Kp Message 1-25-21… “We’ll see what ‘comes out’ of this”… “Hold the Line… in and for the Light”

There’ve been a few videos I’ve put out that may have mentioned something like this. And I do strongly believe that those of us who are, in one way or other, working with/for the Light, do indeed need to “Hold the Line… in and for the Light” at this time.

To me, it’s very much an inner thing, this “Holding the Light” business. I’m sure everyone has their own ideas for that. I’m only knowing, right now, that I am standing firmly, In and For the Light, for the sake of this planet.

The current way-shower for this planet, the entity that is “leading the way” to break the planet free from the apparent shackles placed upon it by “nefarious forces”, down through the ages, is called “United States of America”. I believe originally, it was called the “united states for America”.

Although I know there are “Light operations” going on throughout the planet, for this time, and for this moment, the Liberation forefront on the planet is the “united states for America”. And I would add, one might call it, “the united states for the World“.

I am also convinced that the man called Donald J. Trump, and the global group working with him, which some have called, “The Alliance”, are catalyzing this Liberation process, and are continuing to do so… no matter what the outer and unaware surface population sees.

It is essential, in my view, to continue to support this Liberation process, and support those who have helped bring it to this stage.

We are essential to the Liberation of this planet.

This is why we are here… like it or not.

We are currently moving through a swamp of (apparent) crap… T is “not there” (supposedly), B is there (seemingly), there’s wearing masks, restrictions on travel, restrictions on eating, restrictions on shopping, and so on.

And then there’s all the people who are seemingly so blind that they continue to mindlessly follow mindless “mandates” from governors, mayors, et al., who have been trying to remove our humanity, separate us from each other, and eliminate our natural, human, loving, caring Selves.

Apologies to those mind-washed ones, but…

I am NOT following that program. And I never will!

I will shine my Light, I will shine my smile (without wearing a mask or shield or scarf or gaiter (or gator) or any other kind of garbage that does NOT reflect who and what I AM). I will BE who I am…


Get used to it. And get used to seeing it. So get used to BEing it.

Aloha, Kp

Kp Radio Hawaii 1-14-21… “Why and what I post… Staying in Inner Sovereignty”

Theme of the show: “Posting what resonates, not judging the presenters, staying ‘Inner Sovereign’”

Show link

Talked about (among other things):

  • Why and what I post. What’s behind it
  • I’m not here to “evaluate” everything… “right / wrong”, etc. Not my kuleana (mission path).
  • Staying in Inner Sovereignty.
  • Enjoying the process that we’re.
  • Videos, hockey, diff from last year.
  • This is a planetary process.
  • The joy level, vibration level is the important.
  • Timelines… we have the choice.
  • Watching all the drama… not mine to be immersed in.
  • Blog views ramped up recently. Mahalo to all!

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[Kp music note: the intro and ending music is “Kaulana na Pua” by Makaha Sons. A translation to English may be found here. (“Famous are the children of Hawai?i… Ever loyal to the land”)]

Kp Message 1-12-21… “I am NOT an ‘Intel guy’”

I’ve been tossed and turned (in wonderful ways) by all this intel that’s been coming out. But… I am not one of those intel-ers. I don’t have sources here, sources there, for any of that.

I am not an Intel guy.

A few here and there say things like, “Well so and so was CIA. So and so did this or that or this or that in their earlier life, so they can’t be trusted.” And so on.

Well, so what. Who cares. I don’t.

Only thing that matters to me is “Do I ‘get’ that I am to post this? Or that? This person’s message? That person’s message?”

If I internally get to post something, that’s what I do.

Somehow such Guidance has worked out. And so I will continue with it.

I am not an Intel guy.

I just post what I “get” to post.

Aloha, Kp

Kp Note 1-10-21… “Messages and links I’ve received about ‘Possible things happening’”

I’ve been receiving a number of messages, emails, links, videos, and so on, about what might be occurring, or about to occur, here in various parts of the United States. The image I’m using here is what I’m doing right now, “Looking to the Light”.

This process will occur as it is needed. I know, from my Higher Inner Self, that the Alliance “has this”.

So here’s what I’ll lay out, with short description or title, about what’s been sent to me about what’s going on. As always recommended, follow one’s own Higher Inner Discernment as to what actions to take or not take. Remain “In the Light, and with the Light”. Shine the Light for this planet, at this time.

VIDEO: Soldiers, fences in DC, all over (sender said these are the “good guys”)

VIDEO: From an account that was wiped: Fences & barriers being erected all around the Treasury in DC #Interesting 01-07-2021 (11pm EST)

VIDEO: Mike Adams, Situation Update, Jan 9, 2021 – Emergency red alert America descending into WAR (I do NOT buy into any fear porn with this one)

Via EMAIL (Pamela): “from Becky Parkes via Skype chat”
Additional update [to what was posted on Kp blog here):
US citizens stand by for Emergency Broadcast System on your cell
US get ready!
Operation already underway.
Pompeo to give updates every 1/2 hour, then every 15 mins then every 10 mins, then every 5 mins. Trump set to address nation around midnight on EBS. Not sure if their hand has been forced, was not expecting this until Wednesday. Simon