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By Anna Von Reitz

Two pieces of news from credible sources that should make your hair stand on end. 

First, it appears that people are filing suit against China seeking compensation for damages incurred because of the so-called Wuhan virus. The amount of damages being sought is suspiciously similar to the amount of the US trade deficit with China.  

Go figure.  

Instead of suing Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci and Charles Lieber and the NIH and DARPA and the Pirbright Institute and the Wellcome Trust, and all the other entities and persons that are, most likely, the cause of the problem— these people are busily suing their fellow-victims.  Satan must be having himself a real hee-haw. 

Take in the view.  And stand in Chinese shoes as you do so, thinking that “the Americans” are the problem, because most people can’t tell the difference between “the US” and “Americans”.  

FDR’s Administration abused our Good Names and Credit with their 1930’s impersonation scheme, and never provided the remedy they promised — Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemptions.  

The payola they captured from not paying us what they owed us was used to rebuild Europe following the Second World War, and an endless parade of other monopoly and commodity rigging and bank fraud schemes.  

So, technically, Europe owes us the cost of rebuilding the world, including the Commonwealth and Japan after the Second World War, plus interest—– a sum so unimaginable that it would not fit on this page. 

Then, again, abusing our Good Names and Credit, they ran up a HUGE trade deficit with China.  

Just as they did with us, they exchanged paper I.O.U.s and “Treasury Bonds” for actual, physical goods. 

Only the Treasury Bonds were issued against bogus labor contracts and based on unlawful conversion of assets, exacerbated by issuing 7-10 times the credit backed by any actual asset under the “Federal Reserve System”.  

Read that— the Chinese acted in good faith, provided the actual goods in trade, and got rooked the same as we did, howbeit, for slightly different reasons. 

It’s like a domino pile up.  The Europeans owe the US, and the US owes us and the Chinese, nobody is getting paid jack, and the rats in charge are all bound up in a big boiling rat-pile bankrupting each other, mostly over digits that don’t exist. 

The curious end result of all this is that, assuming the virus originated in the US, the victims are being blamed (again), and everyone, everywhere, is engaged in stupidly proposing to in-debt their children for the next 32,000 years over debts that literally don’t exist.  

Debts that are the fruits of fraud in all directions.  Odious debts.  Debts that should be written off, discharged, declared null and void, as if they never were.

Imagine a hundred seven year-olds with no very clear moral compass or grasp of adult reality, fooled by 3-D photographs of cupcakes, and fighting to possess all these “cupcakes”.  

Because the Debt-Credit System was hijacked and used to siphon money for “government investments” the entire world monetary system has become more and more distorted and lop-sided as this imaginary debt has skyrocketed year after year, and those responsible have made no effort to pay people with anything equitable.  

Imagine a guy sitting at a bar, sucking down Irish Whiskey, and when its time to pay, he says, ah, sorry, bit out of pocket today.  My son will pay my tab….. 

So the son comes in, and gets hit with his Dad’s bill.  He pays it, but then, his turn to pay for his own drinks comes up, and he says, ah, sorry, bit out of pocket…. my son and grandson will pay….. 

If this nonsense was allowed to continue — for example, this recent glutting of $6.2 trillion to be charged against our credit as a “Stimulus Bill” — (except that we returned the charges) our children would still be paying that debt two hundred and thirty generations from now.  

Not only is that not fair to them, and also not legally or lawfully or morally enforceable, its sheer Loony Tunes crazy.  Bonkers. 

That the fat men in Whitehall and their counterparts in Scotland and Hong Kong and Dubai and Tokyo and Bern and New York and Rome and Madrid ever let things slide this far is unimaginable. 

Yet, to be fair, this skimming and scamming has been going on so long that it has been institutionalized and compartmentalized, so that the majority of younger bureaucrats administering this Fairy Land, accept this as “the way it is, the way it has always been, the way we do things….” even though they are themselves the victims of it and even though this was never the way we did things at any time in our history— or anyone else’s history— prior to FDR, when this whole Mess got going on steroids. 

There is only one (1) known way to collapse the debt safely, and that is to re-venue it as credit. 

Give all the rights, titles, interests, profits, fees, etc., back to the people it belongs to, and surrender the credit  — what I call the “National Credit” owed to us, and the National Credit owed to China, and so on.  

Unfortunately, the guys at the top of the rat-pile are rats.  They can’t imagine a world where they don’t control everyone and everything.  They can’t face the loss of all that glorious debt, used as a club over all the purported slaves— even though that is exactly what is needed to preserve the credit system at all. 

And now, get ready for Slam Number Two….. 

Not only has the Office of the Pontiff been closed since 2011 — news that apparently escaped the vast majority of the Catholic population on Earth, including senior clerics — but now Pope Francis has admitted it, and signed the should-be-non-existent Pontifical Calendar without claiming to be the “Vicar of Christ”.  He signed it in his own name, plain old George. 

Think about it.  If you are in fact acting as the administrator of the biggest liquidation of commercial entities in history, what does that have to do with the Church or Christ?  


Better to suck it up and take responsibility for it yourself.  

I would assume that that is what Pope Francis is doing by stepping outside his role in the Church to do this dirty clean up work related to the Pontificate. 


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