Say, Yea, Laura

By Anna Von Reitz

Many people are confused by the complexity of the layers upon layers of government that have been usurping upon us in the name of protecting us and providing us with “governmental services”.  

Many people have challenged my historical research, which very clearly shows that prior to our present efforts, the actual land and soil jurisdiction government was hanging on by its last threads and almost — but not quite — inoperable from disuse and lack of public awareness. 

Our “for hire” public employees have plied us with so many wares and services that the idea that we might have to get off our duffs and actually “self-govern” seemed like lunacy to many —- but step back a moment and consider — how can you “self-govern” if you are not involved in providing your own government?  

How can you be independent and self-determining, if you are relying on other people and even on commercial corporations, to dictate every aspect of your life?   The use of your name?  The description of your property?  The conduct of your business? The custody of your children?  The content of their education?

Think. Why would you leave issues like this to Walmart? 

Yet, that is exactly what we’ve been doing, because the UNITED STATES, INC., and the USA, Inc., and all the various permutations thereof, are commercial corporations in the same sense as Walmart.  

The only difference is that they are in business to provide certain stipulated governmental services.  

The services that they are supposed to be providing are pretty basic, but owing to the fact that we haven’t been stepping up and managing our own business affairs for quite a number of years, they’ve been falling down on the nineteen enumerated services they are supposed to be providing and selling us a whole bunch of other crap we never ordered. 

And charging us for it, too.  

So — what’s wrong with the government?   Put bluntly, you’ve been functioning as an Absentee Landlord and the Hired Help has run wild.  

What to do about it?  Well, first and foremost, declare and record your actual political status as an American State National or American State Citizen.  

Chances are you aren’t a U.S. Citizen nor a citizen of the United States and never were, and even if you are presently acting in one of those capacities, chances are that you still want your Constitutional guarantees protected and your basic rights and freedoms enforced.  

So watch this little snippet of a news story from Fox News and think it over and when you are done, get on your feet and go to: and get started on the road back home to where you always thought you were.  


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