Letter to Destry and the National Assembly Effort in Total

By Anna Von Reitz

Ignorance cannot be allowed to carry the day, nor any arrogant idea that our actions will not be subject to the most rigorous kind of international and global review — because they will be and must be.

All Jurors of all State Jural Assemblies must Declare their political status as exclusively that of State Citizens, because our States do not allow any form of Dual Citizenship.  Period.

This means that each and every State Jural Assembly Juror must “Expatriate” from any presumed Federal, Territorial, or Municipal United States citizenship.

You cannot ride the fence or “leave it til later” and there are two very good reasons for this:

(1) As long as people don’t formally and explicitly renounce Federal, Territorial, and Municipal citizenship(s) and embrace their natural birthright State Citizenship— those same foreign governmental entities can hold them to be in insurrection against their foreign government and arrest them. 

This is the scenario that so many people fear and which they try to avoid by pussyfooting around about their political status— which is precisely what they cannot do, if they wish to avoid being harassed and arrested and mischaracterized in the same way that the Bundys and LaVoy Finicum and the Colorado 9 have been.

So, either declare your only “citizenship” to be State Citizenship, or get out of the position of being an administrator organizing a foreign government (from the federal perspective)— ours. 

You will be doing yourself a big favor as well as everyone else involved. We do not need another big spectacle of patriots being harassed because they are stupidly trespassing against federal entities, or acting in “insurrection” against governments that they don’t owe allegiance to in the first place. 

Stop soft peddling and blurring the lines and giving the Federales any excuse to object to the States and the People assembling. 

2.  In order to conduct business for the States and the People of this country no member of the State Jural Assembly may be acting in conflict of interest, which is evidenced by trying to maintain any Dual Citizenship obligations. If we conduct our elections or charter a new Federal State of State, the people doing so must have the proper standing and be acting in the right capacity, or all our efforts are null and void from the start. 

Spaniards cannot conduct the business of the Irish Government and if that is not perfectly obvious to everyone, it should be. 

Our actions in these regards will be examined by international authorities and any group not functioning properly and in the right capacity will have their votes thrown out. That is, the elections of our State Jural Assembly will be tainted by including votes from others who are still acting as “Persons”. 

The validity of the entire effort can be destroyed by just a handful of people acting in Bad Faith or ignorance and failing to Declare their sole citizenship as State Citizens. 

The onus and responsibility for checking everyone’s Expatriation and keeping proper records is on the State Jural Assembly organizers. And at least some of the responsibility for encouraging and guiding the State Jural Assemblies lies upon the National Assembly organizers. 

I want this issue of mandatory Expatriation from Federal citizenships well and thoroughly understood by everyone, for their own sakes and safety going forward, and for the validity and standing of our actions as a whole.  I suggest that everyone read Article 24 in the For All The Jural Assemblies Series, subtitled “The American Government” for further insight into which government it is that we are responsible for, and which in turn is responsible for reform and restoration of the Federal Government.


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