Just two days left on our Endless Bonus Challenge. Maybe you can help with this.

Hi Everyone,

We have just tomorrow and Friday until 12 Midnight Eastern time to get a couple more people to help us complete the Endless Bonus challenge from Mint Builder.

Here is the original article I did on this a few weeks ago.


It’s going to be close, but with your help we can do it. You have no idea how much this will help us to continue this work we do for Anna Von Reitz.

Silver is the best opportunity we have ever seen, and Mint Builder is much easier than it used to be.

I still hold the record company wide for personally sponsoring new people.

Unfortunately many of you have dropped out for one reason or another, probably because you didn’t like the Binary pay plan they had. It was just too darn complicated and difficult to get a paycheck.

Now it’s this easy.
1. Start a subscription
2. Refer some people, even one.
3. Get paid right away.

Read the article and re-new your subscription even if it’s only temporary. You have lots to pick from now, at the best pricing in the industry.

If you need to visit.  406 889 3183 or pstramer@gmail.com

If you need to join  https://mintbuilder.com/296110

Login instructions are in this link.


God bless you all.

Paul Stramer