God has Spoken

Our world is changing. Can you feel it?

By Merrilee of Solana,

While some are still caught in their slumber thinking they’re awake, others are dressed and ready to party.

The old paradigm of corruption, lies, deception, demonic plans, pain, and suffering plays in the background as some continue to give it energy keeping the fire burning. It’s not necessary.

How unfortunate to see so many continue to be victimized by the idea of knowledge. The same sin… one bite of the apple we just can’t resist. The road to destruction is the belief that knowing more will offer relief. It’s quite the contrary.

The devil is selfish wanting all the attention at any cost to keep our eyes and emotions in chaos. This is how he’s been able to lead without effort. How unfortunate for those who align with all things contrary to love. The devil cares not, loyal only to himself, feeding off our fears and leaving us to perish from anxiety.

Ironic is the story of the mustard seed. Did anyone ever consider the same story is true when it’s the seed of Satan? One small little fear manifests itself into an entire existence. Now the world lives in fear and continues to honor the money. Earth’s inhabitants feel the pain, consumed in disbelief as the reality of hell, and the beast is seen in action. More of the same is definitely not the answer.

Thank goodness the story gets better. For the most part, the majority of people still believe God wins. The proof presents itself when a match is struck in the darkness. And so, we have a decision to make. Will we choose to be the match or remain clouded, living in the dark tunnels of our minds reality?

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve come full circle. Like the ruby shoes, we had the answer all along. God gave us Free Will when we took a bite of that apple. It’s always been just one choice only.
To love or not to love no matter what the devil puts in front of us. Love is how we find our way back home.

The devil’s reign is coming to an end. Those who understand the power of love and how to demonstrate will be invaluable to the new world emerging. God has spoken. His people are rising to their birthright of the kingdom.


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After months of condemnation for no lockdown, Sweden’s COVID deaths drop to near-zero

Unlike many nations, Sweden never shut down its schools or economy and did not restrict individual freedoms to nearly the degree seen in the United States and much of Europe.


By Calvin Freiburger,

As heated debate continues over the emergency measures taken around the world to limit the spread of COVID-19, new data suggest Sweden’s oft-derided approach of not locking down may have paid off in the long run.

The country of 10 million people has seen a total of 82,972 infections and 5,766 deaths. Unlike many nations, it never shut down its schools or economy and did not restrict individual freedoms to nearly the degree seen in the United States and much of Europe.

Sweden’s leaders faced a steady drumbeat of international condemnation as deaths curved upward from April through June, though the curve flattened in July. Daily deaths fell to the low thirties in mid June, and have been in single digits since July 20.

In April, Swedish epidemiologist Anders Tegnell explained to Nature magazine that Sweden started from the understanding that COVID-19 “is not a disease that can be stopped or eradicated…until a working vaccine is produced,” and that widespread lockdowns would be incompatible with Swedish laws, which “are mostly based on voluntary measures — on individual responsibility.”

“Closedown, lockdown, closing borders — nothing has a historical scientific basis, in my view,” Tegnell said. “We have looked at a number of European Union countries to see whether they have published any analysis of the effects of these measures before they were started, and we saw almost none.”

Notably, Tegnell also acknowledged that Sweden “underestimated the issues at care homes, and how the measures would be applied. We should have controlled this more thoroughly.” This was the same error infamously made in New York, suggesting that Sweden’s overall early outlook was disproportionately impacted by nursing home deaths.

Although Sweden did not implement a draconian lockdown, nor did its general population suffer terrible infection rates, it has been accused of committing “active euthanasia” on its elderly coronavirus patients.

Nursing homes in the Nordic country have been accused of denying their patients basic medical care including food and water and giving them respiratory-inhibiting drugs like morphine and midazolam.

Latifa Löfvenberg, a nurse in Sweden, said, “People suffocated, it was horrible to watch. One patient asked me what I was giving him when I gave him the morphine injection, and I lied to him.”

“Many died before their time. It was very, very difficult.”

“Regarding its medical facilities, the Scandinavian country’s approach was to keep hospital intensive-care units from being overwhelmed with elderly patients who had a low chance of surviving and thus keep them open for younger people should a surge in the virus occur. Such a surge did not happen and the elderly were denied access to unused facilities,” reported the Christian Post.

“They told us that we shouldn’t send anyone to the hospital, even if they may be 65 and have many years to live. We were told not to send them in,” according to Löfvenberg.

The Christian Post noted, “Those suspected to have COVID-19 were quickly placed on palliative care, given morphine, and denied supplementary oxygen and intravenous fluids and nutrition.”

“For many residents, this was essentially a death sentence.”

The Swedish Public Health Agency said that “48.9% of deaths were care home residents up to and including 14 May,” the BBC reported that month.

While numerous international headlines have recently begun expressing openness to the possibility Sweden’s non-lockdown overall strategy paid off, other reports still urge skepticism. The Hill health writer Chia-Yi Hou writes that “we will never know if doing more would have actually helped.” MedPage Today quotes doctors attributing the results to variables such as Swedes spending more of their summer outdoors.

Sweden not locking down appears to have also benefited the country economically. While the country’s second-quarter GDP dropped an historic 8.6%, CNBC reports, it still fared much better than others declines in Europe, such as Spain (18.5%), Portugal (14.1%), France (13.8%), and Germany (10.1%), as well as the overall European Union decline of 11.9%.


Source: https://www.lifesitenews.com

COBRA 8/12/20 Report: Planetary Initiation

Universe beyond our Solar system is already experiencing vast restructuralization as it is already entering the new cosmic cycle, when all creation will become aligned with the One.

Meanwhile, our Solar system and especially planet Earth is still experiencing the final purification of primary anomaly. Now all focus is on planet Earth which is experiencing a strong planetary initiation during 2020:
Dark forces are trying to misuse the energy of this planetary initiation by subjecting humanity to Corona occult ritual:
You can counteract the effects of this Corona ritual by reframing it. You can reframe isolation/ social distancing into meditative retreat, you can reframe hand washing into spiritual purification and you can reframe mask wearing into occult silence which is always needed before the initiation.
By doing so you can shift the energies of the negative Corona ritual into positive energies of spiritual initiation /breakthrough.
Inside our Solar system, planets are orbiting around the Sun and are creating interference patterns in the plasma field that significantly influence situations on this planet:
During the next two months and a half, until the beginning of November, there are three key astrological configurations that will determine the course of events.
The first one is Mars stationary/retrograde, which will form challenging aspects to Saturn, Pluto, Eris and Black Moon (Lilith):
This will bring many delays, frustrations, violence and suppressed anger boiling over.
The first manifestation of this configuration was the explosion in Beirut. It was a plasma nuclear explosion which was done with the purpose of destabilizing Lebanon:
The real orchestrators of this attack are the Black Nobility families and the Jesuits. It is interesting to note that Peter Hans Kolvenbach, former Jesuit superior general, who was the man in charge of the Fukushima 3-11 operation, lived and died in Beirut:
It is also interesting to note that Beirut is the site of the Goddess Vortex of Nymph Beroe, which is one of the main vortexes Jesuits want to destroy:
Underground tunnels discovered below Beirut lead to “far away places”:
Jesuits are also using this challenging Mars energy in their attempt to create a war between China and USA:
They are using this Mars energy to polarize USA further:
This Jesuit strategy can actually backfire as soon as the negative Mars influences are neutralized. I am not at liberty to say when will that be:
Here I need to add that Trump is less and less susceptible to Jesuit manipulation, as he was never actually part of the Illuminati death cult:
The second key astrological aspect in the next few months is Saturn conjunct Chariklo. This configuration actively suppresses Goddess energy, brings austerity and isolation.
Jesuits and Black Nobility families are using this energy to promote lockdowns in preparation for their New World Order plans:
Their lockdown narrative has only one problem-Sweden:
The third key astrological aspect of the next few months is heliocentric Eris-Pluto square. This energy brings many valuable lessons to the Light Forces that want to liberate this planet. They are finally beginning to understand the degree and level of suffering and anomaly present here.
Process of clearing the Draco fleet has reached the point when the Light Forces are finally able to reach the surface of the planet with their positive quantum Mjolnir technologies and assist the Lightworkers and Lightwarrors. A special Surface Task Force has been formed on the motherships of the Light Forces, with global teams working on the planetary energy grid, and personal teams working on assisting the individual Lightworkers and Lightwarriors, monitoring and evaluating their development and preparing them for Contact.
If you wish a personal team to be formed for you and assist you, you need to say the following protocol aloud three times: “ Command 12 21”. The first time you say this, a personal team will be formed, and each time you invoke the protocol after that, you personal team will check your status and help whenever and however they can.
For emotional healing, you can keep using Command 771 protocol:
One important aspect of this final war against the Draco is that the Light Forces were able to seize advanced Draco technology which shields Draco ships against toplet bomb explosions. The Light Forces were able to duplicate that technology and will use it to isolate and contain the remaining toplet bombs until they are completely cleared.
This gives a huge strategic disadvantage to the Draco, and they will not be able to execute their plans. They were planning to let the Cabal install their New World Order to enslave humanity, then invade the surface of the planet, kill the Cabal and rule over their human slaves:

There are many things happening behind the scenes that I have no clearance to report, and many new elements will enter the scenario since the beginning of November. As we come closer to that time, I will be able to say more.



Source: http://2012portal.blogspot.com/

Founding Fathers Strapped Down In Graves To Prevent Further Spinning

U.S.—In an attempt to tackle the unprecedented and growing phenomenon of historical figures spinning rapidly in their graves, federal officials have begun strapping down the Founding Fathers at several historical sites.

“It started slowly, back around 2016,” explained National Park Director Larry Rozinsky. “We noticed George Washington’s corpse had done a full 360. It was a bit odd but nothing unlike what we’d seen a few times back in the sixties.”

But that was only the beginning. Over the next few years, the corpses of Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and various other founding fathers began to rotate with increasing speed and frequency, reaching an all-time peak in just the last few months.

“Around the time local governments began shutting down entire industries for quarantine, James Madison did a full 720!” Rozinsky said. “Shortly after that, Washington and Franklin started spinning non-stop, at an increased velocity, with the rest of the founding fathers joining in by early June.”

Officials decided to strap down the Fathers over concerns that the constant spinning could create an earthquake danger for tourists –if and when tourism becomes legal again.

Some are critical of the efforts to secure the graves. Environmentalists say the spinning could be used as a source of green energy, while some quantum physicists speculate that, at the current trajectory, the graves could eventually create a space-time rift that would allow us to travel back to before everything went so wrong.


Source: https://babylonbee.com

The Day of Judgment is Near

By Klos’thiel En Ra El,

Dearest Brothers & Sisters of Light,

We now are living in the End Times, the Time of Tribulations that precedes the Day of Judgment, as predicted in the Christian Bible, and in the sacred writings of Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Taoism, the traditions of the Indigenous peoples and many other religions and creeds.

As Lightworkers, Bearers of Light, we have a particularly important task to perform not only to radiate our Light to humanity, but also to serve as wayshowers for those who do not understand this and seek guidance amidst the turbulence that is now going on. This Time of Tribulations has been described by Jesus in several messages through Bertha Dudde in the time period 1937-1965. I will include four of them below.

In reading these messages please keep in mind that it has been given in a time in which humanity’s evolution was still on a lower timeline. On that timeline humanity was heading for a devastating catastrophe caused by built-up forces within the Earth and forces from nature, similar to what happened in the days of Noah. However, due to the Harmonic Convergence, organized by Jose Arguelles in August 1987, that reset of civilization was bypassed, and instead an upward shift took place to a higher timeline in which humanity and Mother Earth are ascending to the fifth dimension.

In this ascension process, the light quotient in humanity has constantly increased and has even reached the stage in which it will soon reach critical mass within the mass consciousness. But nevertheless, it remains imperative that humankind must undergo great trials, for most of humankind has increasingly anchored deeper into matter, in earthly, mundane life, and turned more and more away from God. By undergoing the trials, they are given the opportunity to find their way back to God and submit to God’s Will and God’s Laws, for the ascension process is heading towards the fifth dimension, in which the Kingdom of God on Earth is established.

‘The path through Satan’s world’

Jesus through Bertha Dudde / No. 8869 / October 17, 1964


The world is Satan’s domain and yet you have to pass through it because all of you are more or less still attached to the lord of this world, since you have not yet completed the last work of spiritualising yourselves in this world …. you are still imperfect and therefore not entirely free from his control …. However, you are all aware of My will which only ever asks you to selflessly love your neighbour. Hence you know what will bring you closer to perfection and therefore you shall only ever endeavour to release yourselves from selfish love and turn it into love for your neighbour. Then you will detach yourselves more and more from his world, you will pass through this world and it will no longer hold on to you, but has to release you if you want to carry out this will of Mine. Then your earthly life will only be a short stage on the path to your eternal home, you will remove your fetters with My help, for then you have surrendered to Me, and wherever your goal is, there is also your heart …. Your longing applies to Me and this world has nothing else to offer you, it can no longer stop you on your path of ascent …. However, if you don’t carry out this change from selfish love into unselfish neighbourly love you will take your last short path across the earth in vain …. then you will remain attached to the one who wants to pull you into the abyss again.

Yet I cannot force your will, you have to strive for this change entirely of your own accord so that you will be able to gain immeasurable happiness. For this reason you cannot be given absolute proof of what will await you in eternal life if you strive towards Me, or what will happen to you if you deliver yourselves to My adversary …. or you would be compelled to believe which, however, cannot be valued as ‘faith’. Even so, My Word explains everything to you and besides, you have within yourselves the still small voice of conscience which warns and admonishes you …. You, however, drown out this voice in you with the world and ignore it, but there is not a single human being whose attention is not somehow drawn to the consequences of his way of life …. And therefore no-one can evade the hour of responsibility when he stands at the gate to eternity …. I approach people time and again trying to inform them of My will, which requires nothing other than shaping themselves into love, and by means of strokes of fate try to bring Myself to their attention so that they will call upon Me in their distress, when I shall truly be willing to help; yet I cannot reveal Myself more distinctly than through My direct speech from above so as not to compel anyone’s will.

But you lack faith and don’t value My Word from above as a truly significant blessing which is to help you in your lack of resolve …. If only you would get used to the idea that My Word might be true so that you could arrange your life accordingly, then much would be gained already, for I look at the slightest will concerning Me and will help you find Me completely …. so that you no longer attach too much importance to the world, that you detach yourselves from it and thus also from its master. Just your will to free yourselves from his bondage is seen by Me as your first step of return to Me, and I will bless all further effort and give you the strength to accomplish what will lead to your release from him. Nevertheless, you must take the path through the world, for it is the last opportunity to liberate yourselves from the one who is lord of this world, and you must pass this last test of will if you want to enter the kingdom of beatitude ….


 ‘Calm before the storm … Visible appearance of the Lord’

Jesus through Bertha Dudde / No. 4126 / September 16, 1947


A time of anxious misery and suffering lies before you and you can regard the time prior to this, the time in which you presently live, as the calm before the storm, during which you can still live your life within the scope of tradition, during which you can still speak of a certain extent of prosperity compared to the poverty and the deprivation which await you afterwards. And yet it will be a time of grace, a time when I will be clearly recognisable, when life will only be bearable if you deeply unite yourselves with Me in your thoughts, since then you will never be alone but will always be able to have Me as your protection. And I will also manifestly reveal Myself to you, I will approach individual people in the shape of the One Who harboured Me in all fullness within Himself. And I will be recognised wherever people’s love for Me is strong, even if I dwell as a human being amongst people, for My eyes will tell them who I AM, and their hearts will come aglow with such burning love for Me as they would never be able to offer to a fellow human being. I will come to meet them with ardent love, I will illuminate them where they lack knowledge and comfort them in hours of distress and they will be able to overcome the most difficult situations and not despair, for they will sense My help, and wherever I visibly approach them they will be full of strength and profound faith. And once this fills a human heart no oppressive adversity will be able to exist anymore, for then they will only utterly rely on Me and I will truly not disappoint their faith. Yet anyone who lives without Me will hardly be able to endure this time. I cannot leave him in his spiritual adversity and will therefore have to sorely strike him with earthly adversity until his opposition against Me slackens, until he starts to believe and expects help from Me …..

Thus all of you will be subjected to anxious distress and suffering through which I want to win you over completely. Nevertheless, you also have abundant strength and grace at your disposal which will help you to gain Me. I only want your love and once I own it I will come to meet you …. in the last days even visibly in order to strengthen your and other people’s faith, because you are in need of extraordinary strengthening and consolation. Consequently, you won’t need to fear the difficult time ahead of you either, for you will survive it with My help. Nevertheless, it will remain a time of grace, and the yoke I impose upon you will be an easy one if only you make correct use of the gift of grace. To be allowed to behold Me with your physical eyes is truly worth the cross you will have to bear until the end. Yet I will also offer Myself as a bearer of the cross to those who take refuge in Me and appeal to Me for My help …. And for their sake I will shorten the days until the end. I know every individual person’s problems, and those who are faithful to Me are My true children who will really not call upon Me in vain for help. Therefore don’t let My announcement frighten you, approach the coming events determinedly and calmly, detach yourselves from the world and wait for Me …. And I will come …. at first appearing to individual people, in order to then fetch My Own into My kingdom …. in order to lead them away from the place of perdition into to the kingdom of peace, where their life will be as blissful as in paradise ….

‘Battle of faith – Antichrist’

Jesus through Bertha Dudde / No. 6758 / Februari 8, 1957


The closer the end, the fiercer will the battle between light and darkness rage ….. However, you will not experience the full horror of the battle until it turns against My followers, when it is planned to banish the faith in Me in Jesus Christ, when the act of Salvation will become My adversary’s target ….. when people will be demanded to openly confess their faith and brutally forced to renounce it. Only then will the hardship and adversity start, the time I have promised My Own I will shorten …. And then My adversary’s fury will become obvious, for people will lose their inhibitions, nothing will hold them back because they will be incited by Satan and shall completely submit to his will. Let it be said that there is not much time until this battle of faith, but that it will be preceded by an immense crisis on earth which, however, will come from a different source …. It is My will that it shall fall upon people so that they can already prove or even strengthen their faith. Precisely this crisis, which will be inflicted on humanity through a natural disaster of huge proportions, will be used by many people as a reason to already take action against the faith, because now more than ever they will doubt a God and Creator Who Himself destroys what He has created. However, anyone who knows the truth will also have a correct explanation for everything, and then he can inform his fellow human beings of this truth too. Then the ensuing battle of faith can even result in a strong faith in them, which subsequently will withstand all the threats the believers will be exposed to.

However, the fact that most people will no longer have a living faith is My adversary’s doing, who therefore will not cease to work against Me and the truth, and he will be far more successful with people than the representatives of the pure truth, the true representatives of Christ’s teaching …. For they rarely will be believed, but My adversary can offer people what he wants …. it will be accepted. And that is why it will already have to be clarified in advance, everyone will have to openly and freely declare whether they are for or against Me …. Everyone will have to make this decision within himself during the coming time of need which comes upon earth due to My will, for when I speak through the forces of nature everyone will have to choose: to call upon Me for help or to entirely isolate himself from Me …. which is the same as turning to My adversary …. Following this, however, the decision has to be taken again publicly: when it will be demanded of you humans in the last battle of faith on this earth to testify of Me in Jesus Christ or to deny Me …..

But then you, who were instructed in the truth by Me Myself, will know that the end has come …. Then you will know that I will shorten the days for the sake of My Own, that I will come Myself to help them and release them from their suffering …. that I will gather them from this earth and take them to a place of peace, before I carry out the work of destruction, which will mean the end of all created beings on this earth ….

If only you would believe what I have announced to you time and again …. the conditions on earth should prove My adversary’s rage to you already, because he knows that he is running out of time. And the fact that he is raging and the earth is populated by his own kind can be recognised by all of you and should make you think. Every day is still a blessing for people, for even the most depraved person still has the opportunity to change and gain faith in Me before the end …. because I will try everything to still snatch souls from My adversary before the end. And anyone with faith in Me will be blessed, but the unbelievers will have to share the fate of him whom they followed voluntarily ….. And you will not go short, even if everything you need to live will be taken away from you …. As soon as you believe that I Myself will take care of you, who are persecuted for My name’s sake, My adversary’s measures need not frighten you …. For what they take away from you, you will receive from Me again, although in a different form, but you will not need to starve for I Myself will satisfy your hunger …. For ‘behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your Heavenly Father feedeth them ….’

Remember these Words, remember that He Who created everything will truly also be able to maintain what He has created …. and that He will surely do so when His Own suffer adversity. But the time will come when people will try to force you with most brutal measures to forsake your faith …. and anyone of weak faith will not be able to endure these measures …. Severe tests of faith will be imposed on you, but I want to prepare you precisely for this time, then you will be able to be a shining example to your fellow human beings, you will be able to demonstrate to them what a firm faith can accomplish: that you live despite the fact that everything you need to live will have been taken away from you …..

Seek always only the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and everything else will be added to you. And this promise will then be visibly fulfilled on My Own, on those who stand up for Me and My name before the world, who do not fear the earthly power because they feel safe under My protection. And only then will it become evident who has a living faith, and there will only be few. Then the structures which were built on sand …. which were not built on the rock of faith on which I built My church, will collapse too …. It will be a difficult time which no-one would be able to survive had I not conveyed the truth to earth in advance, which is an explanation of everything and which alone can result in a strong faith …. But error will not give anyone the strength to persevere, and only where there is love, can strength of faith also be found.

An extraordinary person will offer himself as a visible cover to My adversary, and this person will then instigate the last conflict on earth. Pay attention to this and you will know that the hour of the end is very near …. But also pay attention to My messengers from above who will appear at the same time in order to guide you with their light, which you should follow …. Pay attention to all of those who spiritedly announce My Word and join them, so that the small flock will stay together, so that they can constantly get light and their faith can steadily grow stronger …. But to all these I promise My protection, My Fatherly care and My blessing ….

They need not fear to fall prey to this brutal power, for I Myself will come to get them as soon as My adversary goes too far, as soon as even My Own are threatened by grave danger …. For this reason I will shorten the days, so that My Own will be able to endure and not weaken in view of the measures of persecution. But since I can still see a possibility to save individual souls I will also hold My hands protectively over those who represent Me before the world, so that the former can gain strength from them, so that a Power will be recognised which is stronger than earthly power …. And therefore I will also take extraordinary care of My Own, and despite adverse measures they will survive physically and spiritually …. And all this will happen soon …. What you cannot suspect today will happen then, but that is why already I draw your attention to it, and you, who are taught by Me, also know why it will happen …..

The spiritual hardship on earth is evident to you as well, and by the signs of the time you will be able to identify the time on the world’s clock …. But once this battle of faith flares up you need only expect a very short time, because everything will take place especially fast …. For the man chosen by My adversary as cover will not have a long life-span, and his regime on earth will not last long. He will be recognisable by his supernatural abilities, for he will be exceptionally endowed by My adversary, and that is why he will work for him and his plans. And even if the whole world pays homage to him, you will recognise and see through him.

But then you will have to be very careful and should not deliberately endanger yourselves due to excessive zeal …. Then you will have to be as cunning as serpents and as gentle as doves …. But when the decision is demanded of you, then you must stand your ground and firmly trust in Me and My help …. for no matter how powerful people are, they cannot match My might and a wisp of breath from Me would suffice to destroy them …. And thus I will also call a stop to it when the hour has come. I will bring those to Me who are in utmost earthly distress but place the oppressors themselves into chains, for the time will be up, a period of redemption will come to an end and a new era will start so that the deliverance of all spirits can continue ….


‘Signs of the last days … Battle of faith … Chaos’

Jesus through Bertha Dudde / No. 3209 / August 1, 1944


(…) The Last Judgment is preceded by the last days, which last just a few months and are characterized by an exceptionally rigorous battle of faith. As soon as this battle of faith is carried out quite openly, as soon as all secrecy is ignored and all spiritual aspirations are bluntly and recklessly attacked, as soon as laws and decrees are endorsed which prohibit people’s spiritual pursuits, as soon as all divine commandments are no longer observed, as soon as all believers are persecuted and have no more rights, the last days have entered into their final phase and the Last Judgment can be expected daily and hourly …. However, before this battle of faith flares up, humanity will find itself in a spiritual and worldly chaos; there will be noticeable regression in every respect. And this regression will be initiated by people who are dominated by Satan. He will show himself in earthly devastation and destruction, in heartless laws, in a God-opposing way of life, in civil disobedience and rebellion against the governing powers and in brutal oppression by the latter, in restriction of freedom and in evasion of law and justice.

These conditions will ensue after a huge earthly tremor, which takes place in accordance with God’s will in order to terminate a conflict between nations that human will fails to end. For the people who are affected by this earthly tremor it will denote a change of their accustomed way of life, it will be a time of greatest deprivation and most difficult living conditions, and although this time will be favourable for the spreading of the divine Word it will not signify a revival of a worldly-clerical power. People will indeed eagerly strive to improve their earthly living conditions but these efforts will not be compatible with spiritual aspirations, with the belief in an Authority Which holds them to account and with the divine commandments that require love. And that is why everything that interferes with the return to the former good living standard comes under attack. Thus the battle of faith will start soon after the divine intervention which turns global affairs into a different direction. The events will follow each other quickly as they are hastened by people’s low spirit, and this spiritual low shows itself in people’s heartless actions, in their thinking, which shows extreme depravity and which prepares deeds that can only be called satanic. And thereby you can identify the moment in time when God’s intervention can be anticipated. The global affairs themselves shall be a timetable to you, by the actions people are capable of doing you can see that they have totally distanced themselves from God and this clearly contradicts the opinion that this human race can still expect a spiritual renaissance.

The people who faithfully remain with God will indeed intensify their intimate relationship with Him, they will be in truth His Church which will stand firm amid misery and affliction, but it is just a small group. The world, however, denies God, it is hostile towards all who support God, and this spiritual need signifies that the end is near …. Therefore pay attention to the signs of the time, pay attention to humanity’s conduct, to their desertion of God and their preference of the world, when people are evidently influenced by Satan, when they are enslaved by him and do everything to disobey the divine commandments, when nothing is sacred to them any longer, neither the life of their fellow human beings nor their possessions; when lies triumph and the truth is treated with hostility you know that the end is not far. Then you can watch the events unfold as they are revealed to you, because it will all take place during the lifetime of a man who, in a manner of speaking, hastens the disintegration, who pays homage to the destructive principle, who is not constructively but destructively active. And this man’s end is also the end of the world, i.e. the end of the world in its present form and the end of those people who presently inhabit the earth, which are separate from those who belong to God. And now you know that there is not much time, that you are not given a long period of time and that the end is upon you shortly. And for this reason you have to prepare yourselves, you have to live as if every day is your last because you don’t know when you will be called back and whether you will live to see the end of the earth. If, however, you are needed as defenders of God during the time of battle before the end, God will also guide your thoughts correctly and you will know when the time has come …. the time of the divine intervention by means of unleashing the forces of nature, the time of the battle of faith and the time of the Last Judgment …. It is God’s will that you make people aware, thus He will also enlighten your spirit and guide your thoughts in a manner that you understand correctly and only voice and reveal to your fellow human beings what you have understood properly ….


Closing Remarks

#  Sananda will start his Mission of Love very soon. Behold August 8th, the opening of the Lion’s Gate.

#  The following events will happen very soon:

–    The light quotient within the mass consciousness will reach ‘critical mass’. Then the Light will prevail on Earth.

–    The third and fourth dimensional mass consciousness grid will merge into the fifth dimensional Crystalline Consciousness Grid around the Earth. Then the fifth dimensional energies of Compassion, Harmony, Unity, Brotherhood and Sisterhood and Peace will steadily penetrate all areas of humanity on Earth.

–    The lightworkers will be connected to the fifth dimensional Crystalline Consciousness Grid around the Earth. Then we too will be charged with the fifth dimensional energies, which will result in the manifestation of Christ Consciousness within us, and we will do God’s Work on Earth as Christ.

#  The ‘Battle of Faith’ comes in different forms. And, as Jesus said, it manifests itself in its core as living in accordance with the ‘Two Commandments’.

#  Ashtar said in Tuella’s book ‘Ashtar, A Tribute’ the following:

“A great degenerate race abides within your planet; an astral race, which is not so much scientifically degenerate, but in every moral sense, as you know it. They are capable of spaceflights within the astral regions around the Earth, but they are Earth-bound. They are the powers of Eranus, which you call Satan. They emerge at the South Pole. They have relatives on your surface that are without morals or mercy. I give you this information so that you are aware of their existence.

“The Four Crown Princes of Hell”: http://www.dpjs.co.uk/crownprinces.html

“Lucifer and Luciferians, Masters of Deception”: 


So, the dark forces on Earth, the Cabal, are led by Satan. We will assist Sananda in taking the power of the Cabal away, and we will be witnesses in the chaining of Satan.

#  Within the Thousand Years of Peace, following the chaining of Satan, we will transform and transmute our physical body in a crystalline lightbody and we will ascend with Gay-Ah’-mah, Mother Earth, to the fifth dimension. The lightbody is immortal.

Dearest Brothers & Sisters of Light,

We are members of the Collective Messiah, the 144,000 (and more) Ascended Masters who accompany the Christ or appointed Messiah, Sananda in his current incarnation, on a Mission of Love. As volunteers we have been contracted for this job before incarnating on Earth for the first time. We have been prepared for this, life after life since the Fall of Atlantis. We are Warriors of Light in God’s Army, the Army of Angels, with Sananda as the Commander and Mother God as the Commander-in-Chief. This the Seventh Battle of Armageddon.. According to Kuthumi we have already won. So, strategically we know that we are victorious, but the battle has to be won on the battlefield.

Let us not bother ourselves with what is currently happening on Earth. Let us present ourselves for duty to Lord Sananda, in his current incarnation, when the day and the hour has come.


Embracing you all with my love,

Klos’thiel En Ra El

“We in the Heavens, we in your hearts and we in your minds ask you to bring to your thought processes the energy of freedom, liberation and power to the planet Earth now!” … “Look, we say, look at your creation and hold it as your masterpiece. Allow it to have your stamp and your seal. Do not leave this incarnation wondering what you did not accomplish. Never look back with regret or remorse over how you allowed another to control your creation. You are powerful, you are sovereign and you are immense in your stature.”

(Archangel Michael through ‘Ashid’ / March 3, 2001)


Source: Sananda Eagles.

A List Of 50 Things You Should Get Right Now To Prepare For The Chaotic Events Of The Next 12 Months

By Michael Snyder,

People have been asking me to do an article like this for quite some time.  In all the years that I have been writing, I have never seen so many of my readers so alarmed about our immediate future.  Over and over again, I have been getting emails from people asking for advice about how to prepare for what is ahead, and so many of them are using the word “urgency” to describe what they are feeling.  And I can definitely identify with that, because around the middle of last year that is a word that I started using constantly.  I felt an urgency about 2020 that I had never felt about any other upcoming year, and there were certain things that I knew that I had to get done.  One of those things that I had to get done was my new book, and it is now finished.  The plan is to release it this month, and after reading it there will be no doubt about why I have been feeling such a sense of urgency in recent months.

I want to warn you in advance that the list below is not an exhaustive list.

Instead, it is meant to be a very basic starting guide.  There are many other things that could (and probably should) be added to this list, and I very much encourage readers to leave comments after this article with their own suggestions and recommendations.  We should always be willing to learn from one another, because nobody is an expert on everything.

To me, the four primary priorities for preparing for an emergency scenario are food, water, energy and shelter.  Once you have got those four basic areas covered, you can certainly build on that foundation by addressing other considerations.

In the title of this article I use the phrase “the next 12 months”, but I do not mean to imply that everything will be fine after those 12 months are over.  In fact, I am convinced that our problems are only going to intensify as time rolls along.

And I certainly hope that you will not need everything on this list during the next 12 months.  Hopefully, you will not need to use some of these items for a few years.  But this is definitely a great opportunity to purchase many of these things, because a lot of them are only going to become more expensive and more difficult to acquire the worse conditions get.

In putting this list together, I was envisioning a scenario in which most of you will be sheltering at home rather than “bugging out” to an alternative location.  In a “bugging out” scenario, this list would look quite a bit different.

Also, I didn’t address self-defense in this list, but without a doubt it is very important.  In fact, if you live in or near a major city, it is imperative to have a plan for defending yourself and your family.  For years, I have been encouraging readers to move away from the major cities, but for a lot of people that simply isn’t possible at this moment.  More than 51 million Americans have filed new claims for unemployment so far this year, and so a good stable job is an extremely valuable thing to have at this moment.  If your job is keeping you in a potentially dangerous area right now, you will also want to have a plan for “bugging out” to a more remote location if the need arises.

With all of that being said, the following are 50 things that I am encouraging everyone to stock up on in order to prepare for the chaotic times that are coming…

#1 A Generator

#2 A Berkey Water Filter

#3 A Rainwater Collection System If You Do Not Have A Natural Supply Of Water Near Your Home

#4 An Emergency Medical Kit

#5 Rice

#6 Pasta

#7 Canned Soup

#8 Canned Vegetables

#9 Canned Fruit

#10 Canned Chicken

#11 Jars Of Peanut Butter

#12 Salt

#13 Sugar

#14 Powdered Milk

#15 Bags Of Flour

#16 Yeast

#17 Lots Of Extra Coffee (If You Drink It)

#18 Buckets Of Long-Term Storable Food

#19 Extra Vitamins

#20 Lighters Or Matches

#21 Candles

#22 Flashlights Or Lanterns

#23 Plenty Of Wood To Burn

#24 Extra Blankets

#25 Extra Sleeping Bags

#26 A Sun Oven

#27 An Extra Fan If You Live In A Hot Climate

#28 Hand Sanitizer

#29 Toilet Paper

#30 Extra Soap And Shampoo

#31 Extra Toothpaste

#32 Extra Razors

#33 Bottles Of Bleach

#34 A Battery-Powered Radio

#35 Extra Batteries

#36 Solar Chargers

#37 Trash Bags

#38 Tarps

#39 A Pocket Knife

#40 A Hammer

#41 An Axe

#42 A Shovel

#43 Work Gloves

#44 N95 Masks

#45 Seeds For A Garden

#46 Canning Jars

#47 Extra Supplies For Your Pets

#48 An Emergency Supply Of Cash

#49 Bibles For Every Member Of Your Family

#50 A “Bug Out Bag” For Every Member Of Your Family

Are there certain key items that you would add to this list?  If so, please feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts below.

I understand that there are a lot of people out there that are feeling extreme financial stress during this severe economic downturn, and acquiring all of the items on this list may not be possible.

And that is okay.  Our job is to do the very best that we can with what we have, and we shall trust God with the rest.

I know that a lot of people out there don’t like it when I write such “negative” articles.  But I wouldn’t be doing my duty if I didn’t warn people about what was coming, and I actually believe that articles like this give people a lot of hope.

There is hope in understanding what is coming, there is hope in getting prepared, and there is hope in connecting with others that are also preparing.

Just like we witnessed during the early stages of this COVID-19 pandemic, the people that will be freaking out when things get really crazy will be those that do not understand what is happening and haven’t made any preparations in advance.

Millions upon millions of Americans will not be able to handle the times that are coming, but we prepare because we believe that with God’s help we can make it through all of the storms that are ahead.

If you wish to mock us for being preppers, please feel free to do so, but you also need to be prepared to issue one whopper of an apology when you are forced to turn to one of us for help one day.


Source: http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com

The Black Sheep – Is It Okay to Leave Your Biological Family?

By Lia Love,

“You did not invent these family habits. Your family is like mine; for thousands and thousands of years our families have embraced a dysfunctional lifestyle, passing these habits as gospel on to subsequent generations. This was not done out of malice, spite, or hate, but what they knew best.” ~ David W. Earle

As we heal our family-related aspects, our personal energy patterns and behaviors change. As we evolve, awaken and become more aware, our past participation in negative family patterns emerge, are magnified and become obvious. Our participation no longer appeals to or nurtures us. This can be especially so if trauma and drama are the norm within the family.

Because of the connectivity with our biological family, our healing impacts the family patterns. Our healing may be a premium invitation for the family to take a look at their own unhealed and active aspects, especially family-related ones. Yet there can be resistance to our change, and their healing, if established familial patterns continue to serve them. Families can become stuck in ruts, comfortable with the status quo and unwilling to make the herculean step of getting out of disfunction.

There can come a time when we are unable to endure negativity from loved ones, or maintain a worn-out dynamic around those who remain stagnant within it. It is okay to walk away from the family at that point. Walking away can benefit not only you, but also the entire family…

The Black Sheep Of The Family:

Generally there is a caretaker or holder of discharged family drama, and that person is known as a Black Sheep. That means the energy of family discord is absorbed by that one member, and as the discord accumulates, that person will become more and more erratic and unsettled within the family dynamic. Fundamentally different from the rest of the flock, a black sheep is nominated through unspoken agreement and morphs into the habitual go-to person for placing the blame card for whatever befalls the family, either as a whole or individually.

All of us inherit loads of dysfunction within the family timelines of our two biological parents, so the black sheep is not only hosting pre-existing chaotic entanglements (family timelines) but also excessive patterns of discharged drama. Anyone in that position will not be having many good days to say the very least.

While the black sheep is living life, experiencing their own challenges and acting out, the family becomes accustomed to attacking, judging and placing blame on that one for not only their own messes but also everything else that comes down the family pike. Even though the black sheep may not be responsible for specific events, somehow the family will create a scenario, in their minds, that will make that one culpable.

These habitual actions mutate into an ingrained behavioral blueprint where each piece fits perfectly within another.  A customary and solidified chain of reaction to any unpleasant family event funnels down to the black sheep. And as long as the reaction chain and concentrated focus remains on the black sheep, as long as the black sheep is deemed responsible for all ills that befall the family, there is very little impetus for other family members to look at their individual selves and disfunction. And that is not a good thing.

When The Black Sheep Exits…

The shit hits the fan: When a black sheep heals, exits and no longer participates in the disfunction, the family has nowhere to go with their trauma/drama/blame games and is thrown off balance, severely off balance. They do not and literally cannot, energetically or emotionally, release the reformed black sheep from blame or recognize the healing that has taken place.

The family structure must be maintained at all costs and when it can’t, a point of desperation arrives. The family blueprint enters into the throes of a death struggle. As long as there was a scapegoat to kick around and hold responsible for the family drama, they could turn a blind eye to their own behavior and contributions. When the healed black sheep has finally had it and exits the disfunctional web, the remaining family is sitting there with fresh platters of unhealed stuff and nowhere to serve it. The platters are hot and stinking, and they are now forced to hold them. The spinning and the upheaval in their lives begins unfolding in earnest. This is the moment that everyone has been, unconsciously of course, waiting for.

Now, finally, THEIR healing can begin. And this can produce all kinds of denial — denial that the black sheep has healed, denial of their own load of poo to resolve, denial that someone would actually walk away (imagine that) from them and stop sharing in the family dysfunction. This can initially be overwhelming.

Blame shifting: When the drama pressure again builds in the family and the customary place of blame (black sheep) is no longer available to absorb that pressure, another family member becomes the target. That is a family member who is still in the web and has never received extreme harsh behavior because the black sheep was always the targeted repository, and that repository has now disappeared.

The newbie on the receiving end of this first-time harshness and blame is shocked, has a significant reaction and spews. Everything goes downhill from there. Soon the entire family turns on each other because SOMEONE has to be the caretaker and holder of the family garbage, and no one wants to do it!

The previous caretaker and holder has long gone so that leaves a vacuum. Nature abhors a vacuum. A family can really begin to implode when a working part of the machine has been removed, and the imploding and adjusting can go on for years if the family terminates the healing cycle that black sheep started.

Stay out of the ‘guilt zone’: There is absolutely nothing wrong or ‘sinful’ about walking away from a situation that is continually detrimental no matter who is involved. When we stay, we only hurt our selves and others. When we stay, we grant silent permission to prolong and feed negative agendas and remain fodder for target practice.

We actually do the family a disservice when we don’t move along. For them to get to a space of serious self-reflecting and awakening, our presence needs to be withdrawn otherwise they could experience arrested development for a very long time.

On the way out… When we let the door hit us on the butt on the way out, there can be all kinds of backlash — possibly in the form of name calling and emotional blackmail. The scene can get ugly and know that that is all part of the process. Bless the mess and withdraw.

In many cases, estrangement does not have to be a forever situation. People do heal and change. Change could take a little while or happen in the blink of an eye and, eventually, there could be an opportunity to rejoin the family or part of the family. Sometimes, though, change is not possible, and remaining at a distance is still ok.

If we decide to walk away from our blood family, we eventually join with other like-minded people and form our own families. And these relations can be even stronger than blood. There is an energetic and emotional strength and cohesion that supersedes any 3D bond.

Sticking around anyway: And on the other side of the coin, there are some folk who experience deep levels of healing and remain in a dysfunctional family structure without being emotionally pulled down  – who can be in the midst of high drama, stay at zero point and sustain a calm, detached and helpful manner..

Being in the detachment field and energetically deflecting negative bombs takes a lot of skill and practice. Being able to deflect bombs, with ease and grace, is an exceedingly helpful attribute that serves all aspects of life. Learning this skill in a family setting may be the most rigorous training ground there is. However I do not recommend that setting if you are unable to hold your own.

This ability, being in detachment, is part of stepping into our mastery. This is a leading edge tool that we all must master before we can graduate to the next level. That is another story.

In the scheme of things, we are all going at our own pace and doing the best we can in any given moment even though it may not seem so to an outside observer. So do what you have to do and know that others do what they have to do. Everyone is perfectly perfect exactly where they are.

What To Do If You Are The Exiting The Family:

Stay gone until you are absolutely sure you can handle re-entry. Only you can know. Nobody but you is in charge of you. And you have the final say whether you re-enter or not.

You do not have to communicate. This means not returning phone calls, texts or any other form of reaching out, especially in the beginning stages of the walk out. It could get very ugly when the collapse begins because of the vacuum that your departure will create. Just say no to verbal or written exchanges.

Watch out for the guilt. You could have pre-existing guilt from family issues, and the added bonus of more from the walkout. Remember why you have walked out.

Break patterns. If there was a family activity or ritual that became a habit within the family, then stop doing that habit. Don’t take it with you. If you find you are automatically doing it, notice, stop and substitute that habit with something else. Create your own rituals and traditions. Now is your time to finally be authentic. When we break patterns, we change not only our world but the world around us.

Get help. If you are still spinning and can’t quite seem to get a grip, seek help. It can take a while to emotionally decompress from any kind of walkout. And sometimes a little help can make all the difference in the world.

YOU. HAVE. THE. POWER. You are the boss of you and from here on out, it’s up to you to determine exactly what you are willing or unwilling to accept within the family, if you decide to go back. The importance of this knowing cannot be emphasized enough before returning.

And, as always, remember — we have eternity to work it out!

In love with you,


Source: https://wakeup-world.com

In These 11 Incidents, Gun Owners Defended Life and Property

By Amy Swearer,

The last week of May proved just how quickly the seemingly stable peace of our world can devolve into chaos and near-anarchy. Many of us, already concerned that police departments were stretched thin by COVID-19, watched in horror as law enforcement seemed to lose control of protests in major cities.

For several nights, police officers scarcely could keep their own precincts from being overrun, much less respond to calls for help from terrified civilians.

In many instances, civilians were forced to take matters into their own hands, relying on nothing more than their Second Amendment rights to protect their lives and livelihoods from violent rioters who sought to co-opt peaceful protests for their own benefit.

It should come as little surprise that Americans would be willing to protect their communities in this way. In fact, in 2013, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention concluded that almost every major study on the issue has found that Americans use their firearms in self-defense between 500,000 and 3 million times a year.

Two regimes are fighting an ideological war in America today. But what side are you on? And how can you sharpen up on how to defend your position?

For this reason, The Daily Signal has published a monthly series highlighting some of the news stories of defensive gun use that you may have missed—or that might not have made it to the national spotlight in the first place. (Read accounts from 2019 and 2020).

The 11 examples below of lawful defensive uses of guns represent only a small part of the many stories we found in May. You can explore more examples in The Heritage Foundation’s Defensive Gun Use Database, an interactive map that allows users to find recent defensive gun uses from all over the country quickly and easily.

  • May 2, Pensacola, Florida: A concealed-carry permit holder drew his handgun in self-defense after a group approached and threatened him while he was trying to leave the beach. He attempted to get into his car and flee, but the group prevented him from doing so, police said. That’s when the permit holder began to fear for his life, pulled out his firearm, and told the group to let him go. They apparently complied.
  • May 3, Madison County, Alabama: A woman who fatally shot her former fiancé acted in self-defense when the man attacked her, police said. The woman had called 911 just before midnight to report that the man—who had a long history of domestic violence convictions—had showed up at her home. By the time police arrived, the woman already had relied on her firearm to defend her life.
  • May 5, Port Arthur, Texas: A man out catching crabs fatally shot a would-be robber who had pointed a rifle at him and a woman with him, demanding money. Minutes earlier, police said, the assailant had robbed a grocery store and fled in a stolen car. The crabber retrieved a handgun from his truck, and after an exchange of gunfire, shot his assailant in self-defense.
  • May 8, Casselton, North Dakota: A man acted in lawful self-defense when he shot and killed an acquaintance who began choking him during an argument, police said. The man immediately called 911 and placed his gun in a safe while waiting for law enforcement.
  • May 12, Buffalo, South Carolina: A woman, fearing for her safety because of a violent ex-husband, had invited an armed friend to stay at her apartment and protect her and her two children. When the ex-husband kicked open the front door and opened fire on the woman, the armed friend shot and killed him before anyone else could be harmed. Police said they had been searching for the ex-husband for several days because he was wanted on charges of domestic violence and assault.
  • May 16, Houston, Texas: A man shot and wounded his brother when, under the influence of narcotics, he assaulted their mother. The man initially tried to calm down the brother, who was damaging the residence. He shot his brother when he began hitting their mother with large chunks of concrete.
  • May 20, Fulshear, Texas: A homeowner used his handgun to defend himself when an intoxicated man kicked in his front door and aggressively confronted him. Neither the gun owner nor his family members were harmed.
  • May 22, Eureka, California: When several people got into an altercation outside a man’s home at 2:40 a.m., the homeowner went out onto his porch and asked them to leave the area. Some of those involved became hostile and tried to force their way onto the homeowner’s property. He tried unsuccessfully to deter his attackers with pepper spray. When they continued to enter his home and assault him, the homeowner retrieved a handgun and fired in self-defense, killing one attacker and wounding another.
  • May 25, Mesquite, Nevada: A father shot and killed his son after the son attacked his mother with a knife. Police said the son’s mental state recently had deteriorated and he may have been intoxicated when he pulled the knife on his mother. Officers determined that the father’s actions were justified and that, had he survived, the son would have been charged with assault with a deadly weapon.
  • May 26, Panama City, Florida:  An elderly homeowner, standing outside his house, was approached aggressively by a man who had been acting erratically while walking down the street. The homeowner retreated inside, but the man pursued him, smashing a glass door and entering the home. The homeowner told police that he grabbed a handgun and fatally shot the man when he assaulted his wife.
  • May 31, Cleveland, Ohio: As peaceful protests over the death of George Floyd devolved into violent riots, owners of Corbo’s Bakery took the defense of their livelihood into their own hands. Video from bystanders captured the moment that the bakery’s owners, armed with shotguns, forced back looters who smashed front windows with rocks. The bakery, shut down for almost two months due to COVID-19 restrictions, had been scheduled to reopen June 1. The owners’ actions spared the bakery from the destruction experienced by many other businesses in downtown Cleveland.

Of course, as gun owners our impulse should be to avoid confrontation and rely on law enforcement when it’s possible to do so.

But as these stories clearly show, police officers are not always there to protect our homes or our communities when we need them the most.

Although we know the battle over our Second Amendment rights is far from over, May provided an eye-opening reality check for many Americans.


Source: https://www.dailysignal.com


By Steven Vervaecke,

Everybody knows by now that modern technology has a dizzying array of health implications, including even potential deadly ones. The scientific and holistic wealth of undeniable evidence underpinning this is absolutely overwhelming. This blog/article will explain a few key ways and measures to protect yourself and your family against the dangerous effects of EMF radiation in general. It is set up as a starting guide to point you in the right direction. And lay down the foundations of your actionplan. This is by no means meant as a end all detailed complete document. It is simply a holistic overview pointing you to the right direction. I will rely on your ability to dive deeper and research this yourself. And if you do not feel comfortable doing this, it is a means to seek and find experts in their fields who know this inside out.

1. Remove sources of EMF radiation

This is very straightforward and the very first step anyone will advise you.  Simply start going through your household and index/inventorise all the appliances and modern technical equipment. Things like playstations, cellphones, wifi routers, DECT phones, all things wireless, smartmeters, multimedia devices, electrical appliances. If you are simply electrosmog aware, Electrosensitive or ElectroHyperSensitive. Depending on where you are, evaluate if you can remove those devices or power them down and disconnect them from the grid if they are not in use.

2. Adopt Digital detox & slow tech practices

This is a more nuanced and yet more advanced step. This is intended for those devices that you cannot function without. Whether it is due to your job or your business activities or anything. Adopt a digital detox practice where you will limit the usage of modern tech devices such as computers and smartphones/tablets. There are a plethora of ways and techniques to do this. Monitor your time spend and set boundaries to your usage. This is in a way technical time management.
Also adopt safe usage practices such as never carry your cellphone near vital organs. Put your phone in flight mode and use speaker mode to keep the device from your head. Things like that. If you google digital detox or consult a digital detox teacher, you will learn many more techniques.

Slow tech is a more advanced and broader approach than Digital Detox. It will re-evaluate the relationship you have with all the modern technological gadgets. This is also the phase where you try to use as less gadgets and technology as possible. All this on a responsible and thought out way. If you advance to this level, you need to inform anyone who wants to contact you and let them know when, where and how you are available. For instance, if you decide to remove smartphones from your life, you can get an old-fashioned corded phone and be reachable via email and snail mail.

3. Isolate yourself from outside radiation

This is also one of the first things anyone will tell you to do, to get rid of radiation. But this has by far the largest impact on your surroundings. And is possibly the costliest option. This is where you shield your home, your office or your living space to keep out harmful radiation. This involves expensive shielding materials and paint. Usage of shielding cloth around your bed(canapé) and much more. It also involves going to your neighbours and explain them that you want to limit your exposure. Or try to convince your company to provide you with a sealed and isolated office space to do your work.

Linked to this is the practice of grounding. This is a big topic on its own and can again fill a whole article to explain. Ground yourself, your home, your appliances … It ranges from daily walking in grass bare feet for 10 minutes to all kinds of technical solutions where you connect your computer to the grounding wire of your electricity grid.

4. Use devices to transform existing radiation

Step 4 is where most people, including some experts stop. From here onwards, this is where you separate a run-of-the-mill expert from a true holistic expert. There are a host of devices that can limit exposure to harmful EMF radiation & the immense electroc soup you are exposed to daily. Some of them can even neutralize and transmute the harmful effects into life sustaining healthy frequencies. At the entry stage this includes things like anti radiation stickers & Shumann resonance generators.

Although the Shumann resonance frequency is again a whole deep topic. Bear in mind that the Shuman resonance is fluctuating wildly since a year or 3. So a set generator at 7.83Hz is ineffective. The good stuff is crystals: black tourmaline crystals and amethyst. Also included are shungite ornaments and other more advanced devices. There are solutions out there that block absolutely everything in a natural harmless way and transmute it to pure life affirming frequencies.

5. Further harmonise your environement

This automatically brings us to point 5. Further harmonize your environment with crystals. For each purpose there are different crystals. For protection, for sleep, for healing, for emotional wellbeing, for balance, for energy et cetera.
They come in various shapes and sizes, so everyone can find something. Even in a tight modern interior there are options like orbs. Crystals are not the only action one can take to harmonize all aspects of your environment.

You must see this as a purification of air quality, light quality, sound quality and so on. This means air purifiers, air quality monitors, noise reduction and bringing in lots of natural light.

6. Change and adapt your nutrition habits

There are 2 ways one can eat: based on ethical ideas or based on health. It is deeply advised to eat as healthy as possible. This means the fresher your food is, the better. Go for fresh meat, vegetables and fruit. The following graph by the Belgian food agency depicts a very good base to start from. Also try to base your dishes on vegetables and then add either meat/fish or potatoes/rice. Do not combine the 3. Further, there are specific foods & supplements that detoxify your body from harmful toxins and heavy metals, provide lots of anti-oxidants and protect your body against harmful radiations.

7. Do a full spectrum detox

A full spectrum detox is literally a full spectrum. It starts with what is already present in your body. See the above section. Amazing widely available detoxers are Turmeric, spirulina and Chlorella. And the next step is eliminating as much toxins as possible that enter your body daily. This starts with food (see above), and goes on to the toxins in your cosmetics, shampoo’s,  cleaning products and others. Especially avoid fluoridated toothpaste. Further these ties in with the purification part of point 5. Make the air you breathe as clean as possible.

8. Adopt eastern practices

A strong mind/soul in a strong body further will boost your resistance to harmful wireless radiation. It strengthens your hearth, your blood circulation and your endurance. Also, it boosts your emotional wellbeing, your spiritual wellbeing and your mental capacities. If possible try to combine slow eastern practices such as yoga, meditation, chi gong and tai chi with more active ones such as karate, kung fu, jiu jitsu or other paths. Even boxing, calisthetics or other western sports are good as combination.

9. Bring in nature in your house

This is an extra completing step in your plan of your direct personal environment. Draw in nature in your house. This is very easy and can simply be done by getting a bunch of plants and placing them throughout your house. Nasa even has a list of plants that purify your house, bringing in step 5 of your plan. Everything is connected with each other. For the people that wants to go a few steps further. you can create large open windows that look out to your garden. This will pull in light and help you connect with nature. Of course, your garden cannot be a plain grassfield for this, you need lots of plants, bushes and trees for this. Throw in a bunch of flowers that bloom year-round and you will cheer up for sure.

You can still up the ante from this, by incorporating biophilic design practices in your interior decor and exterior.

10. Inform your peers and your local city/town officials

For anyone who absolutely wants to top it off and go the extra mile. This is stepping far away from your immediate living surroundings. Go to your Local officials and talk to them about cellphone radiation and wifi emissions. Your city might have a network of free wifi deployed or other smart city solutions planned. Talk to them and make them see the dangers. If that does not work, find like minded people and group petition them to abandon their plans and remove wifi, cellphone sources. This is a bit like step 1 but on a city level.

It raises awareness of the dangers and informs people on what they can do to help themselves. Go to town meetings, let your voice be heared and raise the issues on the city agenda.

I hope my 10 point guide has been informative and helps you in constructing your own plan of action. If you feel uncertain or do not have the tools, please seek help from experts and people like me. We are very happy to help you with this.


Source: https://www.sv-creative.be/en/blog