Kp Message 1-19-22… “I’m enjoying saying, ‘I know things are going on, but I’ve NO idea what they are!’”

So there. That’s my long title that describes where I’m at.

Yes I can talk and talk and talk and write and write and write and blog this and blog that and blog this and blog that and blog this and blog that and blog this and blog that… but in the end, all I am willing to say is, “I know things are going on, but I’ve NO idea what they are!”

There’s a lot of “waking up” going on, I know… and that’s happened to me. I know there’s some “struggling” going on, and that’s happened to myself, and many I know.

All I will add to all of this is, we are rising up in vibration, dropping items that no longer serve our Higher Selves, and enjoying the ride (the show) as we go through this.

My own deal is that I’m BEing and enVISIONing freedom… on the outer, on the inner. And one step at a time, EN-JOY-ing my BEing here on this planet.

So maybe that’s the main message I have to offer at this time.

Aloha to all, Stay in the Light, BE of the Light, and BE the Light…


Kp Message 1-16-22… “I’m now ‘duplicating’ the posts on”


I’m doing this for a variety of reasons. Here’s a few…

  • has become quite “slow to load” (I believe that’s partly dues to the size of the archive, certain settings, etc.)., however, loads very quickly.
  • It’s become very challenging to do any kind admin work on the (won’t go into that here).
  • It’s a place to “preserve” content, in case cannot be accessed.
  • “Subscribe via email” using the platform is difficult to set up right now, and I’m not really trying to do anything about that.
  • With there’s a simple way to do email notifications.

So here’s what I’m doing….

  • I will post first to Then I’ll immediately post the exact same content to
  • give’s a simple way to subscribe via email (don’t have to subscribe, but you have the option).
  • Subscribing to via email will give immediate notification when news and updates come out via the Kp Blog (and, subsequently,
  • Very likely things will be moving rapidly, and want enable everyone who reads the Kp blog to be quickly apprised of “new news” (via my (Kp’s) perspective) as it comes out.

When you go to the, you’ll see a page that has a email box and “Subscribe” button, and a link that reads “Let me read it first”. You may always view the Susbstack blog, even if don’t want to subscribe, by clicking that “Let me read it first” link.

So that’s basically it.

Feel free to sign up there, or don’t. I’m still working on the texts of everything there, so some parts aren’t “fully developed”. Also I do not have the ability to do certain things I could do via WordPress, so take that into account.

Aloha, Kp

Kp Message 1-11-22… “The feeling of ‘I’m not sure if I’m going to make it’”

That “feeling” came in very strongly today.

I’ve been sensing a lot of pressure in my upper body, like I’m walking around with a constant compression in the chest. Some days it’s not something I notice, but today, it was. And it felt very, very strong.

Definitely it is part of the “cv-19” scenario that’s still going around out there. Partly it’s continually seeing drone-sheep-slave-like behavior from so many, on a daily basis. Definitely it is partly the not knowing what people-businesses-etc. will say about my not “obediently” wearing “the mask”… continually, the feeling of “I have to be alert and on the defense” about being in my Sovereignty, and in my Freedom to BE me.

“I want out”, is what the (small) inner voice says. “I don’t know what to do”, is what the inner voice says. “I want to leave this center of Turtle Island place and give it to someone who wants to live in a cold-as-he// location”, is what the inner voice says. “I want to go back to the very simple way I was living on the Big Island”, is what the inner voice says.

I know I’ll get through it. But I’m not “liking it” right now.

The blog is more and more often feeling like a burden. Posting on it, posting onto seven social media sites, and doing this day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day…

…that’s how it feels.

And it feels like I’m “tired and alone with nowhere to go”.

There is a way out of this, I know. I’m just waiting for the Universe to show it to me.

For the time, I still know that I’m meant to hold the space right here, for right now. So that is what I will do.

Aloha, Kp

Kp Message 1-7-22… “Feeling like I’m not ‘happening’ right now”

I’ve been quite knowing that I’ve no desire to engage in observing any of the “lower vibration” planetary events at the moment (like, “This is breaking out here, that protest there, so and so says this, so and so says that, and so on and so on).

I’m just feeling it within, and allowing the “Higher BEingness Within” to be my guide.

I have watched the Mstrix Revolution and just today, The Truman Show. Felt drawn to watch them (the latter came as a result of viewing a recent Jetson White video).

The Matrix, and our own planetary “Truman Show” have been and are being even more and more revealed (unveiled) to an increasing number of Earth Planet humans. Much has been unveiled to me, simply by going through this “Covid awakening phase”. I’m not sure what I’ve been doing about it, but I surely have not played into the outer narrative (matrix) about all of it. Perhaps that means I (and others like me) am free of that control matrix.

Whatever the deal, none of the old controls are effective anymore, on those who have seen the controls for what they are, and the matrix, for what it is. We can break through it, and just like Truman, walk through that “Exit” door (in the wall of the stage) to their true, Inner freedom.

So that show really impacted today, and I feel not like doing much, or writing much, or posting much.

I’m just BEing who I really am, and allowing the “Energies of Awakening and Transformation” to do their job.

(I thought I’d write more, but that’s apparently it!) (Now for a walk in the 9degrees F!)

Aloha, Kp

Kp Message 1-2-22… “Staying in the ‘Center’… of my own BEingness”

There is very little I’ve been up to, lately, especially posting things here. I’ve been very much been strongly guided to not do any posting of things, and I cannot say exactly why, but I know it’s been exactly “right” for this particular moment.

I am not an “anon”. I am not a “researcher”. I am not a “data analyzer”. I am not a “follower of every single information outlet” that is currently “out there” (wherever, “there” is).

I’m also not a full time “blogger” anymore (at least as I have been in the past). That time feels like it is over. As I’ve noted many times,

“I post what I ‘get’ to post” and now, “I post when I ‘get’ to post it”.

So there we are.

“Hours of operation” on this planet currently are extremely variable. Sometimes up at 9, sometimes up 11, sometimes up at 4 (that’s AM, AM, and PM). Dreams come through pretty much every night, sometimes remembered (usually not), occasionally a very vivid one that I record on awakening.

I am not following many I used to follow (intensely), like David W, Corey G, Antarctica this and that, Galactic contact this and that, SSP this and that, Dr. Salla, James G, even Trump this and that. They (their messages) just don’t “matter” to me anymore… not like before.

And if anyone expects an explanation for these things, well, it’s not coming.

I feel as if I’m floating around in some kind of “space with no space”… just floating. Kind of waiting for the time and place where I may (or may not) “land”.

One thing that I do continually “view and release” are the “fear porn” articles and presenters. There are tonnes and tonnes and tonnes and tonnes and tonnes of them out there. There’s the v… (and the “v solution for the v”… that’s “going to wipe you out”). And the financials info providers (“bank accounts are going to fold, any stocks you have are going to zero, get your money out of the bank, buy 4.1 tonnes of gold and 4.2 tonnes of silver, buy this crypto that crypto this other crypto, because if you don’t “have them”, you’ll all die”)… B–sh-t!!!

All these “fear porn” things, to me, are feeding, feeding, feeding, the BoD*. I am not buying it. I am not participating in it. I am not conveying it.

So what I’ve mentioned in the title, “Staying in the ‘Center’… of my own BEingness”, is really what is going on right now. And that will continue.

Aloha to all, Kp

*Beast of Darkness

Kp Radio Hawaii 1-1-22… “We’re going Inward, and Forward, and Upward”

Theme of the show: “All is well, as we Follow the Higher Inner Guidance”

Show link

Talked about (among other things):

  • 2022 = 222 = Angel Numbers = “Trust that everything is working out exactly as it’s supposed to, with Divine blessings for everyone involved. Let go and have faith.”*
  • Allow the process of the “Awakening of humanity” to go forward. Stay out of the way.
  • Releasing the “Gotta do’s”. Follow the Higher Inner Guidance
  • Forget following of the outer voices.
  • Guiding principle: “Take the best (that which resonates) and leave the rest”.
  • I have no idea what this new year (number 2022) will bring. I do NOT play the New Year, Christmas, Easter, etc., games. For myself, it is very very shallow.
  • I do enjoy the numbers.
  • No idea what “the year” bring. It will bring what we each “want” it (deep within) to bring.
  • What to “pay attention to” is within… What resonates? Within? “Follow the Higher Inner Guidance”… that is where I always need to go.
  • I am not a “comforter”. Sometimes feel desire to blurt it out.
  • We’re very much in the Light. People are waking up.
  • We’re going “Inward, and Forward, and Upward”.
  • *Virtue, Doreen. Angel Numbers 101 (p. 63). Hay House. Kindle Edition.

Audio player

MP3 download link

[Kp music note: the intro and ending music is from “Kaulana na Pua” by Makaha Sons. A translation to English may be found here. (“Famous are the children of Hawai?i… Ever loyal to the land”)]
[Another beautiful, with stunning visuals, version is at this link.]

Kp Message 12-28-21… “I am here to BE Light”

I’m realizing that staying in the healing Light is very helpful (and important for myself, at least) right at this moment.

I come across so much “dark type” reports, predictions and doom gloom things… I just have to let them go.

What am I here for, I’m asking? Guaranteed I’m not here to promote the doom gloom things, or the reports about so and so being “taken down”, or how the queen is doing, or any “crap” like that.

I am here to BE Light. I am here to follow the Light. I am here to rise above all the appears chaotic, disordered, etc.

I am here to BE Light.

Aloha, Kp