said many will lose jobs. – Hence Gesara.

Why do you think i have gotten this planet ready early and trying to get you all in early?



…the world’s first airport… for flying cars…
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Flying Cars, Autonomous Cars, Flying Car Airports being built.
Wireless Technology all this year.


I dont think we are going to be flying around on the Airlines that we know now. Something tells me they will be new and much much faster.

Flying Cars & some form of Supersonic Electric Jets.

Flatten the Curve 10-20-20… Utsa[v]a [WOW] VIDEOs… “Welcome to the White House: JFK junior and Julian Assange!” (plus one from another channel)

Great video the first one is. I felt some would be interested in both these videos. First video is from Flatten the Curve, her new video channel. The second one is from Spiritually Raw.

Among other things, here’s a few items I heard (her news starts at about 6 minutes):
HCQ will be sold as a kit, over the counter, by next June… confirmed by Frontline Doctors. This will be a “cure” for cancer.
Julian Assange is secretly working with Trump, and is providing the DECLAS documents now being released.
Julian Assange will be Trump’s press Secretary, JFK, Jr., will be VP.
After November 3, Pence will give the VP seat to JFK, Jr., and he will be confirmed by the Senate as VP… before the end of the year.
Announcement will be made around November 3rd or after by Trump about cabal, etc.
Illinois governor is in trouble (for treason, etc.). Criminal charges are being processed (yay!!).

Thanks to RMN for these videos.