Regardless of what you may think about who these people in the so called “government” really are, what they do does very much effect every American, both citizens and American Nationals.

I know that from personal experience at the Bundy ranch in Nevada in 2014, and many other events in the last few years. These guys just flat don’t give a damn who they run over or what your status is to get what they want, which is total dictatorial and tyrannical absolute power. They are criminals with badges and guns, and you are in their crosshairs.

Regardless of what we know about how fraudulent their power and authority is, what they are doing in moving to atheistic Marxist communism is a real huge threat to our safety and freedom.

We are running out of time to correct this before the leftists trip the trigger on their violent overthrow of peace and freedom in America.  Are you ready to use tools other than your computer keyboard to keep your family safe?

We are peaceful and in a defensive posture, but I am afraid the Marxists will not be satisfied to leave us alone, and in fact will start massive violence this summer. 

Do you have some provisions stored and do you have the training and equipment to survive in the face of criminal activity on the part of “government” goons and others who are using your tax dollars to clamp down on your freedom?

If not, you are just about out of time to take this seriously and do something about it.

Start by correcting your status. Then immediately prepare to survive for several weeks or months or more ON YOUR OWN or with other local families.

The Marxist communist Democrats want to take your guns so they can kill you and you can’t resist.

Many so called Republicans are going right along with them including Trump, with his bump stock ban, and regardless of what he said in his NRA speech yesterday.

Please comment on this video below. We want your opinion especially about the timing of all this.

Paul Stramer