Life and Money and the Fourth of July

By Anna Von Reitz

Life and money are antithetical to each other, yet as my Mother often observed, they have made it hard to have one without the other.

The “they” involved are the purveyors of money as a commodity, because at the end of the day, that is what “money” is —- a product like widgets, a symbol of value, condensed as a coin or a piece of paper or even as digits in a ledger— a symbol of something unseen and indefinite, called “value”.

That’s why the use of money is an act of passive idolatry, seeming to agree that this “symbol” has the value of whatever the symbol may be translated to stand for. 

As handy as this is for purposes of trade, it is fundamentally whack-job and untrue, a circumstance that seeps into the fabric of our world in ways that undermine sanity and decency and logic, too. 

It occurred to someone some time ago, that if coins and pieces of paper could “stand for” value, then so could cards made of plastic, and digits in bank ledgers,  even though it costs nothing but the trivial labor of entering those digits in a bank ledger to create this supposed value. 

Watch this:  $989, 018, 766, 455, 869, 224, 659, 359, 779, 098, 555, 995. 09.

Wow.  And now, I own all that. It’s mine.  I made it.  I created it.

And there are people crazy enough to believe that this has value, too.

Help us bring an end to all this madness.  Support your actual government.

If you think about it for five seconds you will know that what we are telling you is true.  You are responsible for self-governing, and when is the last time you did any such thing?  

Your Employees, like Mr. Trump, can’t do your whole job for you.  There are some things you have to do for yourself. 

So, come on.  Get going.  Go to:

And do your part, if you can, to help financially support those of us who are already engaged in the process of Self-Governance.  Until everything gets sorted out, your Assemblies need money to provide services and make progress.

I am still the Chief Cook, Bottle-washer, and Paymaster for this Operation.
If you want peacekeeping forces in place, if you want sanity and justice restored, if you want your constitutional guarantees enforced— make this Fourth of July count:

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