Kp Message 5-16-21 (2355)… “At this moment…”

Well, I’ve been out and about most of the earlier part of the day, then came back to watch/listen to David Wilcock’s Ascension Mystery School (or whatever the title is), which I did… for 5 hours!!

Actually, I feel it is well worth my time and attention. The class is very “deep” and brain and mind intensive.

At this moment, my process appears to be taking care of the “local household” items, and finishing a few items prior to end of month. But I’m not putting all my attention onto those 3D type items.

The planetary process right now, for me, it feels like so much is coming up to become aware of, to release, and then to clear (whatever that means). Right now, I’m really not able to spend any time at all getting too involved with anything or anyone.

I’m generally keeping significant distance (both energetic and physical) from most other humans. And although I know there’s things like “pine needle tea” that can assist and/or protect from “vaxxed-others’” side effects, in the end, I still sense that a healthy immune system and High Vibration are the best helpers for that (also, DW’s recent class (related Kp blog post) was very helpful to me in that regard).

My blogging has come more into the realm of “not posting every thing that comes up” which shows how “this and that and this and that” old paradigm is falling apart, or so and so and so and so deep state person is being called out and “taken down”. That definitely does not resonate with my current energies, or my current 3D earth path.

So maybe this is not much of a “Grand and Ebullient” type of post, but that’s where I’m at.

I do have extra this and extra that and spare popcorn and spare gasoline, which may or may not be needed… we shall see (and I’m not predicting any dates or time frames). But my Higher Inner Self is quite at Peace with it all. As the Firesign Bible says,

“Yea, though I walk through the land of reversible cups and sanitary pedestals (and seemingly insane people), I will fear no evil… For thy mocha and thy calm attitude shall keep thee in Peace.”

Aloha, Kp

210514 Kp Driving Messages VIDEOs playlist… “5-5-5 Ceremonies over the Mississippi”

The first ceremony of this day, was that for my Father (passed on 5-12) and Mother (passed on 5-14). It was a beautiful ceremony of remembrance, on a beautiful sunny day (I’m holding off posting that until others, namely, friends and family of my parents, have viewed that).

This was also a 5-5-5 ceremony day, the ceremony was done over the Mississippi. Afterwards, a trip to Charlotte’s Coffee House in Dubuque was my “reward”.
Click for a list of individual videos

Short note about the blog… If you see “kauilapele2”, that’s also me, Kp…

Yes, this is also me. There are two names I’ll be using for awhile, kauilapele and kauilapele2. The first one is an “admin” and can (apparently) use a lot of resources, leading to “blog is down”. The second one I’m using to post as a “lowly” editor, so as to “reduce the stress” on the Kp Blog resources.

In other words, hopefully it will reduce (and/or eliminate) blog “down time”, and reduce Kp “blogging frustration” time. We’ll see how it goes. This is kind of new to me. But I’m learning more and more as we go.

Thanks to a couple of you who have suggested doing something like this.

Aloha, Kp

Kp Message 5-4-21… “Strong Energies, Shifting Timelines, Challenges” (and, pardon, a rant)

Sometimes the title sums it all up, and although I can put more words in there afterward, the essence of the title is it.

I just watched a movie called “The Final Countdown” ( on Amazon Prime, to which I was somehow drawn. I felt very aligned with the “portaling in” and “portaling out” of an alternative timeline, which is what the movie was about (an aircraft carrier went through a time portal and found itself in the Pacific on 12-6-1941, one day before Pearl Harbor).

All I can say is, this felt like where I was at… stuck in alternating timelines. One current, one old and outdated.

You know, I was going to write a lot more, but right now I’m just experiencing so many different “small” things, about the Energies, the house, the lawn, all of the things (“crap”) that I have to deal with with all of that, the putting on masks, the vaxxed people shedding stuff (genetic material?… so I’m tending to isolate from them)… Waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for the next steps to be taken… visibly.

I’m tired as hell of all of this. Florida opened fully today, I heard. Illinois (and Hawaii, I know) are still stuck in the deep state “shut everything down because we’re all virtue signallers and better than you who have common sense” energy. Very low, and right now, there’s a part of me that is very very tired as hell of it all!

Pardon for my rant…

Aloha, Kp

The Final Countdown