34 Million Year Old Structure Discovered 2 Miles Under Antarctica

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Insiders and Whistleblowers Reveal Alien Races on Earth

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Kp Message 6-15-19… “I watched the movie ‘Mirage Men’… a Note or Two” (bottom line message, “Always follow one’s own ‘Higher Inner Discernment’”)

As I mentioned in the last post, I watched the movie, “Mirage Men“, last night. It had been mentioned and/or recommended by Corey Goode (and possibly the Edge of Wonder guys) at the 2019 Cosmic Waves event.

The movie was a pretty mind-opening exposure about how the US intelligence services (aka, “deep state”) gradually confiscated and tried to control the UFO disclosure community. Very subtly, very gently. The primary UFO researcher mentioned in the movie was Linda Moulton Howe.

Here’s what the Amazon movie description says:

For over 60 years, the US Air Force and US intelligence services exploited and manipulated beliefs about UFOs and extraterrestrial visits as part of their counter-intelligence programs. Now some of those behind these operations speak out.

And a Wikipedia entry writes:

Mirage Men is about how the US government used mythology to cover up their advanced technology. It prominently features Richard Doty, a retired Special Agent who worked for AFOSI, the United States Air Force Office of Special Investigation.[3] Mark Pilkington‘s book about the project, also called Mirage Men, was published in 2010 by Constable & Robinson.[4]

What struck me very strongly was that it is very possible for any person to get “mind manipulated” by their own beliefs and belief system.

As far as I am concerned, I do quite strongly know that I am a Cosmic Being, and many of the deeper “senses” that I have had is that I am connected to Pleiadean, Andromedan, Sirian (who-the-h—-knows-what-else-ian). But in the end, what does it matter, as I’m living multi-dimensionally (namely, working on many dimensional levels at once)? To me it is really BEing in the moment in the I AM, and not being concerned or “hung up” on what Galactic species I might be connected to.

In the end, the main lesson I was reminded of, for myself, at least, was to always use my own Inner Discernment (I call it, “Higher Inner Discernment” (to distinguish it from “ego discernment” (which is really no discernment at all))). The paths of “Following the guru” (sorry, DW, CG, et al.), “The Galactics will save us”, “Obama will save us”, “Trump will save us”, “The Alliance will save us”, and so on, are not ones I care to follow.

Each of us is a part of the awakening of humanity, the Ascension process, and, in my view, it must be done individually, yet knowing we are all connected in the process.

So I’m sure others have their own views on this, but perhaps pointing out this movie’s messages which I received will prod one or two to view it… and learn from it.

Aloha, Kp

Navy Insiders Confirm Multinational SSP with bases throughout Solar System & Beyond

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New Updates: Will Deep State Disclose Buried Antarctic Civilization to Distract from Looming Mass Arrests?

(Dr. Michael Salla) Multiple independent sources have claimed that the Deep State has authorized disclosure of a buried civilization in Antarctica as a means of distracting the mainstream media and general public from looming mass arrests, which will involve charges of subversion, child trafficking and a host of other serious crimes against compromised government officials according to the military intelligence group Q Anon.

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