Let’s Clarify Something….For the Vets, Again

By Anna Von Reitz

My Father was an 8th Army Air Force veteran in World War II. My Husband was in the Air Force during Vietnam and then “volunteered” under force for six more years as a Cryptographer for “Special Operations Services”. I paid the price for this as a child and again as a wife.

Any flipping idea that I don’t know veterans and don’t know veteran’s “issues” needs to be checked at the door and taken out with all the other garbage that certain ignoramuses have been spewing.

I didn’t go to Boot Camp, but that is about all I missed.

I went to Shit-On-A-Shingle School, G.I. Jock Strap and Foot Fungus School, Drinking to Forget School, Comforting the Other Wives School, Stand By Helplessly and Watch School, Night Terrors School, and The VA Don’t Give a Crap School. 
Do I make myself very, very clear? 
I also went through the Wake Up and Smell the Horse Crap School. 
You have a choice, Gentlemen. 
You can stay on and be harassed and bossed around and taxed and abused as a “United States Citizen”, be deprived of your rights and your rightful inheritance and property assets — that is Choice One.

Or, you can come home to America where you belong and be counted as an American State Citizen, with all your Constitutional Guarantees intact, your property assets returned to you free and clear of debt, and control of your own life again. That’s Choice Number Two. 
Now, nobody including me can make that choice for you. You have to walk that Lonesome Valley and walk it by yourself. 
But I can tell you that you were all used as Mercenaries and didn’t get Mercenary Pay. Either they sold you cheap, or they kept the difference, because with the True God as my Witness, you never got “Full Disclosure” and you never got what should have been your share. 
And now, it’s up to you what you want to do.

Stand there and agree with them that you are a “corpse”, an “infant decedent” who is owed nothing, someone who is a “Pauper” and who is being given “welfare benefits” out of the goodness of their Pea-Picking Hearts —– or, stand up as men and women and be counted as Americans who are owed this entire country, all your Constitutional Guarantees, your land and soil, and your Natural and Unalienable Rights.


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