Ed Jewett: Pandemic Integrity 101 – USA Fails Big Time – Memo for POTUS

Coalescing Effective Community Disaster Response: Simulation and Virtual Communities of Practice

Decisions and information flow back and forth, and up and down, the tapestry of response. Inaccurate perceptions, ineffective and inefficient communications and other factors may combine to generate instability or breakdown in systems responsible for crisis management and communal safety and well-being.

PDF (68 Pages): Jewett on Pandemic Preparation & Response

Here is a Memorandum for the President from Ed Jewett that I have expanded to cover additional points not made in the original.


Subject: The Current Hybrid War Against You, the US Economy, & Others

1. Background. The coronavirus attack on China has been completely mis-represented by the media, by design. It was not an accident and the Chinese are not to blame.  This was a combination of a Zionist-German-French-Gladio biological “drop” across Wuhan beginning around 9 September 2019 when Angela Merkel first visited Wuhan; a “cover story” built up around the hapless Jewish American professor at Harvard — the Lee Harvey Oswald in what is in effect China’s JFK/9-11/Chernoble/Fukushima combined; the 5G aspect that you are being lied to about to this date; and a contrived media information war intended to wreck the Chinese, US, and global economies — and your re-election, for both insider profit taking and Deep State advantage over you.

2. New Threat. Evidence is emerging that new biological drops are taking place, possibly using nano-technology such as micro-UAVs; and that 5G is being leveraged to continue to create many cases of radiation sickness being mis-diagnosed as coronavirus. If you do not get a  counterintelligence grip on this soon, it could wreck the November 2020 elections as well as the economy.  I know you have some aces up your sleeve, including the new asset-backed economy, but if you don’t attend to the suggestions in this memorandum, what you have planned might not be good enough to survive through November 2020 because several more biowar drops are planned.

NOTE: the crap about in air for 30 minutes and can survive for 2-3 days is a cover story for additional drops and 5G bio-mutation.  This is SARS – combined with a massive unconventional hybrid warfare attack on China, Iran, and you.

3. Recommendations.

a. Empty the White House press area as I have long recommended, and create the constellation of capabilities pictured below.  You need to get a grip on the narrative, communicate that narrative to the public, and have your own intelligence unit that  can support your issuing orders, for example, to NSA, for an immediate counterintelligence survey of all communications on the virus starting with every email, call, text, Instagram, and other communications channel used by Bill Gates, CDC, and WHO.

b. Assemble a small group of people who you, Mr. President, trust deeply and implicitly and ask then to find the experts. Go outside the box; in other words, this is a public health problem but get outside the old tired public health “silos”. Call key agencies nationally and create a summit meeting with encrypted meeting software: hospitals; insurance plans and major clinics groups (e.g., Kaiser Permanente)(Tufts Associated Health Plans) etc.; National Governors Association (Baker in Massachusetts has health care expertise and is respected on both sides of the aisle); Kathleen Carley et al, Carnegie Mellon University; Leonard Marcus, Ph.D. (if he’s still alive) Co-Principal Investigator at the Harvard Center for Public Health Preparedness; Michael Osterholm at Minnesota’s CIDRAP; John Harrald, if he’s still around and active.

b. UNTIL YOU COMPLETE THE COUNTERINTELLIGENCE STUDY, encourage organizations and others to follow the leads of what appears to be happening now: cancel large gatherings; limit travel; get enhanced filtering and screening at key mass transit exchanges; be ready to quarantine epicenters or clusters where they are identified with an iron hand (make it pro tem and treat it like a holiday; it’s not imprisonment). Your highest priority by 1 April is to get everyone back to school, back to work, back on track. Round two of the biowarfare is now taking place — there will be a round three if you don’t lock some people up soon. The General Secretary of China made a mistake in not informing you in November  and December, you have lost the time you needed to nip this in the bud. It is not too late to stop future biowarfare and electromagnetic attacks but only if you organize counterintelligence NOW.

c. Apart from the above and with utmost national security, get the best minds to drill down into the active investigative epidemiology that has been done (get samples and lab-based assays) to definitively answer the questions: what are we dealing with? How many types? Nanotechnology-embedded? 5G-aided or related?. When you have the answers, convene a top-secret group of not more than five NatSec minds to discuss how to seed this information back into the group noted in bullet #1, to the military*, and to the public. Fear-mongering is rooted in two aspects: contrived — this is  what the Rothschilds, Gates, and others want; and ignorance — your CDC people are the stupidest fucks on the planet because they lack integrity. Get John Rappoport in to  tell you in detail just how corrupt these people are.

d, Consider long and hard who will be the primary voice/spokesman when it comes time to deal with the hard facts. That can’t be your Vice President, who is ready to follow Joe Biden into retirement, or you, or anyone currently in the epicenter of politics. It goes without saying that any and all of this must be shielded from the DNC, the Deep State, the alphabet agencies, foreign governments, etc..  It’s got to be someone with superior gravitas and credibility.  TOM COBURN and RON PAUL both come to mind.

e.: Find one or two (not more) individuals whom you can trust who have deep expertise in simulation gaming and have them help set up a master decision matrix in your new warroom space where the scum press once used to loll. Your new Open Source Agency (OSA), at $125M IOC, can make all of the elements of this Memorandum take off within a week. The Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence is fully familiar with the Timeline for the OSA and its need, all you have to do is  tell him: DO THIS, and put Steele in charge of it.

Mr. President, I wrote the first article saying you could win (followed by the Trump Revolution Series now up to 50 items), and although you have not followed most of my recommendations, I am told you know who I am and what I stand for — the Constitution, #UNRIG, and an Open Source Agency. Now is the time to  act on my ideas. A subtlety in the above floor plan is a restructuring of how you manage the government, with three new Deputy Vice Presidents — Global Engagement (Jon Huntsman?), Commonwealth (Dennis Kucinich?), Education-Intelligence-Research (Bob Gates?). Bring Dr. Cynthia McKinney in as your new VP (and future President in 2024) and you will unite the country. I can give you answers.  I cannot lead. That is your responsibility, and yours alone. What are my orders, Mr. President?

Robert David Steele


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