Lockheed Martin SSP Carrier Spotted in the Flow with Loie

Image composited in Photoshop from frame captures in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESgP0HzIntk
The hologram of the design looked wider and shorter than this one, so I am not 100% certain its the same class of ship,
but its the closest i can find with a google search.

Denice: ready for Loie?

Terran: Yes

Loie: Bill, I am here, Love! Here is a frequency, dear! Loie.

Terran: Ooh nice frequency!!!

Loie: Boosting, dear!

Terran: Wow love that one!

Terran: I almost get an image but not quite

Loie: Boosting, dear! Loie.

Terran: No images but it feels really good!

Loie: As it flows, love.  All is perfect! Loie.

Terran: Feeling a pressure in the third eye area

Terran: Seeing an image of a big eyeball

Loie: Boosting, love!

Terran: Seeing Galactic and celestial stuff but not exactly what we think of as outer space

Loie: Amplifying, love. Loie.

I see a row of 6 male beings swoop down from the left with these unique bow and arrow things on their right arm one shoots a small arrow into my third eye, like an energy arrow, don’t feel a thing

Loie: Boosting, love.

Terran: Seeing these arcs of colored energy go from one place to another kind of black light poster colors more in blues and purples

Terran: Some pink and orange

Terran: Don’t know what they are only that they are

Loie: Boosting, dear! Loie.

Terran: Observing a very long Galactic ship going thru a portal like I’m sitting on the outer hull, it’s kind of pretty the portal

Terran: As they come out of the portal are these amber jellyfish energy beings meeting them

Terran: These jellyfish beings seem to create portals of their own at whim and were attracted to the large portal like fish to a lantern at night

Terran: Seeing a vertical  hologram of a ship like an elongated pill has a center tube in the middle, seeing it cross section

Loie: Boosting, dear!

Terran: The ship has a kind of neuron to it

Terran: Seeing it pull into a dock of a much larger ship, soft violet lighting there’s kind of an entry bubble then a docking tube beyond that

Terran: There is a wireframe shape to the shapes don’t know if that is painted on for navigation or if it’s just my perception

Terran: Asking for name of craft

Terran: The “BU-TA-LON”

Terran: (Has Stan a record of that?)

Loie: Boosting, dear. Look inside. See who you see, love. Loie.

Denice: (checking)

Terran: Honestly it looks like an earth crew

Loie: Amplifying love. Loie.

Terran: Feels very Navy

Terran: Seeing bulkheads and compartments

Loie: Boosting, dear. Loie.

Denice: (have to log into other computer. . battery drained and won’t charge. . .)

Terran: K

Denice: (back)


Terran: Well I will feel for location then

Loie: I am here love.  Boosting. Loie.

Terran: If this makes sense “GANAMEDE CLUSTER” don’t understand the cluster part

Terran: The docking area had an organic feel like a bronchial tube

Terran: Flexible not so rigid as one would think

Loie: Boosting, love. Loie.

Denice: (makes sense to me. Ganymede portal. . .have a memory of it)

Terran: Uniforms of men are dark blue

Terran: Very trim and fit crew…

Terran: ..if not athletic… clearly selected for this ship

Terran: The bridge is brightly lit

Terran: Some females but not many

Terran: Submarine like without the tower

Terran: Loie can you boost?

Loie: Boosting, love! I am here.

Denice switches to SMS

Denice: This computer is jammed

Terran: Lol

Denice: Either there is too much energy here or someone is pissed.

Denice: Did you read H’s update??

Terran: On her website?

Denice: Her kids were a key???

Denice: Yes. The context is given follow the link she posted
Just read it there are docs there for the kids

Terran: Are you back in Skype or here?

Denice: Both computers are fizzling.

Terran: There was a slight downward spike in the electron flux which quickly recovered and a huge increase in magnetic flux…. still going up