Kp Note 6-24-22… “Back home on 6-22-22”

Short note that I finally made it back to the Illinois house, on 6-22-22 at 10 PM.

Felt wonderful to sleep in my own bed. In fact, I slept about 20 hours. My body was “Feeling it” and still is.

The Mission was completed in Perfection.

Let’s watch what happens.

More later.

Aloha, Kp

Kp Message 6-19-22… “Phase 3 completed… Mission Completed”

Here’s a short summary of what was done. Well the entire mission was from 6-3.

Maui from 6-3 to 6-8, peaked on the 6-6-6. Lahaina side first, Paia side next, then to top of Haleakala. Ceremonial silver coin placed at each place.

I felt this was to reconfigure the portal at Haleakala to allow the Higher Vibrational Energies to be accepted by the Planet.

Molokai, on the path to Oahu, one coin placed under some trees. Releasing the dryness, seemed like “stuck” Energies are released.

Then the plane landed in Kalaupapa (former Hansen colony). Something about an exchange of healing Energies…

Oahu, 6-8 to 6-14, on Leeward side. Recovery of the body from some kind of deal (aka, felt like crap!), crossed the island on 6-12, to Kailua. Clearing of tourist type “chatter” Energies and clearing and opening of East West exchange pathways.

Hawaii Island, 6-14 to 6-21, variety of “tourist chatter” clearing, in town, then final piece of the entire mission was on 6-18. Drove to Kilauea, placed four ceremonial pieces at places that Higher Guidance indicated. I felt this was to “spark” the New Incoming Energetic Flow for the Planet.

That’s what was done.

Aloha Kp
PS finished with L&L laulau!

Kp Message 6-12-22… “Second phase of mission is complete”

Part of the reason “phase 2” took so long, is that shortly after I arrived here, I experienced tiredness, (probably) high temps, and just “felt like crap” (my sense is it was a cold / flu). That, I feel, was part of the Mission process.

More will be unveiled about this (and the prior) phase of the operation, after I’ve left the current location. Cannot say more for now.

On to phase 3.

All is well.

Release any fear.

Embrace (and live in) the Light.

Aloha, Kp

PS: grateful to those who have assisted in bringing in Healing Light and Vibrations, for my body and for the Mission.

Kp Message 6-2-22… “Hold the Light… BE the Light…” (final blog post for awhile)

Shortly I will be departing on a journey, for a mission, somewhere. Likely I’ll still be posting things, but all of the “regular” type posts (BF, Tarot by Janine, Santa, DW, Phil, etc.), will not be happening.

Right now I’m keeping any details to myself, and a few select others. The mission is mine to do, mine to follow Higher Inner Guidance about, and mine to accomplish.

All I can say is that it has to do with “The Light”.

We’ll see what happens.

My only request… “Hold the Light space” for this journey. It is for all of humanity. And all of us who have followed the Higher Guidance for a “long” time, to enable this planet to Ascend.

Blessings to all. Aloha to all. Aloha for all.

Aloha, Kp

Benjamin Fulford 5-30-22… “Fake Biden regime collapsing as Bezos bails” (RMN link)

I’m posting the RMN link for this. It’s all laid out and ready to view. Enjoy the show(s), and feel free to Hold the Light for the planet.

This will be my last BF posting until further notice. My mission journey is next, and nothing will distract me from that.

For further BFs, please go to RMN or SITS to view them. (not yet there).

[Here’s the original BF page link.]