This appears to be a MASTER “Deep state TROLLing” operation by President Trump… 6-3-19… “Trump family ‘book entire FLOOR at… Corinthia hotel’ for state visit”

That title is from the, so, of course, they appear to be just pointing out how opulent is the hotel (and the hidden message being, “How dare the Trump’s spend so much money on a state visit”). However, many who is familiar with Q posts, particularly post #2794 (or here), which show Peter Strzok and Lisa Page at / near that same hotel… the Corinthia. I believe this is a HUGE master trolling of the deep state.

This was found at x22Report video, at 33:54. I’ve placed the video below, along with a link to article

TRUMPS ON TOP Trump family ‘book entire FLOOR at London’s £22k a night five star Corinthia hotel’ for state visit