Kp Radio Hawaii Message 11-12-20… “‘Going with the Light’ and ‘Staying in the Light’ in these ‘High Intensity Energies’”

This message came up rather quickly. Didn’t want to write it all out, so made a show. Sometimes it’s necessary to “make a show of one’s Self”!

  • Done with “the election”.
  • Feeling compression.
  • Feeling like “things are going to pop”.
  • Releasing items (inner) that need to be released.
  • Many must be (and remain) in their current locations. Stay fully grounded.
  • Staying in place. Staying in Peace. Staying in the Light.
  • New GaiaPortal, talked about.
  • Not to get caught up in mini-vortices of turbulence.
  • After we’re through the difficult phase, enter into brand NEW phase. See CF /Colleen video.
  • New phase is about to kick in.
  • Internet shutdown may be used to help wake up humanity.
  • Oceans of Harmonics.. may be called on to help some beings to tune in to the new harmonics.

MP3 download link

*[Kp music note: the intro and ending music is “Kaulana na Pua” by Makaha Sons.

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Solar Codes coming in, baby!!

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