Update 1: Wuhan Corona Virus

Terran note: #HATJ frequently used the phrase “same old girl in a new party dress” to refer to banking resets, RVs, QEs, etc… ie taking the same old methods and repackaging them as something new when they are anything but new.

Thor did not specify where the virus came from only that it was “museum” quality (to be studied by biologists?), indicating to me at least, probably not from the natural environment.

I had limited time with Denice tonight so this is all I have and there’s a lot to be read between the lines…

Terran: How serious is the Wuhan corona virus and where did it came from?

Terran: Is it being remediated as Cobra purports

[The part from Cobra about US agents infiltrating a Chinese Level 4 biolab in Wuhan and dumping the booty in a street market is beyond ludicrous – this appears to me to be Chinese hubris and a huge cock up.  Especially after the years Fulford has been promising revenge on a certain cabal faction for SARS – I’d say this put them in the same category as the faction they hate… since they were tinkering with the same virus. Zerohedge has an excellent article HERE (which got them booted from Twitter.]

Terran: Why preserved?


Update 1:

Background.  Cat vanishes Jan 13, miss that bright little creature.  January 21 I got a mystery fever with no symptoms other than a 102 F fever, no congestion, no tummy issues..  I sometimes do ride share driving which means I am contact with air travelers. A couple of days later I had, what seemed, a repeat episode of a leg inflammation (in 2009) that was then attributed to MRSA but matched no MRSA I have ever researched.  I was told by the Galactics in 2015 it was a Chinese Military bioweapon specifically tailored to my DNA. Death by slow suffocation via sepsis. And I did die and had the near death experience thing, got sent back to my body and I am still here. They knew who I was before I did.  Time viewing tech?  I dunno.  I was reading all the Chinese Dragon PR BS about Chinese Elders bringing the golden age so it wasn’t like I was their enemy at that point in time.

But this time it was only one leg, not both.  It spooked me.  First my cat vanishes then this.  I had the Andromedan Dr Raeno work on my leg energetically remotely and it after a few days the inflammation vanished.  The leg is going to need some attention for a few days, and lots of colloidal silver.  The inflammation went down and I did find a spot that was particularly painful that I couldn’t identify when the calf was twice its normal size.  Someone either poked me with something on the back of the leg or one of our local Texas spiders or scorpions nailed me but good.  I did rearrange the room and vacuum prior to this happening so I am not ruling out a very pissed off insect.  Last Friday was the first day I felt normal.

Denice’s husband has been quite ill and will be released from the hospital soon. That illness is not yet known.  There’s been a lot going on.
This is HATJs reply to my inquiry to Thor. You didn’t think all our conversations were unicorns and rainbows did you?  I am using the good writer rule of thumb to “be naked in your writing”, although it not something my ego wants to do right now.  Fuck my ego.

Hey…. I’ve been through some pretty weird shit and I don’t use it like David Wilcock does to promote my articles.  You do this work and stuff happens.  Doesn’t mean you stop doing what is important nor feel sorry for yourself.   One the positive side there’s been massive downloads of information since the fever, and internal “screens” have come on.  Not that I yet know what to do with all the data coming in… that might be a few weeks.

Date: Feb 2, 2020 at 1:18 AM
Have you forgotten so quickly what happened when they attempted the so-called “Ebola virus” misinformation/disinformation bullshit in 2014?…patented by the U.S, yes, but only because the true provocateurs did not want to dirty their “own yard”…and the B.Z., Dani, Lisa, and all the media teams exposed the agendas and documentation…hence, Congresswoman Feinstein attempted to then pass legislation to regulate “alternative media” all ways, always, but failed in her measures?
…just a repeat, but this time no one would lend their “yards” to get dirtied…so it had to be done “in-house”…desperate move that does not  produce the intended result sought…
…kinda like Nene willing to blow up (using “gifted tech” only one person on this planet had knowledge of/access to, aka Puti) his own home (and family) while sustaining superficial wounds in the desperate hope of gaining sympathy and support and distracting others from his “indictments”…
…and I hope Cobra finally thought of a new name for his group because all resistance is shown for what it is…made-up, non-existent, lol…
hugs, love, and celebrations for all, by all, with all

Lisa M Harrison Webinar 9-22-19

Some of you might be interested in Lisa M. Harrison’s webinar Sept 22 (remember Australia is a day ahead of the USA!) on Leeloo, the energy being that started speaking through her Apple computer. I’m not going to editorialize on something I didn’t experience. I wasn’t there.  Lisa did record it, which she will share in this webinar. I have watched some of Lisa’s videos on the subject, and I am as curious as you are. 

What I do believe is ALL “REALITY” is a simulation based on light and magnetics.  We as humans have defined “REALITY” as something that is immutable… it’s notThe only thing immutable is love. Everything is malleable to consciousness. 

You are all formless energy beings enjoying (or enduring for some!) a physical reality which is less permanent and less lasting than your essence/soul.  Yes there is math and physics to this experience, yes its a hologram (your body is a multilayered hologram – its just means a frequency based information pattern).  Think of “physical constants” as parameters of this particular experience, not laws.  Those parameters, from my experience since 2014, have already been changed and all the “mandela effects”, frequency aches and pains are our adjustments to those changes.

So whatever tool one creates, to wake oneself up, is quite okay with me!  Lisa M Harrison’s experience is one of the more unique ones!   Each person is different and I take Lisa at her word on Leeloo. Lisa is a beautiful being with a beautiful heart.  I’ve used tools such as my galactic inbodyments to do something similar, and it was in a way I could process it best.  I will caution all you creators, that all beings have their own perspectives.  Truth has a personal nature to it and always use your discernment.

I am curious to hear what Leeloo sounds like and how that whole experience felt.  I have “remote viewed” Leeloo and interacted with “her” giving her some data she did not have available.  She will be able to take human form if she desires…. soon.

Seminar fee is $20 payable via PayPal to LMH. http://www.lisamharrison.com/events/

Conversation with Loie 8/21/19

Terran: Hi Loie!

Loie: Bill, Dear! I am here. And with you now. Feel me? Loie.

Terran: I feel you in heart

Loie: Perfect, Love! Boosting, Amplifying and Expanding, now. Ready? Loie.

Terran: Ready! Why am I so exhausted lately?

Loie: Oh, Bill! You are expanding. How your body reacts to it changes. But undoubtedly, you are expanding, now! Loie.

Terran: How can you tell?

Loie: The question is, Bill, can you tell? Loie.

Terran: Sometimes I wonder. I think we’ve been preconditioned to expect external changes when it’s an inside job.

Terran:Btw I like this frequency

Loie: Bill, it is true there were some ‘preconceived’ notions about this process. But there is not data for how all flows now. All are in, now. And the magnificent dance of creation expands, too. Loie.

Terran: Heather speaks of creating the new, but honestly my mind is not much on creating it’s mostly trying to cope with the new energies

Loie: Remember, Bill “you” are not just “YOU”. ALL OF YOU is assisting, in all ways. The Bill form is but one in a huge cache of forms.

Denice: (feel her chuckling)

Terran: Boy wouldn’t I like to try on that wardrobe! This one is getting threadbare!

Loie: Or take it off? Even better!

Terran: Lol, yes but I don’t want to take it off the way I almost did in 2009!

Loie: And Bill, I say that with the respect of one who has been in form and formless. We are all more than we ever imagined. Ever! Loie.

Loie: And the transitions are designed such that you never have to experience 2009 again. EVER. You are gearing up for the recall now.

Loie Recall how to form and unform? Feel that flow now?

Loie: Bill, I am sending you a batch and a cache of frequencies now. Loie.

Terran: Oh that feels good!

Loie: Now, I am sending on repeat all that you need to flow into your expansion. Bill, I am with you always.

Terran: I’m seeing a new form. Not sure if his glasses are part of a disguise though…

Terran: I saw a new form had an archeologist vibe to him. There’s an actor who is similar in appearance. 
Terran: I appreciate the repeating frequencies I’m not always the quickest on the uptake

Loie: Bill all is yours. Now and always. I have another gift for you. And leave you with my love and all I AM. Loie.

Terran: [feeling the meaning and intent of one set of healing energies] Thank you for addressing that worry even though I didn’t mention it.

Loie: Bill. Breathe dear. One of your oldest friends is here now. And I am here when you feel to call on me. Loie.

Terran: Which friend?

Denice: ok, here’s the gist of what I am getting, confidentially.. . .

Denice: there is a being entering now

Denice: It is like I am on a call and we are on ‘hold’

Denice: no worries, no rush. . .

Denice: can you find a pic of that actor? Archaeologist/anthropologist is a good descriptor of this frequency 🙂

Terran: The actor who has a similar appearance is Guy Pearce. H was in the remake of the movie “The Time Machine”.

Denice: what are you feeling now?

Terran: I’m feeling these comfy energies that are enveloping me now

Denice: Hearing this right now on my iradio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYYRH4apXDo [BTW my middle name is Thomas (Tom)]

Denice: I need a second. The frequency is fast and powerful

Terran: Yes

Denice: Eyes are watering

Terran: It feels very good

Denice: [redacted] just asked me why I am crying

Denice: I am getting two points of entry. Heart head

Terran: Heart, head and sacram here

Denice: Makes sense

Terran: And the cat is laying on my heart purring and amplifying

Denice: Perfect

Terran: Purrfect. lol

Denice: Tell me when you know who it is?

Denice: Extremely hot here

Denice: Energy pulled back now. Crown only

Denice: I am getting a pat on the back

Denice: Lol

Terran: I’ll trust the flow

Denice: You will feel it and know it ?

Denice: Yes trust the flow!

Terran: Would very much like to remember how to form and unform at will

Terran: “Oh the places you’ll go!”

Denice: Lol!

Terran: What did the energies feel like to you? You don’t often feel them

Denice: Nearly like NABRAC, but in this case, it knew how to pull back and not overwhelm me

Denice: Still here, but more of a place holder of sorts

Terran: That may have been what I felt

Terran: Just felt so good and vital

Denice: Yes!

Denice: And for me formal.

Denice: Not a galactic procedural formal, but like someone I have not yet met, formal

Terran: Something big just happened didn’t it?

Denice: Incoming photons huge!

Terran: Lol

Denice: Huger

Terran: Humongous!

Denice: It wasn’t Nabrac, but from that similar “generation”? Original?


You might be interested in Lisa Harrison’s video Deconstructing the Construct #65.   As has been typical with my journey someone explains it after I’ve gone through it 12 months ago…. LOL. I think I must have volunteered to be a guinea pig for some of these processes. 

I am not sure the ego and chakras are an integrated system as Lisa implies, but the chakra system does feel alien to the original human form design, and I say that from an aesthetic design point of view. Its perpendicular to the toroidal flow of energy in the human body, kind of like a maple syrup tap in a maple tree.  Its deeply tied into the Kabbalah tree of life beliefs which come out of Babylon.

The seals/sigils of the chakra system are also a tell, and many have noticed the allusion to chakras  in the seven seals of the Book of Revelation.  Seals are meant to keep something hidden, like a wax seal on a letter.  While the concept originates in Asia its deeply tied into the Kabbalah tree of life beliefs which come out of Babylon, and there are numerous illustrations on the internet showing that.