"Living in Hell"

By Anna Von Reitz

This is President Trump’s description of what people are going through in these Democrat-controlled States and cities. And he’s right.  

Violence, poverty, filth in the streets, drugs, “throw away” homeless people, as if we were a Third World country, and sky-high taxes for all this “service”, too.  Soon the private cops won’t do anything but protect the property of their political bosses, but you will still get to pay top dollar for their private security services.    

And in those same States and cities, failing schools, plummeting test scores, ethnic, racial, and religious quarrels, gangs, unemployment, welfare slavery, human trafficking, and despair. 

If we don’t wise up and get moving, this cancer of “demon-cracy” will spread, with desperate people who think they have no options electing lobbyists to rob the public purse for them, little realizing that they are the public, and that they are not even getting their cut of the proceeds. 

The very politicians that they are putting into office are robbing the public purse, all right, but they are not providing a “fair share” back to their constituents for a reason.  

And that reason is diabolical.  

You would think that if you were hired by poor people to improve their condition, you would do so, right?  But no.  

If you actually helped them, you would destroy their need for your “help” — and you would no longer have “the political base” to vote for you, which is how you got into power in the first place.  

So all you do as a “Demon-crat” is to talk big, year after year, and make sure that any money that makes it back to your hometown goes into the pockets of your cronies, who, just like you, have zero motivation to actually help the poor and the working class.    

You feed off them and their needs, instead. 

Thus, the poor get poorer, the rich get richer, and in between arises a loathsome, worthless, non-productive class of political henchmen operating as a criminal syndicate to enrich themselves by bilking the public purse in the name of their constituents, while actually keeping the proceeds for themselves. 

Meet Joe Biden and Sons.   Meet Nancy Pelosi’s entire family, including Governor Newsom of California, her nephew.  Meet George Soros’s relative, playing Princess Governor of Michigan.  Meet Governor Walz, of Do-Nothing and Let Minneapolis Burn fame.  

Chicago, the cesspool of the Midwest, has been governed exclusively by Demon-crats for the last hundred years, and except for the Labor Unions, things have just gotten worse.  Now, the Labor Unions are under attack by the same Demon-crats that used them to rise to power in the first place. 

See?  It’s not about service to the people.  It’s not about decent wages or working conditions.  It’s not about better education and more opportunities.  It’s about “keeping your base hungry”.  Starving, in fact.  Rioting. Desperate. Miserable.  

All this goes on while these same Demon-crats live in ultimate luxury and they just keep on poor-mouthing while they squander trillions of dollars anywhere and everywhere but their own districts.   

Gotta keep their “base” hungry.  That’s what they say.  That’s what they do. 

Think about it, dumbshits. 

Take a look at the Federal Budget, and know that that doesn’t even account for all the “non-budgeted” funding that they squander, too.  Now ask where your share of all that went?  Chances are, precious little of it went to you.  And you were taxed up the wazoo on even that much.  

Still think that the Demon-crats are your friends?  

No, dears, they are your “keepers”, like zoo keepers.  Their job is to keep you down, and themselves in power, so that they can continue to keep you down and profit themselves by bilking the public purse “in your name”. 

You are both their victim and their scapegoat.   

Compared to the Demon-crats, the Robber Baron Republicans are saints.  They need workers for what they do in the world, but all the Demon-crats need is something to talk about.  

Talk is all that the Demon-crats do. Talk.  Gossip.  Label others. Create controversies.  They don’t know how to do anything else. As seven out of twelve Demon-cratic Presidential Candidates admitted, they failed dismally at everything they did before they became politicians. 

Isn’t that a recommendation? 

Now that they have turned on the Labor Unions and the Churches, the only actual comfort or guidance or help that their hapless constituents have, their true nature as parasites is becoming more apparent — but not fast enough.  

All public employees, all State Nationals, and all those on welfare get to vote in the coming private corporation elections.  I suggest that everyone who can, gets out and votes a straight ticket for the Republicans for a change.  

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Literally. 


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