GoldFish Report No. 102 [6-18-17], Celebrating 100 GoldFish Reports ‘Uniting the Light’ with Special Guests

This was quite an event organized by Louisa. I had not met several of those on the panel (I’d met Rob Potter and Kent Dunn), and I felt it was an excellent broadcast. And it seemed all of us were having some fun with this!

I was, of course, at Kona Coffee and Tea, and even shared a short tour of the inside of KC&T (go to 1:37:45). I came in at around 28:30. And people can see Ginger, who was also having a mocha, and supports Hawaii in her own special way.

GoldFish Report No. 102, Celebrating 100 GoldFish Reports ‘Uniting the Light’ with Special Guests

Published on Jun 18, 2017
On GoldFish Report No 102, Celebrates 100 GoldFish Reports ‘Uniting the Light’. Joining Steve and Louisa are Kent Dunn, Kauilapele, Rob Potter, Jay Pee, Dr. Maree Batchelor and Dr. Richard Presser, with open topics and some msuic performance by Jay Pee. Thanks to all our viewers for your support, for watching and, considering the perspectives discussed in these reports which have helped to make The GoldFish Report a beacon of Light for those who seek it.

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