Spiritually Raw 2-17-21 VIDEO… “GUARDIAN of GLOBAL ASSETS, The MOST POWERFUL WOMAN You NEVER Heard Of! Kim G. Earth Restoration Plan”

This one was pointed out by a certain “GV of Kona”, who often talks about the famous “Kim” and how she is some sort of “Wonder Woman” for the planet. This video interview, with David Croeni from Switzerland, sheds light on what is likely going on behind the scenes, and many levels above what is playing out in the eyes of many, on this planet. I listened to this on my drive home, and all I can say is, I was “pulled in”, and felt my awareness was quite expanded after listening.

There is a slightly longer version of this at this link (available for a small charge). I’m including the notes from that page, below the video.

Some may also wish to check out the website mentioned in the video, https://projectspeak.net.


Notes from this link:

GUARDIAN of GLOBAL ASSETS, The MOST POWERFUL WOMAN You NEVER Heard Of! Kimberly Goguen aka “Kim Possible”, Manna World Holding Trust, Earth Restoration Plan, Global Banking Power Structure, Marduk, Trump, Meds Beds, Quantum Mapping Systems not QFS, “The Savior Program”, NESARA / GESARA.

Guest, David Croeni, Swiss Banking family for the Vatican. David’s mom is of Danish royal blood. He was part of it and left to save humanity and speak his truth. David has been privy to some of the most secret information on the planet. “People speculate who is at the TOP of the POWER structure, I know. I’ve always known.”



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