BZ, Lisa, and Sheila 9-21-18… “Absolute Data of Gaia Portal September 15th and 19th 2018”

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Some may be interested in this discussion among the three, Sheila, Lisa, and BZ ( David Wilcock, in this earlier DW blog post, has spoken about the Law of One description, which is below:

” THE ‘HARVEST’ — ANOTHER NAME FOR A WORLD TRANSFORMATION… The entire Law of One series was built around the idea that something very wonderful would soon be happening to us — something they called “Harvest”. A timeline was given for when this would happen… When you read the cumulative body of data in the Law of One series, it seems very clear that “Harvest” refers to a worldwide event.”

Anyway, I felt these ladies presented a very captivating discussion around the two most recent GaiaPortals.

Absolute Data of Gaia Portal September 15th and 19th 2018 produced on Conscious Conversation Central, recorded on Friday September 21, 2018. Come play in the conversation with Sheila Corona, Lisa Rush, and BZ Riger

The last two Gaia Portal’s leading up to tomorrows fall equinox, have been a clear demarcation of a turning of a page, to the next chapter of Hue- Man Beings and ALL. we dive into the richness, nuance, complexity and sublime simplicity of the Absolute Data hidden in plain sight. Not only in these two Gaia portals but in All that is unfolding within and without in these moments of now. visit to see the txt from the Gaia Portal posts we discuss and links and share your experiences with these posts.

9-15-18 GP “Mentoring of all planetary Ascenders begins in earnest
Mentoring of all planetary Ascenders begins in earnest.
Standards of vibrational requirements are raised.
Schools are selected.
Choices are made.
The harvest is near.

9-19-18 GP “Separations for the next phase are completed
Separations for the next phase are completed.
All energetic ties to the past are cut.
Higher Light enters.
Strengths are amplified.
New pathways begin.